The Beast - The Big Man of the Forest - Part 2

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Journal of Elspeth Price

31 May 1869 cont.

I have received a warm welcome, however, my companion has not. It would appear that Godspeed has a more personal history with these people than he alluded to on our journey here. He has been joined to a woman he tupped on his last visit and she is intent on making his life miserable… and short. I cannot say that I have much sympathy for the man.

The people here wear little and physically they are all in good condition. The women proudly wear tattoos on their shoulders and breasts. These geometric patterns are applied with a simple and painful method and I have declined. Other than tattoos, their breasts are varied and much like any that I have seen, although their areolas and nipples are darker and larger than most. I revealed my boobies to them to prove I had no tattoos of my own and they were not especially curious about them. I believe they thought I was hiding dishonourable marks, but I believe they were naïve to think any markings I had would make sense to them.

Once Godspeed returned we were given a meal of fruit and game. When the bearers had eaten they told Godspeed (who translated for me) that they would return in two weeks or so, depending on their work. That was as they had agreed, and so they were dismissed.

Godspeed and I sat in silence for a while until some men came to collect him. He explained he would be wed after sunset and he had to be prepared. More likely, I think, they wanted to keep an eye on him. When he was gone the women returned and one of them explained, in very broken English, that Mari was being prepared as well. They were trying to find their wiseman’s son who spoke English, but for a while they ate and taught me some words.

The boy did not appear until nearly sunset, but by that time I had spent an enjoyable time learning simple words, at least half of which I am convinced are rude. The younger women are quite crude, and they made suggestive noises when the boy appeared. At first I thought this was a good sign, but to my disappointment the boy was only in his early teens. Obviously, here it meant he was nearly a man, but not to my eyes.

Fortunately, he does speak English well. He told me his name was Lak and explained he would give me a description of the evening’s activities, only one of which was the wedding. They all knew I was here to learn about the beast, and it was expected soon. However, I should only speak to him about it and then only in English.

“It should be called The Beast,” he told me, “But people know that means Norautan, which is its name in our tongue. So you will call it Henry when we speak of it.”

“Why?” I asked, “What does it matter? Everyone knows that is why I am here.”

“Because there is a girl being prepared,” he replied, “And knowing you are here is very different to talking about the thing that will… Mark her fate.”

Those last words made my chest tighten. I knew this happened, I  thought my timing was good, but in my excitement I had forgotten that the Beast wanted a sacrifice. A virgin sacrifice.


The festivities were amazing. The villagers celebrated everything and had a dance, a song, or a ritual that suited every occasion. There was a sombre feel to some of the rituals, and Elspeth felt it was her influence, despite her practiced and professional ability to blend into the background. Lak translated for her and introduced her to others who had some passable English or French.

When it came to the 'marriage' of Mari and the Priest, she was with a group of the married women, and all of their comments were crude. Elspeth asked some simple questions about the very short ceremony and was told that Mari would keep him waiting, as he had already ‘bitten the fruit’. Elspeth knew they were talking about other things as well, but they would not say anything unless it was related to either the Priest’s soon-to-be swollen balls or Mari’s teasing tits.

The thing Elspeth had been waiting for happened at midnight. While she moved away from the women (two of whom were pleasuring some of the older men) the tempo of the music slowed and a girl was led onto the Chief’s dais. She stood to one side covered in interwoven flowers and vines. Several other people took their places and the crowd finished their dancing. Everyone paid attention and Elspeth found Lak dancing with a girl his age. He translated what was happening as the girl hovered by, clearly happy that her chosen man had a special role with the white woman.

“The words are not much,” he said, “The Chief will say she is chosen and will spend her nights on the cliff. She will be naked and will pass her water and empty her bowels down the cliff to ensure Henry knows she is there. In the day she will work to make her sweat and she will not wash to make sure he smells her.”

Elspeth shuddered in the cool night air, but as soon as what might happen to the poor girl sank in she left. Now exhausted, Elspeth found her hut and went to sleep.


4 June 1869

The last few days have been hard work with little time for this personal journal. I have talked with villagers, often through a translator and, more often than not, wading through large amounts of vulgarity. The tribe wear little, but I have noticed that the men are purposefully adjusting their coverings to show me their manhood. I have partaken in the tribe’s many roles and duties, but the heat is constant and exhausting. Unfortunately, I have also found that the small hut I was given is being used for sexual favours. I mentioned this to Lak yesterday and I spent last night in the Chief’s hut.

