My First Android Robot - Chap 3

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The next morning, Tyler awoke and realized he was alone in bed. His head was groggy and he wondered if had dreamt everything up, then he smelled the fresh coffee. He climbed out of bed and made his way to the kitchen. His eyes were rewarded with the sexy sight of his android in just his KC sweatshirt. Her perky ass greeted him as he grabbed her from behind and whispered, “Good Morning Julie, what is all this goodness?”

Julie smiled and pushed her bare bottom into his crotch as she replied, “Just a little brunch for my babe.”

Tyler looked over at the clock on the microwave, and indeed it was almost lunch time. The clock displayed 11:15 am. He was getting a semi and rubbing Julies bare ass when he heard the ringing of the doorbell.

“I’ll be right back, you stay in here,” he instructed. Tyler grabbed some sweatpants that were strewn on the couch and headed towards the front door. When he opened the door, it took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the bright sunlight when he realized it was the same delivery guy from the day before.

“Hi, I have another package for you sir.” The guy in the brown uniform handed Tyler a large padded envelope. It then occurred to him it must be the outfits he had ordered yesterday. Tyler smiled and took the package and then signed on the tablet as requested.

Just as Tyler went to close the front door, the delivery guy blurted out, “So how is your android working out?”

Tyler was taken back for a moment before he opened the door again and replied, “She is actually really great. How did you know she was an android?”

“I do a lot of deliveries for YAD Appliances, so I get to see the ones that are returned and such.  By the way my name is Bryan. Sorry that was a bit unprofessional of me, I’ve just been, well... I’ve been thinking of buying one too and figured I’d ask you, since we seem to be about the same age.” It was obvious that Bryan was nervous as he starred at the ground.

Tyler smiled as an idea crept across his mind. “Would you like to see her in action?”

Bryan glanced up at Tyler and gave him a huge grin, “Hell yea bro, I would love too!”

Tyler invited Bryan inside and led him into the living room. They both sat on the couch and then Tyler called over to Julie, who was still in the kitchen. “Hey Julie, come here please, I want you to meet someone.”

Julie walked into the room and Bryan’s jaw fell to the floor. He was completely stunned and not expecting a half naked android to enter the room. He stammered and a bunch of words just fell out, not making much sense.

“It’s ok bud,” Tyler laughed as Julie approached him. “Bryan, this is Julie. Julie, this is Bryan.” He watched as Julie extended her hand and Bryan took it, giving it a gentle shake.

Bryan looked over at Tyler and gave him an approving nod. “Dude, you even have her in a KC sweatshirt, good taste man!” His eyes went back to Julie and he gave her a thorough going over from top to bottom.

“Julie, I want you to slowly spin around and let Bryan see all of you.” Tyler was getting pleasure out of another man drooling over his new toy. Julie did as she was instructed.

“Julie, face that direction and bend over forward. Now take your hands and spread your cheeks and show Bryan your pretty pussy and ass.” Tyler felt his cock stirring as he watched Julie do as she was instructed. He glanced at Bryan and it was clear he was excited too.

“Now face us Julie, and I want you to lift up your sweatshirt and tease us with your tits.” Tyler rubbed his cock through his sweat pants as Julie continued teasing both guys with her strip tease.

“Dude, you are one lucky guy, she is absolutely amazing.” Bryan had now moved closer to the edge of the couch. Julie was now letting out small moans as she massaged her full breasts.

“Why don’t you get out of that brown uniform and I’ll have Julie show you some more tricks.” Tyler waited to see if Bryan would take the bait.

Without hesitation, Bryan stood and started stripping. Bryan was a good looking guy, he was about 5’11”, 175 pounds, short dark hair and piercing hazel eyes. After he pulled off his shirt, he reached out and grabbed Julie’s exposed tit. “Omg, they feel amazing,” he moaned.

“Julie, come closer to Bryan and I want you to service him like you did me yesterday.” Julie smiled and approached Bryan and took her hand and now rubbed his cock, only covered by his briefs. She looked over at Tyler and motioned him to come closer too. Both guys were now close enough to her, to where she could rub both of them at the same time.

Both Bryan and Tyler started moaning as her slender hands teased their cocks. “Take them out for me please,” she begged. Both guys complied and without making too much eye contact, they compared each other up in size. Bryan was a solid 9 inches too, but not as girthy as Tyler.

Julie went down to her knees and took turns sucking both guys off as the room filled with slurping sounds and the occasional moan. Her sucking skills were getting better by the day, if that was even possible, she really was learning and adapting.

“Do you want to fuck her with me?” Tyler barely managed the question, as Julie was getting him close to a climax. He pulled his cock away from her mouth as Bryan opened his eyes and barely nodded a silent “yes.”

Tyler took Julie by the hand and motioned her over to the dining room table. He lifted her up and gently placed her on the tables flat surface. While on her back, he began spreading her legs open and motioned Bryan to approach. “Before you fuck her, I want you to taste her.” Tyler took his finger and gently rubbed it along her smooth slit.  

With a confused look on his face, “But she’s an android dude, her pussy isn’t real.” Bryan blurted out.

“Just trust me bro, taste her.” Tyler pushed Bryan down and watched as his mouth opened and he started lapping at her pussy.  Julie took her fingers and without instruction began spreading her pussy lips so that Bryan could get a better taste.  Bryan let out several moans before he raised up his wet face and exclaimed, “She tastes so fucking sweet!”

Tyler laughed as he repositioned himself on the table and put his hard cock to Julies mouth. “Suck me off some more.” She did as requested and soon the room was again filled with sex sounds from all three occupants.

