Rob and Jenny’s Second Date - The Morning After

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Rob and Jenny’s Second Date - The Morning After
By Fantasmic

We had barely finished the hotel breakfast, the morning following our second date.  I expected that to be it for this trip, but my flight wasn’t until late in the evening and it was not yet nine in the morning.  Holding her large coffee mug in both hands, the little figurine dangling from her choker, Jenny dropped the bombshell:  “Rob, do you remember my friend Lexi? You asked me about her - she was in one of my pictures.”  I nodded, not sure where this was going. Jenny continued, “I tell her everything, she knows most of what we did last time.  She’s curious to meet you.”

“Yes…. I remember her.  Hispanic girl, right?”  Then, “”What do you mean, curious to meet me?”

Jenny blushed a little. “I tell her everything, we’re best friends. Housemates.  I told her about our date last month and she almost begged me to let her come this time. I didn’t think it was appropriate, but she’s been texting me for updates all morning. We texted when you were in the shower and I told her how it went, and she’s back to pestering me to get to meet you.”

I was perplexed.  I wasn’t surprised that she had a friend to watch her back, know where and what she was doing and so on.  But… “meet me for what reason?” I asked, worried this was some over protective friend who felt I had gone too far.

“She wants to audition for the same deal we have.”  Jenny said this quietly, a little embarrassed “I never told her about the money from the first time. Just told her there might be some in the future if we got on over dinner and that things just went from there. Now she wants in, I think, an arrangement as well.”

My mind raced.  I had vague plans to do some shopping for myself before heading to the airport.  Jenny was supposed to leave after breakfast.  But plans change.  “Why don’t you ask her to come and meet us then?  I can arrange to have the room until this afternoon.”  Jenny picked up her phone and quickly typed out a text. A couple of ping, pong messages later she looked up at me, smiled and said: “She should be here in about half an hour."
“Tell her that she has to pass the audition with flying colours, or no deal.” She tapped away at her phone and received a simple “okay” back, which she showed me, biting her lip. I signed the check and we made our way up to the room.

I will admit that my heart raced in the elevator.  This had so much potential for fun.  When we got to the room I grilled Jenny more on what she had told Lexi already.  Apparently she had told her, in detail, of our first date and much of last night’s escapades by text this morning, including outfits and presents.  I decided to make an impression.

* * * * * *

Once in the room, I told Jenny to change into the blue underwear set and put her hair up again.  While she did, I moved chairs around a bit and took a seat.  Once she had finished getting changed, tidied her clothes away, and put her hair in a high ponytail as requested, I gestured for Jenny to join me.  She looked great, as she always did.  The blue complemented her eyes, and with her hair away from her neck, the gold studded leather choker with its submissive figurine was on full display.

I tapped the side of my chair, and Jenny interpreted correctly that she should kneel next to me.  We had time, and I proceeded to ask her more questions on Lexi.  “Her family is Cuban” Jenny started “and she’s studying to be a nurse.  She’s done some dancing in the past, but has no time for it now.  We’ve lived together for almost two years now.”

Apparently they were close, told each other everything.  But I had no sense of anything sexual between them, either directly or with another man.  Lexi was not active on the Sugar Daddy site, although she had encouraged Jenny to try it.
Then the knock on the door.  I sent Jenny to open it, preferring to remain seated.  I had positioned the chair so that I was out of sight of the door and had instructed Jenny to let Lexi in and close the door behind them. This meant I couldn’t see who was outside, which I found myself wishing I had thought of.  What if this was some angry boyfriend or even worse?
But in came Lexi.  She was slim, dressed in tight jeggings, which came down to her ankles.  On top she wore a tight cropped top, hugging her chest tightly and showing off her smooth belly.  She was slightly shorter than Jenny, but more athletic with slimmer hips, albeit with a more pronounced butt, and smaller breasts.

Jenny followed her into the room, and I tapped my chair, for her to resume her kneeling position next to me.  Keeping my face expressionless, I said “you must be Lexi”.  She smiled nervously and nodded before replying “yes I am. Thank you for letting me come”.  I smiled at that, wondering if she realised the joke.

“Jenny tells me you want to audition?”  She nodded, and having decided this was a time for directness I continued: “That’s good. That means you do as I say, and if you please me maybe you can join Jenny and I next time.”  Again, she nodded, before adding a “yes....” and then “that’s fine.”

I looked at her without saying anything for a few moments, wanting to see what she would do.  She remained as she was.  “You can get undressed.  Jenny why don’t you help her.” Jenny stood up as Lexi started unbuttoning her jeans.  She clearly had come as she was, casual and not so elegant to undress.  Jenny knelt next to her, first undoing her shoes before pulling her the jeggings down from her hips.  I admired Lexi’s very shapely ass, cheeks on full display, while she lifted one foot, then the other, allowing Jenny to pull the Jeggings off.