The Chief is the first man that I have found impressive close up. He is tall, well muscled and sees no need to flaunt anything other than his wealth. He has permitted me access to everywhere in the village and has given Lak a token to show he is my guide. This has helped, but mainly it has made Lak more interesting than me. This has made it easier for me to work and take notes, except where I need a translator. 

I have been able to visit the cliff and the platform on which the girl sleeps. I could also smell the fact this was being used, and had been used in the past, as a latrine. The view was impressive, however, and I found my mind wandering. I considered what amazing discoveries were hidden in that forest and guarded by this murderous creature.

Last night was the first time I visited the cliff after sunset. Lak is not allowed there at night and I had to wait until a woman was available and was willing to take me there. As it happens, it was Mari, who was beaming as usual. I do not think this was a coincidence, as Mari immediately told me she was making sure the priest was doing women’s work in the village, as he was completely unsuited to being with the men. It seemed she had been waiting to tell me this news. She also told me she was keeping him dry. This means they had not had sex and she had told him that if he touched himself or another woman she would cut it off. I have tried not to think about it. I am sure Mari sincerely planned to kill her new husband and I would like to keep my distance from the act.

On the top of the cliff the girl lay on her platform, naked, eyes wide open. Mari stroked her head and said some words, but the girl just shook her head. She would not talk, so I made notes and listened to the forest while Mari set to her tasks. The girl shivered and Mari stopped her work. For a moment I thought they had heard something, but quite the opposite. The forest was absolutely silent.

I sat still and listened hard. There was the swish and hiss of the river far below. Someone in the village moved around. Then there was a growl. Far off, but far from faint. It came again, followed by a roar that sounded more like a shout of frustration. It sounded human, and yet gut-chillingly inhuman. The girl curled into a ball and squeezed her eyes tight shut. Mari sat next to me and stared into the night. Her eyes were wide with fear.

I started to speak, but Mari shook her head and pressed her fingers to her lips. She gathered up her things and led me back here.

“It will be tomorrow,” Mari whispered before I entered the Chief's hut “I know it. I will take you there.”

I do not think I will sleep tonight.


The Chief permitted her to sleep during the morning out of courtesy, not knowing her mind was worn out with speculation. However, the Chief spent his days talking with his deputies and entertaining unclaimed women and his hut was needed. Later in the morning Elspeth found Lak loitering nearby. The mood of the village had changed.

Lak told her that news of the roar had spread quickly and everyone was acting as they always did. The men were making a half-hearted attempt to look bold in case the Beast entered the village, which it never did. The louder ones were making noises like they might challenge the Beast, but they were unlikely to do so. The women were on edge and snapping at the men. They did not want the girl taken and they certainly did not want to add any more dead hunters to the list of those who had challenged the Beast. One woman had taken exception to the Priest this morning, and had asked a man to throw him over the cliff so that the Beast might spare the girl. The man had responded angrily, pushing the woman off her feet. She and another woman had taken this out on the Priest, who was looking miserable as he hobbled through the village. He looked to Elspeth for help, but was screamed at and shoved by the women.

“He asked one of the women to help him with his dry stick last night while Mari was with you,” Lak said, “She said no and she told Mari and she told everyone else.”

Elspeth felt sorry for the man, but he seemed determined to do things he knew would land him in trouble... or worse.

The afternoon went slowly, but Elspeth was able to take part in some of the preparations, even if no one would tell her much about what was happening. It all appeared to be involved with the vigil the village would attend at one end of the cliff while the Beast would appear at the other end, where the girl was waiting.

The evening air was hot and clammy with the promise of a storm. Clouds made it dark before the sun had set, and Elspeth changed into lighter clothes in the hope the breeze could get to her skin and stop her running with sweat. She was not alone in her discomfort and fear of Beast had kept everyone away from the cliffs and the river. Elspeth joined over a hundred unwashed bodies crowded onto the wide North end of the cliff. Twenty yards to their South was the girl on the platform, struggling to her feet as she wept in fear. Elspeth stood as close as she could without getting scolded by the women nearby.

The sun set behind them, casting the cliff’s shadow into the forest. The river below was in total darkness and the breathing and shuffling of the crowd drowned out the usual evening sounds. As the crowd collectively held its breath Elspeth realised there were no evening sounds to hear.

Everyone froze when the girl cried out in fear. She had seen Him.

Elspeth had expected chanting or drumming, or something, but there was only the breathing and crying and the sounds of something large making its way up the cliff. Quicker than she imagined possible, a hand, a large white hand thick with grime, reached over the edge and pulled the rest of the monstrosity over with it. And there it stood. Seven feet tall, hairy, and naked. It was the Beast, but Elspeth could only see a man. For a moment she thought she was being drawn towards it, to him, but it was only the crowd shrinking away while she stood still.

