The Beast - The Big Man of the Forest - Part 1

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Journal of Elspeth Price, 27 May 1869

Two days ago I stepped off the ship as best I could, encumbered by that ridiculous dress. My father's impudent servants had taken it upon themselves to forbid me from wearing my work clothes for the journey by packing them in a trunk secured deep within the hold. If I returned from this trip I shall have them all dressed in impractical gowns for every last one of their duties, men and women alike!

After what seemed like an age my bags and my trunk were loaded onto the cart which brought me to the forward camp in the jungle, where I am writing this now. From here I shall proceed on foot with whatever party of locals and guides will show the way. No matter what I encounter along the journey I will not regret turning that dress into kindling on my first night away from civilization.

My bags were loaded as a priority. Two of the deck hands had made a special effort to help me, no doubt because I allowed them to visit my cabin on more than one occasion. It seemed they had shared a story or two with the driver, a big bald black man with a wide grin and… large hands. He gave me an especially bright smile, and an especially helpful hand on my rear, as I climbed onto the cart.  I knew then that my ride into the jungle would not be as dull as I first expected.

On that first night I was disappointed. When approached, the driver, who called himself ‘Smith’, said he had to visit his sister-in-law to give her something. Reading his body language, I asked if it was something of which he had plenty. Smith grinned a wide toothy grin and told me I would find out soon. Satisfied, I decided to wait.

I am certain it will be worth the wait. Being a 'lady', my tent has been pitched away from the five men with whom I share the camp (mangy prospectors for the most part), with Smith’s tent placed protectively between me and them. I have just eaten alone and retired to my tent. The camp is quiet and now that I have changed for bed I am torn between finishing The Monk again and turning off my lantern.


The moment she turned the lantern down the tent opened and Smith entered, naked. Elspeth gave a quiet girlish shriek of delight as she saw the size of his manhood and pulled her nightdress off to reveal herself to him.

"Why, Mr Smith," she said, "Whatever are you doing?"

"I am here to ask a question," he said, "We fuck, yes? Give you Africa."

"Yes," Elspeth said, staring at his manhood, "I think I like Africa very much."

A stream of profanities that left his mouth as he ravaged her and asked her about every single thing he was doing and every single place he was doing it, or about to do it. He licked her everywhere from her neck to her navel before kissing her on the mouth. She ran her hands over his muscular shoulders to the sides of his head, but it seemed Mr Smith was not much of a kisser.

"I taste it now?" he asked, waggling his tongue, "Lick your quim, make you-"

He finished the sentence by rubbing his fingers together. Elspeth lay on her cot and spread her legs wide. Smith did not hesitate, he buried his head between them.

By the time he turned her onto her belly and the head of his warrior pierced her, Elspeth was already in heaven. After a dozen strokes, and profanities in a mixture of English and his mother tongue, he pulled out and put the tip of his weapon against her asshole.

"No," she said, "No, not before climbing the mountain."

He thrust his cock back inside her quim and doubled his efforts.

"This is the mountain you climb tonight!" he said, pushing every last inch into her. He kept going and going, every thrust was harder than the last.

"I spill inside, yes," he said into her ear, "Fuck you until I fill you up?"

Elspeth was in ecstasy, she had to say yes.


29 May 1869

Suffice it to say, Smith was a man of great power and endurance. I have never been taken so powerfully, nor has any other man left so abruptly. Once he was done, Smith kissed my lips and my backside, and left. He said he was going to check on something, but I did not hear what and he did not return to explain. I slept soundly where he left me, which was a mistake as I had to take a damp cloth to my nether regions before I could dress properly.

There were odd sounds in the forest which made me dress and pack quickly for fear an animal was there which had already seen to Smith. I emerged to find all was well. A servant told me in broken English that it was nothing; a group of local hunters kept the route safe and they had disturbed a troop of either apes or monkeys. I had never heard either form of primate make a sound like that before, and I was thoroughly suspicious of the tale. When I found Smith and asked him he did not answer, he just gave me a fond smile, but he had a look in his eye that told me something else was happening.

