Blind Swap

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Disclaimer: This story is a spin-off of Crotch Rocket 1 & 2. This content contains Incest Fantasy! It also contains non-consensual content. If this offends you, then stop reading now. This is probably my most taboo erotic story I’ve written yet. If you enjoy it, then please upvote and leave a comment.


Justin felt an uneasiness as he walked towards the patio door. His dad had just caught him and his sister, in her bedroom, together, and now he had to face an awkward and private conversation. He swallowed emptiness into the pit of his stomach and then he slid the door open and stepped into the backyard.

He looked up and saw his dad sitting on one of the patio chairs, his face stern, his hands clasped, as he waited for his son to approach.

Justin quickly shot his gaze downwards to the ground and felt his feet slowly start in the direction of the unknown. Justin sat across from his dad, not speaking, not knowing what to say. So many thoughts were racing through his mind. Had his parents heard him and Heather having sex? How much of anything did they hear? Was he over-reacting? This might be nothing at all.

Danny spoke first. “Son, we need to talk. What you did last night is serious and there is no easy way to begin. So I’ll just ask. How long…” Danny pursed his lips as he paused. “How long… Have you and Heather been having sex?”

Justin felt his entire world crumbling. Everything around him was spinning. The words lingered as his brain tried processing the question. How long…. Heather…. Sex…. He sat there in silence as his mind screamed, but his voice remained inaudible, as his eyes swelled with tears.

Justin’s body jerked as he felt his dad’s hand touch his shoulder. Danny’s embrace was caring, and he could see the pain on his sons face. 

“Son, maybe I should explain something. I figured this might happen. I mean… Errr. What I am saying, is you two are developing so fast and I guess… Well I am not surprised… Your mom and your uncle did it, so I guess… It was bound to happen.” Danny’s words were sporadic and confusing, but he really did care about his son’s feelings. 

Justin sat there even more shocked. Had he heard his dad correctly. His uncle had boned his mom and his dad knew about it. His mouth hung open as his mind tried sorting all the information that was being spoken to him.

Justin finally spoke a few timid words, “What, what do you mean, mom and uncle… I am confused.” The words lingered as Justin finally glanced upwards at his dad, who was now mustering a subtle smile.

Danny gave a small laugh, finally the ice was breaking. “Well, you know your mom and I had you at a young age. Your mom has always been more sexually open and mature than most women. And well, you know, she tried things. She has never hidden secrets from me and I am ok with that.”

Justin adjusted himself in the chair. He felt his cock stiffen as his dad spoke. Learning that his mom and his uncle had messed around, aroused him. Again his mind started screaming at him. This is not right, she’s your mom!

Danny glanced down and saw his son was forming a semi hard-on from their conversation. “Well son, it looks like you might be following in your mom’s footsteps and be open to a little bit more than I imagined. Do… Do you find mom attractive?”

Justin’s eye shot directly at his dad in terror and shock. “Dad! Seriously!”

“It’s ok son. We need to talk about these things. I rather us be open and honest. Your feelings for your sister and mom are not taboo and you shouldn’t be ashamed of them.” Danny waited for his son to protest but was surprised when he did not.

Justin hesitated before speaking, “I mean… I guess… Mom is pretty hot. All my friends stare at her and they tease me when we’re in the gym. Her legs are amazing and well… Since you got her the boob job, I do stare a little more than I should.”

Justin couldn’t believe the words that were escaping his lips. He was confessing to his dad that he found his mom attractive. Vickie had had her kids at a younger age, and for a woman of thirty seven, she looked amazing. His dad was a shy older at thirty nine, but he kept himself in great shape and he could easily hang with Justin and his friends when they all hit the gym together.

Danny sat silent as he pondered what his son had just told him. He had an idea forming and it was risky, but the thought had him aroused and he adjusted his pants as he sat in the chair. Then he spoke and Justin’s jaw hit the floor in pure shock.

“Would you fuck your mother if you had the chance?” Danny’s voice was calm but serious.

Before Justin could respond, his dad cut him off, “I mean, we can make it happen, if you think you’re wild enough to fuck her like a grown man.” Danny glanced down at his sons crotch area, and Justin’s growing hard-on made it clear how he felt.

