New Friends - A “Fresh Air” Prequel

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I wrote this a while ago and used it for the inspiration for "Fresh Air". I decided to stop sitting on it... Enjoy!


It was still hot. The cooler evening breeze struggled to bring the temperature down to merely very warm. They drove with the windows open. It only made a little difference, but it was better than the air conditioning, which was stuck on ‘arctic’.

“Are you sure?” asked Libby.

“About which part?” asked Bradley in response, but then he just continued, “No one mentioned anything unusual about this place except no one really goes there. The ‘Dark Sky’ place, whatever that means, is two miles away on the other road that goes to nowhere, and we passed the park proper five miles back. Everyone thinks this is the actual middle of nowhere.”

“It was the same online,” Libby said, “This place is barely on Maps. I didn’t even find a comment, other than from some guy who had labelled all of the roads as ‘from here to there’.”

“There you go then, it’s the perfect spot!”

“What’s the other part then?”

“Doing it in the great outdoors, of course,” he said with a grin, “I’m stoked, you?”

“Oh yeah,” she said, “At least, I’m ready to be stoked.”

“To be ‘stoked’?” he said, trying not to laugh, “That’s not a thing. No one has ever called it that.”

“Oh shut up,” she said, and tried not to laugh as well, “And just keep looking for the spot, you ass!”

Bradley checked the GPS on his phone.

“Not much further,” he chewed his lip, “There, about 50 yards the road goes to the left. It’s a clearing on the inside of the curve.”

As Libby slowed down she saw what he meant and as soon as it was possible she pulled over. The clearing wasn’t as bumpy as she thought it would be. Going slowly to preserve their little car’s old suspension, she pulled close to the trees, but not too close. They were visible from the road, but anyone passing at speed wouldn’t have time to glance. There was nothing but trees to the left and more trees across the road.

“I’ll check it out,” Bradley said as he got out of the car, then realised how stupid that sounded. Tree, tree, another tree, bush (not that kind), something green, brown things; done. As he walked past the boot he decided to save time and get their bag out now. When he got round to the driver’s side he opened the door and squatted down, leaving the bag on the floor next to him.

“Anything to report, Privates?” she asked, cheekily.

“No Ma’am,” he said formally, with a little salute, “All clear.”

Libby laughed and swung her legs out of the car, giving him a flash of pink knickers. She shuffled to the edge of her seat. She was wearing a thigh-length summer dress which was more like an enormous tight polo shirt with oversized buttons down from neck to navel. As she shuffled she hitched it up and he decided not to help. Instead he went straight to kissing the insides of her knees and thighs, running his hands up and down the backs of her calves.

“Keep a lookout,” he said between kisses and started to move his way up.

“You’re keen!” she said, as he raced his way to the top, nose brushing her knickers already.

“Compared to the other options we considered, this is bliss,” he said, “And I’m glad we thought of this in summer.”

They had tried everything in the last three years. Living miles from family and in a detached cottage they had the freedom, but some things had been out of bounds. They had recorded hundreds of sex acts but didn’t dare put any of it online. Four hundred miles was enough to stop gossip, but not the internet. The S&M was fun, but Bradley’s claustrophobia prevented her tying  him up, and when he tied her up he got so anxious on her behalf he nearly passed out. She had spent an anxious twenty minutes talking him out of a panic attack so he could free her. Their third choice for spicing things up was the great outdoors. With everything near their house was either someone’s grounds or a farm, so they had decided to go for the middle of nowhere.

“Alright, get on with it,” she said, and raised her bum so he could remove her panties. She perched right on the edge of the seat and he licked and nuzzled with enthusiasm as she looked around.

The road was silent, only the sound of distant traffic made it here. As she looked left and right she could see nothing but trees, then something flashed in the corner of her eye. Something black to the far left. She craned round to see, leaning back, but before she could really have a look he took advantage of the position to bury his tongue into her pussy. She grabbed the steering wheel for purchase and scrambled for something other than his shaved head to hold onto. She gave up and grabbed his head anyway. It worked for a moment then Brad started tonguing her piercings and she felt the need to lean back further. She got a nasty shock as she fell on the gearstick

“Ow, shit, help me up,” she cried, and he did, “No stand up.”

