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I came to with a start. There was a quite but definite thud-thud coming from somewhere. Thinking it was one of the Donaldsons' boys next door playing at their rowdy games I shut my eyes again. The family day cum reunion dinner was a success but had taken its toll on me as one of the chief organizers of the whole shebang. Even my beloved husband Connor had stayed out of my way for the week leading to the dinner. I sneaked a peek at the bedside clock: 8.43 a.m., and it's a Saturday to boot. The baby monitor was quiet. All was well in the world.

I almost drifted back asleep when a thud came back. I sighed and noted that Connor, my husband of seven years, was not beside me in the bed. Strange. He was not a morning person on the weekends, so that perplexed me a bit. And that strange thud kept coming again.

I got up from bed and walked barefoot out of the bedroom towards the room beside ours. Baby Colin was eight months old, the joy to our hearts. He was sleeping peacefully in his cot, nary a care in the world for little old Colin. The sound did not come from his room, or from anything inside it.

"That's strange," I said. I came out of the baby room. The thud came out, a bit deeper this time, from the far side, the other end of the hallway. My footsteps were quiet as I approached the room where Pierre my half-French cousin was staying.

Pierre was a bonafide model, the type that run runways and wear expensive clothes. He had curly blond mop of hair, the most dazzling ice-grey eyes, and a face Pre-Raphaelites dreamed about. He was also great with babies - Colin turned to mush fifteen minutes into being held by Pierre, who'd made the cutest faces and sounds to attract the baby. He was difficult to pin down, but I managed to score him for the family reunion, where some stateside aunts and uncles who'd never seen Pierre ooh'ed and aah'ed at his every behavior.

One time I caught him watching Connor playing with Colin with the strangest look in his grey eyes. "You're very, how to say it cheri, vraiment heureux. You have the most amazing husband, and the most amazing baby," he had said. When I repeated it to Connor he was dismissive.

"But it's true, I do have the most amazing husband," I had said, before kissing him. Connor had smiled, that old dazzling smile that first captivated me to him.

Thud thud. There's that noise again. My thoughts came back to where I was, peeking into Pierre's room. There was a gap in the doorway, five-inches top, but enough to see everything.

There were clothes on the floor. I noted Connor's favorite dark blue sweater, the one he claimed his lucky one since the college days. There were his so-called 'dandy' boxers - dandy because it made his bulge look even bigger. They were thrown haphazardly as if one could not wait to be divested of them.

I watched - my heart in my throat - as Pierre, naked as the day he was born, descended on Connor's thick girthy cock, moaning softly as if afraid of waking the house. Connor had no such qualms as he groaned deeply. "Fuck, your ass is so soft and tight."

"Étroit." Pierre whispered hoarsely. "Yes, I am tight, am I not? And your cock is so delicious and so big. Laisse-toi chasser mon cul, encore et encore et encore."

"Fuck yeah, whatever you say," Connor gave a huge thrust, and the bed moved. That was where the sound originated.

I watched as the man I gave my ring seven years ago, my love, my partner, my husband, continued having the time of his life fucking my French cousin. Tears ran down my face as I heard Connor murmur Pierre's ass was the best he'd ever had. I noted his cock glistening in the lube and ass juices - he was going bareback. I wondered briefly if he used our stash of lube, or if Pierre had his own supply. I was brought back to earth when Connor gave a deep groan and the stem of his cock, the part that was not embedded inside Pierre, twitched wildly. I watched dumbfounded as the cum that was supposed to be only for me ran down his cock and Pierre's thighs. 

I returned to our room quiet as a defeated mouse. I pretended to be asleep as Connor came in. I imagined he was relieved that I wasn't awakened by his adulterous shenanigans. "Morning babe," he said, when he saw me open my eyes. "Just out for a jog. I'll have a shower, I know how you get around sweat." I just nodded.

That was the first time, but it wasn't going to be the last.