Cream in My Coffee, Part II

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Jack’s father had returned home, so a little game ensued. Every night after Mr. Stevenson would retire to his room for the night, Jack would make his way to the basement to spend time with Alma.

On Friday night when he arrived, he met her in the bathroom. He saw her in the shower; he quickly took off the sweatpants and muscle shirt he wore. He slid the door open and stepped inside and was greeted with a warm embrace and kiss, “Amorcito,” she said as she showered him with kisses and rubbed all over him. “I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.”

“I’ll always come. No matter what.”

They kissed again. The water cascaded down their bodies. He touched her breasts and suckled each one. Her hand touched his cock and stroked with a nice tempo. They both moaned as the anticipation built up.

He turned her around, kissed her neck, shoulder, and back before spreading her cheeks and penetrating. “Ay amorcito,” she moaned as he filled her up nicely. His hands held her hips and he thrust from behind. She turned her head to receive a kiss. His right hand moved in front and found her clit; he rubbed it fast as he humped. 

“Ay, ay papi, mi amor.” She was in heaven and as the first orgasm hit, her body tightened. She held his hand. He felt how strong she was as her thighs closed in on his hand.

He kissed her back and held steady allowed her a moment to regain her composure and he pulled out, licked up, and down her split. The sound of water faded, the two left the shower and immediately reconnected, her leg over his shoulder as he moved inside of her. She held onto his shoulders and their tongues touched, “Not inside, okay papi.”

He kept thrusting and grunting, she repeated the statement, “Not inside.” They had talked about being more careful. Well, she talked about it, Jack was okay with whatever happened as a result of allowing his semen to flow inside of her.

She knew the face, she could tell he was about to pop, she attempted to detach, but he held her tightly and released, “Ay amorcito no,” she said. 

He continued to thrust and kiss her all over. 

“I have to let it out,” she insisted. As if pushing it out of her cunt was the solution to preventing pregnancy. 

He bit his lip and kept stroking, “It doesn’t matter, once it’s in, it’s in.”

His cock finally deflated and he pulled out. 

After cleaning up, they ended up in bed. Her head was on his chest and she strummed her fingers across his abs, “What if I get pregnant?” she asked.

“We’ll have a beautiful baby. Hopefully, a little girl that looks exactly like her mother,” he replied sincerely. He was ready to tell his father about his feelings for Alma, but she begged him not to. She wanted as much time with him without turmoil as she could get.

She smiled. 

“What do you want to do for your birthday next month?” he asked.

“I want to go to the mountains.”

He nodded; he had the perfect spot. His mother had left him a place in the mountains because she knew he’d appreciate it more out of the three children. He was the explorer and the nature buff, “The mountains it is.” He kissed her forehead.

They knew that morning would arrive soon and they still had to rest. Most nights their lovemaking consisted of two sessions. And that night would be no different. He felt her hand touch his member and massage. It quickly came to life in her hands. 

She went under the covers and gave him head like never before. She was becoming skilled at oral. He loved watching her lovemaking skills grow and flourish under his tutelage, “Oh my god, Alma, fuck, babe.”

She looked up and smiled, “Te gusta?”

He nodded, “Come here.”

She attempted to ride his cock, but he wanted her higher up, he pulled her up until his lips connected with her labia. His tongue circled the folds and later found her clit. He gave it an excellent polishing until she buckled and giggled from the sensation.

Alma loved when Jack made love to her doggy-style. She moved over and put her ass in the air and smiled, “Te quiero papi.”

He gladly obliged by getting into position and slipping his cock into her wet center. She hummed as he entered and paused. She savored all of him inside of her. He held her hips and began to thrust slowly, “Ay, si papi, si,” she encouraged him.

He caressed her back and told her, “Touch yourself.”

She placed her hand on her clit and rubbed back and forth just like he taught her. Moments later, his balls were wet with her juices. He pulled her up; held her breasts while showering kisses on her neck.

She sat back on his cock repeatedly until he burst inside of her. They both hummed and moaned until the moment of ecstasy passed.

The wee hours of the morning had arrived. Jack kissed Alma before departing her room. He wanted to get to his room before his father woke up.

He lay in his bed and stared at pictures of himself and Alma. He smiled. Some were innocent selfies they had taken and others were more risqué of their sexual encounters. 

After his shower, he headed out to the kitchen for breakfast where he saw his father and his uncle Ray Stevenson both dressed for a day of golfing. They sat at the table and talked business. As Jack entered, he spoke, “Good morning dad, Uncle Ray.”

