Crotch Rocket 2

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“You kids, sure are quiet tonight.” Danny said before gulping his glass of tea. His eyes glanced back and forth at his son and daughter, before his wife interjected him.

“Leave them alone hun. Are you going to take your bike out tonight sweetie?” Vickie spoke, as she turned the conversation to her son. 

Vickie’s voice distracted him from his day dreaming, as he looked up from his plate.

“I dunno, maybe tonight or tomorrow. But if you guys are ok with it, I’d really like to ride tonight.” Justin was really looking forward to cruising his bike again up and down the main parkway.

“I don’t see why not. Just no drinking and riding.” His dad’s voice was stern but concerning.

“Can I go riding with you again? Pleaseee?” Heather’s voice had been silent the whole time.

Justin glanced over at his sister who was now staring at him with her innocent pleading eyes. Before he could answer, his mom interrupted again.

“Justin, be a good brother and take your sister too. I know she’ll be in safe hands. So why don’t you take her for a spin on your new shinny bike.” His mom smiled, before she stood and began clearing the dinner table.

Justin watched as Heather stood up and wrapped her arms around him, squealing with delight. “I’ll go get dressed, you better not leave me behind either!” He watched as she ran off to her bedroom, leaving him at the table with his dad.

About an hour later, Justin was in the driveway, wiping down his new motorcycle when his family stepped out to join him. Justin’s attention was quickly diverted from his bike when his beautiful sister came outside wearing a short floral sun dress held up by thin spaghetti straps. She had on cute wedge shoes and her tanned skin looked silky smooth.

“Wow, you look beautiful sis.” His eyes glazed over, as she did a small twirl, letting him admire her from top to bottom.

“Do you think that attire is appropriate for a bike?” Danny spoke with concern.

“Its ok dad, relax. I have shorts on underneath. Plus, Justin won’t drive fast, he already promised me. Are you ready to go?” Her darting eyes said everything to Justin, it was time to leave.

“You kids be safe!” Their mom yelled.

With that, Justin started the ignition and they soon zoomed off towards the main parkway. 

About twenty minutes later, they pulled in front of their favorite hangout spot. Justin helped his sister off the bike and they went towards the bars patio. All night they hung with friends, laughed, played games and soon the night was ending. Justin made sure all he drank was water, he had promised to keep his little sister safe.

As they headed out, Heather broke the silence, “How about we walk along the beach. They still have the beach loungers out and no one is down there.”

Justin watched as she took his hand and led him down the wooden steps towards a group of empty loungers that were secluded from the roadway and prying eyes.

Justin sat down first while his sister sat between his legs. He wrapped his hands around her waist and felt her sigh softly. They looked out over the dark water and only heard waves softly washing along the sand.

“So about earlier today…” Heathers voice trailed off as she felt Justin lower his hands, resting them gently on her covered abs.

“What about earlier today? Did you enjoy it?” Justin asked. He smiled as he slowly started pulling up her short sundress, stopping only to let her reply.

“Uh huh” she sighed. “I liked it a lot.”

“So, should I keep going then?” Justin waited for her response.

He felt Heather place her hands on his and she started helping him pull up her sundress some more until she had the hem at her waist, allowing the cool air to breeze across her legs.

Justin took the queue and slowly brought one of his large hands between her inner thighs. He was surprised to find she wasn’t wearing any panties. “So much for shorts huh?” He laughed.

He placed his massive hands over her smooth pussy and watched as she opened her legs, granting him more access to her guarded area. He slid a finger over her slit and he moaned deeply when he felt that she was already slick and wet.

He slowly started finger fucking his little sister and heard her pleasant moans from his apparent intrusion. She leaned her head back and he gave her passionate kisses on her neck until they were suddenly interrupted. A small group of people were descending the steps and also approaching the beach.

“We should leave and finish this at home.” Justin’s voice was low and horny. He needed to taste his sisters entire body. He pulled her dress down and helped her up, as they bolted back towards the bike.

Justin coasted the bike into the driveway, he wanted to avoid awakening his parents. He helped his sister off the motorcycle and as they stood in the driveway, she leaned up and gave him a passionate kiss. He reached behind her and squeezed her ass as they embraced.

“Let’s go to your room, but you have to be quiet. I don’t want to wake mom and dad.” Justin’s voice was serious, but it was apparent he was also very horny. He watched as Heather smiled and nodded her head in agreement.

Heather grabbed his hand and led the way. As soon as her bedroom door closed, she was soon pouncing on her hot brother. She watched as he stripped down to his boxers, before he turned his full attention to her. He was quick and aggressive to pull her sundress off, freeing her beautiful tits. He leaned down and took one into his mouth, as his hand kneaded the other one, sucking between them both. She moaned as he ravaged her body. He stopped only to shush her, before he leant down and began sucking again.

When he was satisfied with her full breasts, he quickly let his hands go lower as he found her wet slit and pushed his fingers in and out, causing her to moan again. He pushed her back until she fell on the bed, and he lifted her legs before he dove down into her sweet abyss.

His tongue lapped at her opening and flicked against her clit as her moans of pleasure increased in volume. Justin quickly placed a hand over her mouth as his tongue continued tasting her every sweetness. He loved how her body squirmed as he pressed his tongue further into her wet divide.

He couldn’t take it anymore. He stood up and dropped his boxers, freeing his hard cock. Her eyes widened as she watched him line it up and then he pressed in. First the tip disappeared and he felt as her outer muscles contracted, before he pushed further in. 

Heather placed both hands on his chest, trying to slow his thrusts. However Justin was on a mission to sink his hard cock, deep into his sister. He pressed with all his body weight and soon his entire shaft was buried within her.

Justin easily found a steady fucking pace as he slid in and out of his sisters tight wet pussy. The room was soon filled with grunts, moans, and sex sounds. He knew he wouldn’t last long in the missionary position, so he pulled out and gave his hard cock a few gentle strokes. He loved seeing his sister with her legs spread open, waiting for him to take more.

He grabbed Heather by her ankles and easily flipped her over. He watched as she arched her ass which gave him perfect access to grab onto her. He gave her a hard slap to her bottom which made her yelp before she turned her head staring back at him. Her eyes were begging him to slide back into her.

Justin obliged and soon was plowing his sister from behind. He easily bottomed out into her before he’d pull out and push right back into her. Each time he did this, it caused her to grunt deeply with each of his thrusts. He felt her hand reach under and start massing her clit and his cock as he continued fucking her with aggressive passion.

The bed started creaking as they increased their thrusts and Justin was worried his parents might hear them. He was so far gone, that he honestly didn’t care. He loved his sister and he knew their bond was special.

“I am so close to cumming babe!” Justin grunted as he edged closer to a climax. “Where do you want me to cum?” He was struggling to hold it in, but he waited for Heather to reply.

“Cum wherever you want brother, just keep loving me.” She purred.

Justin lost all control and let out a loud moan as he shot ropes of hot cum into his sisters hot pussy. He collapsed on top of her and held her close as both their bodies shook from an intense orgasm. As they laid there, he gave her small kisses on her back.

He pulled his cock out and watched as his hot seed slid down her inner thigh. Heather pulled the covers over them both and they soon fell into a deep sleep, naked, holding each other.


The next morning, there was a loud knock at Heather’s bedroom door.

“Hey kids, time to wake up. And son, why don’t you meet me by the pool, we need to talk.” Their dad never opened the bedroom door, but it was apparent he knew they were both inside the small bedroom.

Justin and Heather stared at each other in pure shock. It was apparent, their secret was out.


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