Home Early - From The Bedroom Window - Chap 2

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My adrenaline is running high, I am sweating, and I am half dressed as I run out of the bedroom. I was really enjoying that hot blowjob when I was caught red-handed by the owner of the house. Kayley had assured me that no one would be home for several hours. So I took the gamble, went over and was getting some awesome head, until her uncle walked in.

I heard the front door slam behind me as I stumbled a few steps, still panting and worried of what might happen. When I realize no one is coming outside to confront me, I stop and catch my breath.
“That’s crazy. That shit did not just happen to me!” I mumble to myself. I gathered my thoughts while I pull on my t-shirt and pull out my car keys. I need to get out of here as quick as possible before her uncle changes his mind and comes looking for me.

I start walking across the yard towards my car when I see the side gate ajar that leads to the back of the house. I can only imagine the lashing she is getting. I mean, she was on her knees blowing me… No, she was on her knees deep throating me, when he walked in.

My mind is still racing, telling me to just leave, but my legs say otherwise as they start towards the backyard. Within seconds, I am now staring into the bedroom window, and this is what I see.

I know my mouth was probably wide open. I saw Kayley just standing there, still nude. I couldn’t really understand what they were saying, but the argument looked heated. But why is she still topless? Not that I didn’t mind the view, she does has amazing tits. Too bad I didn’t get to suck on them. Why the fuck did her uncle have to come home so early?!

Fuck, no way. Kayley just took her uncles hand and placed it on her exposed tit. It looks like he laughed. But why is he placing his hands on her hips? What the hell is going on? Oh shit, now they’re kissing. Why is my dick getting hard, why am I watching this? This is some weird shit. Even with everything going on inside, I still keep staring.

I pull out my phone and snap a few pictures of them kissing. I don’t know what I am going to do with these photos, but I take them anyways. Again, I feel my dick aching to be pulled out of my gym shorts. Fuck it, I pull out my hard dick and give it a few strokes while I watch my girl getting fondled and sucked on by an older guy.

I am leaking a ton of pre-cum. It helps while I stroke my massive nine inch cock. Kayley should be sucking me off right now. I watch as her uncle fondles her some more. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, she shocks me again.

I take a step away from the window. I just saw Kayley drop to her knees and pull out her uncles dick. I turn back towards the window and watch as she tries to deep throat his huge cock. I can see her coughing and spitting as she struggles to take him all the way down her throat. I can see him groping her firm tit. That should be me in there doing that, not him!
I realize my cock is still rock hard and I give it a few more tugs as I watch Kayley sucking this guy off. I am completely blown away. She really is a nasty whore. I take a few more photos without being noticed. 

I let out a small groan, but luckily they didn’t notice me. Fuck this feels good, stroking my cock, watching this unfold, and they don’t even know I am watching.

I watch as her uncle pulls off his shirt. The guy must work out, he is pretty chiseled for an older dude. Kayley is really loving this, her hands explore over his stomach area, as her mouth is still wrapped around his hard shaft.

Wait… Why is she taking off her shorts! Damn, she does has a tight firm ass. All that volleyball in school is paying off. Her legs are long and slender with nice toned muscle. Her ass cheeks looks amazing from this angle. I keep stroking my cock, watching them kiss and make out.

Fuck! Now she is climbing onto the bed and teasing him with that cute butt wiggle she does for me. Except, she’s doing it for her uncle! What the… Damn, she even has on the sexy blue panties I like. I speed up my stroking as I watch her being flipped onto her back.

I am panting as I stroke faster, but not too fast, I am not ready to cum just yet. He is now sliding his fingers between her legs. He must be getting a really nice feel of her cute pussy. Her panties are still on, but that’s the best part, I like to do that to her too.

Now he’s kissing the inside of her legs. I can see her squirming and jerking her head back. She’s never asked me to do that to her. I usually just pull her panties off and go straight for her puss. 

He must have her panties pulled to the side, I can see his face buried between her legs. From the angle I am standing, I can see him clearly, looking up at her, as she arches her back up, she must be close to an orgasm.

I just heard her yelp from the bedroom, she is definitely enjoying this. I slow my stroking down again, I am so close to a climax. Watching her with her uncle is hot as fuck.

It looks like she is grinding against his face. Her hand is grabbing his head and pulling him forward, and it looks like she is thrusting her pelvic into his mouth. She never does that to me. I can’t wait to confront her at school, she has a lot to explain. I even have proof! Ok, it looks like, he pulling his face off her pussy now.

Really Kayley!? Now they are getting into a sixty-nine position. She said she hates that position, but here she is, doing with this dude.

Nice, her ass is positioned right towards the window and I am getting a great view. I take a few more photos. Her uncle is really lapping up her pussy. I don’t blame him, it does taste amazing.

I can see him fingering her ass, she really likes that. We’ve only had sex once, and it was anal. She didn’t want to get pregnant. Her ass is super tight. He is really pushing his finger in there, I can hear her moaning through the closed window. She must be getting really close to cumming, because she gets louder when she’s turned on.

It’s obvious they are both climaxing, I can hear both of them grunting and moaning very loudly. I speed up my stroking and I let out a few small grunts as I climax and shoot my hot load. It flies upwards and hits me on my chest. Fuck, I am panting as I come down from that high.

I peer into the window and I can see them still on the bed. She is now giving his spent cock a few more strokes, sucking out whatever cum he still has left. I snap a few more photos and quickly pull up my shorts. I need to get out of here before I get caught.