His uncle was seven years younger than his father. He worked closely with his father. They wanted Jack to join the company so one day he could take over and they could retire.

Uncle Ray smiled, “Welcome back Jack, great to see you, Bill tells me you’re coming into the office on Monday.”

Jack looked at his dad with confused eyes. 

“Well, you did say you’d come and visit.”

“Yes. Visit.”

“You know they say all takes is twenty-one days to form a new habit,” said his father.

“That’s true.”

Jack looked at them both, “And?”

“Well, son, you’ve been out in the world without any direction and focus and that’s not a good habit. You need to replace that bad habit with a good one, how else will you care for yourself or a future wife and possibly children?”

Jack scoffed, “Dad, I have over one million subscribers on YouTube. I make good money doing what I do. I haven’t asked you for one scent in those two years I was gone and I’ve managed to do humanitarian work in several villages in Asia, but I guess none of that matters because I don’t wear suits and ties to work.”

“Calm down Jack, all your father is trying to say is we want you at the company. It’s a family business and we’d feel better if it was run by the family. Can’t you just…try it for twenty-one days and see if it’s something you’d be interested in doing?”

Jack sighed, “Fine. I’ll be there Monday.”

His dad smiled, “Would you like to join us for golf?”

Alma had walked in with breakfast. She placed the food on the table. Jack couldn’t help but smile, “Thank you, Alma,” he said. 

“She’s such a pleasant girl,” commented Ray.

“She’s sweet.” He looked at Jack, “Golf?”

“Not today dad, I have some stuff I have to take care of.”

“No worries. Maybe next time.”

They ate and when breakfast was over, Jack found Alma in the kitchen. His hand touched the small of her back, “How much work do you have left today?”

“Just this and some cleaning in your father’s study,” she replied. Her Saturdays were normally light. Mr. Stevenson often stayed out all day on Saturday and returned late in the night or sometimes not at all. She assumed he had a lady friend.

“We should get some driving practice in today.”

She whined, “Ay, no.”

“Come on, you have to learn.”

She nodded. He kissed her lips, “Tell me about my dad and your mom.”

Alma tilted her head, “What do you mean?”

“I mean where they like—”

She shrugged, “I really can’t say. He just took a liking to her. When your mother became ill, my mother organized food delivery to your parents’ house. She also took up a collection for a card and flowers. When your dad found out she had orchestrated the whole thing, he became very fond of her, but I think on a platonic level because my mother never said anything to me about a romance.”

Jack nodded. 

She chuckled, “Can you imagine if our parents were together and here we are. I’d be making love to my step-brother.”

He laughed, “Well, thank god that’s not the case. Go get ready. I’ll see you in a few.”

Jack had Alma behind the wheel of a truck, “If you can master this, you can drive just about anything. They drove down busy streets and she did fine. “You’re doing great babe.”

As they sat at a traffic light a police car pulled up behind them. The light turned green and she drove off, the cop followed, and everywhere she went, he went. He turned on his lights and she pulled over.

“Just relax babe, everything will be fine.”

The officer walked up to the window and she looked out with a smile. She masked her Colombian accent. It was a mechanism she used after her mother was taken by ice when she was pulled over.

“Hello Officer,” she said smiling.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?”

She shrugged.

“This vehicle shows registered to a Jack Stevenson.”

“That would be me, would you like to see my driver’s license?”

The cop looked inside and saw Jack sitting in the passenger side, “Yes.”

Jack reached in his pocket, pulled out his wallet, and showed his license. The cop nodded and handed it back, “Sorry about that, there have been a lot of car thefts in the area. You two have a great day.”

Alma was shaken, so Jack took over the driving duty. They went to their favorite lake park. They sat on top of an air mattress in the bed of the truck. She sat between his legs and he played in her hair, “Everything is okay, just relax. My Alma. A woman with skin so velvety soft and kisses so sweet, her voice reminds me of my favorite melody. Her spirit is peace, her heart is pure. I’m lovesick and she’s my cure.”

She turned her head with a huge smile, “Amorcito, that was beautiful.” He kissed her mouth. As their tongues were entwined, his left hand slipped into her shirt and touched her nipple and his right hand eased down and slipped into her shorts, touching her already wet panties. 

They continued to kiss as his finger polished her gem and later slipped inside giving her pleasure. Her body flinched as she climaxed. He pulled his finger out and licked it before placing another kiss on her lips.

