Drizzle Me in Caramel & Cream

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Jake was in the living room of his bachelor’s pad, wearing a pair of basketball shorts, his incredibly toned chest exposed shoving piles of clothes into a suitcase. His best friend since middle school was fifteen minutes out from arriving at his place. They had scheduled a weekend in the sunny state of Florida at a beach rental for their twenty-sixth birthday. 

His cellphone sounded, he looked and saw the message from Edward, “You better be ready when I get there.”

He quickly replied, “Stop riding my cock. I will.”

Edward sent back laughing cry face emojis.

Jake went back to packing. Finally, he placed the last item inside of his bag and he was ready to go throw on some clothes. He planned to wear some khaki shorts and a polo-style shirt for the drive down from Atlanta to the panhandle. But just as he started to go to his room, the doorbell sounded. “Shit, what the bloody hell,” he exclaimed as he went to open the door.

He looked out and grunted just before he swung the door open quickly. It was Emily. She wore a short asymmetrical cut, short in the back and the left side, and slightly longer in the front on the right.

Her hair was fiery red, she was full-figured, with nice curves, a slight tummy, average height. “Hey, I wanted to stop by before you left and give you an early birthday present,” she said as she made her way into his living room. 

He stood by the opened door and stared at her. He was reluctant to accept anything from her because it mostly led to her assuming they were in a relationship when he clearly had expressed all he wanted was a hook-up.

“Emily, what is this?” he asked with his slight UK accent. He had moved to the states when he was eleven and he still had his accent. He closed the door, “I don’t have time, Edward will be here shortly, you should go.”

She walked over to him, looked into his hazel green eyes. It was the thing that attracted her to him the night they met at a club several months prior. She complimented him on his eyes. They had a few drinks, then ended up back at her place going at it pretty hard.

When he woke up the next morning, he thanked her for a nice night, but she wanted more. Then for a time, he continued to fuck her, even started to want more, but she was extremely jealous and insecure, often going through his cellphone and hacking into his emails to see if he was talking to other women.

She kissed his pretty full lips. He tried to resist, but when her hand touched his cock, it got stiff. “Emily, I seriously don’t have time.”

“I won’t be long, I promise,” she said as she went to her knees, pulled down his shorts. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, so his long dick was just hanging there ready for her to work her magic. 

Her left hand fondled his balls, as the right had a firm grip on the shaft, as she circled the tip with her tongue and finally placed her lips on him. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he held her head and humped her mouth, “Fuuuucckkk,” he groaned.

She gargled and saliva dripped out of her mouth, it was quite a sight. His precum melted on her tongue. He continued to thrust, his toes curled, he held her head tightly, and finally, he erupted in her mouth, just as the doorbell sounded.

He looked at the clock, “shit,” he quickly pulled up his pants. Emily stood to her feet, still savoring the flavor of him in her mouth. She wiped her lips and smiled.

Jake shook his head and headed to the door, it opened and there was Edward. They were nearly the same height, he was an inch shorter, but they had the same amazing hazel-colored eyes and they both wore trimmed beards and mustaches. Edward saw Jake standing in his shorts and took one look at Emily and deduced what had transpired. He rolled his eyes, “So is this what you call being ready?”

Jake stepped aside and allowed him to enter. “I’m packed,” he replied.

“Packed is not the same as ready, Jake.”

“Hi Edward,” said Emily as she made her way to the door with a slight look of shame. 

“Hey, Emily,” he replied as he watched her leave. The door closed and he eyed Jake, “For once, can you be on time for anything?”

Jake laughed, “I won’t be but a minute.” He hurried to his room and returned quickly, “Let’s go!” he said with excitement, as he hugged and rubbed Edward’s neatly styled mane.

“Dude, you’re messing up my hair.”

“I told you to cut it off like mine, so we can be twins,” he joked. 

They were both attractive. Jake with his delectable pecan skin tone, sexy eyes, and fit body, and Edward with his olive skin tone, dark brown hair, and sexy lips, and muscular lean frame. 

Edward ran his fingers through his hair, “I like my hair. Now get your shit and let’s go.”


They were cruising along, “So you and Emily are back at it?”

Jake laughed, “No, she just came to deliver my birthday present.”

“It’s my birthday too.”

“Well, did you want her to suck your cock?”

“Dude.” But he thought about it and grinned.

“You did. You should have asked. She might have done it.”

“Really. I’ve always wanted to try that.”


“You know…have you ever, had a threesome?”

