My First Android Robot - Chap 5

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Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. In no way do I condone women being used or owned as property. If this type of writing or erotica offends you, please close this story now. To everyone else, I hope you enjoy the series.


Tyler heard the air brakes of the delivery truck as it pulled up.  He smiled and waited for his door bell to ring. Ding dong.  “Come inside Bry!” He yelled.  He had been waiting all day for his buddy to arrive.

Bryan heard his friend invite him, so he turned the door knob and entered the house.  Bryan gave a sly smile as he walked into the living room.  His friend Tyler was on the couch as both female androids were on their knees sucking his cock.

“Nice man, I see they both get along.” Bryan stated as he walked up behind Chloe.  She was now back in her cute tennis skirt and top.  Bryan took his hand and lifted up her skirt and saw her panties were missing.

“Where’s her panties bro?” Bryan had a confused look on his face.

Tyler laughed, “Those panties are mine now.  Chloe got them super wet for me and we’ll call them a souvenir!”

“Ohh, I see how it is.  Well as long as I get a nice wet pair from Julie, we’ll call it a fair trade!” Bryan was now running his finger along Chloe’s wet slit.

“Chloe, did you have a good day today?” Bryan was eager to know what they had been up to.  He watched as Chloe pulled her mouth off Tyler’s cock and responded.  “Yes daddy, I had a lot of fun with my new friends.”

Tyler was turned on by the way they spoke to each other.  He had never heard the term daddy used before in a sexual way, but he liked it.  He thought to himself, “I’ll have to expand Julie’s vocabulary soon.”

“Hey Julie, why don’t you help Bryan undress and I want you to suck his big dick and relax him.  He’s had a long day at work.” Tyler instructed his android, and watched as she complied.

Tyler pulled Chloe away from his cock and then instructed her, “And Chloe, why don’t you go get a few beers from the fridge for us, we’re thirsty.”  Chloe smiled and went to the kitchen, soon returning with several cold bottles.

Both Tyler and Bryan were now on the couch, side by side, as both androids went back to sucking them off.  They clinked their beers and took a chug.  Bryan spoke first, “Dude, this is the life.”

After a few minutes of the girls sucking, Tyler was ready to fuck.  “Hey bud, you ready to fuck these hot androids?”

Bryan was super charged, horny and ready, “Fuck yea bro.”

“Girls, get in the doggy style position on the rug.” Bryan instructed.  “Do you care if I fuck Julie first?” He asked.

“Go for it bud, sharing is caring.” Both guys laughed.

Julie was on all fours, waiting to be penetrated.  She felt Bryan come up along her as his hands started groping her.  “This sundress is sexy, but I think you have too much clothing on.” He said as his hands groped her firm tits.

Bryan pulled her sundress up and saw that Julie was in a blue thong.  He gave her ass a hard slap, then picked up his beer and took another chug.  As he pulled her dress further up, he noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra.  He gave her tits another firm squeeze, making Julie moan.  Bryan looked over at Tyler and saw his friend finger fucking his android, and this turned him on.

Bryan placed his fingers at Julie’s slit and pushed in.  She was warm and wet and he loved it.  His finger slid in so effortless and soon he added a second finger.  Julie was now bucking his hand, letting at small grunts as her pussy was fingered deeply.

Bryan pulled his wet fingers out and placed them at Julie’s mouth.  She opened and started sucking his fingers without hesitation.  Bryan couldn’t take it anymore and soon mounted Julie from behind.  He took his hard cock and shoved it in.   He had been waiting all day to feel the warmth of pussy and this android didn’t disappoint.  He grabbed his beer and took several more chugs as Julie did all the work, shoving her body against his hard cock.

Tyler heard the grunts and saw that Julie and Bryan had wasted no time, as they fucked aggressively across from him.  He could see his bud clearly enjoying his android as he chugged his beer.  Tyler positioned himself behind Chloe, gave her pussy one last rub with his hand, before he pushed in.  Tyler’s eyes rolled back, “damn she felt amazing.”

