Cream In My Coffee

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William Stevenson had what the people of the Triad called, “old money.” His family was one of the many successful tobacco growers that profited millions of dollars before companies were scrutinized for making their products addictive.

He sat in his study behind his desk and stared at a picture of his late wife Diane that passed away three years prior from breast cancer. He ran his strong hands over his silver hair and then rubbed his chin. He looked at a picture of his children. He had two daughters and a son.

His daughters were both married to men that were successful in their careers. Yet, there was his son. He had given him practically every opportunity to follow in his footsteps, yet his son refused. He sighed.

The door opened and in walked his housekeeper Alma, a chocolate delight with a mane that lions would envy. “Mr. Stevenson, do you need anything else?” she asked.

He smiled, “I’m fine Alma. I’ll be headed to bed shortly.” 

“Goodnight, sir,” she responded before she turned to leave. Alma admired Mr. Stevenson. He had looked out for her after her mother was sent back to Colombia for overstaying her visa. Alma’s status was similar, which made it difficult to find work. He hired her as a favor to her mother. 

When the morning arrived, Alma had served Mr. Stevenson his breakfast and proceeded to do the rest of her work in the enormous house. There was a loud sound outdoors. The sound of an angry motorcycle roared, which made Mr. Stevenson enter the foyer where Alma was dusting, “What in the dickens—”

The doorbell sounded, “I’ll get that,” she said as she walked over and opened the door. When it opened, she looked into the soft brown eyes of a young man in his mid-twenties, beautiful creamy skin, chiseled jawline, and some scruff of his chin. She recognized him from the pictures in Mr. Stevenson’s office.

“Jack?” Mr. Stevenson commented.

“It’s me, dad.” He stepped inside, Alma shut the door and turned to witness Mr. Stevenson embracing his son. 

“Are you home for good this time?” he asked.

Jack didn’t respond. He only smiled. He wasn’t one to divulge all of his plans upfront. He did what he wanted when he wanted, which is why he spent two years backpacking through Europe and Asia.

“I see you hired a new assistant to help out around the house.” He turned and looked at Alma as she stood in her black pants and white top, her hair fluffed out in an array of kinky curls. Her skin was smooth and looked velvety. Something inside of him sparked.

“This is Alma, she’s been with me for a little over a year.”

“Hello Alma,” he said with a smile that almost, made her blush, she kept her composure in front of her employer.

“Hello Mr. Stevenson,” she responded. “Would you like anything to drink?” she asked.

“I’m fine. I know where everything is.”

She smiled and excused herself and the men went into the study to chat.

The day had faded and it was time for dinner. Alma prepared stir-fry steak with vegetables and jasmine rice. The two men sat at the table as Alma served the food and poured them drinks.

“A golf buddy of mine has a daughter close to your age, she’s gorgeous and single. We were thinking—”

“Dad, no. Just no.”

“She’s a beautiful woman.”

He shrugged. He didn’t care. He hated when people tried to set him up on dates. He liked natural chemistry. The spark of meeting someone casually and seeing where things led. Besides, he was a great-looking guy and it wasn’t like he needed help. Women were constantly offering him their cookies wherever he went.

“I want to focus on my music.”

His father grunted, “I had all that equipment put in the basement. I didn’t know when you’d be back and it was just taking up space in the garage.”

“It’s fine, dad, I can get it later.”

They continued to eat and just as Alma was bringing out dessert, Mr. Stevenson received a phone call. He excused himself. She looked at Jack, “Would you like a slice of chocolate cake?” she asked.

He nodded, but that wasn’t the only chocolate he wanted on his tongue. She handed him a plate and went back into the kitchen. Moments later, Jack arrived with all the dirty dishes that were on the table. He started loading the dishwasher, she turned and said, “Mr. Stevenson, I’ll do that.”

“But I’m already doing it.” He smiled.

She walked over to him, “You don’t have to do that.”

“I know, but I want to and call me Jack.”

She chuckled, “I can’t do that.”

“I just said you could. Go ahead say my name, Jack.”

“Jack,” she said with her mild Colombian accent. His name sounded beautiful rolling off of her tongue. 

“Where are you from?”


“I knew there were beautiful women in Colombia, but not any that looked like you.”