The Beast looked at the naked crying girl to one side, then at Elspeth. It sniffed the air; the girl clearly did not peak its interest. Instead it took a step towards Elspeth and sniffed again. She looked down, remembering her lessons on avoiding aggression in both men and animals. Her breath caught in her throat as the sheer force of the Beast’s presence overwhelmed her. Its size, its power, and especially its strong musky odour awoke something inside her. That thing she tried to sate with the passions of strong men sat up in her chest and paid attention to the Beast and the Beast alone. Here was the solution to her cravings, even though it was most likely here to kill her.

And then it happened. Elspeth thought she heard a cry from the crowd, but she could not tell. Her world spun, caught in the arms of the Beast and set over its shoulder. Dropping and spinning and clambering it took her down the cliff. It splashed through the river and sped through the forest as Elspeth bumped up and down, the wind driven from her. In what must only have been minutes the Beast stopped.

They were on one of the hills facing the cliff. The sun still shone here while the river and the valley were in darkness. Elspeth was set down, with as much care as she could expect from her brutal abductor, in a nest made of moss and leaves. It was built into the stump of a fallen tree and was about four feet from the ground; waist high to the Beast.

Elspeth still avoided eye contact, but she could tell it was looking at her. She could also tell the creature was not hungry; at least not for food. Something stirred in the fur around its groin and Elspeth wondered for a moment what she was in for. Had she given her life for another, or had she been chosen for a reason.

In the fading light the Beast looked at her. It seemed confused. It sniffed and licked her cotton shorts, then licked the skin of her calf. It touched and pulled at her thin blouse. Buttons popped and the Beast pawed at the material underneath. He grabbed it, tearing it from her to finally expose flesh. Elspeth watched, frozen in the clutches of arousal and horror. His fingers rubbed her skin and he bent down to lick it, perhaps to be sure he was at his goal. He gave a satisfied grunt and licked the sweat from between her breasts, continuing upwards until he reached the dip at the base of her throat.

Moments later the rest of her clothes were torn away, leaving only the boots on her feet. She lay on the shreds of her vest and blouse and the small section of her shorts trapped under her backside. The Beast continued licking her all over, it’s tongue reaching every part of her, tasting her everywhere. As it explored her navel and continued downwards, Elspeth could not stop a moan of pleasure leaving her lips. He looked up at her for a moment and they locked eyes. She could not tell if he was angry, confused, or just surprised, but whatever he felt he just went back to his task.

Most men who had an interest in licking a woman’s sex would build up to it. Not the Beast. He wanted to know how she tasted and he made sure he explored everywhere. Elspeth moaned again, still caught between fear and lust, but this time he ignored her. When he was done it was not because of her, it was him.

The Beast stood straight and looked down at her, stretching and growling. Elspeth got the impression he was expecting disappointment, and when she looked down between her legs she saw why. The Beast’s member stood straight out from his groin, hovering over her cunt. From her point of view it was a pink stick, not much bigger than a large man’s penis, but her point of view deceived her. The Beast grabbed the base and pulled at himself, revealing that the pink section was just the first part. Below that there was a darker thicker shaft and still below there was a hairy base section. Eager, the Beast rubbed his member and began to guide its head towards Elspeth’s opening.

Elspeth heard herself say, “Yes,” more than once, but whilst part of her was living out her fantasies other thoughts worried her. Firstly, it was now obvious why the virgins presented to the Beast never returned. Surely no virgin could take this thing inside themselves, not when driven by the urgency of a lusty animal. Frustrated, the Beast’s temper must have finished those unfortunates sacrificed to him. Secondly, could she take this thing? The first section would make most men proud, but the whole length was out of proportion even with the hulking creature to which it was attached. At least she knew she could take the initial girth. At least she hoped she could…

Elspeth did not need to wait long to find out. The Beast knew what it was doing, pushing the head of its member against her entrance. She was slick and hot, but even so it felt as though he needed to stretch her out already to gain entrance. Once he did Elspeth cried out and the Beast echoed her moan with its bass rumble. There was no tenderness, no easing inside her. No, the first section of his rod was pushed into her all the way without pause. Just as she felt the wider section touch her lips he began to thrust, and she was lost.

The feeling was new and extreme. The phallus stretched her in all directions and was now being hammered back and forth with speed and strength. Coupled with the feeling of being fucked by something so powerful she could also feel the rest of it. With every filling the main shaft pushed against her, asking, no demanding admittance. It was a welcome pressure on her sensitive areas, but the time would come when the Beast would not be satisfied until he was deeper within her.