Jake laughed, “Not one girl two guys, but two girls and just me being the star.”

Edward laughed, “Insane. You never told me.”

“I didn’t think you were into that.”

“I think I would like to try it.”

Jake looked over at him and smiled, “Two girls or the other?”

“Either, but I’d love to team fuck a girl with you…see who she enjoys more.

“No contest Ed, I’d win.”

They laughed.

They arrived at the beach condo, second floor, living room with a sliding glass door that opened to a patio with a view of the emerald coast, sugar-white sand, and soft ocean breeze. “Fucking sweet,” said Jake as he walked around and surveyed the rest of the place. He checked out the bedroom situation, “There’s one adult room and one with bunk beds.”

Edward shrugged, “It’s no big deal, I can take the one with bunk beds or just sleep here on the couch. He dropped down onto the soft blue sofa, “This is going to be fun.”

Jake joined him on the sofa, “So what should we do first?”

“I say, we go to the beach and later head to a few clubs. Maybe we get lucky tonight.”

“Sounds like a plan,” replied Jake. His phone sounded. He received a message from Emily.

“Enjoy your, trip babe.” It read. 

He sighed. He looked over at Edward that chuckled, “I told you…you and Emily are back on.”

“We are not,” he stated as he stood, and hit Edward with a pillow playfully before going out to the balcony.

He surveyed the coast, the water looked inviting. But what appeared more inviting was what he saw directly below at the pool. A young woman, soft golden skin, long curly hair, shapely in a string bikini sunbathing.

His cock throbbed. She caught his gaze and waved. He smiled and waved just as Edward walked up to witness her too, “Wow, she’s fucking hot dude.” 

“I know.”

She smiled and waved at Edward. His face shined and he eagerly waved back. She used her finger to summon them. They pointed at themselves in disbelief, she laughed and nodded. 

They hurried back into the room and got changed into trunks, no shirt and grabbed some towels, and headed down to the pool. 

They walked up and saw her, she was even more beautiful up close, she had the cutest dimples and fair skin. “Hello there, I’m Jake and this is my friend Edward.” 

She laid on the lounge chair, her breasts nearly spilling out of the top she wore. She smiled, “I’m Ashanti. Nice to meet you, Jake and Edward.”

She stood, “Let’s get in the pool.” She walked over and jumped in, when she popped back up, her hair was wet and wavy, her soft brown eyes glistened in the sun, “Are you guys coming are not?” she asked as she waited. 

They hurried and jumped in as well.

She smiled as she looked into their eyes, “You guys have beautiful eyes.”

“Thank you.” They replied at the same time.

“So, what brings two handsome men to the beach this weekend?”

“It’s our birthday, well it’s tomorrow,” said Edward.

“Well happy birthday.” She smiled.

“And what about you?” asked Jake, “How is such a beautiful woman in such a beautiful place all alone?”

“I was invited down by a friend. He owns an upscale club, where girls dance for money. Maybe if you come, tonight, I can give you a complimentary lap dance in a private room.”

Their eyes widened. “Sure.” Edward replied, “We can come, tonight.” He smiled.

“I used to dance for him when I was younger, now I have my online fashion business and I just dance when I want. I was one of the crowd favorites, so sometimes he gets a lot of requests for me to come back.”

They talked for a little longer and then she said, “I have to get some rest before tonight. I hope to see you. Ask for Diamond.”

“Will do,” said Edward as he and Jake watched her exit the pool. Her ass looked delicious, Jake bit his lip, “I want to put my face in her crotch and suck her dry.”

“Me too. Maybe tonight we’ll get a chance.”

“Wishful thinking.”

“It could happen.”

When night arrived, the two men got dressed. Edward was in Jeans and a nice polo shirt. He walked into the room where Jake was and saw him wearing gray slacks, a nice fitted button-down white shirt, “Why are you so dressed up?” he asked.

“The question is, why aren’t you?” he joked. “I want to make an impression. She said the club was upscale and besides if she’s giving me a lap dance, I want to feel my massive cock as she grinds on top of me.”

Edward considered this and quickly went to the other room and changed into a similar outfit.
The line was insane when they arrived. There was a bouncer the size of a refrigerator turning away those that weren’t on the list. This was nothing like the sleazy clubs that they had gone to before, where anyone could enter. You had to be invited and you had to have money to spend. 

They got to the door, “We’re here to see Diamond,” said Edward innocently. The bouncer chuckled, “Everyone’s here for Diamond.”

He pulled out the card, “She gave us this.”