“Here’s what we’ll do…. Danny went into detail with his plan and explained to Justin how it would all go down. He knew Vickie had plans to get drinks with her girlfriends after work. She’d be buzzed and horny when she got home, which would be the perfect setting for a nice bait and switch.

Danny watched as Justin nodded his head in agreement and the plan was set. The rest of the day was very mundane. Danny cleaned the yard while his son helped. In return Danny helped Justin wash and wax his new motorcycle. Both guys drank a few beers and nothing more was said about their secret plan to bed Vickie.

Before long the day turned to dusk and then to night. The cooler weather was a welcome change. Justin was in his bedroom shirtless, when his father knocked and entered.

“Your mom is in her Uber and will be home in about 10 minutes. Are you still down for this? If you’ve changed your mind…”

Justin interrupted his dad before he could finish, “I’ve been waiting all day for this.” He stood up from his bed and adjusted his hard cock in front of his dad. The thick outline was prevalent and very defined. Danny smiled, knowing that his son was completely onboard for their plan.

Danny led his son to the bedroom and opened the master closet. “You’ll sit and wait here. I’ll dim the lights and put on some music. You can watch us through the slatted door. When I motion to you, you’ll come out and take over. Remember keep silent and I’ll do all the talking. She can never know we’re switching places!”

Justin nodded, that he understood the plan. He adjusted his straining cock and thought about how this would all play out. He had butterflies in his stomach from the nervousness, but the sheer excitement outweighed any reservations and he knew he wanted to see this through.

Justin heard the front door open and listened as his mom entered the house. Her voice was louder than usual, signifying her buzzed demeanor. He smiled as he heard his dad flirting with her, and watched as they entered the bedroom.

Even in the dimmed light setting, he could make out his mom in her black mini skirt, cream colored blouse. The opening of her shirt exposed her cleavage and her high heels showed off her toned legs. He watched as his dad kissed her neck, whispered into her ear, and enticed her with a sexual teasing.

The music was subtle, but Justin could hear his mom talk dirty as she playfully strip teased for her husband. As she removed her blouse, her firm tits were held in place by a sexy black laced bra. Justin rubbed his cock through his shorts as he imagined unclasping it and letting her breasts fall free. He craved to kiss and suck on them. All his friends had admired her large firm breasts, and soon he’d be playing with them.

Justin watched on, as his dad kissed and teased her back in return. Rubbing his hands on her waist, keeping her skirt raised just enough to tease his son, who watched from mere feet away.

“So baby, I want to try something different tonight.” Danny’s deep masculine voice turned his wife on immensely.

She purred as she waited for him to explain further. She let out a small gasp of surprise when Danny revealed a dark silk tie. She had given it to him as a gift a few years back.

“I want to blindfold you with this tie tonight. Every touch, every kiss, every deep thrust I give you, will be an unsuspecting surprise. I don’t want you to see anything coming. You’ll be at my full control.” He playfully let the silk tie touch her skin as she smiled and ran her hands through his hair.

“Anything for you baby.” Her voice was low and husky, revealing to Danny she was extremely horny and turned on.

He carefully placed the tie around her, covering her eyes, and gave it a firm, but gentle tug as he knotted it securely. “No peeking, none what-so-ever.”

Vickie giggled in suspense as she reached out, playfully looking for her husband. He took her hand and led her to the bed. He bent her over and pulled up her skirt, exposing her matching black laced panties.

Danny turned, then motioned to his son, who was intently watching from the closet. Danny motioned him over and then held his finger to his lips, instructing Justin to be quiet.

Justin quietly approached the bed and nodded to his dad that he understood.

“Just so you know babe, I took a male enhancement pill tonight, so I hope you’re ready to be fucked with the stamina of a college guy!” Danny let out a naughty laugh as he winked at his son.

Vickie moaned with pleasure as she heard these words. The alcohol had her senses heightened and she was ready for a sensual time.

Danny motioned to his son to take over. Danny then sat in a chair by the bed as he watched his son touch his mom in a way he had imagined all day. Their plan was actually happening and his cock strained in his pants as he waited to see what would happen next.

Justin placed his large hands on Vickie’s waist and pulled her into him as his covered cock grinded into her backside. He leaned in and took a deep inhale of her hair. The mixed scent of perfume and her pheromones were evident and he loved it.

