Merrily Neighbors

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It had been a long day at work and I was relieved when I stepped into my apartments elevator. It was Friday evening and I had worked over-time like always, while the rest of my co-workers left early to enjoy the holiday parties and festivities.

In two weeks times, it would be Christmas and all I had purchased was a bottle of wine. Even the wine store clerk took pity on me. She had wrapped a bright red bow around the bottles neck, before handing it to me.

I pressed the elevator button, floor 15, and waited as the doors began closing. Inches before the metal clasped, I watched in angst as a beautiful manicured hand shot between the stainless steel, causing the doors to re-open.

A beautiful woman who looked to be in her late forties stepped in. She smiled and removed her designer sun-glasses. She was dressed in a well fitted skirt and blazer. That’s when I realized it was my neighbor, Anna.

“How are you Colton? It’s been a while since we’ve seen you.” Anna had always been friendly to me. She flashed her perfect smile.

“I’ve been working a lot lately,” I replied.

“Well, you’ll never find a girlfriend in a cubicle! You need to get out some and enjoy the wintery weather. You’re a good looking young guy.” Anna smiled as I blushed from her compliment.

I knew I was red in the face and I wanted to change the subject. I extended the bottle of wine to her and blurted out, “This is for you and Frank! Merry Christmas.”

I watched as Anna took the bottle from me. “Well that’s sweet of you.”

Just then the elevator door opened and we both stepped out onto the fifteenth floor of our building. I watched as Anna took a few steps ahead of me. Her ass was the perfect shape and it filled her skirt so nicely. I envied her husband. Actually to be honest, they both looked stunning.

I watched as Anna turned around when she reached her door. “Do you have any plans tonight Colton?”

“No mam. I was just going to relax and catch up on tv and sports.”

Anna quickly cut me off. “How about you come over tonight around nine. Frank will be home and we can all enjoy this bottle of wine together. We have a little present for you as well.” Anna unlocked her front door and began to step in.

Before I could respond, she spoke again.

“Perfect, we’ll see at nine sweetie!” She quickly retreated inside her home and closed her door.

I stood standing the hallway alone, confused and stunned. She didn’t even let me reply! I wasn’t much of a sociable person. I was new to the Atlanta area and I was still adjusting.

Sure I was twenty-two, young, good-looking and fit… But it was hard meeting new people in a large city. I shrugged it off and went to my apartment.

I glanced at my wall clock and realized I had about two hours to kill before my presence would be requested at my neighbors place. I figured I’d hit the gym, shower and then head over.


I stared at myself in the mirror. I hadn’t really planned on doing anything tonight and I didn’t really know what to wear to my neighbors invite. I figured a nice dress shirt, jeans, and some casual boots would be appropriate.

Every time I saw Frank and Anna, in passing, they were always meticulously well dressed and inspiring. They had an aura about them. They could charm anyone with their presence.

I didn’t want to disappoint them or come off sloppy. I smiled back at my reflection. I grabbed my favorite cologne and gave a few spritz, it was time to head over.


I gave their front door a few knocks before taking a step back and waiting. A few moments later the front door opened and Frank stood before me. Of course he was impeccably dressed. He flashed his award winning smile and invited me inside.

“Colton, we’re glad you could make it over.” He leaned in and gave me a small warm half hug before ushering me inside to the living room. 

“Anna showed me the wine you gifted us. Impressive taste. I never took you for a wine guy. Would you like a glass or would you like to join me in a neat whiskey?” Frank walked over to a small bar cart and waited for my reply.

“A whiskey sounds nice.” I watched as he smiled and poured Johnnie Walker Blue into a small whiskey glass. “We prefer only the best.”

He handed me the glass and I sipped the smooth liquor before I took a seat on a large black leather couch. The rooms atmosphere was very distinguished. The lights had been dimmed down and soft music played in the background. Frank and I had small talk while we sipped our beverage.

“So where is Anna?” I asked.

Frank perked up and gave me a sly smile. “She is putting the final touches on your gift. She should be joining us any moment.”

I took the final swig of my whiskey before placing the empty glass on a side table. Frank noticed and stood up.

“Let me get you another glass buddy. Did you like it?” He picked up my glass and walked back to the well stocked bar cart.

“Yes, It was very smooth. I liked it a lot actually.” I replied. In fact the one glass was so smooth, it crept up on me, and already I was feeling very relaxed and buzzed. Frank handed the glass back to me, again filled with the woodsy scented whiskey.

I brought the glass to my lips and just as I began to drink, the bedroom door opened and Anna stepped out. I felt myself choke and I quickly set the glass down before sitting straight up on the couch.

