The F*cking Gift Exchange

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It was December 23rd, Dave had just left his office with a huge smile on his face as he got into his mid-sized SUV. He was excited about the plans he had made with a group of friends to head to Miami for the Christmas holiday.

His cellphone sounded, he answered through the car system, “What’s up Juan, my dude!” he said with glee as he drove down the busy avenue toward his girlfriend’s place.

“Nada, nada man. I’m excited. Looking forward to that gift exchange, you know what I mean,” he chuckled.

Dave let out a boisterous laugh, “Man me too, I’m so glad we started doing this. Ever since last year…I’ve been dying to do this again.”

“Well, I’m not going to keep you. I was just checking on you dude. Me and Cindy are here…she’s crossing her fingers to get you again. I don’t know how I should feel about that,” he joked.

Dave laughed and replied, “Don’t worry man, I’ll take it easier this time. I’m about to get Latoya and we’ll be there in a few.” he ended the call.

About twenty minutes later, Dave arrived at his girlfriend Latoya’s home. He parked and hurried to the door, it was slightly ajar so he walked in and called her name, “Toya?”

He walked into the kitchen and froze, he pointed at the two women. It was as if he was staring at bookends, only one was slightly more toned, but their face was the same, “Toya?”

She smiled, “Can’t you us tell a part?” She said with attitude and then laughed, “This is my sister, Latanya…remember I told you I had a sister.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t know she was your twin,” he replied as he checked Latanya out, she had this beautiful smooth deep caramel color, and an incredible smile when she spoke to him, “Nice to finally meet you, Dave.”

Dave was a great looking guy as well, he was built like a line backer, had a sexy beard and mustache neatly trimmed, dark skin, soulful brown eyes and pretty full lips. Naturally, Latanya checked him out as well.

Dave smiled. Immediately his cock started to throb. He had always wanted to have a threesome with twins. “Nice meeting you as well,” he replied as he shook her soft well-manicured hands. 

“Do you live here in Orlando?”

“No, I’m out in the Tampa area, well, I guess I better get going so you two can go have some fun,” Tanya stated as she hugged her sister. 

Toya squeezed her tightly, “I wish you could come with us,” she said as she stepped back. 

Dave’s eyes lit up, “She can roll with us…I mean…if she doesn’t have plans.” his heart started to race as he looked at Toya innocently.

“But babe…it’s a couple’s thing.” 

“I’m sure the guys won’t mind. She’s your sister.”

“And what about the gift exchange?” She asked with her head tilted.

Tanya smiled, “I can pick up a few gifts on the way.”

Toya chuckled, “Not those kinds of gifts.”

 Tanya’s eyes squinted, “Okay. Explain.”

“On Dec 23rd last year we all met up in Miami, had drinks, ate, and then Cindy and Juan suggested we do a gift exchange.”

Dave chimed in, “But the twist was…on December 24th, all the girls put their names in a hat, and the guys got to pick who they wanted to, you know and on December 25th all the guys put their names in a hat and the girls got to pick who they wanted. A fucking gift exchange.”

Tanya eyed her sister, “And you did this…Miss conservative, churchy church girl.”

“Girl…I was drunk and besides, you only live once, and what’s a little swinging between friends. At least these are people we know and trust.”

Dave grinned, “So??”

“I’m cool with it. But, won’t I be left out or someone??”

 “You can be a bonus,” he smiled. 

Toya gave him a punch on the shoulder, “Um hmmm.”

“What?? I’m just saying…it’s an option.”

When they arrived at the beautiful beach front property, Juan was the first to greet them. His eyes danced across Toya’s skin. He was hoping to get another taste of her on Christmas eve, but when he saw double his heart raced, “And who’s this beautiful woman?”

Tanya smiled, “I’m Latanya, hope y’all don’t mind an extra.”

“An extra for whom…they guys or gals?” asked Laurie Ann, who was bi-sexual and had missed being with women, since she had gotten married to Jonathan three years ago.

