Me and Papi Chulo

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Two weeks after that redeye to Boston and getting dicked down in the best way by Mr. Richard Harris, I found myself back on pace to undergo another long drought. I said I wanted to hook up with Mario, but his messages sort of trailed off and there was one thing I wasn’t EVER going to do and that was run behind a man.

My mother had always said, “When a man wants you, he makes an effort to be in your life.” And since his effort had faded, I used my escape, which was working out and working.

I was in my office, going over designs well after quitting time. My stomach reminded me that I needed food, so finally, I headed out. I planned to stop for some Caribbean food, a bottle of wine, and some chocolate cookies and then head home.

When I arrived home, I took a nice shower and dressed in a loose-fitted tank and some undies. I planned to pleasure myself as soon as I was done eating and drinking that bottle of wine.

I had the music nice and low, as I lay in my bed. I pulled my panties down to mid-thigh and massaged my inner thigh as I licked my lips, imagining I was being kissed. 

Slowly, my finger drifted to find my sweet pearl and I started with a tap. I tapped it repeatedly and then made circles, around and around, and around, my heart raced. Just as I was about to slip my fingers into my pool, my cellphone sounded. I grunted as I looked over and saw some strange number. Since my vibe was interrupted, I wiped my fingers on my shirt and answered, “Hello?”

“Hola, mamita, preciosa,” he said.


“Ah, you remember me. What are you doing?” he asked.

I chuckled, “You want a lie or the truth?”

He laughed, “I’m intrigued. Tell me both and I’ll see which one is the truth.”

I smiled, “I’m sitting here reading a copy of War & Peace or I was trying to get myself off.”

He laughed, “Um, I like the second one. Can I video call you?”

“I don’t know. I’m kind of wondering why it took you so long to call me.”

“I was in Puerto Rico. My father had a bad fall. I went to help my mother.”

Now, that touched my heart. “Oh, sorry to hear that, how is he?”

“Getting better. I had to come back to work. My older brother is there now.” It was quiet and then he said, “So, that video call? I’m here thinking about all those kinky messages you sent me before I left. You said you were going to ride my cock hard until I screamed your name.”

I laughed, “Sounds like something I’d say. I’ll turn my camera on.” 

Seeing him made me smile. He was seriously handsome, this golden honey skin tone, with these dark brown eyes, nice thick trimmed eyebrows, his lips had a pretty peach color, and he had this low-cut beard and mustache. When he saw me, he smiled, “Ay, que hermosa,” he said.

I bit my bottom lip. 

“You look so sexy. I wish I was there right now; I’d lick your clit until you cry.”

“Is that so.”

“Yeah girl, I don’t fuck around.”

I laughed. “I suppose we’ll see.”

“It’s a date, tomorrow,” he stated. He bit his lip and I see him moving his hand. 

“Are you stroking yourself?”

He grinned, “Yeah. You wanna see?”

I nodded. When he angled the camera and allowed me to see him, my heart quickened. He had sent me a picture before, but seeing it live on camera was a sight to behold. That sausage was thick and long, the tip was beautiful. I blushed, “Wow.”

“You think you can handle all of it?” he asked cockily.

“I’m sure I can,” I responded with certainty. He nodded with a slight grin as if he accepted my challenge.

“I wanna see you play with your pussy before I go to sleep.”

I opened my legs nice and wide. A little of my juice was at the opening. I was already wet from my pregame and sitting there watching him stroke his monster cock made me even wetter.

“Damn, you’re already wet.”

I took my left strap off, so my left boob was exposed. I lifted it and licked my nipple. I made circles around the areola with my tongue before sucking it. He stroked his shaft while he watched.

I took my right hand and found my pearl and started to tap it as I had done earlier and then made circles, giving it a nice polish. I arched my back and allowed my fingers to trace the fold of my labia. 

“Put your fingers inside mami.”

I did as he requested, allowed two fingers to penetrate my wet paradise and I moaned, “That’s it mamita, don’t hold back, I wanna hear you.”

The more he coached me, the deeper and faster I went, I moaned loudly, as the sensation sent waves throughout my body. I heard him moan and groan as he rapidly ran his hand up and down his shaft, bringing himself closer to orgasm. My leg shook and I flinched, almost crushing my hand.

I saw as his cum erupted and oozed down the sides of his massive cock. We were both panting. I laughed, “Oh my God.”

“That was beautiful. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

“Good night Mario.”

“Good night.”

Chapter two 

 When he arrived, I was wearing a sexy black lace dress, which looked see-through, but there was a beige cloth stitched inside. I was wearing a nice thong and bra set that he’d get to see later.

