Tasting Pie - Part 1

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Kendrick sat in his living room waiting for his best friend to reply to his text. They had made plans to meet up later that day, to shoot some hoops and practice moves. Both guys played basketball for school and they both had aspirations to be pro players one day.

Kendrick was getting antsy as he waited for his friend to reply. It was two weeks before Thanksgiving and it got dark a lot earlier. He wanted to practice while there was still some light outside. He got up and walked to the kitchen where he was greeted by his mom who was on the phone planning the holiday dinner with his auntie.

He gave her a small kiss on her cheek before he bolted out the back door. He grabbed his ball off the back porch and started off across the street to his friends house. He figured he’d shoot some hoops alone and then they could practice together when Kyle arrived.

He walked up the driveway and waved at Kyle’s mom, who was in the kitchen baking. Kendrick smiled as he stared at her. She reminded him of a 1950’s stay-at-home kind of mom. She was wearing a fitted outfit, high heels, and a short apron that complimented her figure nicely.

In fact, Kendrick found her quite sexy. He figured she was in her early forties. She had cream colored skin, auburn hair, and she was always dressed nice and well put together.

Kendrick couldn’t have been any more of the opposite. He was just over six feet tall, a lean one hundred and forty pounds and he had sexy milk chocolate skin and piercing hazel eyes.

He was dribbling and shooting hoops when he heard Mrs. Moore call out to him from her doorstep.

“Were you not going to come inside and say hello?” She held her hand on her hip and gave him that motherly look.

Kendrick laughed and purposely missed his shot. He let the ball bounce and roll into the grass. “Sorry Mrs. Moore, I didn’t want to interrupt your… umm cooking.”

“Come inside, I am actually baking pies and I need your feedback. Come be my taste tester. I won’t take no for an answer either!” She smiled and waved him inside.

Kendrick smiled back, knowing she meant business. He gave a half-effort run to the door where she was waiting. As soon as he entered the kitchen, the aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg and other amazing spices welcomed him in.

“It smells amazing in here Mrs. Moore. What are you making?” He walked over to the counter and eyed about seven different pies.

“Oh sweetie, you don’t have to call me Mrs. Moore. It makes me feel… So old. Just call me Helen.”

Kendrick nodded, “Yes mam.”

“I’ve been baking pies all day, trying to figure out which one I am going to submit for the holiday baking contest. I need you to taste test them for me. You’ll be my handsome guinea pig.” 

His eyes widened. “There’s seven pies here! That’s a lot of food Mrs… Umm, I mean, Helen.”

Helen laughed, “I promise, I’ll cut the portions small. I mean, you are a growing young man and I know you can handle a few slices.” She placed her hand on his muscular arms. “Oh wow, you’re really starting to fill out. Those arms sure are nice!”

Kendrick smiled and felt his face go flush with embarrassment. Just then his phone buzzed and he welcomed the distraction. Finally his buddy Kyle was responding to his texts.

Kyle: Hey man, I am over at the gfs house and she asked me to stay for din. Maybe next time.

“Great. Kyle is bailing on me for his girlfriend.” Kendrick sighed, he really was looking forward to some practice time with his best friend.

“Oh honey, I am so sorry. Now that he’s dating Cassie, he doesn’t even have time for us, his own family.” Helen rubbed Kendrick’s arms and tried distracting him from the text message.

“Come eat some of my pie!” She motioned him over to the table and had him sit down.

“This first pie is a raspberry pumpkin pie. But let me dollop some whipped cream on top before you taste it.” He watched as she retrieved some fresh whipped topping from the fridge. Just as she went to drop some on his plate, the cream slipped, and went down the opening of her blouse.

Kendrick couldn’t help notice that her blouse opening revealed some of her cleavage. He sneaked a quick peek and was rewarded by a glimpse of her well portioned breasts. He felt his cock stiffen in his gym shorts.

“Oh shoot! Now I’ve made a mess!” Helen laughed at the small spill.

He watched as she untied her apron, placing it on the table. She then unsnapped two buttons on her blouse, revealing more of herself to her visitor. She grabbed a damp rag and began blotting her chest area, wiping up the spilt whipped cream.

Kendrick noticed that the damp cloth had caused her blouse to become semi-transparent and his eyes were glued to the small peep show she was giving him. She was so intent on cleaning up her mess, she didn’t realize how much of herself she had revealed.