Relieved to be perpendicular again Libby sat on the side edge of the driver's seat enjoying the breeze on her bare pussy. Bradley’s groin was now at eye level and she tugged at his waistband until his cock sprung out. He gave a quick laugh.

“I’m showing my arse to the road,” he said.

“Open your legs a bit,” she said, stroking his cock, “Then they can see my pussy too.”

He laughed again and she started sucking on his tip. He was circumcised, making his glands big and smooth. She moved her hand from his shaft to his shaved balls, fiddling with the piercing at the join between shaft and sack. She was glad he shaved now. Pubes always seemed a bit dirty to her. The lack of them made his cock seem bigger, even though sometimes it made him look like a giant very (very) well endowed baby.

As she sucked she rubbed her own shaved privates. She loved the smoothness and could not imagine letting anything grow down there. The itchy stage alone put her off. Of course, she didn't look like a giant baby, her labia rings and the j-bar through her clit hood made sure of that. Plus the tattoos and boobs, of course.

Bradley looked around and saw nothing. There was something that looked like a bin bag blowing around in the trees but it was gone when he looked back. For a moment he thought he heard a car door slam closed. When he heard nothing else he put it down to his imagination playing tricks. There was nothing here but trees, and no one for miles. He stopped looking and looked down.

He couldn't tell her, but since she had cut her hair Libby looked like something out of a Manga comic. She'd gone from plats and pigtails to short hair in a kind of controlled mess. If her big eyes and cute chin weren't enough then her pale skin, big boobs and shaved snatch completed the image. Her short dress and the huge wedges on her feet were the icing on the cake. Here and now she’d proved she wasn't just sexy and gorgeous. She was adventurous and he was loving it.

Libby looked up at him, cock in mouth, tickled his balls then she let his cock go with a wet popping sound.

“Let's find somewhere,” she said, “We’re both too horny to mess around next to the car.”

Bradley pulled up his jogging bottoms and picked up the bag. Libby pulled her dress down and got out of the car. She hesitated before locking it.

“Should I bother?” she asked, “It’s the middle of nowhere.”

“Nah,” he said, “We might need a quick getaway, you never know.”

Libby looked at him to see whether he was joking. She couldn’t tell, but she left the car unlocked and gave him the keys to put in the side pocket of their bag.

“Did you put my panties in the bag?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Did you bring any pants?” she asked.

“I brought a spare pair.”

“Brad, if your only pair is in the bag they aren't your spares!”

He laughed and stopped. They were in a little clearing about four yards across. The wood wasn’t dense, a couple of big trees, like the one next to this clearing, and lots of smaller ones. Bradley looked at Libby and she nodded.

“OK then,” he said and took the picnic rug out of their bag, shaking it flat and laying it on the least rough patch of ground. He dropped the bag on one corner and knelt down, shrugging his shoulders. He'd been so focussed on privacy he hadn’t thought much further than this.

Libby decided to take control. She hitched her dress up and stood astride him, pussy an inch from his face. Bradley grabbed her hips and teased her, flicking her piercings and licking above her clit hood with the tip of his tongue. He picked up the pace and she grabbed his head to pull him in and steady herself as his tongue ran around her lips. He pressed it flat against the j-bar over her clit, pushed its tip into the sensitive parts next to the root then drew his whole tongue up her slit from perineum to her clit again.

Bradley moved one hand from her hip and she widened her stance, bending her legs slightly. He flicked her clit bar with his tongue again as he slowly worked two fingers inside her. She gasped and her mouth fell open. For a moment she didn't make a sound then she thought, fuck it, and let out a long moan. Bradley hooked his fingers, pressing her g-spot and making her moan again. He gently released and repeated the motion a dozen times until he felt her pushing down on his hand, knees weakening.

He looked up at her and she looked back.

“I need the real thing,” Libby gasped.

Bradley took his fingers out slowly, rubbing her clit with his thumb as he did, then rubbed her entrance to make her moan again. She squatted over him, pussy touching the bulge in his jogging bottoms. Libby undid the first four buttons of her dress then they took turns licking his fingers clean before he tugged his waistband down to free his erection. Holding it steady she slid down over his glands and held herself there. Bradley put both hands under her bottom and took her weight so she could rest her hands on his shoulders and enjoy slowly sliding down the first inch of his cock. Once she was balanced Bradley moved his hands to her hips and kissed her neck.