He surveyed the card and grinned, “You must be the ones she told me about.” He patted them down, checked their id and let them in.

They looked around, everything fancy, nice décor, VIP sections, men with big money showering the beautiful dancers with paper bills. The music thumped through the speakers, people were at the bar and they spotted Diamond standing next to a massive Latin guy, with tattoo sleeves on both arms. She waved them over and hugged them, “These are the birthday guys, Edward and Jake.”

They shook the man’s hand, “Hi, I’m Paco. Diamond told me she met you today. If you’re alright with her, you’re alright with me. This is my place, drinks on the house, lap dance with any girl.”

“Thanks, we appreciate you, man,” Jake said as he shook his hand once more. He looked at Edward, it was shaping up to be an even more amazing birthday than he imagined.

Diamond smiled, “I mean, you can choose another girl for a lap dance, but not before I get my turn with each of you.” She smiled. “Go get some drinks, relax and after I dance, I’ll come to find you.” She kissed their cheeks and walked away.

They found a table up front and enjoyed as each gorgeous woman took the stage, long legs, juicy booties, some thin with enormous breasts, and others thick all over.

Then Diamond came on last. She had on a tiny red sheer robe. The men went wild when she removed it and revealed her black strappy bodysuit, the top, which barely covered her nipples, the front, just barely covered her bare cunt with a jeweled belt around her waist and the rear was a G-string. 

Jake’s jaw dropped. Edward instantly got stiff and he wanted to taste her more than ever. It became clear as she started moving, why she was a crowd favorite. She had flavor and personality. She flirted with the men, made them feel like they meant something at that moment.

After watching her work the pole the guys agreed, they wanted to see if she would be the one to fulfill Edward’s fantasy. It would be the best birthday present. 

Diamond had finished dancing and went to change into another sexy number, a fishnet string bikini. When she walked up to them and they saw her nipples protrude out of the top they were excited to go to the room to receive their dance.

“Who wants to go first?” she asked. 

“I do!” Edward quickly replied before Jake could open his mouth. 

“Alright then, I’ll be back in fifteen minutes.” She said as she took Edward by the hand and walked him to a private room.

She opened the door. There was a white leather couch. “You can sit there, Ed. Is it alright if I call you Ed?”

“Yes,” he replied as he sat ready for what was about to happen. She walked over to him, “Technically, I’m not supposed to sit on your cock, but I won’t tell if you don’t.”

“I won’t tell a soul.” 

She smiled and straddled him. Her hands touched his face, “I love your beard.” She said as circled her hips and felt him. “Someone has a nice package,” she said.

He grinned, “Hasn’t seen a lot of action lately.”

“No girlfriend?”

He shook his head. He looked at her beautiful breasts. “You can touch them,” she said as she reached for his hands and placed them on her breasts. He squeezed and licked his lips. Her nipples looked inviting and he wanted them in his mouth. 

She squeezed her breasts together and licked her nipple. And then brought his head closer, “kiss it.”

His lips touched the left one and then he licked and sucked, “That’s it, Ed, I like that baby.” He went to the right and did the same thing. 

She continued to grind on him, his heart raced and he wanted to push his long elephant trunk inside of her, the friction of her moving on his cock caused her to have an orgasm, she pressed into him, “Fuck. Sorry babe, I’m usually better at controlling myself.”

He smiled, excited, “It’s okay.” 

The timer went off and she stood. “Well, I have to clean myself up and give your friend his dance. I’ll be out in a few.”

He watched her walk to the restroom and he left to find Jake.

He saw Jake at the bar. Jake saw the look of pleasure radiating from his friend’s face. “Damn, it was that good, eh?”

He nodded, “You’ll see for yourself.”

Moments later, she appeared wearing yet another sexy outfit, a royal blue triangle front thong bodysuit, “Ready Jake?” she asked. He nodded and they were on their way to the room.

Jake took a seat and watched as she did a sexy walk over to him, “The rules are, well, I pretty much do what I want…I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

“I’m good.” 

She sat right on his already stiff cock, “Oh, someone’s already excited.” She humped him and he placed his hands on her hips and humped back, “Nice,” she said. He looked at her nipple. She smiled. 

He leaned in and suckled and squeezed, “Oh my God, I want you so bad right now.”

“Well, I’m not allowed to do that here, but if you want, I can see you guys back at your place tonight. We can continue the birthday fun.”

His eyes widened, “Am I being pranked?”