Tyler took his hand and reached around her, rubbing her small blonde bush as his cock found a steady rhythm of fucking.  Chloe would arch and push her body back, just at the right moment as Tyler shoved in, which made him grunt with each thrust.

Tyler was getting into a good long steady fuck when Bryan broke the silence, “Hey bud, ready to switch up? I don’t want to wear your girl out!” Both guys laughed as they pulled their hard cocks from the wet pussies they had been fucking.

Tyler gave Chloe a hard slap on the ass and said, “Go to your man, tell him how good I feel inside you.”  Chloe smiled and crawled over to Bryan.

“Get on your back baby and spread those legs, daddy has wanted to feel you all day!” Bryan growled.  He took his fingers and slid them between her slit, she was warm and wet.  He flicked her clit and Chloe yelped out in pleasure.  Her skirt was still on her, so he undid the side clasp and pulled it off.  He pulled up her top and exposed her full breasts still in her small bra.  “Let’s get them huge tits out baby.” Chloe complied and pulled her bra down, freeing the biggest tits in the room.  Her white bra pushed her tits up and made them huge but very perky.

Bryan growled again and took her nipple into his mouth.  His mouth sucked and pulled on it, while Chloe rubbed his head from behind, running her hands through his hair.  Bryan positioned his cock and pushed in and he was an animal at sex. Tyler was impressed as he watched on.

Julie approached Tyler and grabbed his cock, giving it a few strokes before she positioned herself on the floor and opened her legs.  Her inviting look said it all, she wanted to be fucked by her owner.  Tyler was turned on by his android and the other two having sex just inches away.  He leant in and spit on her pussy and then shoved his cock in.  Julie exclaimed with a pleasurable “Ohhh!”

Both Tyler and Bryan were now on their androids plowing them in the missionary position on the floor.  Each girl was now moaning loudly as their tight pussies were being filled with hard cock from the men who owned them.

“Oh fuck, you feel amazing baby girl!” Bryan growled.

“Fuck, these pussies are so fucking perfect!” Tyler moaned.

Tyler felt himself getting close to a climax when Julie placed both hands on his chest and started to push him off.  She looked into his eyes and seductively said, “Not yet babe.”

Tyler obeyed and let his android stand while he rolled onto his back and gave his hard slick cock a few tugs to subdue his climax.  He watched as Julie ran her fingers along her pussy and then brought them to her lips, licking and tasting her wetness.  Tyler stroked his cock, as the sight turned him on immensely.

Julie straddled him and lowered herself down on his cock that was now sticking straight up. “You like that, don’t you babe?” She purred.  Her tight vice gripped his shaft as it disappeared into her.  She started doing squats, going up and down his pole as his eyes rolled back in pleasure.  Tyler reached up and started massaging her tits which were hanging outside her bra.  Her firm tits were perfect, he pinched the nipple and twisted it, causing Julie to moan as she continued riding him.

Tyler looked over at Bryan and Chloe, and saw his bud plowing his girls pussy deep and passionate.  They were in a deep kiss as Tyler reached over and gave Bryan a slap on his ass.  Bryan pulled away and laughed, “Slap Julie’s ass bro, not mine!” They both laughed as they continued making love to their androids.

“Let’s take them to the bed bro.” Tyler chimed back.

“Sounds good to me.” Bryan replied.  He pulled himself off Chloe and with one swoop lifted her off the floor and threw her over his shoulder.  He gave her ass a firm slap and started towards the bedroom.

Tyler wasn’t one to be outdone, so he lifted Julie off his cock and with one swoop and did the same.  He had her over his shoulder, as he followed his bud to the bedroom.

Both guys lowered their vixens to the bed and had them sucking their cocks.  It was definitely a sight to see.  Both girls had their asses arched and their heads bobbing on cock as the guys reached behind and started playing with their pussies.

“Dude, who would’ve thought, we’d be the luckiest guys, with the hottest girls!” Bryan was stoked and excited he could share this experience with his friend.

