The F*cking Gift Exchange: How It Began

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It was a beautiful fall day in Tampa, the sun was not as disrespectful as it had been during the summer. Juan and Cindy had invited Laurie Ann and Jonathan over for dinner.

They were in the loft on the second floor of the nice four-bedroom house having wine and chatting. Juan had this beautiful tanned skin, his hair was black, in big curls. He had a darling smile and he spent a lot of time working out with his best friend Jonathan who was taller and slimmer.

Cindy walked over and handed the men another glass of wine. Jonathan surveyed Cindy. She was an attractive woman with skin the color of ivory, long golden hair, and eyes the color of a clear day’s sky. “Here you are, Jonathan,” she smiled. 

He nodded. He desperately wanted to taste her, but how was it possible for him to have those feelings for his best friend’s girlfriend, especially, since he was married to a beautiful woman himself. 

Laurie Ann danced joyfully to the sound of the music that played. Cindy placed her drink down and joined her. The men sat and watched as they danced closely the playfully rubbed each other’s asses.

Laurie Ann felt a twitch, it had been a while since she had tasted a woman. And Cindy looked quite delightful in the strappy white dress that went to her mid-thighs. Laurie Ann got closer, looked Cindy in the eyes, and placed her hands in her beautiful hair. 

At first, Cindy hesitated, but when Laurie Ann’s right hand slipped under her dress and touched her clit, she allowed her lips to press onto Laurie Ann’s. This was it, Laurie Ann thought. 

The men watched in amazement. They were turned on by their significant other’s making out in front of them. Juan looked at Jonathan, “Is this happening?” 

“I believe it is.”

Laurie Ann had her fingers inside of Cindy. She stroked repeatedly while whispering in her ear, “That’s a good girl, cum on my fingers.”

Cindy looked over at Juan, he had pulled his cock out and started stroking himself while biting his lip. He and Cindy had thought about swinging but didn’t know how to get into it. They never thought to involve their best friends. Yet it was perfect. 

He saw the look of sheer ecstasy on Cindy’s face as Laurie Ann kneeled before her and licked her pearl while fingering her. Her head tilted back and she let out a deep moan. Laurie Ann savored the sweet nectar that dripped in her tongue as she polished her pearl in the process.

Juan went to his feet and removed his clothes. He wanted to join the fun. 

Jonathan followed suit and thought, I finally get to fuck Cindy. It was something he had thought about and now the opportunity was finally right before him. 

The women undressed. Laurie Ann looked at the men, “I think Cindy wants cock in her pussy, which one of you men are ready?”

Jonathan raised his hand. He looked over at Juan. Juan smiled, “Go for it.”

Laurie Ann walked her over to him, “Sit down babe,” she told Jonathan. He sat on the sofa and Cindy looked at all that big white cock and smiled. She straddled him and placed his tip at her entrance and slid down slowly, savoring the sensation. 

He reached up and touched her modest breasts and leaned in and filled his mouth with one and later the other. 

Juan stood and stroked himself. But Laurie Ann wasn’t going to let him do it alone. She walked over to him, “Let me.” She looked at the curvature of his penis and smiled, “This is a masterpiece.”

She kneeled and choked his shaft, causing him to grunt. She lowered her head until she found his sack and licked them. “Of fuck,” said Juan. He was in heaven. She took his cock and placed it in her mouth. His hands were in her dark brown hair. He had a tight hold on her precious locks as he fed his cock into her mouth. She drooled and when he held her head, pushing it all the way in, she didn’t even gag. She was used to taking all of Jonathan’s huge cock in her mouth. Juan had a nice penis, but it was not bigger than her husband’s.

When we had enough of Juan’s dick in her mouth, she directed Juan to look at Cindy. She walked over, grabbed Cindy’s ass, and spread the cheeks wide exposing her asshole. “You want some of it don’t you?” she asked him.

He grinned. He did. Cindy enjoyed anal more than most women and it was a frequent part of their naughty time routine. He joyfully positioned himself to penetrate her hole, “Ahhhhhh,” he said. He and Jonathan were deep inside of Cindy and she shouted in ecstasy as the men poured pleasure all over her slim frame.

Laurie Ann watched and pleasured herself, three fingers pushing into her opening. The sounds of grunts and obscenities filled the room. Jonathan moaned, “Oh shit, fuck yeah.” He pumped faster until he released.