She laughed, “No. I like you and I like your friend. I just can’t decide who I like more, so I want to indulge myself with both of you…if you guys don’t mind sharing.”

“Uh, pshh, okay. That sounds great.”

“Awesome. Then I can leave with you guys when you’re ready.”
Back at the condo, Ashanti said, “I’ll go run a nice bath, come to the bathroom in five minutes wearing nothing but your smiles.” She strutted away. 

They looked at each other and scrambled to get undressed, each trying to hurry to be the first. They hurried to the bathroom and found Ashanti already in the water wearing the suds from the bath. 

She smiled as she witnessed their cocks dangling and bobbing with each step they took toward the huge garden tub. 

They stepped inside. Sitting to her left was Jake and to her right Edward. Her hands found them under the water and she stroked them both, “You gentlemen are blessed.”

Her hand traveled up and down the shaft, she admired both the length and girth of their cocks. Jake leaned over and placed his mouth on her left nipple, Edward sucked the right. Edward took his finger and touched her clit and started to circle. When he slipped his finger inside of her, she turned to him and bit her bottom lip. He looked up into her eyes, their lips touched. 

Jake turned her head to him and placed his lips on hers. They were kissing wildly, tongues wrestled, lips made loud smacking sounds, all while Edward continued to push his fingers in repeatedly and suck her nipple. She let out a soft moan and her leg tensed as she felt the first wave. She looked at Edward, “That’s the second time tonight, you’ve made me cum.”

Jake wanted his chance, “Sit up here.” he said to her and she sat on the edge of the tub with her legs spread wide. He kissed her inner thighs, then proceeded to lick her clit. He enjoyed the nectar that was still on her labia while pushing his two fingers inside. 

Edward sat at the edge with her, she continued to stroke his cock, while he sucked her nipple. “You’re so fucking beautiful, so hot. I love it.” He was having the time of his life. His one fantasy was happening on his birthday trip.

He placed his lips on hers and they suckled each other’s lips, she moaned from the pleasure of Jake’s tongue as he wrote poetry on her pussy. Her leg trembled and she grunted, “Fuck.” She looked down at Jake and he smiled, satisfied that he had made her cum hard. 

Jake let the water out, the sound of it draining was heard as he stepped out of the tub. He was ready to take it to the main bedroom. Edward was still stuck on Ashanti’s lips and squeezing her breasts, “Ed, let’s go to the room, mate.”

He stepped out and helped Ashanti down and they dried before entering the room. Jake laid in the bed and Ashanti crawled over to him and grabbed his nice long rod and filled her mouth with him. 

Her ass was in the air, so Ed decided to partake in her sweet juice. He opened her cheeks and licked them up and down, kissing her clit and shoving his tongue deep inside of her. She looked back momentarily to appreciate his fine work and went back to pleasuring Jake. 

Jake moved her hair to one side and enjoyed the view of her drooling all over his tip and shaft. He held her head steady and shoved it in, causing her to gag, and then he pulled out. She kissed the tip just before taking a seat on him. 

“Come here Ed,” she said as she twerked on Jakes’s shaft. He knelt in front of her, so she could service him. Her tongue circled the tip, “Oh god that feels good,” he commented as he fucked her pretty mouth, slob dripped down his shaft, she looked up into his eyes and he held her hair taunt in his grip. He felt good, but he didn’t want Jake to have all the fun. He certainly wanted some of her sweet pussy, so he pulled out of her mouth and watched as she rode Jake’s dick like a champ. 

Jake pulled her close while thrusting slowly, she started to wine, “oh fuck, I’m coming.” And she creamed all over his cock. She panted and nearly cried as he kept thrusting until he was about to bust. 

She got off of him and started stroking him with her hand to finish him off. Ed took the chance and to fuck her doggy style. He held her hips and plunged away, watching as her pussy swallowed his cock, she was opened nice and wide from riding Jake’s monster cock.

He took his thumb, rubbed the moisture that leaked from her, and little by little inserted it into her tight ass. She yelped at first but eased into the sensation as he continued to push his thumb in her ass. 

Jake grunted as his cum shot from his dick. He laid back, “ahhhhhhhhhh.”

Edward still going hard, sweat dripped off of him like he was running a 5K. He was near the peak, so close, pushing and thrusting and finally, barely pulling out before his cum released onto Ashanti’s ass. 

The guys had so much fun with Ashanti, they didn’t want her to leave. So, after they all cleaned up, they shared a bed. Jake on her left, Edward on her right. They talked for a while, then they fell asleep.