When Helen realized, she gasped, “Oh my gosh, I am so sorry sweetie! Look at me, making a mess and you’re probably mortified seeing an old lady like this!”

“How about we try the taste testing another time. I am so embarrassed.” Helen went to retrieve the small plate in front of Kendrick when she noticed him adjusting himself in the chair.

“Kendrick, stand up for me please.” Helen’s voice was calm but stern. She waited as Kendrick looked down at the floor.

Kendrick knew he had been caught. He stood up and revealed a thick hard-on that was apparent through his mesh basketball shorts. There was no denying that he was turned on by the events that had just happened in the kitchen.

“Oh my, you are growing up to be a young man indeed.” Helen bit her lower lip as she stared at the young man in her presence. Without asking, she reached out and placed her hand on the outline of his rock hard cock.

Kendrick tensed up but then quickly relaxed when he realized that Helen was attracted to him. He even wondered if the spilt whipped cream was really an accident. He placed his hand on top of hers and guided her hand to rub his shaft through his shorts. Their eyes locked onto each other and sexual energy was electric. 

“Should I close the curtains and lock the door?” Helen’s voice was heavy with sexual tension.

“What if we still get caught?” Kendrick’s cock was now hurting and begging to be free from the confinement of his shorts.

“Kyle won’t be home for a few hours and my husband is away on business. Please, I need this as much as you want it.” Helen purred as she gripped his cock. Her eyes were hungry for sex and she had a young man all for her taking.

Kendrick watched as she teasingly removed her hand, allowing her manicured nails to linger just seconds around the outline of his cockhead. She quickly pulled the curtains closed and locked the back door. His eyes never left her movement until she was right in front of him.

Kendrick leaned in and went for a kiss. Helen met him and their mouths intertwined as they passionately tasted each other. Helen kept her hands on his hard chest as he wrapped his around her and grabbed her ass. Her body was perfect and he wondered why she craved a guy like him.

Helen pulled back, “Let’s get you out of these clothes. I can feel your hard muscles, now I want to worship and taste them.”

Kendrick was seeing a different side of his friends mom and he loved it. She had the prowess of a cougar and she knew what she wanted. He pulled his shirt off, revealing his dark muscular chest. He watched as Helen ran her hands along his body, stopping at the waistband of his shorts.

“These too sweetie.” Her eyes darted downward and then back upwards and met his gaze.

“That’s not fair. I’ll be completely naked and you’ll still be dressed.” Kendrick playfully frowned.

“Oh I promise, you’ll get all this and more.” Helen ran her hands from her breasts to her covered pussy. She pushed her dress between her legs, simulating what he’d be rewarded with.

Kendrick grinned, he didn’t need much convincing. She was a stunning MILF, and he would do anything to please her. He dropped his shorts and revealed his thick cut cock and trimmed bush.

“You weren’t wearing any underwear, you naughty boy!” Helen reached down and took his cock before giving him a few gentle strokes.

Kendrick threw his head back as he grunted with pleasure. He brought his gaze back to his cougar and watched as she sank to her knees. Helen gently blew on his cock, causing him to experience a new feeling. She opened her mouth and slowly started taking him between her wet lips.

Kendrick felt his legs go weak, but he managed to stay standing. He looked downwards and viewed the sexiest sight possible. Her bright red lips wrapped around his dark shaft. Helen bobbed her mouth up and down until she had him completely slick with her spit.

The room was filled with grunts from him and slurping sounds from her. Every so often, she go deep on his thick shaft and gag before letting up to breathe. Her hands twisted around his hard cock as her mouth and tongue teased his cockhead.

Kendrick reached down and grabbed one of her firm breasts, giving it a nice squeeze. Helen had her mouth full but she still elicited a deep moan from her throat. He knew if she kept sucking him like this, he wouldn’t last long. He pulled back and saw Helen frown.

“You taste so good sweetie. Your precum is so sweet.” Helen licked her lips as Kendrick caught his breath. “How about you come taste my pie.” She gave him a devilish grin as she stood up.

He watched as she walked over to the small kitchen table and he soon followed. When she turned around to face him, she was squeezing her breasts waiting for him to make the next move.

Kendrick reached up and grabbed her blouse before he aggressively unsnapped her buttons by pulling at the fabric. He quickly unsnapped her white laced bra and dropped it to the floor. Her cream colored breasts were accented by tiny pink nipples that stood tall and erect.