Jenny then stood behind Lexi and moved her arms to be upright before pulling the crop top up.  And so Lexi stood in her thong and a strapless bra, with Jenny behind her quickly removing the latter.  Her breasts were perky. Not large, but would pass any pencil test, and looked great on her slim frame.  Probably a B cup or so, with darkish round areolas.  With Lexis’ arms back down by her sides, Jenny slid down the thong, revealing a fully shaven pussy nestling at the top of the long, slender thighs.
“Put the collar and leash on her” I told Jenny, who quickly retrieved it from my suitcase and fastened around Lexi’s neck.  “Good” I said, “Now, Lexi we have rules here. In private you are to call me Master.  Jenny will have told you this - so I will leave it to her to teach you a lesson.”

Jenny looked at me wide eyed.  I gave her a moment to think it through, and she rewarded my trust by pulling down on Lexi’s leash.  Lexi took the hint and knelt down, then as Jenny pulled forward, went onto all fours.  Jenny led her a few steps like this, as much as the hotel room would allow, leading her around so that her ass and pussy were facing me. Then, still holding the leash, leant down to spank Lexi suddenly and hard on the left cheek.

I placed my hands flat on their respective chair arms, and tapped my right hand lightly down three times. Jenny, followed my instruction by spanking Lexi three times on her right cheek.  I repeated the same with my left hand, and Jenny followed. I alternated right and left a few times, harder and softer, Jenny following perfectly each time.
It was enough, I figured, noticing how Lexi’s pussy was glistening.  I gestured for Jenny to lead her to me, and with some tugs of the leash, Lexi followed around and crawled on all fours toward me, finally kneeling in front of me.

“Jenny, why don’t you get my cock out, so that Lexi can have a taste.”  She bent over me to undo my fly, and ever so carefully pulled my hard-on out, while I groped her ass.  Lexi reached out and put her hand around my shaft, guiding it into her mouth.  “No hands in the future, Lexi.  Jenny can show you how later.”  My cock filling her mouth, she grunted what sounded like a positive response, her hands both now resting on her thighs.

Lexi slurped away at the blow job, enthusiastic and sloppy with saliva, with her eyes closed.  I relaxed and watched with pleasure.  Jenny still stood next to me and I reached out to guide her head down towards me and kissed her.  While Lexi’s mouth pleasured my cock with her strong tongue and sucking, my Jenny’s tongue darted against mine in a vigorous kiss.  I undid Jenny’s bra and as our lips parted, she quickly removed it while I slid her panties down.
Pulling her down again, we resumed our kissing while I fondled her breasts and ass with both hands.  This was sheer heaven, I remember thinking.  I lasted a while like this, after the previous night’s escapades and my early morning blowjob.

I then let Jenny go and started gathering up Lexi’s hair, as she continued working on my cock.  Holding her hair in my right hand, I started guiding her movements. Eventually gently pulled her head off my penis.  “Jenny, lead her to the bed - doggy style”.  Jenny gamely walked round the bed, pulling Lexi behind her.  Lexi climbed up and onto all fours, her calves and feet sticking out over the edge.

I stood up, cock proudly sticking out through my fly, and walked over to Lexi, positioning myself behind her.  This was the first time I touched her, besides her head and hair. I caressed her buttocks, pulling at them with my fingers and squeezing the cheeks, before moving my hand between her legs to feel her wet pussy.

I rubbed my middle and ring fingers between her lips and over her clitoris, eventually sliding them in easily.  She moaned gratefully at the attention, wriggling her hips at my touch, trying to gain some control. I smacked her butt cheek with my free hand, then back-handed the other cheek lightly.  She stopped moving at that.

Jenny stood on the other side of the bed, opposite me, naked but for her choker, holding the leash, which hung in a curve over the bed without touching the blankets.  She kept her posture, one arm bent behind her back, head slightly down and eyes on the ground.  Her body was truly beautiful with those long legs, perfectly proportioned hips and slim waste - and those glorious breasts hanging proud and heavy.

Then I slid my cock into Lexi’s waiting, dripping cave of wonders. She was very tight, more so than Jenny, so I went carefully.  I went deeper and increased my speed gently, hands grabbing hold of her butt and hip meat for leverage and control.  I started pumping her hard, pulling her against me as I did in firm, dull smacks as our bodies connected again and again, faster and faster.

My climax was intense with a deep thrust all the way in, pulling Lexi to me with a hard grip.  By then there wasn’t much to give, so it wasn’t messy apart from my sweat dripping.  I let go of her hips, leaving my cock in - and white marks on her flesh where I had gripped.  Holding her waist either side, and sliding my hands up and down I looked at Jenny and said “why don’t you get our two big friends from the suitcase - she deserves to cum.”  She let go of the leash and made her way to my case, bringin back the dildo and vibrator - again noticing my careful wording and leaving the butt plug.

“Turn over, Lexi” I ordered, and she rolled onto her back gracefully.  I nodded at Jenny and continued “why don’t you finish yourself, use both at the same time”. She took the large, rubbery and penis shaped dildo in her right hand and the smaller vibrator in her left.  The bigger one entered her pussy far quicker than I had and she wasted no time in rubbing the vibrator over her clit while fucking herself.
I pulled Jenny over to stand in front of me, both facing Lexi, and put both my arms around her, kissing her neck, then face, then mouth. We kissed like this for a bit, watching Lexi, while my hands found Jenny’s breasts and pussy.  Releasing her, I pulled the chair to face the bed, and with Jenny on my lap, we continued to watch the show and I continued enjoying the feel of her body.