When the sun began to peek through the bedroom window, Edward’s eyes fluttered open. He looked to the left and saw Ashanti’s back, her ass, it all looked so inviting to him. He couldn’t believe that he finally lived out his freakiest fantasy. 

He eased closer to her; he was stiff, it poked her in the bottom. He drizzled kisses on the back of her neck as his right hand eased around and began to play with her pearl. 

She moaned in delight and pressed into him enjoying the pleasure of his thumb and fingers. The sound of her juices squished and he pushed his fingers in and out of her wet paradise. 

She reached over to where Jake was asleep on his back and began to stroke him. His eyes opened and he looked to his right, “Good morning beautiful, ready for round two,” he said as he moved closer to her and began kissing her in the mouth, not caring about morning breath just savoring the taste of one another’s tongues.

Edward went beneath the sheets and lathered Ashanti’s split from top to bottom. Then took his finger and found her tight round hole and pressed in, which caused her to tense up. He went slowly and allowed her to relax into the feeling and he whispered, “Can I?”

She had never tried anal before and since Ed was such a sweetheart, she decided to let him pop her anal cherry. She nodded, he lifted her right cheek and started with the tip, slowly pushing, her hole was tight and resistant, but he wasn’t a quitter. He was determined to gain access. 

He continued until finally, he opened her up enough to get his tip-in, and a little more, she groaned. Jake sucked on her huge soft breasts while fingering her. Ed had a nice rhythm going, first only pushing deeper and deeper until his trunk had completely entered, “ah yes, that’s it, fuck,” he uttered as he was now able to thrust and grind, while holding her right cheek, so he could see his cock entering her tight hole. 

Jake kneeled in front of her, she reached for his long cock and licked the tip, while stroking him. He held onto a section of her hair and fed his cock into her mouth. She drooled, the mixture of saliva and precum oozed from her lips. He humped faster; his ass cheeks clenched as he enjoyed the pleasure of her mouth. 

He looked down and saw Ed’s fingers polishing her pearl and he decided he wanted some of that sweet pearl, so he went down and kissed, licked, sucked. Her juices were flowing like a stream. 

Ed rolled her over and held her legs open, exposing her vagina. Jake smiled and took her right leg over his shoulder and positioned himself at her opening, then penetrated. She let out a primal moan, “Ughhhhh.” She had never had two guys fuck her at the same time. Yet, it had been a fantasy of hers. She never thought she would enjoy having both holes filled simultaneously.

The room was filled with grunts, moans, panting, drizzled with the occasional obscene phrases, “oh fuck,” “shit,” “damn.” The room smelled like hot sweaty sex. They were all putting in serious work.

She had hit the mountain top three times, as multiples rained down on her as Ed played with her clit and both men continued to stroke her from both openings. “My turn Ed,” said Jake. He wanted to sample some of that ripe anal opening. 

She turned around and straddled Ed, allowing his cock to gain entrance, her body folded over, and Jake used his hands to separate her cheeks, exposing her hole, Ed had opened her up nicely and all he had to do was slip in and begin thrusting away. 

Ed enjoyed the flavor of her left nipple, while Jake held and squeezed the right. “Oh God, oh God,” she said as she felt another wave of orgasms start. Her pussy pulsated. 

The guys were humming and grunting, they were near their climax, first Ed clinched and grunted as his cum filled her, and moments later, Jake filled her ass. He pulled out and along with his cock was his cum and her anal juice. 

She was weak. She collapsed onto Edward, who was still licking her nipples and savoring the feeling of her pussy hugging his cock. She rolled off of him and smiled, “My God…can’t believe I just did that.”

Edward rolled over and looked at her, “You have made our birthday fucking amazing.”

She chuckled, “It was my pleasure.”

The time had come for Ashanti to leave. They were in the kitchen. She walked over to Jake, “I had so much fun.”

He smiled, “You can always stay another day. We don’t leave until tomorrow.”

“I wish I could, but I promised Paco I’d spend today with him.”

“Is he your boyfriend?” asked Ed.

“Um, something like that. We have a sort of open relationship. No questions asked.”

Ed nodded. She walked over to him, “Thanks for everything.”

“Believe me, the pleasure was all ours.”

She handed them her business card, “If you’re ever in Texas, look me up.”

She gave them one final peck on their cheeks and left.

Edward looked at Jake, “I think she liked me more.”

“Are you crazy? She had a thing for me…she was just being nice to you.” He laughed.

“Oh shut up…”