Thank You

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It was the perfect Thanksgiving treat. Naked and trussed up like a turkey with a black hood over her head, she kneeled on the table. Her arms were tied behind her back and there were ropes connecting her to the pulleys on the ceiling.

While the hood was on she explored her bonds. The ropes that held her arms also wrapped around her body, squeezing her small tits out into points. Her ankles were tied, but with ribbon rather than rope. When she moved she felt it winding around her calves to her knees.

There was a fan heater to warm her. When she shivered it was with excitement. She could hear soft footsteps. Her Master had returned. Despite the warmth she got goosebumps.

"Before the hood is removed," he announced, "Are your bonds correct?"

"Yes, Master," she replied.

"Good," he said, "There is one additional rule today. Once the hood is removed you can only say 'Thank you'. Those two words, in that order."

"Yes, Master," she replied.

"Any other speech will be punished," he said, "Say you understand and the hood will be removed."

"I understand, Master," she said.

The velcro was undone and the hood removed. Her black and red ponytail fell down over one shoulder and she blinked a little. There he was, casually folding the hood with his gloved hands. He put it in his jacket pocket then walked around her, stopping next to her feet.

"There," he said, "See what I have done for you."

"Thank you, Master," she said. His red latex glove made contact with her ass cheek with a sharp,


"Testing already?" he asked, then waited. When she said nothing he walked around to where she could see him. He did not stand in front of her but off to one side so she had to crane her neck to look at him. It was worth it.

He was not a large man, but he was well proportioned. He wore smart black shoes and black leather pants over his slender legs. His black leather jacket was styled as if it were a suit, and his smart red shirt matched his red latex gloves. A thin leather tie completed his look.

She craned up further to look at his face. She loved his well groomed salt-and-pepper beard and hazel eyes. His hairline was receding but his parting was immaculate. He had a wry smile on his lips which spread to the creases around his eyes.

"I tied the ropes tightly," he said.

"Thank you."

"I used the new ribbon as well."

"Thank you."

He smiled a playful smile and licked his lips, then he made a show of inspecting his work as he walked around her. Out of sight, he pressed a button and the ropes pulled so she leaned forward and her ass rose up. She felt his gloved fingers on her shaved lips, then something else. Something was between her calves, reaching up to touch her slit. Straight away she felt a gentle vibration and heard the creak of his trousers as he adjusted himself.

"This is new," he said, "It should be working now."

"Thank you, Master."


"So soon? So forgetful. Are you forgetful?"

"No, Master."

Slap! Slap!

She bit her lip to hold in a moan of pleasure. Already she could feel her excitement building and her juices coating the small vibrator.

"This is cold," he said, and she felt a chill on her asshole, then a silicon finger working its way inside her. After a moment it was replaced with something solid and smooth. She recognised her metal buttplug, the one with the ring through which he could slip a controlling finger.

"Thank you!" she moaned.

Eventually he reappeared. He was still smiling, and still inspecting his work. His serious face was relaxed but intense. It showed how handsome he was, how the years had improved his looks.

"These will not do," he said, squeezing one of her breasts then pinching the nipple, "These are too comfortable. They should be erect."

"So-" she began.


"Now, luckily, I have a solution," he said, almost as if he were talking to himself.

He turned the heater off so the fan was blowing cool air. From underneath her table he produced a mister and sprayed her tits with a fine coating of moisture. The moment the air hit her damp skin she shivered and her nipples hardened.

"Thank you," she said when he looked at her for a comment.

Satisfied, he walked around her again, turning on another fan to cool her ass and pussy.

"Thank you, Master."


She let out a moan of pleasure.


"Thank you!" she cried.

She bit her lip as he toyed with the buttplug. He pinched her stiffening nipples and returned to face her. When he did so something had changed. His circumcised cock now protruded from his fly. She went cross-eyed to focus on its dark pink head inches from her face.

"You aren't allowed to suck it," he said, "But you can taste it."

"Thank you," she said, leaning forward to lick his glans. He gathered up her ponytail in his hand and the moment her lips were near his tip he held it tightly.

She licked and teased him like a lollipop until some pre-cum appeared. He held her hair so she could only reach the salty droplet with of her tongue.

"Thank you," she said.

He released her hair and reached into his pocket. She heard a few faint clicks and the fans turned off. Another click and the vibrations on her clit became stronger. He walked behind her and placed one gloved hand on her ass. With the other he slid two smooth fingers into her wet pussy. She moaned.


The idle hand rose and fell quickly. She felt the warm tip of his cock brush against her ass which made her moan in anticipation.


His fingers withdrew and he spread her cheeks. The raw tip of his hot cock pressed on her entrance.

"Stuff me," she moaned.

Slap! Slap!

"Stuff me, Master!" she cried.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

He slid in and out of her, using only the swollen head of his member. It popped back and forth through her tight hole, teasing and pleasuring her at the same time. She bit her lip so she would not moan and he would not have to stop his work to punish her. When he was satisfied that she was ready he slid his full length inside her, his stomach touching the ring of the buttplug.


She must have moaned as the sensations of vibrator, cock and metal plug all came together at once. As he thrust back and forth he used his thumb to change the angle of the buttplug so it interacted with his cock. Unable to move she rode it out, lips firmly shut.

She heard him straining to maintain the angle, and she imagined him with his back arched guiding his cock into her cunt while manipulating her asshole. However, he would not have to struggle  for much longer. Her orgasm was building and she knew what she needed.

"Fuck," she cried, "Fuck, FUCK!"

Slap! Slap! SLAP!

She needed a few more to push her over the edge.

"Thank you, Master," she screamed, "Thank you for stuffing your turkey!"

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

She came hard. As soon as she did he withdrew and pulled on the buttplug so it slowly popped out to prolong her orgasm. She managed to push down on the vibrator. When it hit her clit she let out a long squeal of pleasure.


The vibrations faded with her afterglow. The orgasm was nice, but quick. He was next.

"I only fucked your pussy," he said, putting the buttplug down with a clang, "So you know what is next."

"Thank you," she gasped, still shuddering a little.

He adjusted the ropes again so her back was straight and horizontal. She looked at the floor until he grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head up so she was face-to-face with his throbbing cock.

"Open," he ordered.

She did not have time to say anything. His cock was in her mouth and she sucked on it hungrily. He moved back and forth giving her time to prepare. Her mouth was not his target. He pushed his swollen glans against the back of her mouth then pulled out. Drool ran from her mouth and pooled on the floor.

"Thank you," she said sloppily just before he rammed it back into her mouth. She took deep breaths through her nose until he hit the back of her throat again. This time he thrust it in all the way.

Her nose was filled with the smell of leather as it pressed against his fly. His cock filled her mouth and gullet. More than before she was completely helpless, head and body held in the perfect position to be throat-fucked. As air started to run out his cock spasmed and he came down her throat. He did not leave it there, pulling out in one swift motion so he could squirt a few drops on her face.

"Thank you," she rasped as she coughed, "Thank you, Master."


Gentle this time. The fan heater came on again and the ropes adjusted to a less strict position.

He carefully returned his softening cock to his pants, zipping up his fly and adjusting his jacket.

"Happy Thanksgiving," she said.

Slap, slap.

He took the hood out of his pocket and placed it over her head. Before he fastened it a straw found its way to get mouth and she took a few sips of soothing honey and lemon.

"Happy Thanksgiving," he said, fastening the hood and loosening the first of the ropes, "I think you are ready to be served to the others…"