Bryan pulled his mouth off the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted and looked over at Tyler, who was clearly enjoying his dick being sucked by Julie. “Is it ok if I fuck her?”

Tyler opened his eyes and smiled, “Don’t wait for me to convince you bro, her pussy feels even better than it tastes!” Both guys laughed as Bryan positioned himself between Julies legs.

Bryan was greeted with a velvety inner vice that gripped his cock as he pushed in. He felt his eyes roll back as he pushed in further. He was about half way in when he stopped. “Will I hurt her if I push in all the way?” He was legit concerned and didn’t want to break her.

“Fuck her hard and fast, you won’t hurt her. Julie, tell him how you liked to be fucked.” Tyler felt Julie release his cock from her mouth. She looked over at Bryan and shocked them both, “Fuck me like the dirty slut android I am.”

Tyler’s eyes widened, he hadn’t taught her that phrase, but he was very much turned on by how filthy she was becoming. He went to pull his sweatshirt off her, when Bryan stopped him.

“No dude, just pull it up, so we can enjoy her amazing tits. She looks really hot in the KC colors!  Let’s fuck her in it, it might just bring our team some good luck in the next game!” They both high-fived each other as Bryan pushed further in. Julie let out a deep moan as he bottomed out in her tight pussy.

The table began creaking with each thrust Bryan gave her. Julie had taken Tylers cock back in her mouth and was feverishly sucking him again. He watched as her eyes rolled back a few times as she was fucked hard on the table.

“Ready to switch it up some bro?” Bryan was slowing his fucking to a nice steady rhythm as he pointed to the couch. Tyler nodded, and he watched Bryan pulled his slick cock out of his android. Julie was now panting as she stood up. Both guys took her hand and led her to the couch.

Julie climbed on top of Tyler, facing him, her body jerked as he entered her warm pussy from below. Even after having two cocks in her now, she was still tight and wet. He thrusted upwards and felt his cock hit the back of her insides. He pulled her sweatshirt up and took a firm tit into his mouth. He gave it a hard suck and pull as he felt her hands run through his hair as she bounced up and down on him.

Bryan was sitting next to them on the couch, stroking his hard cock, watching them fuck right beside him. He’d occasionally reach over and squeeze her tit as Tyler slammed deeper and deeper into her. Julie was now letting out small yelps as her pussy was pounded by her lover.

Tyler wanted to push her limits further, so he grunted at Bryan, “Get behind her and push your dick into her ass while I fuck her pussy! Do it now bro!”

Bryan jumped up and didn’t waste any time putting some spit on his dick as he found her ass opening and then pushed in. The vice grip her ass gave him was unimaginable. His eyes rolled back as he grunted.

As both guys filled her holes, their cocks were only separated by Julie’s thin silicone skin. Tyler grinned as Bryan’s hands came from around Julie and squeezed her tits. Tyler reached up and started a passionate kiss on Julies mouth as all three fucked in-sync.

Julie was now letting out loud shrieks as both guys fucked her deep in both holes. “Fuck me harder, fuck me harder!” She demanded.

“I am so close bud!” Bryan was now panting as he slammed deep into her ass.

“Don’t cum yet bro, just a little longer,” Tyler could barely speak the words.

Bryan pulled his cock out and gave it a few small strokes. “If I stay in her any longer I’ll cum.” He was drenched in sweat as he watched Tyler still fucking her sweet pussy. Bryan began giving Julie innocent kisses on her back as she went up and down on Tyler’s hard cock.

Tyler slowed his rhythm and held a steady pace as his cock went in and out of his androids sweet pussy. Julie was still moaning as he again sucked her exposed tit, and thought of another idea.

“Hey Bryan, why don’t you join me in her pussy, and help me stretch her out?” It was almost a plea, but he already knew Bryan would be game for it. Julie was fucking hot, and any guy would be putty in her presence. 

“Do you think she can take two cocks at once?” Bryan was definitely interested, but he didn’t want to damage her either. This android had to be super expensive.

Julie interrupted them both, “If I don’t get fucked properly by both of you, I am going to go to the bedroom and fuck myself! Now fill me with your cocks!” Her voice had changed and was more commanding, but still very seductive.

Bryan complied and lined his hard dick up and pushed in. He felt Tylers hard cock in the same chamber, which was now super slick, warm and tight. It took a moment, but both guys found a good rhythm and gave Julie a deep and steady pounding.

The room was filled with grunts, fucking sounds and an occasional shriek from Julie as her android pussy was being pushed to the limit. Both guys knew they were close and at the perfect timing they started grunting. Both Tyler and Bryan climaxed at the same time, both guys started filling Julie’s pussy with hot cum, causing it to over flow and push out from the sides.

Bryan fell on top of Julie, who collapsed on Tyler, as all three stayed in that position for several minutes as both guys recovered from their epic climax. Bryan pulled out first, followed by Tyler. Both guys watched as cum dripped out of Julie and ran down her inner thigh.

Julie stood up, smiled at both guys and then pulled the sweatshirt down. “I need to clean up and recharge.  It was nice meeting you Bryan. Please stop by again sometime.” With that she turned around and went into the bedroom.

Bryan sat on the couch, his cock still exposed and now semi erect. “Wow, that was fucking amazing. By the way, I don’t think I ever really caught your name.”

Both guys started laughing, as Tyler introduced himself. Tyler and Bryan spoke some more about Bryan buying his own android. Bryan promised him, when he did buy his own android, he’d bring it over and share her too. Both guys spent over an hour chatting before Bryan jumped up.

“I’ve got to go man! My route is going to be super late today!” Bryan laughed as he quickly dressed and with that he was soon back in his truck, driving off to finish his delivery runs.