Tanya smiled, “A few rounds of tequila…maybe both.”

“I like her.” she walked over and hugged her, “Let me show you to your room, this place is ginormous, there’s plenty of room for an extra. Especially one as pretty as you.”

Laurie Ann was gorgeous too, she had green eyes, long dark hair and she was a runner, so her body was nice and toned just like Tanya’s, but Tanya was thicker in the ass, thighs and hips. Plus, Laurie Ann’s first sexual experience was with a Black woman, so she always had a taste for chocolate and caramel.

In the kitchen, Juan handed the guys beers, when he looked at Dave, he grinned, “Yo, Toya has a twin, fuck yeah. But how’s it going to work?”

Dave’s face lit up like a tree, “She’s cool with being extra, you know—”

Dean smiled, “Are we talking like a little menage trois?”

They all nodded and clinked bottles.

“But how do we decide who get’s her?” asked Jonathan.

“I feel like. Since I brought her…”

“Naw, hell naw, whoever picks Toya…gets Tanya,” said Juan as he smiled.

“Wait, so that leaves me out…I can’t pick my own girl.”

Juan shrugged, “Sucks for you.”

“Awesome for us!” Dean said cheerfully.

“What if we added Laurie Ann to the pot, who ever gets Toya or Laurie Ann, gets the bonus girl, Tanya.”

They nodded. It was settled. They had a plan. 

The night progressed and they all ended up out on the covered patio drinking shots and laughing up a storm, while playing spin the bottle.

Dean, an Asian American man, tall with chiseled features, handsome, went first, the bottle whipped around a few times and slowly landed on Toya, “Yes!” Dean exclaimed, he walked over to Toya and slipped his tongue in her mouth as everyone watched. The kiss went on for several seconds before Dave said, “A’ight damn man, let her catch her breath.”

They laughed. 

Dean went back to his spot, “I’m hoping this is a sign, I get you tomorrow night Toya.” 

His girlfriend Hannah, hit his arm, “calm down.” 

Hannah spun the bottle and it landed on Dave, she walked over real sexy, straddled him and suckled his lips, first the bottom, then the top and stood up. 

“Ooohhh sexy,” said Laurie Ann, as she spun the bottle. She waited anxiously and it landed exactly where she had hoped, on Tanya. 

“You can spin again,” said Jonathan.

“I’m perfectly fine thanks,” she replied as she walked over to Tanya, leaned over, placed her hands in her thick curly hair and brought her face closer to hers before slipping her tongue past her teeth. 

It went on for several seconds, insanely intense. All the men were throbbing in their pants. “Fuck, I’m horny as hell right now, me next, me next,” said Juan, as he spun the bottle and it landed on Dave, “Fuck that, hell no, I’m going again.” The bottle landed on Hannah. He smiled and went over to kiss her.

The game went on for another hour with everyone swapping spit and laughing about their sexual encounters. Around two that morning, the couples retired to their rooms.

Toya watched as Dave climbed into bed wearing nothing but a smile. He proceeded to grab her huge breasts, but she moved his hand. He pouted, “What’s wrong?”

Toya remembered how excited Dave had gotten when his bottle finally landed on Tanya. It triggered something in her to watch him kiss her sister with such passion. “You never asked me how I’d feel if you ended up getting Tanya.”

He gulped, he was so excited about the possibility of finally doing a threesome, he didn’t even realize that the other girl being her sister might be a problem. With hesitation he asked, “Are you…okay…with it, babe?” In his mind he uttered, “Please say yes.”

“Yeah.” She smiled, “I just wanted you to ask me.” She pushed him back on the bed. He smiled as she reached for his huge long cock and spit on the tip, rubbed the shaft repeatedly before putting it inside of her mouth. She let it hit the back of her throat and he groaned in delight. 

She bobbed her head up and down and fondled his balls before playing with them with her tongue. 

