The Cuck Brother

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My little brother Josh had came here to get a taste of the collegiate life. He had just graduated so he was tasting that first cusp of freedom between graduation and college. He planned to take a year off, get a part-time job, to the horror of my academically inclined parents. It was up to me, the more enlightened member of the family, to remind my parents that college was not the be-all-and-end-all these days, and a lot of people take gap years to get experiences that college couldn't offer. Still, my parents sent my brother for this trip to see how I was faring in my college her out west, though I suspect it was just to get my brother out of his duff.

One day I had an assignment I could not get out of, so I told Eric, my boyfriend, to escort my brother around the town. I had not come out to my parents, but when Josh arrived I took him out with Eric in tow and introduced him as my boyfriend, complete with Eric's peck on my cheek to complete the picture. Josh took it in stride, said it was nobody's business but mine, and shook Eric's hands like he was the older brother, sort of giving me away to my boyfriend. I chuckled at the memory and reminded Eric of Josh' latex allergy so to make sure he didn't touch any rubber stuff.

My lab assignments were really hard - chemistry was not my strong suit and my professor was riding my ass hard. It was hard to keep up with the rest of my group but I managed to, just barely. I was looking forward to spending my after-class time with Eric and Josh, maybe go to the hole-in-the-wall burger place Eric liked. Remembering my boyfriend made me smile. I really lucked out in scoring Eric: he was a bespectacled basketball nerd-jock combination with a lean mean body, a melting smile and a huge cock, the kind that really rubbed a good one on the prostate each time we had sex. I loved him, and he loved me.

When I reached my dormitory room eager for a shower, I heard a groan, a giggle and creaking of bed posts. I opened the door and behold, there was Eric in all his naked glory, fucking the cock that I loved so much into the spindly body of my little brother. Josh was on all fours, and his own cock was glistening with so much precum. Eric was the one groaning while Josh gurgled in a fit of giggles, likely from the rub of Eric's cock on his prostate. I remembered his latex allergy and watched Eric's cock saw in and out of Josh bare of any protection. The hole looked tight, it must be heaven to slide into. I saw a tiny amount of cum-froth dribble out each time Eric withdrew his cock out to his frenulum before sawing it back inside. There was a briny smell in the room air - the smell of so. much. semen.

"Baby, I'm sorry baby," Eric murmured, "but how could I resist fucking that ass?" Eric gave that ass a slap. Josh giggled again before letting out a moan as Eric gave a deep thrust. "He looked just like you when he comes." And that was how I knew they had been fucking the entire time I was gone. And that was how I knew I was a cuck by my own brother.