They sat for a while and talked about everything and before they headed home, they went to a section of town most people called little Mexico. It was an area that had dozens of businesses owned by Mexican People from car repair shops to restaurants. Alma had a craving for authentic sopes and gorditas, so they ventured off to little Mexico. It was where her mother would take her all the time.

They walked into the little restaurant and Alma ordered. The woman spoke to her in Spanish and made comments on how handsome Jack was. He understood some of what was said, he knew the word “guapo,” meant handsome.

There was a man that Alma knew named Jose that liked eating there. When he walked in and saw Alma, he became overjoyed. He walked over and kissed her on the cheek, “I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“I know. I know. My mom was sent back to Colombia and I’m working with the lawyer trying to get all that fixed.”

Jack cleared his throat, “Hi.”

“Hello, are you a friend of Alma’s?”

“I’m her boyfriend, Jack.”

Jose nodded, “I’m Jose. Alma and I went to the same high school. It’s nice meeting you, Jack.”

“Same here.”

They got their food and sat at a table, she smiled, “So you’re my man?”

He nodded, “I thought you knew.”

She smiled and ate her sope a fried corn tortilla with shredded chicken, powdered cheese, and chopped cilantro and onions.”

When they got home, they realized, they had the house to themselves. They went to the basement and took a nice warm shower together caressing each other under the warm water and later they were in bed. 

Jack got behind her in a spoon position and threaded his arm under her left leg and strummed her clit as he worked his magic from behind. She felt his cock gliding in and out. His strokes felt divine. She moaned as he showered her with kisses. 

When they finished together, she turned to him, “Are you sure you want to keep doing this? I don’t want you to risk losing everything because of me.”

“If I lose you, then I will have lost everything,” he replied and kissed her.


Chapter Two

Two weeks had passed. Jack had to admit working with his father and uncle wasn’t that bad. He didn’t like the board meetings and making the personnel decisions, but he did love marketing branding and content creating. He wound up revamping the department and adding life to it.

It still offered him time to do what he loved, which was making content for his channel and writing songs.

He only wished his dad would cut him slack about dating his friend’s daughter. He had met her at an office function. His dad suggested they have lunch. He felt awkward the whole time. He felt guilty like he was being untrue to his soul. He politely told the young lady that he was already in love with another woman. She understood.


It was finally Alma’s 20th birthday weekend. He had planned a trip to his cabin in the mountains filled with surprises for her. On June 11th, they packed up the truck and went to the mountains for some birthday fun.

When they arrived, he led her to the door that had a sign, “Happy Birthday!” Inside were balloons and flowers. She kissed him, “When did you do all of this?” she asked.

“I had some help. I have a person that takes care of the cabin and she did all of it.”

There was a cake and food on the kitchen table, “We can have this a little later, but first,” he pulled her in close and kissed her lips, “we should go kayaking.”

She smiled, “Let’s do it.”

He had a double kayak. They got inside. He was in the front seat; she was in the back seat, “Okay, we have to work together, paddle at the same time, left, right, the same tempo.”

“Okay amorcito, I got it.”

They started a little shaky. It was something new for her. Wielding that long paddle provided quite a workout, “We shouldn’t go too far, we might get lost,” she said.

He laughed, “The lake isn’t that big, the cabin is right back there. Now let’s go left, right paddle only until we turn.”

She followed instructions and they turned. She was so happy that he was teaching her something new. Every day, they learned from each other. They saw each other’s worlds in the eyes of each other.

“Alright, now, let’s go right. Left paddle in the water.”

They did it. They stayed on the water for two hours and headed back, “Oh my god that was so much fun,” Alma commented as they entered the house, “Mis brasos are killing me.”

He laughed, “Yeah, kayaking is a workout. But you have another workout later tonight, so rest up,” he slapped her left butt cheek.

“I’m looking forward to it papi.”

They showered. They got dressed. Alma wore a sexy black dress and Jack wore slacks and a nice shirt. They took pictures and ate; he sang Happy Birthday to her while playing his guitar. 

She played some Latin music from her country and taught him about folklore dance from Colombia called Cumbia and later showed him some salsa steps. They laughed and had a ball.

He brought out the champagne. She smiled, “I’m not old enough for this.”

He smiled, “Just a little.”

She had one glass and he had a few. They kissed and tasted the sweet flavor of grapes on each other’s tongues. She touched his face, “I’m so in love with you Jack.”

“I love you too, Alma.”