Juan was still at it, Cindy encouraged him, “Put that cum in my ass baby. I want it.” He grunted and moaned, his ass cheeks clenched, “Shit, shit, Dios Mio, fuck.” He held went faster and faster until finally he grunted and collapsed onto Cindy’s back, “ahhhhhhh.” 

She turned to him, “Good job babe.”

The next morning, after their friends had left. Cindy had this glow about her. Juan said, “Did you have fun last night?”

She smiled, “I did. It was awesome.”

“What if we could get more of our friends to join in. Like…a club of friends that don’t mind sharing you know.”

She shrugged, “Like?”

Juan had seen a picture of Dave’s girlfriend Latoya and he thought she was beautiful. He said, “Like Dave and his girl.”

Cindy chuckled, “I don’t know. He might not be into that.”

“We can invite them over, ask and see what happens.”

She thought about it. She had heard about big black cock and always wanted to try. She smiled, “Okay. Let’s see what happens.”

Chapter two

A week later, Juan and Cindy had Dave and his new girlfriend Latoya over for drinks. They decided to play a game with shots. Juan asked Dave, “Have you ever had a threesome before?”

Dave looked at Toya and grinned, “Uh—”

She hit his arm. “He ain’t never had any threesome. He wishes. He can barely handle me.”

They laughed. He looked at her, “Girl, you know I put this thing down right.”

She kissed his cheek, “That’s true. You are fantastic in bed.”

Cindy smiled, “Have you two ever thought about, you know inviting another couple over and sharing?”

Toya and Dave looked at each other. She shrugged. Dave was open to the idea, but he waited to see which way Toya was going to lean, she smiled, “I’ve had this fantasy about doing something like that, but like, how do you get into that stuff?”

Juan eagerly responded, “You should do it with people you know and trust. Like maybe us.”

Dave pointed at Juan, “Are you saying you want to fuck my girl?”

Juan looked at Toya with her beautiful brown skin, thick curly hair, dimples in her cheeks, full breasts, and nice ass, “I mean, honestly, yeah.”

Dave laughed, “Okay.” He looked at Cindy, “I want to fuck your woman too.”

Juan nodded, Cindy blushed at the thought of having Dave’s big black cock in her tight ass. “Shall we?”

“Like right now,” asked Toya.

Cindy removed her shirt and her shorts, “Sure.” 

Dave looked at her standing there naked and his dick got hard. He started removing his clothes. Toya looked at him. Juan walked over to Toya and smiled, “Do you want to?”

She nodded. She had always wanted to try a sexy-ass Latin man on for size. She removed her clothes and he got excited and hurried to undress as well. 

Cindy was already sitting on the sofa spread eagle with Dave’s face between her legs. He kissed her pretty white lips below and licked her clit, while his thick meaty finger penetrated her pink paradise. She ran her hands along the top of his head and moaned in delight.

Toya kneeled and grabbed Juan’s cock like a microphone and began to sing and hum on it causing his eyes to roll back and toes to curl. The way she deep-throated him had him questioning the meaning of life. “My God,” he said with his hands in her hair thrusting in her mouth and biting his bottom lip.

She drooled. Allowing it to drip from her lips. She looked at the tip and licked the precum that was there. She smiled. He tasted divine and she was ready to ride. But first, he wanted a taste. “Ride my face,” he said. 

She smiled as she watched him lie on the carpeted floor. She straddled his face. His hands rubbed her juicy ass, while his tongue made circles on her pearl. She played with her full tits and licked her nipples as she humped. 

She spread her cheeks and licked the entire split from top to bottom, then took his fingers and penetrated. She moaned, “Ummmm, yes, baby, I like that.” She continued to hump and he continued to slurp until she flinched and wet his lips with her nectar. 

He slapped her ass and she eased down and mounted him in a split. It was her special move. He said, “Oh fuck.” As he watched her twerk on his shaft. Her ass was pretty. He slapped it and squeezed, then slapped and squeezed a few more times. 

Cindy was bent over receiving Dave’s big black ballsy cock in her pussy. She reached back and spread her cheeks, “Put it there,” she said. His eyes widened. He didn’t get to do that often, so when she invited him to it, he jumped at the opportunity, quickly pulling out of her pussy and diving into her ass. He grunted, “fuck, oh wee.” He pumped fast and she yelped. That was the most dick she had ever had in her ass and she loved it.