To my regret, I did not have another opportunity to be alone with Smith. The camp was busy, being at the nexus of several routes, and I had little time to unpack and organise my belongings from the cart, never mind find a quiet location for a spirited rogering. When I inspected my companions for the ongoing trip (sixteen bearers, a group of three naturalists who would be taking a different route at the river, and a priest of such girth she doubted he would make it more than a dozen paces) my heart sank.

Once everything was in place we set off, leaving Smith and the well-trodden routes behind. Finally, I was able to dress in trousers and a sensible shirt without any rebuke or judgement. My head was covered in a hairnet and fedora and my feet in the smallest military boots I could find (according to my source they are from China). I carried my own pack with water and books, but left the rest to the well-paid help. As we set up camp this evening I realised that I had an audience. I asked the priest, who gave his name as Godspeed, to translate why I was such an attraction and he told me the bearers could not work out whether I was pretending to be a man or I was a sort of man they had never seen. I told him to tell them the former and he did all of this while glancing back and forth between his audience and my boobies. The audience seemed amused by his antics and they believed him.

Tonight I have decided that I had better take care of myself. If I do not I will have to invite Godspeed to lie between my legs. That is probably a sin, as well as a certain mistake.


Elspeth closed her journal and excused herself. Everyone smiled and nodded or waved, but no one had the energy for anything else. She was convinced, however, that they all watched her ass as she walked to her tent. The sight of a woman in men's trousers seemed to fascinate everyone.

Despite her rowdy company, Elspeth was sure she would be undisturbed. She had tipped one of the bearers well and asked that he make sure no one entered her tent. Of course, tent flaps have gaps…

She undressed casually, putting her clothes neatly, and carefully selecting a thin nightdress. The lamp went on the table at the foot of the bed, so that anything she did would not cast a shadow on the tent. She got comfortable on her cot, feet to the tent flaps.

Elspeth thought she would tease herself for a while, but the moment she pulled up the hem of her nightdress and the cool night air hit her thighs her plan changed. Her mind filled with images of the strong deck hands, then Smith's hard member. She remembered the kisses on her ass and his tongue licking her slit. She hitched up her nightdress so her hand could cover her vulva.

She imagined her hand as a mouth and tongue, swirling her fingers around as she got wet, then moving one from clit to cunt and back again. However, the fantasy could not last. She knew how to pleasure herself with her fingers better than any man could with any party of his body. With the tip of her index finger on her opening she cupped her hand over the rest. The firM rocking motion made her heart race and her breath catch.

The breeze came again. Elspeth knew someone had adjusted the tent flap to watch, but it was nothing to her. She turned on her side a little and reached through her legs with her free hand. Those fingers took over working her entrance while the moist fingers of her other hand rubbed her clitoris.

When she came it felt like she smashed through a wall and she had to continue. The second made her shudder and moan. The third and final one was more like a warm shiver which made her head light and foggy. Her libido was sated, at least for tonight.

Elspeth pulled her nightdress down and licked her fingers. In a few moments the glow faded, the exhaustion and aches of traveling set in and she slept.


30 May 1869

The looks that the bearers gave me when I emerged, and the hastily covered footprints outside my tent this morning, told me there had certainly been an audience of more than one at my flaps last night. However, my tent is unstained, so it is no matter. I waved goodbye to the naturalists and most of the bearers, then the priest and I pushed on to the village. I have retained two bearers and the priest three. Our small party has made good time, Godspeed showing stamina I would not have guessed from such a portly red-faced man.

Despite our speed, which I believe the bearers have commented on more than once, we still have to stop overnight one last time. Godspeed, who tells me the remaining bearers speak little English (although there are people in the village who speak it well), asked me if he should ask for them to be alone together for a while. Again, he asked my boobies, not my eyes. I have told him no, purely because if I have to sleep with him it will be as a last resort. He asked me, in no uncertain terms, whether I would be willing to relieve him in a different way. I said I would consider it, but that he should not get his hopes up.