“We might need to buy a few more girls and become roommates!” Tyler laughed.  It sounded like a joke, but he and Bryan looked at each other, and that thought, at that moment, sounded like a perfect plan.

Julie pulled her mouth off Tyler and spoke next, “You boys will need a lot of stamina to keep us girls filled with cock and cum, but go ahead and try.” She went back down and increased her sucking, which caused Tyler to moan loudly.

“I think we can give you horny babes a run for your money!” Bryan laughed as he reached over and massaged Julies tit.  He looked over at Tyler who had his eyes closed, his android was sucking him good and he was lost in the moment.

Bryan looked down at Chloe and instructed her to roll over.  She did so and he grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed.  He lined up his cock and pushed in.  The bed started creaking with each thrust he gave her.  He watched as Chloe took her fingers and rubbed her clit and then rubbed his cock with each thrust.  He could see her wetness glisten on his shaft as it went in and out.  He leaned down and sucked her tit, pulling on her nipple.

About this time, Tyler opened his eyes and saw that Bryan was again fucking Chloe.  That boy had some stamina, but so did Tyler.  He pulled Julie’s mouth off his cock and had her take the same position as Chloe, on her back.

Tyler spread Julie’s legs and slid in.  He loved the way her pussy felt.  It was always so warm, wet and tight.  He watched as Julie massaged her breasts and started moaning with his thrusts.  Tyler closed his eyes and started a steady fuck pace.

Bryan looked over and saw his bud enjoying a nice deep fuck with his android.  Bryan took his left hand and reached over and started rubbing Julies slit as Tyler fucked her.

Tyler still had his eyes closed, but he could feel Julie rubbing her slit and his shaft as he fucked her.  He loved when she did that.  It was so fucking sexy and turned him on immensely.  Tyler opened his eyes and was surprised to see that it wasn’t Julie, but Bryan’s fingers instead.  Tyler let out a deep long moan.  

Bryan saw that Tyler was enjoying this special bond and took one finger and inserted it into Julie’s pussy with Tyler's cock still in her.  Tyler kept moaning as this bond continued. He couldn’t hold it in any longer and started to cum.  He felt hot ropes of cum shoot inside Julie as his friend kept finger fucking her pussy with his cock still in her.  Tyler was now panting as he started to pull out.

Bryan was caught in the moment and didn’t want to loose steam just yet.  He commanded Julie to scoot up on the bed and straddle Chloes face, “let that hot cum drip into my girls mouth, while I fuck her!”  Julie complied and was soon sitting on Chloe’s face.

Bryan took charge and sped up his thrusts as he plowed Chloe’s pussy.  He watched as Chloe kept lapping at Julie’s spent pussy, letting the cum fall into her mouth.  Bryan grunted loudly and his entire body started to shudder as he shot a huge load into Chloe.  He had been waiting all day to unload into his girl and now it was happening.

Bryan took his hand and gave his cock a few tugs, ensuring all his cum was inside his girl.  He finally pulled out and was content with the full pussy now dripping out his cum.

“Hey Julie, 69 with Chloe, and come lick up this cum out of her hole.” Julie smiled and complied.  Both guys stood back, with semi-erect dicks and watched as both girls ate the cum out of each other.

Tyler felt Bryan place his arm on his shoulder.  “Dude, we are some lucky guys! This is fucking hot!” Bryan was still breathless after his hard fuck.

“Let’s get cleaned up bro, then the girls can make us some dinner!” Tyler was already thinking about dessert, and not the kind you ate.  Bryan smiled and gave Tyler a pat on the ass and said, “Sounds like a great plan bud.”

Tyler couldn’t help wonder, if a bromance was forming, but either way, he didn’t care.  He was really liking their arrangement.  He had a great friend, and they both had beautiful girls they could share and appreciate.

While Tyler showered, he started pondering, could a roommate situation work?  How many other androids could they afford to buy and would they all get along?  For now, he was content on the foursome friendship they had going.  He’d talk to Bryan and throw some ideas around. He rubbed soap over his hard cock as he imagined what kind of foursome dessert they’d enjoy that night.