At first Libby slid down slowly, coming up each time to feel the thick edge of his glands against her sensitive entrance. He gave a little grunt each time she did it and breathed against her neck. She started going downwards to take all of him in and he looked up at her. They kissed hard as his cock slowly filled her up. He grunted again as he felt her rings touch the base of his shaft and she moaned as his glands pushed the boundaries of her pussy. She'd been told you couldn't feel a man hitting your cervix, but the way Brad stretched her in this position he was as near as dammit banging on her womb.

Libby slid up and down as Bradley went from touching her hips to grabbing her arse to guide the pace. Libby gave little cries every time he went deep inside her and Bradley moaned and grunted into her cleavage.

After a minute Libby pushed on his chest and he stopped bouncing her on his cock. She pushed herself onto him until her clit, rings and all, rubbed against the bone at the base of his penis. He moved his hands to push his thumbs on either side of its root and pressed. Libby kissed him, shook her head and gently pushed him back.

With a struggle he lay down and somehow managed to stay inside her as he did. She knelt over him and rode him until she felt the wave of an orgasm starting to break. She lay forward on him, sacrificing penetration for pressure on her clit. As she came her first shuddering little orgasm Bradley kept still, kneading her arse cheeks and saving himself.

Libby pushed herself up on her arms, keeping a rhythm with her hips as little as she did. He looked up at her sliding up and down on his dick, she looked down as he flexed his abs and tried to look nonchalant, lying with his hands behind his head. She held herself still with him halfway in.

“Come on, love,” he said as if they were in bed and not on a rug in a wood, “get them out!”

Libby resisted looking around and slid down onto him so she was sitting on his thighs. She undid the last three buttons of her dress and scooped her boobs out one at about time, giving each on a lick in turn. She started moving up and down slowly giving him a little show by pinching the bottom of her boobs and twiddling her nipple bars. She felt herself start to get wetter all of a sudden and she forgot about everything except filling herself with his cock. Bradley sat up to suck on one boob as she pulled the other to her mouth, just able to kiss the nipple and flick its piercing with her tongue.

“Your turn to get sweaty,” Libby said, pushing him away and wriggling out of her dress. Once free she slid off him slowly then gave him a quick suck. She could taste herself on him and she savoured it. She gave his shaft a little squeeze and was rewarded with some pre-cum. He's close enough to fuck me hard, she thought.

Once Libby got up Bradley pulled off his sweatpants, stretching them over his trainers. He didn’t bother taking his top off and instead just stood up and grabbed Libby's boobs, squeezed them hard and made her gasp. In her wedges she was just the right height...

“I want you from behind,” he said, “against that tree.”

Libby nodded and Bradley took control. He guided her to the tree, holding her hands against it, then moved behind her and nudged the head of his cock in the general area of her pussy. She pushed against him and he guided his cock to her slit with one hand. He was keen and rough as he slid every inch into her, clutching her arse with both hands. He pounded away as if he was trying to fuck through her into the tree and she cried out, breath catch in her throat.

That was when she noticed. As Bradley banged her and her tits flopped back and forth she saw one, then two, then many spectators. She couldn’t care at first, Brad's cock was hitting the spot and he didn't show any sign of slowing.

“Brad,” she breathed, “Brad!”

“What? What, honey?” he said, bending forward to hear her and moving his hands to squeeze her tits.

Before she could say, ‘Company,' he slowed down and said, “OK, I think I see them too.”

“Don't stop,” she said.

“No. Not stopping!” he said, a little loudly, moving his hands back to her hips and thrusting away. He could have sworn he heard someone say 'Good!'

He kept going at double time. She can hear people taking, ‘nice tits’ ‘he can go some’, then suddenly they hear, 'Do you do anal?'

Bradley slowed down. They did do anal... But what should they do next?

Libby looked back at Bradley. Bradley shrugged.

“We’re prepared,” he said.

“OK,” she said, panting, “OK. I'll stay here.”

Bradley went to the bag and found some lube and a thick condom. He lubed up her arsehole and slid in a finger and she giggled. As he moved his finger in and out she moved her hand to her groin, rubbing herself in anticipation.

“You know that's not enough,” she said, “I need your cock in there!”