Vickie moaned as she felt the large cock pushing against her ass. She reached behind and ran her hands against the soft fabric of shorts. She longed to feel the thick muscle against her skin, but she promised to be controlled by her husband, so she waited for him to speak his instructions.

“Do you like when I grind against you like this?” Danny spoke. He watched as his son pushed further into his wife and he knew her body begged for more. It turned him on even more, knowing that she was clueless it wasn’t actually him caressing her body.

Vickie moaned in pleasure, “Please, give me more daddy.”

Justin had never heard his parents speak like this and it was a turn on to him as well. He pulled back and sank to his knees. His face was now level with her covered ass. Justin leaned in and took another deep inhale. Her scent was sexually intoxicating. His hands slipped under her panties waistband and he slowly slid them down to her ankles.

“Lean forward and rest yourself on the bed. I want you to reach behind and spread your ass for me.” Danny’s deep voice was now huskier as he instructed his wife from the bedside.

Vickie did as she was told. Her manicured hands gently opened her ass, allowing her son a better view of her perfect pussy and ass. Justin looked up at his dad and smiled before burying his face into her.

“Oh Danny, that feels amazing. Ohhh, Push your tongue in deeper.” Vickie’s voice was strained as her body shuddered from the intense pleasure she was suddenly experiencing. 

Justin placed his hands on top of his mom’s, spreading her ass further, allowing him an even deeper position. His tongue explored her velvet slit and lapped her sweet juices. He could feel her pussy contracting with each small orgasm. He’d occasionally pull back and suck on her outer lips, before pushing his face deep back into her welcoming opening.

Vickie was now losing all control as her body gushed with small orgasms. She and Danny had not had sex in almost a month and this much needed release was exactly what she craved.

Justin finally pulled his face from her opening and watched as his moms legs shuddered with pleasure. His face was covered in her wetness and he only craved more. He looked over at his dad who smiled proudly at him. Justin used his hands to motion that he wanted his mom to roll over.

“Honey, let’s get you up on the bed now, on your back. I am not done feasting on you. I want you on your back and I want you to spread your legs open for me and hold them there.” Danny’s voice was commanding but still very loving. He knew what his wife liked hearing.

Justin stood up and turned Vickie around. He placed his hands on her hips and lifted her onto the bed. She squealed with excitement. It had been years since her husband treated her like a young vixen.

Vickie was loving how in control her husband was, but more importantly, she loved his new stamina and lust for her body. It reminded her of their first years as a couple. Their sex was passionate, appetizing and lustful.

As soon as Justin had his mom in the perfect position, he started kissing at her ankles as he easily pulled off her black high heels, dropping them to the floor. His small kisses extended from her ankle all the way until he reached her inner thigh. He was now at her begging pussy and he gently kissed the top of it where her thick muff of hair formed. He felt her body shudder from his intimate touch. Goosebumps appeared around her inner thighs and he heard her moan from his kisses.

He traced his tongue along the slit of her opening, tasting her sweetness, before prying back her lips and diving into her warmth. He let his tongue devour her as she squirmed and moaned above, his mouth was relentless and he wasn’t about to slow down.

Danny watched as his wife squirmed and grabbed at her sons head, running her beautiful hands through his hair. Luckily Danny and Justin kept their hair short and neat, she would have never known the difference.

Justin pulled his face off her pussy and felt more wetness all over his face. He smiled at his dad, waiting for him to speak again. The room was filled with subtle music and the panting of his mom as she succumbed from another orgasm.

“Are you enjoying this baby?” Danny’s voice was deep with desire as he waited for his wife to respond.

Between panting and slight moans, Vickie replied, “You’ve kept this side of you repressed a long time baby. I feel like a young slut and I love it!” She kept running her hands through Justin’s hair, waiting for her next surprise.

Justin stood and dropped his shorts, revealing his large and girthy cock. It had been confined to his clothing long enough. He was ready to submerge the shaft into her velvety pussy. After dropping his shorts, he moved closer to the bed, where he easily slid his thick cock head against her slit. He watched as a few beads of her cum lubricated them as he slid it back and forth.

