Archie's Mom And The Music Teacher (Part 1)

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There's always one, that mom that stands out. I have been teaching here for five years and every year there is a mom who knows exactly how to catch your eye. It isn't common knowledge, or at least not yet, but I will treat a kid a little better after a sweet smile or a flash of skin. As a music teacher it is not difficult to improve a child's grade by giving them an easier instrument or spending time developing a talent such as singing or composing. So far, I have done this as part of my job. Of course, I would do it a little more if I was given the right incentive.

It is parents' evening, and it is busy. This is the first one of the year and we make sure we hold it in the evening when new parents can attend. This means we get the opportunity to meet as many as possible. It helps to know the faces of the parents when a child is troublesome or gets bullied. After three hours only a few dozen parents remain and I have only one more to meet. It just so happens she is 'the one'.

She is different from all of the others, from her painted toenails showing through the front of her impractical high heeled shoes, to her high bleach-blonde ponytail. The small jeans shorts she wears makes sure every inch of her long tanned legs are on display. Her top is a small white t-shirt with cute frilly sleeves. It does not reach her waistband leaving a tantalising strip of stomach visible. I look at her face, avoiding even a glance at her chest. However, it is obvious that the small top is struggling to hold in her impressive chest. Even without looking at her body directly the sex appeal she exudes causes twitches and tension in my underwear.

"Hello," she says, sticking out her hand formally, "I'm Lauren, Lauren Taggart, Archie's mom. Well, his step-mom."

"Hello Mrs Taggart," I reply, taking her hand and shaking it, "I'm Mr Devon, the music teacher."

"I know," she said, "I'm sorry, but you're the last on my list tonight. I had to speak to all of the other teachers because Archie is finding it difficult fitting in. I hope I'm not keeping you too late?"

"Not at all," I say with a smile, ushering her towards the music room, "I'm not in any rush. I will check my list but I think you might be the last parent I have to see tonight."

I close the door behind us and pull a chair out for her so she can sit next to my desk. I don't mention that I have met with most of the other parents in the hall.

"Well, I must say Mrs Taggart that Archie is a good student," I begin, "But yes, I have noticed he does not interact very much with the other children and only participates in group work when I prompt him to do so."

"Ah, I see," she says, "That is what the other teachers have said. Oh, and please, call me Lauren, the formality of 'Mrs Taggart' is very strange to me."

I smile at her and consult my iPad. Archie's details are already there; I have seen everyone else's parents.

"Well, Lauren," I say, looking at her as I say her name and receiving a beautiful smile in return, "I will make a note to include Archie in group activities myself rather than allow the groups to form naturally. Don't concern yourself, I will make sure that it looks like I am mixing up the class to break up the existing groups rather than favouring any student in particular."

"Oh, thank you," she says, leaning over the desk to touch my arm, "I am certain it will work well. Of course, I would be very grateful for your efforts."

She looks directly at me, her eyes emphasising exactly how grateful she would be. I take a look at her chest as it rests on my desk, and I struggle to stop myself licking my lips. I am glad that my desk is concealing the bulge in my pants.

I spend some time talking about my classes to make sure Lauren receives the same information as the other parents. This also gives me time to quell my lust and confine my thoughts about this woman's wonderful breasts and her long legs. However, the more I do the more I look at her pretty face. Her make-up is subtle and natural. It perfectly emphasises her large eyes and wide smile. I try to gather my thoughts about lessons and the practicalities of music so I can confine all of my other thoughts to my imagination. When I mention the soundproofing she looks around with interest.

"Are you saying this room is totally soundproof?" she asks, more excited than I would have expected.

"Well, yes," I say, "Isn't it obvious? The room is close to many other classrooms and the door at the back leans to the main hall allowing my musicians to prepare here then go directly into a performance."

"I suppose it is obvious," she replies, "But doesn't that also mean no one can hear what goes on in your… lessons?"

While I try to think of an answer and consider why she left that pause, Lauren looks at the door and at the movable blackboard just behind her. I look at the door as well; it is somewhat soundproof but it has a large clear window at the top. While no one can hear much of what is going on in here, anyone could look inside. I mention my last point, the instrument rental program, but Lauren is distracted. She stands and moves her chair to behind the mobile blackboard. I watch open-mouthed and confused as she squats to look under it. I realise she is checking that the desks make sure nothing under the blackboard can be seen from the door. I have never checked this myself, but when she stands up and turns to me she seems satisfied.

"Come here, Mr Devon," she says, walking around the desk and taking my hand. I place the iPad on my desk and stand up to follow her.

"As a matter of fact it's J-" I begin, but she puts her finger on my lips.

"I like 'Mr Devon'," she says as she swings me around slowly so my back is to the chair and we are both behind the blackboard. Once again I notice how tall she is in her heels. I am below average height for a man and I find myself looking up at her.

"So, Mr Devon," she continues, "I think you will be a great help to my step-son. He needs to be coaxed out of his shell and music is clearly an excellent way to do that, especially with a teacher like you. I would like to show my appreciation for your efforts in advance if that is acceptable?"

"I suppose it would be," I say, hoping I am right about this but also thinking that I am a horny fool, "What did you have in mind?"

Lauren does not say anything to me. She pushes me back gently so I sit on the chair, then bends over to look at me, her hands on her knees. I realise that the purpose of her stance is not to have a closer view of my face, but to give me a view down her t-shirt and into her cleavage. I lick my lips for real this time and she smiles a beautiful seductive smile. Before I can do anything her hand is on my groin and her smile becomes wider.