There were some appreciative noises from their spectators. As Bradley removed his finger and started lubing the condom over his cock Libby looked around to count their audience. She got to seven men and two women, all moving around to get a better look. She saw what she thought was a car before she felt pressure on her rear ring. She put her head down and pushed against the tree with both hands.

Bradley took his time, savouring the feeling of forcing himself past her sphincter. As usual she braced herself and let out little gasps and groans that were half pain, half pleasure, as he slid his tip inside. They'd done it so many times at home he knew exactly the pace she could take and how it would feel, but this felt new. Bradley felt exposed, performing for an audience, but Libby didn't seem to mind. The condom smoothed his glans and shaft making it easier. He took each inch slowly as she relaxed and stretched, waiting for her signal.

She gave it, lowering her head and pushing back hard. As he pushed deeper into her she frigged herself to orgasm shaking her whole body and making her cry out again. As her asshole twitched and contracted on his cock Bradley felt himself twitch, despite the thick rubber he was wearing. Libby stopped cumming and reached between her legs to fondle his balls.

“I'm close,” he said, to nobody in particular, “Close!”

Someone shouted, 'on her tits!' and without thinking he slid out and whipped off the condom. Libby turned quickly and knelt down, gathering up her tits just in time to catch his jizz. There was a scattering of applause and somewhere a man groaned and swore.

As Libby licked the cum off Bradley’s cock she saw a guy turning away, clearly cumming into the undergrowth. The others watching laughed and made comments like 'early again!' and 'disappointing the ladies, mate' and ‘wrong bush'. Out of the spotlight for a moment, Libby went to clean up her behind. Someone shouted 'leave it on your tits’, so she did.

Bradley cleaned his hands with some hand gel and put his sweatpants back on. Libby pulled  her dress down just over her hips, leaving her boobs free and her cum covered chest on display.

Bradley noticed a man coming over and Libby hung back for a moment before she got up the courage to join them. As Bradley talked to the man, a middle aged chubby guy nursing an erection through his slacks, Libby found herself turning round to show herself off. For some reason she really liked this. Finally, she joined Bradley, and his companion grinned at her and shook her hand. He stared at her cum-covered boobs for a while then turned back to Bradley.

“Libby, Gary,” said Bradley, “Gary, Libby.”

“Pleased to meet you Libby,” Gary said, “A real pleasure! Bradley tells me you came here for some solitude, sorry you picked the wrong night.”

“I'm not,” she replied, taking a little cum from her boob and licking it off her finger. Gary watched in appreciation and Bradley gave her a surprised smile.

“I was telling Bradley here this is a no pressure environment,” continued Gary, “People do make requests and shout stuff out but everyone can always say no and leave at any point. If you leave you can come back, no problem. This is mostly a word of mouth place but you’re not the first to stumble across us. The only rule is no cameras or phone filming, you know what I mean. We don't use masks here and we chose this place because there's no call reception, except for emergency calls.”

Gary had started taking to their faces, but his eyes came to rest on Libby's chest. She jiggled her boobs with her hands and he laughed.

“I think you'll fit right in,” he said with a dirty look on his face as he jerked a thumb at a woman in a tight t-shirt and loose skirt nearby, “Mary does a fab titwank, you might want to share notes. She also likes to hoover up jizz as well, especially...”

He stopped and looked a bit worried.

“Sorry. I haven’t gone too far, have I?” he said, “I've been told not to scare off the new ones.”

Bradley looked at Libby and they shrugged at each other.

“Not at all,” she said, “We just fucked in the open with an unexpected audience. I think we're good.”

Bradley grinned, “Yeah, we’re good.”

Gary smiled and went back to rubbing himself.

“Mary,” he shouted, “Come over here love and have a chat with Libby.”

Mary came over and shook Libby’s hand then Bradley’s. She looked at Libby's boobs and admired the tattoos on the sides that ran into her ribs.

“Well,” she said, “Since you’re already there!” and took off her t-shirt, revealing a beautiful pair of boobs with swirling tattoos and small dark nipples.

Mary led Libby off to one side to talk and Gary watched them, but talked to Bradley.

“If you don't mind, I think I'll watch this,” Gary said, “Feel free to look around. Everyone's very friendly.”

“You go ahead,” said Bradley, looking around to see people near a few cars on the far side of the woods, “Good to have new friends.”