Anna stood before us in a very sexy red lingerie outfit accented with a Santa hat. Her smile was mischievous, but her long slender legs looked ravishing in her red high heels. She held a small gift bag, her eyes never leaving my gaze. I watched as she strutted over to me.

“Hi Colton. Merry Christmas sweetie.” Her voice was seductive but very much in control. She smiled as I stuttered my reply.

“Wow. Wo…w. You look amazing. But. But, I am confused.” My eyes quickly darted over to her husband who was intently watching.

“No-no sweetie. It’s all about me. Eyes over here.” She smiled as I complied.

I was still sitting, looking up at the beautiful woman who was clearly enjoying her charm over me. I watched as she propped one high heel on top of my crotch area. Even in my jeans, it was evident that I was aroused and now hard.

“Here’s our Christmas proposition sweetie.” I watched as she applied slight pressure on the tip of her high heel, causing me to harden even more. 

“Inside this gift bag is your present. If you want your gift, you will have to play by our rules. You can always decline the gift and leave and we will respect your decision. What would you like to do tonight?” Her sweet voice lingered as the bag dangled by her fingertips.

The combination of the whiskey, her charm, the energetic atmosphere and my horniness easily decided my fate. I reached out for the gift bag and she smiled as she handed it to me.

“That’s a good boy. Open your gift.” She purred.

I removed the tissue paper and pulled out a thick black leather collar that had a leash attached to it. I know my face had a puzzled look on it.

“Here’s how your gift will play out. You will wear your leash, like a good boy, and whoever has the leash in their hand will control you tonight. Either Frank or I, will show you a sexually charged and merrily evening. Do you agree to this?” Anna seductively bit her lower lip, waiting for my reply. She pulled her heel off my crotch and walked over to Frank. I watched as she took his whiskey and sipped it.

I silently stood up from the couch and placed the collar and leash on the side table and stared at both my neighbors.

Frank spoke next, “See Anna, I told you he wasn’t…” 

Frank stopped mid sentence when he watched as I started unbuttoning my shirt. I said no words, but my hands said everything. I pulled my shirt off and dropped it to the floor. My chiseled chest was accented by light hair, and I had a small happy trail that went down my abs. I unbuttoned my pants next. I easily kicked off my boots before dropping my jeans. The only clothing I had on was my black Calvin Klein briefs. I picked up the collar and placed it around my neck and looped it into place.

“He looks amazing Frank.” Anna took another sip of her husbands whiskey before placing it on the bar cart.

I took a few steps toward her and handed her the leash.

“He is so obedient and well trained too.” She laughed as she took the leash.

Anna walked me over to the couch and playfully pushed me back onto the cool black leather. She never let go of my leash as she teased me further. Rubbing her smooth skin against my face, nibbling at my ear, as she purred obscenities to me.

“I am going to fuck you. You are going to fuck me, and Frank is going to fuck both of us.” The words lingered from her lips as my mind processed everything she said.

“Yes mam.” The words escaped my lips before I could even process the last part. Frank is going to fuck both of us.

My cock ached to be released and I moaned with every sensual touch Anna gave me. I was so hypnotized by her presence, I hadn’t realized that Frank was now naked, and sitting next to me, still sipping his whiskey.

“Here Frank, hold his leash. I want to tease our boy toy some more.” Anna giggled as she handed my leash to her husband. I turned my face towards him and I gently bit my bottom lip. The anticipation was building and I wanted them to fully use me.

I felt Anna’s hand gently pull at my face, as she urged me to look back at her. I watched as she climbed on top of me and started grinding her covered pussy against my straining covered cock.

I watched as she unclasped her red laced bra, revealing her large enhanced breasts. The scars were subtle, but her tits were perfect. I wanted to suck on them and caress them, but I waited patiently.

“Go ahead Colton. I know you want to play with them. They are part of your Christmas gift.” Frank’s voice was heavy and gruff as he gave me permission to to kiss and fondle his wife.

I leaned in and took her nipple into my mouth and slowly flicked my tongue over the sensitive area. Anna reached around me and ran her fingers through my hair, pulling me closer, as I nibbled and teased her. 

Anna continued to moan in pleasure as I teased her soft skin, kissing and licking every inch of her perfect torso. I pulled back and watched as she brought her lips to mine. We kissed like passionate lovers.

Anna pulled back, “I want more… I need more… Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

I watched as Frank handed her my leash. We all stood and she led us to the bedroom. I glanced over and saw Frank was just as aroused as I was. Except his cock was exposed and dripping precum, while mine remained strained beneath my briefs.

Watching Anna, sway her hips, seductively leading us to the bedroom was pure torture. Her crimson red panties against her tanned skin. Her shapely legs in her red stilettos only teased us further.