31 May 1869

After an unmolested night, even by myself, I woke early and prepared for the day ahead. I am writing this in the morning as we walk. I am told we will arrive before noon and conduct all of the necessary pleasantries. Then the bearers will do as they please. With any luck, I will find someone sufficiently well versed in English so I can dispense of any need for the priest (who is currently walking behind me again, humming something while watching my derriere). However, I do not know when I will next have the opportunity to write down my experiences. Or if I will be able to do so.


The village was as expected, but the welcome was not. The whole place was agitated and Elspeth was quickly greeted by a young woman wearing very little, but who clearly had the trappings of an important person. More importantly, she spoke English and directed Elspeth and the bearers to a circular area with bench seats. While packs were set down and food and drink provided, Elspeth realised the priest had been taken to one side as soon as they arrived. A heated discussion was occurring on the other side of the village.

“No trouble for you,” said the young woman, “I am Mari, my brother is Chief and he is asking the god’s man why he should be allowed to remain alive.”

“Remain alive?” Elspeth asked, her voice shrill, “What has the priest done? I mean, the god’s man?”

“When he was last here my husband was away,” Mari said, “And he came into my bed. He said he would stay and fight my husband, so I kept him in my bed until my husband returned. But on that morning he left. My belly did not grow, so my husband decided to fight him when he returned. Since then my husband was killed by the Beast.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Elspeth said, touching her arm.

“Please don’t be,” Mari said, “My husband was smelly and stupid. No other man has been so stupid as to challenge the Beast for three years. Also, no other man was so smelly.”

Elspeth laughed a little, and Mari laughed with her.

“So why is your brother the chief so angry?” Elspeth asked.

“Our law is widows marry Chief and he gives his earned brides to be the wives of great hunters,” Mari explained, “But I am his sister so he cannot keep me and he cannot give me away. He has had to wait for the priest to return and claim me before he can release me.”

“Will the priest claim you?” Elspeth asked.

“I hope so,” Mari replied, “Then I can kill him.”

Elspeth waited to see if that was a joke, but it clearly was not. Mari smiled an excited but vicious smile and licked her lips.

“Are there any alternatives?” Elspeth asked, after a long pause, “Is there something else? What if he does not claim you?”

“I don’t know,” Mari said, looking disappointed at the thought, “My brother might kill him, or let me kill him, or make him do some labour. If he is lucky another widow that I like might ask for him and ask me not to kill him.”

Elspeth was lost for words. She briefly considered whether she could save the man’s life by claiming him, but then she remembered what an ass he had been. She shrugged and changed the subject, asking about the tattoos on Mari’s shoulders and chest. This became a group discussion as all of the women gathered and proudly showed the markings on their breasts. Many of these were simply for decoration, while others had detailed stories. Eventually, Elspeth was asked about her tattoos and why she covered them over. She was forced (albeit not literally) to remove her shirt and vest to prove her breasts were unmarked.

After declining the women's offers to give her tattoos, Elspeth realised that it was much fresher to be topless in the shade and she left her shirt and vest to one side while the topic of conversation changed. She regretted this decision shortly afterwards when the men arrived with a shirtless and flushed priest. Godspeed stood quietly while the Chief spoke to the women. He pointed at Mari and everyone cheered. There was a little singing as Mari embraced her new husband and kissed him. The Chief slapped his sister’s arm and pointed at the women. Mari scowled at him and joined the women while a relieved Godspeed sat down next to Elspeth.

“It seems I am still alive,” he said, for once addressing the floor rather than Elspeth’s bare breasts, “The woman has taken me, and for now I am a husband.”

“Pass me my vest,” Elspeth said, taking it quickly from him and putting it on, “Yes, well, I don’t understand any of it but it does seem like you have done the right thing.”

“Well, yes,” he said, “Mari and I fell quite in love the last time I was here, but she could not leave her husband. I left hoping on my return she could find a way for us to be together. It seems neither of us foresaw the chap getting himself killed and confusing everything. The Chief was very hot under the collar, good job I could talk him down really.”

Elspeth shook her head, quickly changing it to a nod and a sympathetic smile when he turned to look at her. If he had been honest, she thought, I might have warned him.


To be continued...