“Damn, we may not even make it out,” he stated as he surveyed my attire. “I like that dress.”

“Thank you. So where are we going?” I asked.


“Nice,” I replied. The area was cute, had sort of this old Spanish vibe from when the Cubans first arrived and settled in the city. There were plenty of shops, clubs, and restaurants to enjoy, even a nice park.

We ended up at this spot that served Mexican-inspired dishes. We sat at a table, waited for our food to arrive, and talked. As he’s told me about his job as an electrician, I took off my sandal and placed my foot between his legs and circled his package with my toes.

He grinned. The server arrived with our food and placed everything down in front of us. His face was flushed red and I continued to massage his cock. 

“Anything else?” the server asked.

“We’re good,” I responded. She walked away and finally I removed my foot so he could concentrate on eating. He shook his head, “Keep that same energy later on.”

I laughed, “I will.” 

Afterward, we walked to a club that played Latin music. The beats thumped through the speakers loudly, couples danced to salsa. As we headed to the bar, some guys checked me out. Mario placed his hands on my hips and walked behind me. As I ordered drinks, he kissed the back of my neck, he paid for our drinks and we walked over to a table and sat.

We have a few drinks, his hand slipped under my dress and he squeezed my thigh, I looked into his sexy brown eyes and leaned in so close, our lips almost touched. I placed my nose into the crease of his neck and indulged in the scent of his cologne. He chuckled and then moaned when I bit his neck and later his earlobe.

His hand moved higher until he found my panties already damp. He strummed up and down and then in a circular motion. He was about to slip inside of my thong, but I reached for his hand and drug him out to the dance floor.

Reggaetón blasted through the speakers. Women gyrated on men, women danced on each other, some men and women stood and watched. I had my back to Mario with my ass pressed against his cock, while winding my hips. I felt his package grow as his right hand held my hip and he grinded on me from behind.

I felt his left hand ease up my thigh and stop. We were both full-on rum as we danced. I turned to him, his hands rested on my hips as I leaned in, our lips pressed together and my tongue found his. It was hot. I pulsated below and wanted to leave right then. He looked at me, licked his lips, and grinned, “Let’s go.”


We get to my place and we’re in my living room. He’s got this cocky look on his face and he said, “So.” 

I smiled, “So.”

“You ready for this?” he asked. I looked at him, tilted my head, and chuckled. I was ready, it wasn’t like we were about to go into battle. We were about to fuck and I was quite skilled at that. I nodded.

He smirked and stepped closer to me, placed his hand on the back of my head, pulled my hair gently, and tilted my head up. His lips drizzled kisses down my neck and he squeezed my left breast and pinched my nipple before putting it in his mouth. 

He nibbled until I let out a slight cry from the sensation. My heart raced, I swallowed. For the first time, I felt a little timid. “Let’s go to the bedroom.” He commanded and slapped my left butt cheek.

I turned and started to walk, he followed close behind. Once inside my room, he removed his shirt, revealed his incredibly toned chest, with a lion tattoo covering the right side.

His abs went down in that perfect V towards his cock and my heart continued to thump against my chest. I undid my strap in front and peeled off my dress. My tits sat up nice and high in a red satin bra. I removed it and my thong until all my clothes were in a nice pile. 

He had a stern look on his face as he approached me now nude. His cock pointed towards me and bobbed with every step he took. He placed his finger on my chin lifted my head, brought his lips to mine; his tongue slipped into my mouth and his hand rubbed my pearl. I let out a soft moan in response to his touch.

He bit my neck and sucked. I had his cock in my right hand. He looked down at my hand as it moved up and down the shaft. He bit his bottom lip and grinned. “I can’t decide if I want to fuck you or taste you first,” he said as stepped closer to me, causing me to step backward until I was up against the bed.

He lifted me with ease, placed me on the edge of the bed, and then pulled my legs toward him as if he was about to examine my pink paradise. His arms wrapped around my thighs, he kissed the left and then the right inner thigh, and then I felt his tongue on my clit, flicking. I ran my fingertips across the top of his head as I enjoyed his tongue.

He licked up and down and then I felt his tongue inside of me, while his thumb polished my pearl. My back arched and I tried to inch away, but he locked my things in tighter with his arms. I squealed and said, “Okay. Okay.” I was tapping out because I couldn’t take it any longer. My cries were ignored. I put my hand down to move his head, he reached for my hand and tossed it aside, and kept right on until I gushed all over his face. 

My body trembled and just when I thought he would give me a second to relax, he took his huge cock and plunged right into my pool causing me to moan loudly and grab his arms. I looked at him, tears in my eyes, “Fuck. Mario.” 