“Get on the bed now!” Anna commanded as she pushed me back. She again handed my leash to her husband.

I scooted myself to the center of the bed and propped myself against the over-sized pillows. The look in Anna’s eyes said everything. She was going to devour my body and I was her new play toy. I watch as she crawled over to me, reaching out, to grip my chin.

Anna and I start another passionate kiss. I feel her tongue darting around mine. She is so sensual, so passionate and very much in control. She stops the kiss and runs her hand along my inner thigh resting it on the outline of my raging hard-on.

“Take them off.” Her words are so gentle, but still very dominant.

I comply. I let out a large sigh. It feels so good to release my strained cock. It reaches upwards and I see a small amount of precum drip from the heads slit. Anna sees it too and quickly leans down. She holds her tongue so close to my cock, but doesn’t lap at it. Instead I can feel her warm breath teasing me. I ache to feel her mouth but I wait like a good boy that I am.

Frank distracts me with his voice. “Anna, you’re torturing him.” He lets out a small laugh. My eyes dart over to him. He is seated in a chair next to the bed. He is grinning as he slowly strokes his cock.

“Do you want Frank or me?” Anna’s voice quickly adverts my gaze back to her. The room is thick with sex and my senses are in overload. 

“B.. Bo.. Both.” I stammer, as I answer her.

“Oh we found a kinky one Frank.” Anna’s face lights up with pure excitement. “Frank, come help me satisfy this young man.”

“I’d be happy to assist.” Frank is on the bed next to Anna before he even finishes his reply.

Lying on the bed, I am now staring directly at both my neighbors who remind me of hungry lions. I am the prey and they have been starving to savor me. Anna is now gripping my hard cock as they both admire its girth.

“Let’s see if he likes this.” Anna hums. I watch as she lowers her mouth to my throbbing cock. Her sultry lips look amazing wrapped around my thick shaft. I can feel her tongue flicking back and forth as she tries to take more of me into her mouth.

Anna lets out a small gag as she pulls her mouth free, gasping for air. “Oh my gosh, he is so thick. Come taste him honey.”

My eyes widen as Frank smiles back at me, before opening his mouth and lowering his lips onto my slick shaft. I watch on, as both Anna and Frank tease my cock head, flicking their tongues, sharing me together, moaning with pleasure.

I tilt my head back and let out a deep grunt. The physical pleasure they are both giving me is pure bliss. However, the thought of both a husband and wife servicing me is pure ecstasy.

I glance back down and I am rewarded as Anna teases my cock head and Frank ravishes my thick shaft with his tongue. My cock is slick with spit as they both lap up the small amounts of precum I produce.

“I want to see you ride him.” Frank’s voice is deep with lust and passion.

“You are holding the leash, so your wish is my command.” Anna pulls her husband to her lips and they kiss passionately. Their breathing is heavy and I can only imagine how wet she is.

Again, I stare intently as Anna climbs back on top of me, squeezing her breasts teasingly.

Her breasts are truly stunning. I do not care that they have been enhanced. They are full, heavy, and very pert. My mouth begs to savor them. Anna can see the look in my eyes and brings herself closer to me, but she stays far enough that I can’t kiss her freely.

I can see a sly grin on her face, as she continues to squeeze her breasts playfully. They look perfect. I let out another small moan of pleasure. She finally gives in to my temptation and brings herself to my begging mouth.

I lean forward and take her right breast into my mouth. Her skin is so soft, so pleasant, so satisfying. I suck and massage her large breast, using my tongue to flick over her nipple. I release her breast and gently blow where I’ve been sucking. Her nipple hardens instantly. I watch as she tilts her head back, letting out small coo’s and awes.

“For someone so young, you sure do now how to please a women!” I see her turn slightly, allowing me easier access to her left breast. I repeat the process and again both Anna and I are rewarded with sexual satisfaction.

It’s at that moment I realize that Frank has been sucking my cock the entire time. All three of us are so intertwined, it feels so perfect. Anna leans in and begins another passionate kiss with me. 

She pulls back and whispers, “Are you ready to fuck me?”

I know my smile is pure greed, and I nod my head yes. I am so consumed with both Anna and Frank in bliss, that words cannot escape my mouth.

I watch as Anna lifts herself up, pulling her panties to the side. She rubs her fingers between her legs and lets out several passionate moans. I watch as she brings her fingers to my face.

“Open your mouth!” Her voice is now deep with lust. The softness is gone.

Anna places her slick fingers inside my eager mouth and I begin to suck on them. Her juices, her wetness, her cum is so addictive and intoxicating. I would give anything to have her ride my face.

“Next time, you and Frank can repay me with some oral pleasure. Right now, I need your thick cock deep inside me.” Anna is panting heavily as she removes her wet fingers from my lips.