She smiled. People often mistook her for African American until they heard her speak. She was Black and Colombian. “I get that a lot. What people don’t realize is that many Africans were taken to South America, Central America, and Mexico long before they were taken to the United States.” 

He nodded and smiled at the refreshing yet brief history lesson. “So, what do you do for fun?”

She shrugged, “After work, I mostly study. I’m in school to become a teacher. And besides that, I go to the pool after work.”

“My dad lets you use the pool.” 

She nodded, “Your father is very kind. He offers me a lot of things. He knew my mother. She worked at one of the plants before she was sent back to Medellin in Colombia.” A sadness suddenly washed over her face.

“I’m sorry to hear about that,” he said with genuine concern.

“It’s fine. She’s doing great. I just miss her.” 

He nodded. He understood. He missed his mother too, he placed the last dish in the dishwasher and started it, “You have a nice night Alma.”

“You too Mr.…Jack.”

Alma had completed her work. She was in her room downstairs in the basement of the home. She undressed and stepped into the shower. 

The water cascaded down her nice ripe body that had never been explored by a man. She was only nineteen years old. Her breasts full, her dark brown nipples perky, her tiny waist and the full bottom was something to be admired.

Jack had ventured to the basement to look for his instruments and he decided to stop by to visit Alma. He enjoyed talking with her. There was a peace in her voice that soothed his spirit.

Upon entering the room, he heard the sound of water running. He saw the bathroom door opened and he also saw Alma in all of her delicious glory. The clear door provided him a sweet view and he was shocked to see her touch herself. Her finger on her clit. His cock stiffened in his pants and his heart raced. He hurried to his room.

His balls felt heavy and he needed to release the pressure. He imagined her in front of him as he stroked himself. Her body was a masterpiece. It was a love song. He continued to stroke. He yanked and yanked until his cock erupted. He panted, hurried to clean his hand, and looked at himself in the mirror. He was determined that Alma would be his.


The next day, after dinner was done and Mr. Stevenson had gone out for the evening, Jack went to Alma’s room and knocked. She opened the door. She looked pretty with her hair in two afro buns with tiny baby hairs that went along the perimeter. “Hi, did you want to go to the pool?” he asked.

She had just finished reading was about to go to watch television, “Ummm—”

“I’ll see you outside in five,” he said before she could say, “no.” 

She put on a string bikini and a pair of shorts and headed out to the pool.

She found Jack already in the water swimming. She stood by the edge, “Come in.” he watched as she took off her shorts and took the steps down into the water. He swam next to her. Their bodies glistened under the light of the moon. He looked into her eyes and smiled. She blushed.

“You’re very pretty,” he said.

“Thank you,” she replied. Her heart raced. She found him incredibly attractive, but what could she do? He was in a different social class than her. He didn’t care. All he knew was he was a man and she was a woman.

His finger touched her chin, he lifted until their eyes met, then pressed his lips on hers. She pulled back, “We can’t do this.”

“Why not?”


“That’s not a reason.”

“You know why.”

He kissed her again, then his lips traveled to her neck, and later, he sucked her perky nipples one after the other. Her heart raced and she blurted out, “I’m a virgin.”

He smiled. He understood. His finger slipped inside of her bottoms, found her clit, he made tiny circles on it, she moaned. He was careful not to penetrate. He wanted to save that for later. “I want to be your first, but want to earn it.”

She buried her face into his neck when the first orgasm sent a sock over her body. He gave her a sweet kiss and said, “I want to kiss you there.”

She smiled. He guided her to the pool steps and she took a seat. He untied the straps at her hips and revealed her pretty bare cunt. His fingers parted the lips and his tongue polished her pearl. 

She ran her fingers through his soft brown hair, her head tilted back. She grabbed his face when the second orgasm caused her body to shake. He looked up wiping his chin just before pressing his lips on hers. She tasted her sweet nectar that lingered on his tongue.

“Mi Alma, my soul,” he said.

She smiled, “I am your soul?”

He nodded. “I’ll let you rest, think of me when you touch yourself tonight.”

She smiled, “I will.”

Their lips met one final time before he left. She stood smiling at what had just happened. 


Jack went for his morning run, he returned home to find Alma in the kitchen. She looked up and saw him bare-chested and smiled, “Good morning, what would you like for breakfast?”

He smiled, “Just eggs with wheat toast.”