Eventually Lexi came, loudly, hips lifting in the air. She must have remembered some of Jenny’s tales of our earlier encounter as she continued, ever so gently, rubbing the vibrator around her groin and the tip of the dildo inside. “Please Master, can i stop now?” she pleaded.  I chuckled and, after a couple of breaths, allowed her to stop.

“I think it’s your turn now, Jenny.  Lexi, you come here.”  Jenny made her way over to the bed while Lexi cam to sit on my lap.  “Is it okay if I go on all fours, Master?” Jenny asked, holding the dildo and vibrator in each hand.  
“That’s fine” I said, before continuing “but you should lick them clean, thoroughly clean, before you start”. So she knelt, facing us, and licked the vibrator, up and down, slowly turning it, before inserting it fully in her mouth and pulling it in and out.  She then turned her attention to the dildo, doing the same, licking up and down its longer shaft, around the head and then playfully sucking on it before pushing it deep in her mouth.

“You can start now.” I said, and she turned over, head and chest to the bed, her breasts pushed down and to the sides and inserted the dildo in her vagina, with her arm around the outside of her leg. She then started playing the vibrator gently against her clitoris.

Lexi watched the show with as much interest as I did, while I explored her upper body.  Her breast were firm to the touch, and while smaller than Jenny’s, were also perfect against Lexi’s more obviously toned frame.  She was very pretty, with delicate lips that were not big, but again looked fuller against her petite face.

I kissed her and she responded eagerly, as eagerly as I explored her body.   When Jenny came, with a whimper and a shudder rather than Lexi’s more dramatic finish, my middle finger had been busy fucking Lexi in time with Jenny’s dildo rhythm.
Jenny, of course, continued gently with both dildo and vibrator, but refrained from begging.  Continuing to match Jenny’s pace and rhythm with my finger in Lexi’s pussy, aI said to “why don’t you decide what Jenny does next.”  Lexi was fully tuned in, and wasted no time in firmly ordering Jenny “fuck yourself faster Jenny!”.   Jenny moaned at that, but started increasing the pace with the dildo.

I followed suit, and for good measure, started rubbing Lexi’s nipples as well, before moving down to her clit.  With my right arm under her right leg, I continued fucking her with my finger, while my left hand rubbed her clit, slowly.
“Faster on the vibrator. Harder, Jenny!” she called out, relishing her role, Jenny complied and I followed with my hands.  Clearly Lexi had some clarity of thought at this point as she added “don’t come yet Jenny."
The pace was clearly to Lexi’s satisfaction as we continued at the same pace for a little while, before I felt her tense up and cum again, with a loud grunt.  Of course Jenny kept going, and so did I.  I decided to take back control: “Keep going Jenny, faster and harder.” And did the same, holding Lexi down with my arm pushing her leg against her body and the other against her waste.  Jenny came in seconds though, so Lexi’s resolve was not tested for long.  My hands were tired, so I wasted no time in ordering “stop now.”

It was now well past noon. I had extended the room to three pm and had a flight to catch.  I had come twice that day, three times the night before and was frankly exhausted.  The girls looked like they’d worked themselves pretty tired as well - certainly their hands and arms had had a decent work out.

But with these two stunning girls at my beck and call, I couldn’t resist a final hurrah.  With a playful slap to her side I indicated to Lexi to stand up, and stood up myself, moved to the couch and sat down in the middle.  Tapping the seats next to me I said “come over here girls, one either side.”  And I watched the naked beauties walked over.  Lexi knelt on my right, Jenny on my left, and she took the lead in pulling my pants down while I Lexi and kissed.

We continued kissing and Jenny soon had my dick hard again with her mouth and hands.  I then pulled her up and let Lexi take over while I kissed and groped Jenny. I then leant back, hands on the girls’ backs and let them work together for a while.  It took some time, but I enjoyed every second.  Both on my dick for a while, then one at a time while I snogged and groped the other, then swapping.  Eventually I came, my dick in Lexi’s mouth.  It must have been a completely dry shot.

We showered together all three of us, crammed into the cubicle.  The girls didn’t touch each other directly, but there was not avoiding body parts meeting.  Afterwards I dressed, while they repacked my bag.
When I was ready to leave, I sat down on one of the chairs and indicated for the girls to have a seat.  Lexi lay down on her side on the couch, while Jenny sat upright, legs crossed on the chair, both still naked and free of all choker and collar off.

“I’ll be back soon” I said, “I think we should take a little break together. Perhaps a weekend away somewhere. They smiled and Lexi quickly responded “we’d like that”.
“Jenny why don’t you set up a group chat and we can sort out the details.  I think there’s plenty more for us to explore.”

* * * * * *

I left the hotel room with my bag, leaving the two women to get dressed after I had gone.  As exhausted as I was, the plans for next time were already forming.