“They are very sensitive.” She purred.

Kendrick dropped his mouth to her right breast and took it into his mouth. He could hear her moan as his tongue darted around her nipple. He gently took it between his teeth and tugged on it, causing her to moan louder. He could feel her hands running through his hair as he took turns on each breast. He pulled back and saw pure pleasure on her face. He lifted her up and placed her on the edge of the small table.

He unzipped her skirt and pulled it off. Her pussy was covered by a matching set of white laced panties. She squirmed as he gently kissed up her legs, stopping just short of her panty clad mons.

He looked up and saw her chest panting with excitement as he teased her from below. Helen started playing with her erect nipples as she moaned from his touch.

Kendrick hooked a finger under her panties and easily pulled them to the side. Staring back at him was the smoothest pink pussy. It was clear she waxed and kept herself ready. Holding her panties to the side he brought his tongue to her slit, before darting it around and causing her to squirm above.

Her moans were getting louder and he loved teasing her. He pressed his entire face into her nether region and slowly started tasing her sweet wetness. He felt her clamp her thighs around him as he pushed further in. Kendrick tongue fucked her as deep as he could, letting her velvet hole open with each push.

Helen started yelping as she experienced her first orgasm. Her legs tightened and she felt a gush of wetness explode between her legs. Between her panting, she loosened her legs and allowed Kendrick to come up for air. His face was covered in her slick cum as he smiled at her.

Kendrick slowly rubbed his finger in a circular motion on her clit as they both caught their breath. Her clit protruded nicely and he quickly darted back down before taking it into his mouth. Helen started jerking and thrashing as her body subjected her to another orgasm.

His mouth loosened its grip on her clit and he pulled back, watching Helen in a pure form of excitement. Her skin was now flush and pink and her body glistened with sweat. She was ready to be fucked and he was ready to give it to her. He slid her panties off and tossed them to the floor.

Kendrick stood up and again brought his mouth to hers as they embraced and kissed each other passionately. 

“Do you want more, or should I leave?” He playfully ran his cock along her wet slit as he waited for her response.

Helen was not one to be outdone, especially by a younger stud. She reached between her legs and her manicured nails opened her pussy lips, displaying her pink hole. “Does this answer your question?”

Kendrick smiled before pushing the head of his cock into her. Even for a mature woman she was tight, or maybe he was just that thick. He waited as she adjusted to his girth. Her breathing picked up and he watched as her breasts rose and fell with each sigh.

“Give me more, I want all of it.” She purred.

Kendrick pushed more of himself into her and watched as her flat abs contracted as he gave her more of his thick cock. He placed his large dark hands on her stomach as he pushed the last inches of himself into her. She grunted but kept smiling with her eyes closed.

He slowly started pulling out before he pushed back into her wet, tight, and warm opening. She kept her fingers on her clit, rubbing it, as he fucked her. He picked up his thrusts and eventually the small table creaked each time their bodies met.

“Your cock is so thick!” Helen blurted out before her body was overcome with another orgasm. 

Kendrick could feel her pussy contracting around his cock before she flooded him with another gush of cum. This only turned him on more and he kept thrusting into her, allowing her body only seconds of rest before pushing her sexual experience to another level.

He knew he was getting close with each thrust. He so badly wanted to fuck her in other positions, but alas her pussy was too much for him. He started to grunt and barely asked, “Where should I cum?” His heavy breathing and sweaty body ached for a climax.

He felt Helen wrap her legs around him as he continued thrusting his hard cock into her tight opening. She opened her eyes and whispered, “Cum inside me baby.”

Kendrick felt his balls tighten and he let out a loud animalistic growl before he started pumping his mature lover full of his thick seed. This sent Helen over the edge and she met his last thrust with one of her own before her body started jerking from an intense climax.

Kendrick collapsed on top of lover and she held him close until his breathing subsided to a normal pace. His cock was still inside her as he started to lift himself up. He slowly pulled himself free and watched as his cum slid out of her spent opening.

Helen took her fingers and ran them through his cum before scooping some up and bringing it to her lips. She licked at it and smiled. “Now this is a real creampie.”

Kendrick smiled as he pulled up his shorts, staring at his beautiful lover who still sat on top of the table. Her legs still displayed open and giving him the best view ever. He smiled before asking, “So should I come back tomorrow and we can try this again?”

Helen smiled, “I would love that.”