He grinned, “But I thought you said you were ready.” He had my legs on his shoulder as he thrust, watching as his cock glided in and out of my pink paradise. “You like this dick mamita?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Dime, si papi.”

“Si papi. Si papi. Si.”

He adjusted my legs, leaned in and picked me, held me in his arms, and bounced me on his cock. My breasts bounced, my ass giggled and I held onto him for dear life as I cried out, “Fuck, papi, damn, shit.” He placed his mouth on my right nipple and suckled. I felt my walls tighten on his cock and I whined, "Oh papi, papi." as he bounced me faster on his shaft. 

After I creamed all over his cock, he laid me down, connected his chest to my breasts, looked into my eyes, “You want me to stop?” he asked. Part of me wanted to say, “yes,” the other part was like hell no…it felt so good, but he was clearly on a mission and I didn’t want to end up walking bowlegged. I didn’t know what to say. I thought it was a good idea to just let him do what he thought was best.

I groaned as those thrusts turned into a slow grind, with his cock deep inside of me. My right leg started to shake and I said, “No puedo mas, papi, no puedo.” 

He smiled, “You want my cock in your mouth?”

I nodded vigorously because my pussy needed a break. He pulled out and sat on the bed. I stood on the floor, moved my hair to one side, and reached for him. Placed him in my mouth and sucked vigorously, while playing with his balls. He groaned, “Si mamita, si, that shit feels good. I tasted his precum, let it melt on my tongue. I heard him grunt and I knew it was coming and finally, he shot it in my mouth. 

I opened my mouth and let him see his jizz roll around on my tongue before I swallowed. 

He fell back on the bed and I went to the bathroom to clean myself up. When I got back, I saw him under the covers. I smiled, “Are you staying?”

“Come here,” he said. I lay next to him, he hugged me, “Tomorrow, you’re spending the day with me.”

“Okay,” I replied.

“We're going to have to get you some vitamins and some extra cardio so you can hang next time.”

I laughed and we went to sleep.


The morning had arrived. I heard my cellphone go off, I reached over to the nightstand and saw my girl trying to video call me. That wasn’t about to happen. I answered without the camera, “Hey,” I said with sleep in my voice.

“What are you still doing in the bed?” she asked suspiciously. 

“I slept in, what’s up, how was the honeymoon?” I asked, attempting to change the subject. But she knew something was up. We always video-called, no matter what we were doing, it would be early morning, right out of the shower, tits still beaded with drops from the shower as we got ready for our day.

“Um-hmm, who you got over there?” she asked.

“Ma’am you in my business. Don’t do that.”

She laughed, “I was just calling to check on you. Bill’s dad asked about you.”


At this point, I felt Mario’s hand on my clit and I was trying to talk normally, but then he put his face between my legs and began kissing me. I started to breathe a little heavily.

She responded, “I told you he kept checking you out at the reception. He wanted some of that caramel crunch.”

I moaned and laughed at the same time. She replied, “But sounds like you got someone already doing that.”

“Bye sis. I’ll call you later.” The call ended. 

I looked under the covers and saw Mario licking my clit. He looked up. I smiled, “Good morning.” 

He crawled up until our eyes met, he pressed his lips onto mine, and then I tasted me on his tongue as he penetrated down below. “Buenos dias, mamita,” he said as he started pushing, and stroking, the sun shined through making his brown eyes look bright. 

He reached for my right leg and folded it and I felt him deep inside. “Oh my god,” I groaned. I wrapped my arms around him, one hand on his tight ass, as I moved my hips below. "Fuck, ay, papi, shit papi, I’m coming,” I said.

“I know mamita, cum all over my dick.”

He pushed and pumped, went faster, “Where you want it?”

“On my chest.”

He pulled out, placed his dick between my breasts, and stroked until his cock released and my breasts were glazed with his jizz. I touched it and smiled, “Dama papi chulo.”

He rolled off and went to the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and later the shower started.

I stood up, checked my phone as I walked to the bathroom. I received a message from Richard, “I’ll be in Florida in two weeks. Can’t wait to see you.”

My heart raced. Mario was in the shower, “Mamita, come.” he said. He wanted me to join him in the shower. I bit my lip and quickly responded to Richard, “Can’t wait with a smile.”

I had to leave my options open, just in case things didn’t work out with Mario. Plus, I always had a thing for older guys, since my first love was my English Lit professor. He was forty-five and I was nineteen years old. I was insanely in love with him, but he was married, which I found out after almost a year. 

I placed my cellphone down and joined Mario in the shower.