An Older Man, A Fantasy Come True

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A nice warm day and an older man Part One
It was a nice warm day and I had managed to escape the house on the excuse that I was going to search for some screws at our local Wickes builders merchants.
Dressed in shorts, T shirt and sandals, I drove straight to the green. Washed downstairs and nice and clean just in case, I stepped out of the car
I’d looked it up on Squirt and noticed that an older guy got down there quite a few times. His profile showed him as a top, 71 years old and six feet one inch.
That was nice, but what was better what he’d written underneath. 
“I’d like to meet submissive men that are into crossdressing and like the idea of being at my mercy.”
Well that intrigued me. As a wannabe submissive, I felt that I fitted the profile for him. He didn’t mind what age someone was apparently and as I was only four years younger, perhaps that was a good thing.
Anyway, I’d scanned the page for the toilets and saw that he had said he would be there usually on a Tuesday about 2pm.
So this was Tuesday and it was 13.40 so I thought I might try my luck.
I arrived and parked my car and walked down to the toilets with butterflies in my stomach. I had not had much luck at this toilet, but it always turned me on, standing at the urinal with my cock out, stiff and ready. Or stripping naked in the cubicle and imagining someone coming in and me opening the door.
As I walked in, I jumped a little. There was someone at the urinal. He glanced my way and I saw he was about the right height, the right age and also knew that I fancied him straight off the bat.
He was quite well built, going to fat a little round his middle, but not so much that you’d worry (I can talk), dressed in nice chino shorts, a plaid shirt and sandals (no socks). He had short grey salt and pepper hair and a good looking face.
Could this be the bloke that I wanted to see ? Everything seemed to fit. Usually nothing worked out for me, so I was not expecting him to be interested. But you never knew.
I stood down the other end of the urinal and thought what I should do. If it was him, then I should show myself off to be a sub. If it wasn’t, then that could be embarrassing…
I glanced his way and saw his right hand moving, caught a glimpse of his cock in his right hand. couldn’t take my eyes away.
It must have been eight inches long, gorgeously in proportion and stiff !
I looked away. It looked like even if it wasn’t him, he was definitely interested. But what to do ? Throw caution to the winds or go carefully ?
If it was ‘Frank71’ (his squirt title) then I should immediately show myself as a sub. If not, then he may just lose interest.
I decided. Take a chance. Now I’m a submissive mostly in my head. You could call me a part time submissive. I don’t go actively looking for cock often and I didn’t dress in my stockings and nicks as often as I wanted to. 
But this was an opportunity to show off some of my sub fantasies. Not go too far, but definitely put it out there that I was interested.
So I did something I’d never done before.
I dropped my shorts and stood there naked from the waist down. I figured even if he was straight, I could say that I had to drop my shorts to pee. Difficult to explain my semi though, rapidly going hard.
I caressed my cock and it grew stiff. I’m not huge, but not tiny either and I can still get it up at this age.
I was very, very nervous at this point. I’d shown off my cock to other blokes before, but never done this. But if he was who I thought he was, then this was what would work.
I glanced again at him and I could see I had his attention. His cock was now clearly visible in his hand and, more than anything now, I wanted it in my mouth.
My left hand strayed to my cock and my right hand disappeared into my T shirt to play with my nipples. I was virtually salivating over his cock and kept licking my lips as I looked at it.
He moved down next to me and put his left hand on my bottom, caressing me.
I think I shuddered a little as his hand moved over my buttock. I could not deny that it felt good. He dropped his hand and his middle finger traced up my crack, pushing in as it reached my button.
His other hand took mine away from my nipple and replaced it with his, squeezing and manipulating it, turning me on further.
“What do like?” he whispered right by my ear, his breath sending shivers down my spine.
I had thought about what I would say beforehand. I wanted him to know that he was in control.
In a quiet voice, raised an octave from my usual:
“I like to do as I’m told Sir” I whispered back.
His hand drew back and then came back, slapping me and making me jump a little.
“And what’s your name ?”
I’d thought about this as well. His profile showed the videos he looked at and without exception, they were all older guys using crossdressers. I thought about my fantasy name and said it.
“Alice Sir” I simpered and his hand gave me another smack.
“Good gurl. Follow me back to my place. I only live five minutes away.”
Good gurl he’d said! And he was inviting me back to his ! I couldn’t believe this - this had never happened to me before.