They ended up outside on the deck. Under the light of the stars and the moon, she sat on his lap and moved her hips. His mouth on her breasts suckling from left to right. The night seemed perfect for lovemaking. “Ay, papi, ay,” she was on the verge and he knew it. He stood up and bounced her on his cock until she released on his cock. “Shit, Alma, babe,” he exclaimed as he felt himself near the edge.

He quickened his pace and finally, he released. But he wasn’t done. He wanted to taste. He kneeled and licked her clit. Her juices mixed with his cum leaked from her. Once he drank from her cup, she tasted him, licked up and down his shaft. His cock stiffened and he was ready to go again.

They went into the bedroom, “I want to try something different; do you trust me?” he asked. She nodded in anticipation. 

He asked her to roll over onto her belly. He had lubed his cock until it was slick. He touched her tight hole, “Just relax, if you tell me to stop, I will,” he assured her. She nodded and granted him access. She trusted him. He placed the tip at the entrance and pushed. She was tense at first, but as the head entered and he continued to press, she relaxed. It was in, her anal cherry had been popped.

He stroked slowly. Allowed her to get used to the sensation. After a few moments, he glided in and out opening her up wide. He lifted her hips off the bed, now he had a beautiful view of his cock sliding in and out as he thrust. He hummed and she moaned. It was a beautiful experience for them both. He moved faster until he popped.  He held her hips tight as his cock released the substance inside, when he pulled out, it oozed out of her. He kissed both of her ass cheeks and later they cleaned up and rested.

The morning arrived, he cooked pancakes, eggs, and bacon with orange juice. After they ate, they went for a hike through the mountains and took lots of pictures. 

There was a fall, he got naked and went under it, “Come on, don’t be scared,” he insisted that she join him. She looked around and removed her clothes and joined him under the fall.

Their lips touched as the water cascaded off their beautiful bodies, “I will love you forever,” he said.

“Hoy y para simpre,” she added. She smiled as they continued to kiss. His hands caressed her; his fingers found her moist. His mouth enjoyed the taste of her nipples. Once she let out a soft sweet moan, he turned her around and penetrated. She was in heaven, the water felt cool, his cock inside her stroking to perfection, the nice fresh air, the warm summer breeze. It was a birthday she would not ever forget.

Later that night, they enjoyed dinner on the deck. Then they sat on the patio couch under a blanket and talked until their eyelids became heavy. 

Morning arrived. The sun shined on them. Her eyes opened; she saw that they had slept outside. The blanket was slightly damp from the dew that fell overnight.

She stood, “Amorcito, let’s go inside.” 

It was almost time for them to prepare to leave. He looked into her eyes, “I hope you had a great time.”

She nodded, “It was the best birthday, thank you.”

He smiled, “There is one more thing I want to show you before we leave.”

“What’s that?”

“Come.” He led her to the bedroom. He pulled out a toy. 

She laughed, “Oh my god Jack.”

He kissed her cheek, “You’re going to love this I promise.” He removed her clothes. He used the dildo to penetrate her as his tongue gave her pleasure, “Oh God, oh god,” she said repeatedly. Her body quaked until she gushed all over him. 

He smiled, “I told you,”

He turned her to her side and penetrated her butt as he strummed her clit. Jack was not fucking around. He aimed to give Alma an insane sexual experience that she would never forget.

She was double penetrated and her clit was stimulated. She moved the dildo in and out of her cunt as he stroked her ass. She couldn’t believe how hard she came and yelled his name as her body shook and flinched. He kissed her back as he flowed inside of her, “Hoy y para siempre, Alma.”

She hummed and moaned, “Si papi, today and forever, I am yours.”

 When they made it back to the house, Mr. Stevenson was in the foyer. He looked at them both disapprovingly, “What’s the meaning of this?” he asked.

“I’m seeing Alma,” he replied. 

His father scoffed, “Alma could you excuse my son and me for a moment.”

She nodded and hurried off to the basement.

Jack looked at his father. His father eyed him, “So this is why you didn’t want to see my friend’s daughter.”

He nodded, “I love Alma.”

He laughed, “Son, you have to understand, this, this can’t happen.”

“Why I’m grown and so is she?”

“You’re only going to hurt that poor girl. She’s not of our world. No one will take you seriously if you do this. How will we explain this to our business colleagues?”
 “I don’t think it’s any of their business.”

“What you do is our shareholders’ business.”

“I don’t care what you say. I’m seeing Alma.” He marched off to find her.

Jack found Alma in her room in tears talking to her mother in Spanish via video call on the computer. Her mother scolded her for her actions. She cried because she knew she had messed up a good opportunity. She ended the video call and fell back onto her pillows. 