When she finished slurping him up, she mounted his stick while in a split, leaned over and twerked all over him. He watched her juicy ass jiggle and wobble as he smacked it.

In the room where Tanya lay in the bed. She could hear the simultaneous fuckings going on throughout the house, which made her extremely horny. She wore a loose tank with huge arm holes, so her full breasts could be seen and a pair of tight boy shorts. She thought about who she might like to take for a ride. 

She had gotten the details from the ladies on what each man was working with. Dean was extremely fit and had a chiseled body, he had a long narrow penis with an angled tip. Cindy said it was perfect for anal.

Dave, she assumed had a big cock. This was confirmed by her sister, Laurie Ann and Cindy. Not only was he hung, the width of him was something to be admired or feared. Toya often said, giving him oral was a challenge.

Now she had been with a Latin guy, so she was expecting Juan to have a nice package. This was also confirmed by the ladies, he wasn’t as long as Dave, but he was nice and the curvature of his penis made for hitting that special spot quite delightful.

Then there was the Jonathan. He was quiet and very unsuspecting. But Laurie Ann told her that Jonathan’s stroke game was nothing to be played with and he was blessed…just as much as Dave and not only that, he was gifted with his tongue.

She played with her clit as she thought about the smorgasburg of cock available to her. After she delighted herself and the house finally seemed at peace, she decided to venture out to the patio, but when she arrived, she saw Cindy sitting in a chair with her legs going east and west with a head full of dark brown straight hair French kissing her clit.

She turned and hurried back to her room.

Christmas Eve, Tanya woke up early. She went for a run on the beach and later returned to the beach house to prepare breakfast, Juan walked in and smiled, “Wow are you making huevos revueltos con jamon?”

“Si senor, espero que te gusta.” She replied with a smile. The house was filled with a delicious aroma that caused everyone to gather in the kitchen. When Cindy walked in, she eyed Tanya, “Usually, I do the cooking.”

Laurie Ann grabbed a plate, “Relax Cindy, you can do the dishes.” They laughed, but Cindy was not amused. However, the food looked too amazing to pass up, so she grabbed a plate.

Later that night, Cindy prepared the appetizers and everyone drank wine while they danced in the den. Juan had switched the music to Bachata, which is this sexy romantic music from the Dominican Republic. He knew that Tanya knew how to dance because he had spoken to her about her past relationship with a Latin guy she had dated.

He asked her to dance then pulled her in closely, his hands caressed her back down to her waist, rested right above her thick firm ass. Her perfume enticed him. Her hair smelled like mango. His lips grazed her neck. His heart raced. He was hoping to pick her name that night. He was already throbbing for her in the worst way.

Abruptly, the music switched to something less sexy as Cindy handed Dean the hat, “It’s time.”

Juan ended up getting Hannah. She was hot, a petite Asian girl, with waist length straight black hair, skin fair, nice sized breasts, slim waist, but their sexual chemistries didn’t match. He was into making love and Hannah like to be fucked hard. So, he ended up pounding her from behind real hard for several minutes, just when he was about to explode, he pulled out, took off the condom and let it drizzle in her mouth.

Dean ended up picking Cindy. He knew exactly what she wanted, and he didn’t mind giving her anal, since Hannah hardly ever let him do it to her. He eased his angled head into her tight pink hole and plunged away to her delight and his own, until he exploded on her back.

The lucky man of the night was Jonathan with the twins. Tanya rode his face as Toya rode his penis. Toya delighted in gliding up and down his long thick shaft, while Tanya enjoyed the pleasure of his tongue as she played with her titties. 

Toya had already climaxed and dismounted to lick his balls and stroke his dick. He knew it was only a matter of time before he exploded and he definitely wanted to get inside of Tanya before their time was up. “I want to fuck you.” Jonathan said to Tanya as he wiped his chin. She was about to ride him, but he said, “lay down,” so she did as her sister watched and played with her clit.

