The Cuckold, the Husband and the Brother

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I watched as my husband Mason went about in the closet space dressing himself. We had just made love, and he had just showered while I prefer to lounge around a bit relishing his sweat and his cum on my body before having my own shower myself and taking the day's medication dose. It was a Saturday, and I preferred taking my medication in the mid-morning as opposed to night-time in the weekdays - allowed me to have a nice siesta in the afternoon from the drowsiness that came with taking the pills. Mason would have his basketball game with his buddies, have lunch outside, maybe a take-away for me, and come home in the late afternoon when I would have awakened from my nap. Devon, my younger brother who was staying with us, was out with friends on assignment from his college.

"Okay babe, I'll be going to my game," Mason announced. He was dressed in light-grey t-shirt which set off his grey eyes - my favorite in the whole world - and fitted across his wide pecs and arms like an armor. His beard and his close-cropped brown hair made him look like an old-fashioned warrior. Added to his large frame and it completed the picture. My husband, my beloved. "Give me a kiss."

"Okay," I rose from the bed and kissed my tall hulking husband. Six years and counting, and I still felt I was blessed everyday. Especially considering my condition.

"Mmm. I love it when you taste of my cum," he murmured before patting my ass affectionately. I felt his cum leak out of my hole. "See you, babe."

It was exactly 12 p.m. when I came to. There was a murmur from the living room, and an insistent creak. I rose from bed and tiptoed to the living room, peeking around the corner of the hallway. To call my next sentiment shock was an understatement.

I watched as my beloved husband's ass clench and unclench as he thrusted into a man underneath him, who had his legs skewed akimbo. My husband was a large man, so the man was spread underneath him as wide as possible in order to receive his cock. I watched as the cock punished the tiny pink hole it was ensnared in. The cock was thicker than I've ever seen or felt inside me, and it was covered in lube and ass juices. My heart broke just a little bit more when I saw the cock - which was supposed to be mine alone - was bare.

My husband was murmuring softly. "Fuck, fuck, so soft and so fucking tight, as always."

To my amazement Devon's voice answered back. "And you're so fucking big. Tell me again who's the better lay," he sounded almost desperate, and moved his hips wildly, almost dislodging Mason's cock. The couch - the one our parents gifted us for our wedding - creaked under their combined weight.

My husband's answer was a half-whisper, almost too low for my hearing. "You fuck better than your brother, fuck yeah." My heart broke again, as I retreated to the bedroom. I noted the glint of my  reflection on the frame of my wedding photo beside the bed - we looked so young and so happy in the photo. A tear ran down my face as my husband gave a guttural grunt that echoed in the house, followed by a laugh from Devon. I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes and waited for my husband to come back to me from fucking my brother.


I knew I was a fucking weak man who think with his cock. But despite everything I still did love my husband.

I couldn't help it: when Damien first came to me with his diagnosis I was slightly terrified. I thought it was my fault, that I had been neglecting him and his needs, but he assured me it was all him. He said it was the reason he had pushed me away, the reason the sex had dwindled to a piss-trickle. I had thought he was cheating on me, but as I held him when he confided to me I felt nothing but warmth and love to this handsome man I call my husband.

We set a routine. He'd take his medication at night because they made him drowsy and it was less dangerous. On weekends he'd take them at mid-day because it allowed him to have a nice mid-day siesta while I went about my business - a basketball game with my buddies, an office assignment I brought home, whatever. The sex was back to regular, dutiful, though not less passionate on my part. Sometimes we fought, but we always made peace, and the make-up sex was always very hot.

A year ago Devon started living with us. He had started college in the city, and our studio apartment allowed him to live the college life without the hassle of searching for accommodations. A few months into his stay he started what I call later his mating call: he'd bend down at any opportunity to show off his toned bubble butt, he'd wear tiny briefs or speedos to the living room, claiming the heat, all the while swaying that delectable collegiate ass. I admitted I sometime jerk off to images of his ass on  my mind, and even once or twice fuck Damien while imagining his brother instead. I'd then cum stronger and produced heavier loads, which my husband noticed.

Things came to a head one day. I had skipped work because of a slight fever, and Devon's class was cancelled. Damien was at the hospital for his four-monthly check-up. I was lying on the couch, slightly dizzy from the fever, when Devon came in in only his pajama pants. I honestly did not remember what or who started it but it ended up with me and Devon in our birthday suits, panting lightly and staring deep into each other's eyes.