“Fuck yeah, give me that big black cock in my ass. Cum for me baby.” He went faster and faster until he pulled out. She turned quickly so she could catch it in her mouth, “ummmm, so delicious,” she said smiling with his jizz leaking from her mouth.

They watched as Juan was now on top of Toya, one leg over his shoulder, he grunted and stroked as his hands held onto her breasts, “Yes, I’m about to burst, you want it?”

“Yes baby, put it in my pussy,” she said. And he did. He collapsed onto her and kissed her mouth, “You were fucking amazing.”

She smiled, “You too.”

The next day Juan had a little extra pep in his step. Their plan was going great. They had successfully recruited three couples to join their swinging group. They only had one couple left, and that was Dean and Hannah.

He had never been with an Asian woman before. He wanted to try. Not to mention, Hannah was hot. She had beautiful fair skin, extremely long straight jet-black hair. Her body was to die for, petite with nice boobs. 

He and Cindy decided to invite them over the following weekend to see if they could complete the group.

Chapter three

They were in the kitchen eating wings and drinking beer. Dean noticed that Juan kept looking at Hannah’s ass. He hit his arm, “She’s got a nice ass right, bro?”

Juan nodded, “She’s beautiful, what do you think about Cindy?”

Dean looked over at Cindy, “You know Cindy’s hot. She’s like a fucking model.”

Cindy blushed. 

“He has like the biggest crush on you,” Hannah said. “Always joking that he’s leaving me for his other woman, Cindy.”

Cindy smiled, “Really?”

Juan knew it was his chance to ask, “So, we’re starting a little club, just four couples. We know each other. We all know who the other’s sexual partner is so it’s safe, as long as no one goes outside of the group.”

Hannah smirked, “What kind of club are you talking about?”

“We want to have an event every year in Miami where we all meet up and do a little fucking gift exchange,” he said.

Dean grinned, “Like a wife swap or some shit?”

“Something like that. On Christmas eve the guys get to pick a name from the hat and on Christmas day, the ladies get to choose, a fucking gift exchange.”

“Oh, so this is just a once-a-year thing…I like it. Sounds like fun, is Dave part of the group?” She asked eagerly. 

He nodded, “Yeah, he and Toya already agreed last week, and Jonathan and Laurie Ann the week before.”

“All we need is you two,” said Cindy. As she walked over to Dean and rubbed his cock. We can do a little practice right now.

Dean looked over at Hannah, she shrugged, “Okay.” Hannah walked over to Juan and undid his pants. She stared at eight inches of full veiny curvature with a pretty mushroom tip. She smiled. She had only been with Dean. He was long, but he wasn’t thick as one’s she’s seen in videos and she longed to try some other options. 

She kneeled and devoured his cock. His hands ran through her long silky hair. He pushed his cock deep in her mouth and she gagged a little, drool oozed out of her mouth, she slurped it and continued to press her lips on his shaft.

Dean was receiving pleasure from Cindy’s mouth as well. She aggressively pulled on his shaft in between licking up and down and slurping. Both men thrust their cocks into the women’s pretty mouths. 

Cindy stood and took Dean’s hand. He sat on an ottoman and she opened her ass hole and allowed him to enter. She slid up and down his shaft while holding her tits. She bounced up and down on him giving her anus a delightful sensation, Dean held onto her hips and moved below. He was in extreme ecstasy. He was on the edge. He felt Cindy already clamping down as her orgasm hit and she groaned. He lifted, she was on her feet bent over, her hole open as he slid in and out, some juice leaked, he continued and pulled her hips and held tightly and erupted, "ahhhhhh, shit," he said pulling his cock out and releasing the fluid. He smiled as he watched it drip from her ass. 

Juan had Hannah bent over the sofa, he had a section of her hair, “Pull it tighter,” she said. He pulled it tighter. His balls were slapping into her ass as he drilled her from behind hard. 

“Harder, Juan, harder.” 

He thrust faster and harder, his forehead dripped with beads of sweat, he grunted as he felt his dick about to explode. He pulled her arms and she yelled, “Yes! Fuck yes, like that!” She let out a loud moan.

Juan grunted, roughly bent her back over, and rammed quickly until he grunted and released his load. 


When Juan went for his morning run with Jonathan, he told him that the group was official and the first fucking gift exchange was scheduled to take place in December. Jonathan was excited. He wanted to get another piece of Cindy. It was too bad that he’d have to wait six weeks before he could.

To be continued…