That time came. Elspeth was already lost in the pleasure of being so powerfully seen to, but the Beast was ready for more. His strong hands clamped around her waist and held her firmly. No longer able to move as he did, Elspeth felt herself at the mercy of his shaft as it pushed deeper within her. She cried out again and again as he forced more and more inside her then rocked back and forth. He no longer wanted to trust back and forth and seemed to be trying to finish. As he strained Elspeth looked up at him and nodded. She tried to say something but no words would form. Instead a moan grew and grew in her throat as the pressures on her built an orgasm.

He felt it too. Pushing hard and holding still, his member throbbed inside her, finally flooding the inside of her cunt with its contents. Elspeth nearly blacked out as her orgasm broke and the fire within her blended with the heat of his seed. The Beast both whimpered and roared with release, his fingers digging painfully into her hips.

However, he was not done. The moment the energy in his penis subsided he began thrusting again. The long trusts were back, made longer by the inclusion of several inches of the thicker shaft. Elspeth simply had to hold on as she was fucked again by a creature with boundless energy. She had no idea how long it was, but his second orgasm filled her just as much as the first. He pushed so far within her she wondered if she would soon taste it.

The Beast seemed satisfied with a second orgasm. Its member shrank with some speed and slid from her well lubricated cunt. The Beast once again licked her from jaw to navel then continued to between her legs where it gobbled away at their mixed juices. Elspeth was unable to contain herself as his tongue explored every part of her sensitive loins. Only once he was satisfied did he stop and lie down on the nest next to her.

It was dark now and all Elspeth was aware of was the hulking form next to her and the fierce, exhausting afterglow that consumed her. She managed to move up to him for warmth and turn slightly to one side for comfort, but in minutes she was in a deep sleep.


5 June 1869

Dear reader, the tale of last night has been recorded separately. I thought that wise, should my journal be found.

In the morning I awoke alone. Sore from the Beast’s affections, I could only move slowly. Getting to my knees I looked around for him. He appeared as if from nowhere, handing me fruit to eat then sitting on the ground to eat some himself. We sat in silence as the first rays of the sun filtered through the canopy above.

That was when I saw it. Last night I would never have noticed, but now it was clear. The freshly made nest was surrounded by the remains of the women who had been here before me. Bones, skulls and partially decomposed body parts lay all around the place. I felt a chill that I shall never, ever, forget go right through me, but I also felt pity for the creature. It had not wanted to kill, it simply could not help itself.

When the light hit the river the Beast stood and took me by the arm. It led me down the hill to within fifty yards of the water then just pointed. I was glad I had kept my boots on, as the ground was composed of rocks and tree roots. When I realised the Beast was returning me to the village tears welled up in my eyes. He was right, of course, I could no more live in the forest naked than he would find a life in a village of people. I embraced him then gestured for him to bend down so I could kiss his fruit juice sweet lips. The Beast just looked confused. He sniffed my hair and waited for me to go. The moment I was on course for the river he turned and walked away.

I washed myself in the cool water and tried to work out where I was. Deciding that I was downstream, I walked in the shallows until I thought I saw a familiar shape in the cliff. I was right, and someone from the village spotted me. They called out and a shape far above gestured for me to keep going. A rope ladder was waiting for me near the point from which I had been taken. Thankfully, once I was on it, the whole thing was drawn up, meaning I could focus my strength on holding tight rather than climbing.

The scene at the top was one of confusion. I was asked many things until Mari appeared and ushered me to her brother’s hut. The Chief sent for food and a healer and I was made comfortable to tell my tale. I gave as few details as were needed and the Chief went away to contemplate what might be done. I have surmised that they probably wish to keep me here only for my potential to save their virgins.

While I rested I discovered that the Priest was no more. He had fallen near one of the hunters’ lodges and an antler had pierced his chest. Near death, they had asked Mari what to do with him and she had asked he be given peace in the forest. This had meant the still living priest had been thrown from the cliff and had probably been drifting downstream as I had returned from my time with the Beast.

That evening, well fed, comfortable, yet still sore, I felt far from tired. Another thought occurred to me after telling my story to some of the elder women. They were not an ignorant people, and they may be thinking a child of the Beast will grow in my belly. Even if it were possible, I knew it was just as possible that if my belly did swell it was less likely to be with the child of an animal, and more likely with the child of a wagon driver named Smith…

I have to make a choice. Remain here, and hope my time comes and I am not pregnant, or find a way to leave just in case. Can I trust anyone with my dilemma, or would their only response be to make me stay and wait…? Certainly, as with all of my life, I feel that if I require rescuing from this predicament I will have to rescue myself.


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