Devon had been ecstatic that first time when I breached his anal opening with my wide cockhead. His tiny almost virginal hole, which had tasted so delicious on my tongue, felt numbingly good on my rod. And the way the warm wet muscles inside clench onto my cock, fuck, just remembering it made me goddamn hard. Devon had insisted on my cumming up his ass, clutching at my hips with his hands and his thighs so that I couldn't pull out. He said it made him feel complete.

That had been four months ago. We had met up numerous times, mainly at downtown hotels. Our fuck sessions always started with Devon giving me a deep and sloppy blowjob to make sure my large cock was primed for his hole, while I had my own fun licking and tonguing his delicious hole. One time Damien had gone back for a visit to his parents - I couldn't join because of my job, and Devon had his summer classes - and we skipped our commitments and spent three blissful days in the apartment naked, stopping the sex only for food and sleep. That was a high point, because we rarely fuck in the apartment. Once we fucked in my and Damien's bedroom, and the fuck was especially deep and wonderful because Devon started cumming everywhere, but most of his cum ended up on the frame of my wedding photo that was on the side of the bed - it looked funny drenched in Devon's cum, and the implication made me stay hard for another fuck.

Damien was oblivious, partially because of his condition and medication, to which I spent my thanks everyday even as I had my tongue wriggling far up Devon's succulent hole. Like I said, I knew I was weak, and had fallen into temptation, but fuck I had a real good time.


When Damien first brought Mason home to see our parents I knew I had to have this tall handsome hunk of a man inside of me. As I watched Mason smile at Damien through the introductions I could feel my little flower tingling deliciously. I knew it was going to be a long game the way he was smiling at Damien and our parents, making an image of a responsible possible partner for their prodigal eldest, but I knew the end result would be sweeter than honey.

When I got accepted into college at an institution in the city where Dam and Mason was living, I pestered my father into negotiating so that I could stay with the two in their apartment, paying minimum in rent. The two agreed, and I moved in. I saw my chance a few months later when I caught Mason in his boxer-briefs in the toilet, red-eyed and slightly panting, very much erect. They had been fighting, hush hush it seemed, and it all came down to how Mason wasn't getting his sexual fix as often as he liked.

I knew of Dam's condition - he had sat me down and explained it all when I first moved in. It was the medication, and the sleepiness as an after-effect that he had to suffer every day. I had nodded and understood - that the two wasn't as happy as they'd pictured to our parents. I felt like a slut but when I realize Mason was being deprived off sexually I licked my lips hungrily and felt my little flower tingling again.

I was as subtle as a crowing cock. I wore my best undies, the ones that clung to me like a second skin, and pranced about the house complaining about the heat wave. I bent down every chance I get, making sure my bubble butt was front and center of Mason's eyesight. I held his arms longer than I should, hang on to his every words. He admitted much later it all made him feel young again, like a buck observing the call of a prospective mate, and that he had loved it. Then came the occasion of his fever and my cancelled class and Dam's hospital appointment, all making a perfect storm.

Mason was lying on the couch when I came to him. We shot the shit talking about the warm weather, which turned into a discussion about my undies. "Would you like to see them?" In his mildly feverish state he might have gotten confused but he said yes. I stood up and pulled down my pajama pants - I was going commando. "Oops. I forgot to wear them." 

His eyes, the warm grey eyes that I had adored, darkened as he reached for my ass and knead the toned mounds. My little flower ached. "Fuck Devon."

"I was hoping you would."

That first time was heavenly. The way his wide flared cockhead stretched my anal opening was delicious, as was the way the stem breached my anal passage. I milked his cock with my internal muscles and gave him a deep kiss, tasting myself on his breath - he had spent fifteen minutes eating my ass before we started the fuck - as he pushed me deeper into the couch. He murmured sweet nothings as he pumped deep into my asshole, clutching the curves of my hips in his giant hands. When he was close he made to pull out but I yelled, clenched my ass and wrapped my thighs around his waist. "Cum inside me, breed me, make me feel complete."

Now we had this relationship. He had Dam - his beloved husband and partner, the one he promised himself, the man he gave his ring, the one he kiss good morning and good night - and he had me, the man-whore on the side, his fuck mate, the one he kiss on the ass as his cock was getting sucked. It was good, and it would continue to work as long as Dam was oblivious. Although whenever I look in at their bedroom and remember the time I came all over their wedding photo, I felt a tiny stirring of envy. Then I remember the way Mason's large cock stretch my little flower and I smile again.