Jack comforted her. He stroked the top of her head and kissed her, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you,” he assured her.

The next day, Jack was in his room when he heard a knock. The door opened. It was his sister Tracy who was quite something. “Hi, Jack, dad said you were back.”

He scoffed, “I’ve been back for almost a month.”

“Oh you know I’ve been busy.”

She shook her head, “Are you seriously sleeping with the cleaning girl?”

“Her name is Alma.”

“God Jack. That girl is not of our ilk,” she stated quite pompously.

He chuckled, “Maybe if you put as much energy into fucking your husband as you are worrying about who I’m fucking, your marriage wouldn’t be so sour.”

“Excuse me.” Her face turned red, “You only think about yourself. You can’t bring her into our family with our money. How do you know she’s not just using you?”

“Says the woman who married her husband for the money he makes.”

“You’re unreasonable. When you’re ready to be an adult, find me.” She stormed out and slammed his door shut. He threw a pillow at the door.
Alma was in the kitchen preparing meals when Tracy entered, “Hi Angela; right?”

“It’s Alma,”

“I know you may think this thing with my brother is something, but Jack is Jack. He’s always been a free spirit. He’s left many of women heartbroken from his sweet words and devilish good looks.”

Alma remained silent, although she had a few words dancing on the tip of her tongue.

“Trust me, I’m doing you a favor. Break it off now before you get hurt,” she said and then left.

Tracy went to her father’s study. He sat behind his desk. “I tried talking some sense into both of them.”

Her father looked at her as if he didn’t know why because he had not asked for her help. “Just leave Jack alone. In due time, this thing will run its course and we won’t have to do anything.”

However, Tracy didn’t seem sure of that. She had never seen Jack defend a woman as he had just defended Alma. He had hurt her feelings and that was something he had never done no matter how much of a bitch she was being.

“What if the same thing that happened to her mother, happened to her. Just call ICE and they can remove her and the whole problem goes away.”

Her father appeared appalled at what he heard, “Tracy, I have a ton of phone calls to make if you will excuse me.”

She nodded and left his office.