Vickie reached out and ran her nails along his waist, pulling him closer. Her voice again was strained as she begged him to fuck her. “Oh baby, I am craving that cock, give it to me now!”

Danny laughed as he watched his son teasing his wife. His son looked to be a little thicker than him. He wondered if she’d know the difference. Danny was so far into this fantasy, he didn’t care. He was eager to see his son passionately fuck his wife.

“Alright you little slut! I guess I’ll give you what you want. I hope you’re ready for a good fucking. You’ve been a naughty girl.” Danny’s words sent Vickie over the edge.

Still blindfolded, she reached up and unclasped her bra from the front, letting her huge breasts fall free. “Two can play at this game daddy! I know how much you love playing with these.” She playfully squeezed her breasts, waiting for her husband to react.

Justin’s eyes became huge saucers as he stared at her beautiful titties. In his distraction, his cockhead quickly slipped into his mom as he leaned forward for a better look. He heard her grunt as he entered her, but he was to fixated on her huge breasts.

He leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth as he let his tongue swirl around it. He gently sucked on it, as she pulled him closer to her bosom. 

“That’s right baby, suck on mommy.” Vickie welcomed, who she thought was her husband, into her chest as she caressed his short hair.

Justin easily went back and forth between her breasts, devouring them, as his mom continued moaning in pleasure. Her breasts were so firm, so perky, so perfect. Justin pulled his face back and admired how she squeezed them for him. He leaned in and kissed her sultry lips and felt her tongue push into his, allowing them to passionately become one.

As he pulled his face away he heard her begging him to push inside her. He looked down and realized only the head of his cock was inside her. 

“You are such a tease tonight!” She pulled at his waist, wanting more of him inside her.

“As you wish baby. Here comes daddy’s cock.” Danny looked over at Justin. Even though no words were spoken, their eyes met and conveyed everything. Danny was giving his son permission to fuck her.

Justin ran his fingers around his moms parted slit, using her wetness as lube along his thick shaft. It was now or never. His entire being craved this, so he pushed in. As he looked down, he watched his entire shaft disappear into her as he thrusted deep into her abyss. He felt her nails dig into him as she grunted with his intrusion.

“Oh fuck, you feel amazing. Fuck me baby!” Her words barely left her lips before Justin pulled out and shoved himself back into her wet opening.

Justin turned his head and watched as she began lowering her legs onto his shoulders. He kissed her toned calf as he thrusted in and out of her. He watched as her legs shuddered with each thrust and movement. The bed creaked as he fucked her passionately. He didn’t want to disappoint her, so using all the energy he could muster, he piston fucked her until she started yelping with pleasure.

Justin knew he’d have to slow down or he might cum too soon. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he buried his cock deep inside his mom. He hoped his dad had a good angle to view how he was fucking her. He wanted to make him proud.

Danny watched as sweat appeared on his sons chest. His thrusts were vigorous and fast. He knew his son wouldn’t last long in that position or pace, so he quickly spoke.

“I want to fuck you on all fours. Climb further up on the bed babe.” Danny watched as Justin pulled his cock out and gave it quick strokes, quietly panting as he caught his breath. As Vickie climbed further onto the bed, Justin reached out and gave her ass a hard smack.

“Oh fuck baby, you’ve got me wet! Whatever those pills are, keep taking them! Mama loves this wild side of you!” Vickie called out in pleasure as her hands went between her legs. Justin watched as she rubbed her pussy from below, inviting him to take her from behind.

Justin climbed up onto the bed and positioned himself behind her. He lined up his cock and pushed in. He heard his mom grunt as he opened her slit with his huge shaft. He pushed all the way in, until he bottomed out in her warm welcoming vice.

“You like this, don’t you, you little slut?!” Danny watched as his son quickly plowed his wife from behind. 

Justin knew she liked her ass slapped and he was quick to smack her ass cheeks as he plowed her in a smooth deep rhythm. Whack! Whack! He watched as her bottom turned a deep crimson red. She only begged for more and he obliged.

Justin shot a glance at his dad, and again, words unspoken conveyed everything. Justin was close to climaxing. The only thing was, he and his dad, hadn’t spoke about where he should cum.

“Oh fuck, I am close to cumming baby! Your pussy is fucking amazing!” Danny pretended to be out of breath as he spoke to his wife.