Mr. Stevenson had gone out of town on business and would not be back for a few days. Jack watched as Alma prepared the meal. When she finished, she placed a plate in front of him.

He said, “Join me. And don’t say you can’t.”

She chuckled and made herself some food quickly and joined him at the table. They had a pleasant conversation and when they were done eating, he said, “Let’s go hang out today.”

She knew he would not take “no” for an answer, so she smiled, “I’ll go get ready.”

They ended up going to a lake park, which had plenty of activities to enjoy. They walked a few miles, stopped to feed the ducks, and later went hiking on a trail. He pulled her by a tall oak tree and she leaned against it. They kissed passionately as his finger touched her below, she let out a soft moan and he kneeled and kissed her until her legs buckled. 

When he stood up, she looked into his eyes and smiled. She wanted to make him feel as good as he had made her feel. She looked around and reached for him, he chuckled, “You know how to do that?”

“I don’t but I’ve watched a lot of videos last night. It can’t be any different than sucking on a lollipop.”

He smiled and undid his pants. It was the first time she had seen one up close. She touched him and smiled. It was nice, her hand glided up and down. “I should put a little spit on it right?” 

He nodded and moan at the sensation her hands gave him, she knelt, allowed a small amount of spit to drip onto his shaft as she massaged it in nice and slow and then vigorously. He was in heaven. When her mouth touched the tip and she finally accommodate his cock by not scraping it with her teeth, he cooed like a baby as he began to thrust rapidly.

He pushed continuously until his creamy substance drizzled her lips. He helped her up. Wiped the corners of her mouth and kissed her.

After two days of oral bliss, the two found themselves in Jack’s room. Alma lay on a stack of pillows wearing a pair of shorts and a tank and Jack just a pair of shorts. He massaged her feet as she spoke to him in Spanish. 

He kissed the bottom of her feet and smiled. Alma’s heart fluttered whenever Jack kissed or touched her, mostly because he always had done so with such affection.

She bit her lip, “Te quiero papi,” she said, which at that moment meant, “I want you.” She was ready to feel him inside of her. 

“Are you sure?”

She nodded and removed her top. He pulled down her shorts; she was open to him. He indulged in her sweet nectar until he nearly became intoxicated. Her body trembled from his tongue drawing circles on her clit. 

He pulled out his cock and eased up until he hovered over her. Her heart raced in anticipation of being penetrated for the first time. He looked into her eyes, positioned himself at her center, and pressed, the hymen broke and she grunted, clawed his back for a moment. The pain was short-lived. Soon she was humming from the sensation of his rhythmic stroke, “Ay papi, mas,” she wanted more of him deeper inside. She reached for his ass and her hips pushed forward as she savored all of him.

He suckled her nipples and drove deeper, his balls were wet from the juices that leaked from her cunt, he took her right leg and folded in and went even deeper causing her to cry out his name, “Jack, ay papi.” He knew she was over the edge and all he had to do was follow.

He picked up the pace, humped with vigor until his body tightened. Her arms were wrapped around him. He kissed her repeatedly. He looked into her eyes, “How do you say, I love you in Spanish?”

“Te amo.”

He smiled, “Te amo.”

“Yo Tambien.”

His cock was still inside of her, slowly deflating. He rolled off and lay next to her. 

They spent the next few hours talking and fell asleep. When the morning arrived, he woke up to her mouth on his penis. He had awakened her inner sexual appetite and now she craved. 

He moaned in delight as her head bobbed up and down on his shaft, “Oh my god, fuck yeah.” When she finished tasting him, she mounted his cock and rocked her hips back and forth. He reached up and pulled her into him while pushing her legs out. He wanted her to have an ultimate orgasm and he heard that was a great position for it. 

His hand gripped her ass and aided the motion of her hips. He made her kitty purr. Their mouths touched and they panted in between kisses. They grunted and groaned loudly as they enjoyed the sweetness of one another.

He placed his hands in her hair and held tightly. His thrusts were faster and harder. He froze as his cum flowed in her yoni. He felt her pussy contracting on his cock as it was returning to its normal state.

She looked into his eyes as hers watered. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“What are we going to do when your father gets back?”

Jack held her in his arms. That was a reality that had occurred to him. He knew his father and sisters would object, but he had always done his own thing. That was just the kind of guy Jack was.