He laid on top and pressed his way inside, “Fuck,” she exclaimed as he filled her up nicely. It had been a while, so her vagina was tight, he delighted in the way she moaned as he gave her long, deep strokes, folding the right leg as he dug deeper with each stroke. 

Tanya held onto him tightly, moaned from the extreme pleasure his cock gave her pussy, "Oh my god," she said in disbelief. When Laurie Ann told her about his stroke game, she didn't realize it was serious. Her leg trembled and she clamped down on him, he released, collapsing in her arms panting and jerking as his cum left his cock.

Laurie Ann and Dave waited for Tanya’s arrival. She needed a moment to regain her composure after the work Jonathan put on her. After she cleaned up, she went to their room, they were happy to finally get their turn.

Dave's long thick sausage thrusted and pounded into Laurie Ann from behind, while Tanya lay with her legs open and Laurie Ann flicked her clit with her tongue, while fingering her. Tanya ran her fingers through Laurie Ann’s hair and moaned. After Tanya climaxed, Dave wanted to taste. 

Laurie Ann went down on him, while he went down on Tanya. Tanya was still leaking juices from before and they tasted divine and he was ready to get intoxicated. After he delighted in her sweet nectar, he stepped back and watched Laurie Ann move to the top of the bed and begin kissing Tanya. Their tongues danced a sexy dance. This excited him, he plunged his huge cock into Tanya’s wet paradise and lifted her hips in a thrust position, she grinded on him from below.

He was thick and she enjoyed how he felt. Her hand touched her clit and then opened her lips wider so he could she his strong cock being pushed into her pussy with each stroke. He smiled, pulled out for a second to remove the condom. He wanted to feel the warmth of her walls as they hugged his huge cock. "Ahhhhhhh," he uttered as the beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. He bit his lip and he pushed and pushed until she creamed and then he released on her belly.

The next morning, Toya went to see her sister, “So, how was Dave?” 

Tanya grinned, “You already know.”

“Don’t be getting hooked on his dick, it belongs to me.” She joked and watched Tanya get out of the bed, “How about Jonathan? That was a pleasant surprise.” Added Toya.

Tanya nodded. There were more surprises to Jonathan than anyone knew…like how she had caught him the night before tongue fucking Cindy on the patio. “So, what’s up with Cindy?” Asked Tanya.

Toya shrugged, “Girl, don’t worry about her. She’s a bit of a perfectionist/control freak. It’s hard for her let other people do stuff. Just let her do all that cooking, less work for us.”

She nodded, “You’re right.”

Toya walked over to where she stood looking out the huge window, “I noticed you and Juan have been pretty chummy.”

Tanya made a face, “Chummy? I’m being nice with everyone.” Toya gave her a nudge, “I hope you get to fuck him tonight. You’d like his style, he’s methodical, very detail oriented.”

Tanya grinned. She hoped she would get a chance to be with him as well. 

It was Christmas night; they had eaten and drank and the ladies had chosen their names. Cindy walked up to Laurie Ann, “Switch with me.” 

“But I have Juan.”

“I know. Just do it please and I’ll get Toya to switch with me.”

Laurie Ann made a face, “You feel threatened, don’t you?” 

“Just do it, please.” Said Cindy. She handed her the slip of paper and they switched names. Laurie Ann had Dean, that meant he would get a threesome with her and Tanya…instead of Juan.

Tanya walked in and saw them, but she didn’t say anything. “Any more wine?” she asked. 

Cindy walked over to the wine cooler, “Sure, I’ll bring it right out.” she said.

The time had come, and everyone retreated to their perspective locations. Juan with Toya. And even though he enjoyed being with her, he really wanted her sister. Never-the-less, he proceeded to fill his mouth with her big pretty breasts as she rode him in a chair.