The middle of July had arrived. Jack didn’t get any more flak from his father about seeing Alma.
 He had moved his stuff to the basement to spend more time with Alma.
 They were in bed, he hovered over her working his magic on her. He pressed his chest to hers. Their hearts beat rapidly. She said to him, “vamos hacer papas.”
 He stroked her long and slow. He asked, what does that mean?”
 “I’m pregnant.”
 “Really,” he asked as his face shined. She nodded. His lips pressed onto hers. They kissed passionately. Their hands caressed each other. He pushed his cock in until his balls tapped her ass. She held his ass and rocked her hips upward.
 They groaned and moaned, uttered, “I love you.” Repeatedly until they melted in each other’s arms.
 The couple was happy about their new arrival. So they went to a nice restaurant to have dinner. What they didn’t know was Mr. Stevenson was there with his friend Howie Leelman.
 Howie noticed Jack, “isn’t that your son?” he asked.
 Mr. Stevenson looked. It was him. Unfortunately, his idea of letting the little romance fizzle out on its own wasn’t working.
 Uncomfortably, he responded, “Looks like it is.”
 “Is that the woman he chose over my daughter? Your maid.” He shook his head in disbelief, “darn it Bill this is very disappointing.”
 “Look no need to get riled up. You know how young men are, I’m sure it’s just a thing.”
 “I’ve certainly had my fair share of things in the past but believe me I didn’t parade them around publicly making a mockery of my family’s reputation.”
 Bill sighed. Howie was one of his top investors and didn’t want to upset him. “Look. I’ll talk with Jack. This whole thing will be over in a day or so.”
 Morning sex sessions were Alma’s favorite. They were short and intense.
 He had her legs spread east to west as he drilled her sweet pink center. He stroked quickly and she strummed her clit until juices ran from her. There was no longer a worry about pulling out; she was already pregnant.
 He grunted and collapsed onto her suckling her breasts as his cock shrank inside her.
 After he left for work, Alma was washing clothes. Mr. Stevenson found her in the laundry room.
 “Good morning Mr. Stevenson, she said with a smile.
 He returned a smile, “how are things with you and my son?”
 “Great. He’s been great.”
 “Listen, Alma, I think you’re a sweet girl, but there are certain situations that are not favorable for a young man in Jacks’s position. People have their opinions and if it were up to me, I’d love to see you two together, but—"
 She knew what was coming next. Her heart sank. She wanted to cry, scream and break things.
 He continued, “Jack won’t make this decision. But if you made it for him eventually, he could move on and one day all the things my family has built can be his. Certainly, you don’t want to be the reason he loses everything”
 She shook her head. Her eyes watered.
 He reached inside of the jacket and pulled out a check, “Take this. It should hold you until your immigration status is approved and you can find another job.”
 “I don’t need that. I’ll be fine.”
 “Don’t be prideful. Take the money.”
 She refused it.
 He pulled out a set of car keys, take the car. Use it for a couple of months and I’ll have someone get it after you’ve settled.”
 She did accept that. She would need transportation and a place to keep her stuff.
 “Thanks for everything Mr. Stevenson, “she said as she hugged him and then left.
 When Jack got home, he was greeted by an older Mexican woman, he looked at his father, “Where’s Alma?”
 His father didn’t respond. Jack hurried to the basement. He saw all of her clothes missing and even his stuff was removed from the room
 He went back to his father angrily he asked, “What did you say to her?”
 “I just presented her with reality and she left. And it was the right thing.”
 Jack grunted. He didn’t want to cuss, but his head was hot. He left abruptly.
 He drove around for hours. He had often talked about getting Alma a cellphone, but because they spent so much time together, she felt she didn’t really need one. He grunted as the thought ran across his mind.
 The woman he loved and the unborn child were out there somewhere and he didn’t know where.
 He got home. His dad was still up. Jack immediately let loose, “You’re such a hypocrite. Mom told me how you two met.”
 His father sighed. He had often told an abbreviated version of how he met the love of his life.
 “Mom was a waitress. You met her at a diner. She barely had a high school education, yet you saw something in her.”
 His mother was a country girl often calling people, “sugar dumpling, pumpkin or honey.” She never met a stranger. She was loved by all that knew her. Her funeral was standing room only.
 She was active in the community and several businesses named rooms and halls in her honor.
 His father cried, “You’re a lot like your mother. She was a great person too good for me.”
 “Alma is pregnant with my child; your grandchild.”  He walked off.
 Chapter Three
 Alma found the perfect spot to park the car at night to get rest. When the morning arrived, she went to a restaurant to clean up in the restroom.
 She ate something and later went to her immigration lawyer’s office to check on her and her mother’s cases.
 When she got there, she saw the office was closed. The lawyer was under investigation for fraud.
 Alma felt defeated. Thousands of dollars were spent and when she called homeland security to check her status nothing had been done. She had to start all over again and cases were already backlogged.
 She sat in the car and sobbed until her head hurt and she had no choice but to close her eyes.
 When night arrived, she went to the spot where she had slept the previous night, but this night, she had a run-in with a man.
 He tapped on the window repeatedly. She ignored him and just when she thought he was gone, she heard a loud crash and glass splattered into the passenger side.
 She threw the car in drive. The man’s body hung partially inside until she turned the corner wildly and he fell.
 She drove to the only place she could think of.
 Two days later, Jack resigned from the company and left his father’s home.
 “You don’t have to do this son, I’m okay with everything.”
 Jack shook his head, “right now, I just need space away from all of this.”
 “Where are you off to?”
 “I don’t know yet.”
 He shook his dad’s hand and left.
 Jack knew exactly where he was headed. He had purchased a ticket to Medellin, Colombia. He hoped to find her there.
 He’d leave on the weekend. He wanted to spend some time at the last place he and Alma experienced great joy. So, he went to the mountains to his cabin.
 When he arrived, he was surprised to see one of his dad’s cars parked out front with a busted window.
 He hurried to the house and entered. He heard the shower running. He made haste to the bathroom and there she was in the shower.
 She looked lovely and delicious like the first time he had seen her in the shower pleasuring herself before he explored her body.
 He removed his shoes and clothes. The curtains moved and she saw him
 Her face shined as she received him.
 Four days had passed without seeing each other, without feeling the warmth and comfort of each other, but that night they would make things right.
 They would make love as if tomorrow would never come. Hands painted the canvas of one another's bodies. He pressed her against the wall and found her center. When he penetrated, she let out a long moan.
 Their lips touched as he thrust. “I will love you always Alma.”
 “Hoy y para siempre amorcito”
 They were married at a courthouse. The ladies from the Mexican restaurant attended and signed their marriage license.
 She was able to fix her immigration status and in January they had a little girl. Her skin was the color of cocoa, her eyes brown, and a head full of insanely thick curly hair. Her name, Allegra Jacqueline Stevenson.