“I am going to cum all over your tight ass!” Danny’s words were all Justin needed to hear.

Justin wanted to moan out loudly, but he suppressed his voice as he went to pull out. No sooner than his cock appeared, he started spurting his hot seed all over his moms ass. His cum kept shooting in huge droves as it fell onto her tanned skin.

He collapsed onto her as she rubbed her pussy from below. He reached under and fondled her huge tits as they both caught their breath. He gently kissed her back area as she spoke soft sighs and moans of pleasure.

Justin felt a gentle hand rest on his shoulder. He looked over at his dad who was smiling and now standing next to him naked. His dads cock was standing at full attention and Justin knew he needed to go back to the closet and hide. Justin nodded his head, signifying he understood.

He climbed off the bed and grabbed his shorts as he quietly made his way back to his hiding spot. He watched as his dad took his place and spoke to his mom.

“Are you ready for round two?” Danny leant down and playfully bit his wife’s ass, growling as he pulled her close.

“Round two!? What are these pills and how do we buy them in bulk!” She laughed as her husband wrapped his entire arms around her, flipping her over, allowing him to kiss her passionately.

“Let’s get this blindfold off you baby!” Danny reached up and pulled off the tie, allowing his wife to gaze upon him, as they embraced and kissed again.

Danny slid his cock between his wife’s legs, lined himself up, and pushed deep into her. Her eyes opened as she grunted, allowing her husband to fuck her missionary style. They continued kissing as he thrusted in and out, letting his thick cock please his wife.

Danny pulled his mouth off his wife, “I want you to ride me, reverse cowgirl.” His voice was deep as he begged his wife to hurry. He wanted to sink his cock back into her, he loved knowing her pussy was spent, but it was now his for the taking.

Vickie climbed off him, her leg shaking, from her continuous pleasures. He watched as she climbed on top of him, using her fingers to rub her pussy as he slid back deep into her opening.

Unbeknownst to her, her son was getting the perfect view of her tits bouncing as she slid up and down her husbands cock. Danny moaned, because he knew his son was getting the show of a lifetime, and also because his wife was getting the dicking she craved.

“I am so close baby, I am ready to cum again.” Danny kept his hands on her waist as she bounced up and down on him. She grinded her hips, knowing he loved her deviant movements. 

“Well you’re not cumming on my ass this time. I want all of you, inside me.” Vickie’s animalistic and controlling words sent him over the edge.

Danny started grunting as he thrusted upward, shooting a large load of his thick cum into his wife. He gripped her waist as he filled her up, their bodies in sync as they both climaxed.

Vickie let out a loud howl as she felt her husband filling her up. Her fingers never left her clit as she rubbed it vigorously, causing her body to hit an ultimate climax with her husband.

They both fell back on the bed as they caught their breath. Danny watched as his wife rolled off his cock, allowing his cum to drip out of her. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck as they took in their full sexual experience.

After a few minutes of holding each other, some small talk and laughing, Vickie pushed her butt into her husbands groin. “How about a round three stud?”

They both laughed as they kissed again. Danny pulled back and gave her tender ass another slap, but this time, more endearing.

“I am going to shower, then let’s find the kids and have a light dinner.” Suddenly Vickie’s face went red from embarrassment. “Oh my gosh, I hope the kids didn’t hear us having sex!”

Danny laughed and played it off. “I am sure they’ve heard worse hunny. Go shower and I’ll join you in a minute!” He watched as his wife seductively walked to their bathroom. He knew that she’d be waiting for him in the shower and that meant more sexy time fun.

As soon as he heard the water running, he went to the closet and opened the door. Justin emerged from his hiding spot, still naked, and grinning ear to ear.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Danny laughed as he quietly spoke to his son.

“When can we do it again?!” Justin asked. He and his dad embraced, both naked, both connected with a secret, only they knew. Danny gave his son a small pat on his bare ass.

“Go clean up and we’ll all meet downstairs in a few. Do not say anything to your sister!”

“Oh he won’t have too, I watched everything from the hallway!” Heather’s voice shocked both guys, as they turned around and faced her.

Heather smiled at them with a deviant grin, before replying, “This can be our secret for now.”

To be continued...