The Bull Bottom Boss

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"See, I told you we have to do it in this format, if not it's just a hassle for everyone else," my boss and supervisor Jace reprimanded me as he drew out the spreadsheets and began redoing them - my five hours worth of work, flushed down the drain.

"I'm sorry sir, I- I'll make sure to copy the format," I said feebly. It was a Saturday and we were the only two guys in the office, except of course for the security detail. It was a midlevel startup specializing in paper distribution, and the quarterly reports - the stuff that we were doing - was going to be presented next week to the upper echelons of the company. That was why Jace was so stressed by my mistake, doubly so considering I had been working under him for three long years. Honestly I didn't know why he kept me, there were so much better qualified personnels in the office, but he chose me to be his PA. Not that I'm complaining, Jace was handsome in an old-fashioned Clark Kent-as-a-cub-reporter way.

"Okay, now wakey wakey," Jace said, bringing me out of my reverie, "Now copy this and make sure all the forms are in this exact format. That should be what, four, five hours? I have business to attend to and have to go now, but make sure it's all done before you lock up." Jace stood from the desk. "Get to it."

Two long hours later, I found that I could have just copy-paste the format across all the spreadsheets with a single click and save myself the hassle of doing it on one-to-one basis. I tried it, and voila! The spreadsheets came out in the requested format. I spent another fifteen minutes cross-checking everything before double-saving everything, Jace' standard practice. Now I could go home and spend some time with the hubby.

My husband Brad was the most handsome man, with his tall 6'4'' frame, dark Mediterranean looks, chiseled body and a humongous cock - blush! - that wouldn't quit. I said it: the man had a large sex drive and could keep up a fuck session for hours on end, and could satisfy a dead man with his skill. Brad worked as a carpenter, and was good with the tools and the tinkering about the house, unlike me. He loved me, and I loved him. We were each other's first sexual partner, and the fact we ended up married - and at four years and counting - still amaze me to this day.

There was a strange car parked haphazardly across our lawn, probably one of Brad's friends. I parked further down the street from my usual space and walked the rest of the way home. It was quite, save for the sound of running water coming from upstairs. Brad was nowhere to be seen. I didn't know why but I took off my shoes and walked in my socks up the stairs towards the master bedroom, from where the sound originated. There was a murmur, a moan then a grunt from the bathroom. I turned the corner.

It was my husband, I'd recognize that muscled back everywhere. His ass was clenched high and tight as he fucked deeply into a man who was pinned against the wall. At first I couldn't see the face of the man, he was kissing Brad deeply before letting out another moan. That was when the man lifted his face.

It was Jace! Fucking Jace! My husband was fucking Jace my boss!

"Ah fuck, you're so big and so strong, your cock is stretching me so good. Fuck me deeper, deeper," my boss called out throatily to my husband. Brad, being a man of few words, just gave a deep grunt and another thrust up my boss' ass. He was carrying Jace' ass on his hands, and gave it a few slaps now and then as the fuck progressed. Jace' pale thighs was wrapped around Brad's meaty hips like vines.

How long have they been fucking? I was supposed to be in office for five hours, did they plan to fuck for the same amount of time? More importantly, since when have they been fucking? And how did it all start? Questions ran in my mind as I backed the corner and turned away as Brad grunted louder and louder as he came up Jace' ass. Or his face probably, he loved cumming on one's face, painting the white-hot cum all over the lips and the cheeks.

Tears were running down my face. I looked down and was amazed to find that I was tenting my pants - I was hard from the fact that my husband, my partner, my beloved, were fucking my boss.

I made up my mind. Fuck no if I wasn't going to use this as leverage for a raise!