My eyes never leave hers. She lowers her hand again, pulling her panties aside once more. That’s when I feel the ultimate pleasure, I’ve been waiting for. I can feel Frank holding my cock straight and rigid, as Anna lowers herself, allowing me to slip deep inside her velvety opening.

I am about halfway inside her, and she stops. Her face contorts as her opening adjusts to my thickness. Frank has now brought his hand around to the front of Anna’s pussy and is rubbing her clit and labia as she tries lowering herself further down onto me.

Anna’s breathing is fast and shallow. She has both her hands firmly on my chest as she lowers herself, allowing all of my cock to penetrate her. I can feel Frank still rubbing her pussy as her opening contracts around my shaft.

“You are so thick.” Anna moans as she leans into me and kisses me again.

As our lips separate, I feel her lift up slightly before allowing herself to sink back down onto me. Her movements are slow, but steady. I watch as Frank brings himself to her neck, giving her small nibbles on her nape and earlobe.

Anna is now in a steady motion as she goes up and down my hard cock. I lean forward and take her breast into my mouth. She lets out a loud sensual moan. I can hear our skin smack as she causes herself to bottom out on top of me.

“Frank, I want to feel you fuck me too!” Her begging voice fills the room between our sexual contact.

I watch as Anna pulls herself off me. She lowers herself down the bed, bring her mouth to my cock, keeping her ass in the air, so Frank can take her from behind. She strokes my cock, before taking as much of it, as her mouth can handle.

I watch on as Frank starts to slam into her from behind. He is aggressive and gives her a hard and quick fucking. His hand is quick to give her ass cheeks hard slaps in between thrusts. This only causes Anna to yelp in pleasure.

“Damn, Colton, you really stretched her out!” Frank grunts out between his thrusts. 

I watch on as Frank pulls her red panties away from her skin, really driving his cock deep into her. Anna is not one to back down, and I can see she is meeting his thrusts with her own.

“Fuck, I am going to cum!” Frank lets out several loud grunts before he collapses onto his wife. Anna is still sucking my cock eagerly as her husbands regains his composure.

“He’s all yours babe!” Frank pulls himself out and sits on the edge of the bed. He is spent and still regaining his breath. He is covered in sweat, and it glistens off his muscular body.

“Are you ready for another Christmas gift?” Anna grips my cock as she looks up at me with a sly smile.

“Uh huh.” I nod my head yes. I watch as she climbs back towards me, straddling me, lowering herself back onto my hard cock.

“You’re going to creampie my pussy too. I want your seed deep inside me.” Anna’s voice is now sultry and commanding.

I comply and thrust upwards, feeling her wet vice open up, allowing my cock to push deep inside her. I am turned on immensely, knowing that I am using her husbands cum to fuck his wife.

I place both my hands on her ass cheeks and start to drill upwards, thrusting deep inside her. With each thrust, she lets out a yelp. Her head is tilted backwards and I know I am giving her an ultimate orgasm.

Anna starts to dig her nails into my chest, letting out several loud screams. “Oh my gosh, I am cumming. Keep fucking me, right there!”

I speed up my thrusts, plowing deep into her warm cunt. I am so close, but I want her to finish her orgasm first. Anna keeps yelping and begging me to go harder and deeper and somewhere I find the energy to give her what she wants.

“Aghhhhhhh!” Anna finally leans forward and collapses onto my chest. I slow my thrusts, but I keep a steady pace as I feel her chest pounding against mine.

I look over and see Frank repositioning himself on the bed, bringing himself next to us. 

“That’s very impressive bud. Did you cum yet?” Frank leans up and kisses his wife on her arm.

“No, but I am so close. Where do I cum?” I can barely speak as I continue fucking Anna in a sensual way. My balls are tight and I need to climax soon.

“Deep inside me babe.” Anna’s voice is exhausted but her facial expression is pure happiness.

I speed up my thrusts and begin going deep inside her once again. I watch as she lifts up and starts grabbing at her breasts and yelping again. She is now grinding her hips against my pelvis with each movement.

“These young boys have so much stamina!! Aghhhhh!” Anna begins to shake as she climaxes again.

I feel her pussy clench around my shaft and it sends me over the edge. I give her one final thrust upwards and hold myself as I unleash a pent up load of hot seed deep into her warm opening.

We both collapse back onto the bed. My hands caress her back as Franks applies small kisses to her body.

After several minutes, Anna breaks the silence. “So Colton.. Would you like to stay the night with us? I think Frank and I can give you a lot more Christmas gifts before tomorrow morning.”

I smile and nod my head yes. Frank, Anna and I all kiss at the same time. I know we’ll be merrily neighbors for a very long time.