“I have to go home first “ I said quickly “I’m expected, but I have panties and holdups at home and I could say I met an old friend in Wickes which would give me more time to come back.”
He looked at me, cock in hand.
“Ok, but on one condition.”
“Yes of course” I replied looking down.
“You get on your knees in the cubicle and show me what a good little cocksucker you are.”
I almost swooned at the thought. I stepped out of my shorts and moved to the cubicle. He came along behind me and closed the door when we were both in. I took off my T shirt and sank to my knees.
His cock appeared in front of my face, his hand clasped around the lower end. I looked up at him and he hit me in the face with his cock.
I didn’t move, just let him hit me with his gorgeous manhood. He must have done it another ten times, slapping me with it back and forth. It was totally stiff and hot. It was uncut, but the foreskin was back showing his lovely head.
Then he nudged my lips with it. I got the message and pouted and he pushed it into my mouth, stopping when the head was in.
I closed my lips around his manhood and licked his glans with my tongue, paying especial attention to his urethra, running my tongue up and down the slit. I looked up at him and saw him look me in the eye, smiling.
My mouth was full of his mushroom head, my tongue running around it. I was in heaven, at this man’s mercy. I hope he was having as good a time as I was.
Then he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed. His cock sank into my mouth, ending pushing against my throat, making me gag a little. He pushed a little more, making it difficult for me to breathe. But I put my hands on my heels and trusted that he wouldn’t asphyxiate me.
He held his cock there for what felt like forever and then pulled back. I gasped, dragging in air and making a soft ‘whooping’ sound.
It was then we realised that someone else was in the toilet. We stood still and then the other person coughed twice. My male coughed twice back and then the other bloke coughed again.
My lover (for that was how I saw him) opened the door and looked around the door to see who was there. It left me totally exposed on the floor, naked to whoever wanted to see me.
As it turned out, it was a bloke about 45-50, six feet with a large stiffy he was steadily wanking.
I saw my lover zip himself up and then he stepped out of the toilet. I went to get up, but he motioned for me to stay still. Obediently, I went back onto my knees, not knowing what would happen.
He beckoned the other man over.
“Do you need your cock sucking?” he asked him.
I just knelt there agape. He as offering me to this bloke like I was some cheap whore !
And do you know, I felt excited being treated like a whorish slut. I looked up at the other bloke and licked my lips.
The other bloke nodded, moved over to the toilet and pushed the door open. He stood in the cubicle with the door open thus ensuring my lover could see everything. 
I was excited on several levels. Being used by another man. Being farmed out by another man. And let’s not forget the fact that this was now in public with the door wide open.
The bloke didn’t muck about, he grabbed my head and shoved his cock into my mouth. I put my hands onto his thighs to push away, but he slapped them away.
“Keep your hands down slut” he said.
Then he was on me again, hold the back of my head with his right hand and my chin with his left. He angled my head so he could shove his cock in and fuck it so it hit the back of my mouth.
Then he started to mouthfuck me, his cock flashing in and out of my mouth, making me gag as he hit my throat.
I looked up at my lover. He was rubbing his crotch and looking at me, maybe judging how subservient I was. When he saw me looking, he smiled.
Then the other bloke took his cock out of my mouth and was wanking it furiously. I looked at my lover and the bloke slapped me putting his fingers to his eyes and then mine. The message was clear – I was his at this moment.
I looked up at him and opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. It was obviously too much for him as he came, thick ropy lengths of sperm hitting  me in the face and running down into my mouth.
He slowed down and then shoved his cock into my mouth. I knew what he wanted – he wanted me to clean him, so obediently,  I licked his cock until there was no more cum, swallowing each little bit that I found.
He looked down at me and ran his thumb around my face, picking up cum as he went and then pushing his thumb into my mouth for me to slurp off and swallow. He did this another three times until he was satisfied that I had swallowed all his cum.
Then he zipped up, thanked my lover and left.
“Give me your phone number” my lover said “I’ll text you my address. You show promise.”
And then he was gone, leaving me on the floor of the toilet, naked and used.
As I knelt there in the dirty toilet, I was still sexed up. I hadn’t cum and I desperately needed to now. Excited as I was I left the door open, the danger of being caught, heightening my sexual experience.
My hand flashed up and down on my cock and then I came with the most intense orgasm, making me gasp and sending my seed all into the main body of the toilet.
Hastily, I dressed and then mopped up my cum and left, wondering if I would actually meet the old man again.