Hannah had picked Dave and she was excited to get pounded from behind by Dave and he gave her an extreme pounding, nearly knocking the pictures off the hooks, as she held onto the chest of drawers that was against the wall.

Cindy was in the room with Jonathan, she rode him in some weird frog like position and exclaimed, “Oh fuck Jonathan I love your cock, it’s so fucking big.” He squeezed her breasts as he watched her bounce up and down.

Dean was in sheer bliss as Tanya bobbed her head up and down along his long narrow shaft and Laurie Ann ate Tanya out from the rear. When Tanya finished blowing him, she mounted him and began to ride, her hip motion was insane. Dean bit his lip and made faces. She leaned over and began to kiss him passionately, while her fingers slipped in and out of Laurie Ann’s pussy.

“Damn, you’re good at this.” he whispered in her ear, “I like the way you ride.” he added. She smiled. She felt him grab her ass tightly, then he exploded, just as Laurie Ann climaxed from Tanya’s fingers.

The next day was pretty quiet, they all sat and watched movies, but Juan was clearly in a mood. Cindy tried to butter up to him. “Geesh Juan, you’re acting really weird today.” she commented with frustration.

“He’s mad because you didn’t let him fuck Tanya like he wanted. It’s a shame…because you got to fuck my husband…like you wanted and have been doing.” said Laurie Ann. 

All eyes whipped to Cindy and Jonathan. Cindy nearly tongue tied, “What?!” 

Juan looked at her accusingly, “What the fuck is she talking about?” he asked angrily.

“Cindy didn’t want you to fuck Tanya last night, so she asked me to switch with her and…she’s been secretly fucking my husband, your best friend since last year.”

He looked at Jonathan. Jonathan quickly replied, “It hasn’t been the whole year, dude I swear, we only started a few months ago.” He looked at his wife with anger, “You can’t talk, I know you still hook up with your ex-girlfriend.”

She nodded, “This is true. But only after I realized you were fucking Cindy…not a few months ago, but since we had this little gathering last year.”

Juan shook his head, “I’m so fucking done right now.” he stormed off.

After the dust settled and everyone went back to their lives, it was New Year’s Eve. Tanya was at this Latin club in Tampa getting some dancing in when she ran into Juan. 

“Hey, what’s up, how’ve you been?” she asked as she stood before him wearing a sexy red dress that showed off her curves. 

“I’ve been good. You know, Cindy and I broke up. She’s with Jonathan now.” 


He nodded, “But I don’t want to bore you with that. Let’s dance.”

They danced and at the end of the night, when the countdown began, they stood close, wearing hats and holding noise makers. When the timer hit zero, he kissed her. 

They looked into each other’s eyes and already knew what they wanted. They met up at her apartment. They were in the living room on the sofa, simultaneously giving one another oral pleasure. 

He loved the way she tasted, as he licked her lips and French kissed her clit. She held his cock with her left hand, while circling the tip with her tongue. Then she filled her mouth with all of him and gargled on it, then hummed, until he exclaimed, "No mas..."

He slapped her caramel cheeks, when he had gotten enough. She eased down to ride him in reverse. He loved the way her back looked, toned and how those two dimples rested above her ass, at the small of her back. 

She winded and twerked on his shaft. He watched as her cheeks wobbled. He loved the way she would move up, and stop just before she got to the tip and then drop her ass down. He reached and separated her cheeks so he could watch as his dick would get swallowed by her tight juicy pussy. He was in bliss. He pulled her back, so she rested on his chest and he played with her clit, as he thrusted from below, until they both climaxed.

Later that year, they all met up in Miami again for another fucking gift exchange. This time the couples were Juan and Tanya, Dave with Toya, Jonathan with Cindy, Dean with Hannah and Laurie Ann with her former girlfriend Michelle, a pretty biracial woman with gray eyes and long curly brown hair.

This time, there were no issues. Everyone was with the person they wanted to be with and all the exchanges went according to plan.

They had an absolutely fucking great time.