"So, you like what you see," she says, "If I show you some more, what will I get to see?"

"You can see anything you like," I say, but she waits for me to say more, "But you will definitely see a dedicated teacher who will pay special attention to you step-son and his education."

She does not reply. Instead she pulls her t-shirt up until her large breasts are held within it. Bit by bit she pulls until her boobs drop out. Seeing those firm globes appear in such an erotic fashion makes me groan with pleasure and she laughs at the sound. I breath in deeply through my nose and get my first lung full of her perfume. She smells of strawberries and vanilla, but there is a hint of acidity, a sexy musk blended with the sweetness.

In a well practiced manoeuvre, she pulls the front of the t-shirt over her head so she is still wearing it with her chest fully exposed. She bends over again giving me a fantastic view of her breasts hanging down, their large pink nipples pointing at the floor. I open my mouth and imagine sucking on one of them, but before I can do anything she is kissing me, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. My hands go straight to her boobs and I massage them, feeling their weight in my hands. She moans into my mouth as I pinch her nipples. Meanwhile her hands are busy unfastening my belt and unzipping my fly.

"Mr Devon," she says, her lips against mine, "You should know that I enjoy being with men very much. My husband does not know, so I hope you will be discreet. I am doing this for his son, but even so, he is a jealous man."

"I will not say a word," I say, "I will be very discreet, just as you wish."

I do not feel the need to mention that as a teacher my discretion will also be necessary to keep my job.

Lauren stops kissing me and concentrates on my pants and underwear. I let go of her breasts and grab the chair so I can lift my ass up. The moment I do my clothes are pulled around my ankles and I am sitting there half naked, my cock standing proud in front of me. She does not even pause; kneeling between my legs she holds my cock an inch from her face and looks straight at me.

She keeps eye contact with me as my cock disappears into her mouth. At first I struggle not to make a sound, but then I remember the soundproof walls and let out a long 'Aaaaahhhh'. I see (and feel) her smile then she sucks harder. She can tell I am very excited and she stops the blow job and brings her boobs level with my cock.

"I'm flattered that you became so excited just because of my tits," she says, "Do you just like to look, or do you enjoy this as well?"

She wraps her boobs around my cock and being enveloped in their warm softness feels devine.

"I like that very much," I manage to say, "But I want them in my mouth. Let me suck on your nipples, they look like they taste so good."

She smiles and stands up. She thrusts her boobs into my face and I am overwhelmed. I use my hands to move them, kissing and licking until the soft skin of her areola is on my lips. I greedily suck her nipple into my mouth. I was right, they taste like strawberries.

While I am occupied I know she is doing something. She lets me suck on her other tit then pulls away. She has something in her hand and her denim shorts are around her ankles. Her legs are together, but I can tell that her pussy is shaved.

"We must be short on time, Mr Devon," she says, opening the thing in her hand and taking out a condom, "And I want to ensure we have sealed our deal."

"Yes," I say, "I want to fuck you now. I wish we had more time, but this will have to do."

She rolls the condom onto my stiff cock. I would prefer not to wear one, but it was always better to do so when fucking a stranger. She turns around and bends over, showing me her round ass and her puffy lips. I can see they are wet with her juices.

I hold my sheathed cock with one hand and slide the other between her legs. She guides it to her pussy and I do not hesitate to slip a finger inside her. She is hot and wet.

Lauren pulls my hand away and begins to sit on my lap. I have a moment to hold my erection in position as she lowers herself into it. Having her shorts around her ankles means her legs are closer together and that means she treats my dick to the tightest of greetings. Slowly she slides down my cock before bobbing up and down. Impatiently I grab her hips and make her fuck me as fast as she can.

She cries out loudly as she rides me. I do the same, neither of us holding back, relying on the soundproofing to do its job.

"Mr Devon," she cries, "Oh, Mr Devon, I am going to cum! Fuck me harder! I want to cum! I want you to cum with me!"

I release her hips and grab the chair so I can lift my ass and fuck her hard. I thrust as she rides me and I feel her getting tighter and tighter. In seconds I get the familiar feeling in my balls. She grabs my knees tight and I feel her orgasm shake her body as my cum pumps into the condom between us.

For a moment she is still and panting in my lap. Then she stands, my limp cock slipping out of her gash. I check the condom is intact as she pulls up her denim shorts and unrolls her t-shirt over her breasts once more. I am already imagining the next time, fucking her from behind while pulling her pony tail or having her ride me so I can stare up at her boobs. More than anything else I just hope there is a next time…

I look at the clock and quickly pull up my underwear and pants. I leave the condom in place. I will have to deal with that later.

"It is time the school closed," I say as I buckle my belt and zip my fly, "We might be the last here."

She stands very close to me and my nose fills with her perfume again. I can smell the sex on her and see the blush fading in her cheeks.

"We have a deal, don't we Mr Devon," she says.

"Yes," I say, "Yes, we do."

"Then it is time I left you to tidy up," she says as she leads me from the room, "Until next time."

"Yes, until next time Mrs Taggart," I say, formally now as I am able now that the door is open.

She just smiles and I watch her sexy legs and rocking ass walk to the exit. Mr Higgins the science teacher is there. She gives him a cute wave and he waves back. That was very uncharacteristic, I think. Ms Shaw leaves her History classroom and blushes as Lauren passes. Lauren says something to her and she blushes even more. Finally, Coach Jameson lears at Lauren and she blows him a kiss. Jameson looks at me and winks suggestively. All of this seems very strange.

Then the penny drops. Archie is going to have a very good year indeed...