The Lake - Part One

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The following literature is fiction. Any parts or people in this writing have no bearing on a real identities or events. This writing is fantasy and should remain that. I hope you enjoy it. This story involves coercion and is not suitable for everyone!


The Lake

Part 1

Andrew was relieved to leave the office. It had been a stressful week, but still a very productive one. He had closed several deals and was confident he’d be promoted upon his return. But in the meantime, he was more excited about the holiday weekend that lay ahead.

Andrew was your typical successful thirty-four year old professional. He had a high paying gig in commercial real estate, he was very attractive, and very single. He stood at six foot, weighed in at a lean and muscular 170 pounds, worked out regularly, and spent as much free time at the pool as possible.

His skin displayed a nice summer tan, his eyes were a piercing dark brown, and he kept his dark hair, cut short, military style.

He started his Jeep Wrangler, flipped through his phone and found his favorite playlist. His drive would take him to his sisters lake front home, about 2 hours south of the city. He was excited too reunite with his older sister Rachel and her family. He was looking forward to the summer festivities on the water.


Rachel was standing at the sink when she heard crunching gravel on the driveway. She quickly dried her hands and headed towards the front door. She already knew who had arrived.

She stood in the doorway entrance smiling as she watched her younger brother climb out of the Jeep. “About time slow poke, I was wondering if you’d ever arrive!”

Andrew gave his million dollar smile and grabbed his duffle bag and a small gift box from the back seat. “Traffic was awful leaving the city... I didn’t mean to be late sis.”

She reached out and gave him the warmest hug. “It’s ok. You’re here, and that’s all that matters.” She gave him a small peck on the cheek and he blushed. “Your niece has been asking about you all day, so be prepared.” 

“Uncle ‘Drew!! Uncle ‘Drew!!” A timid voice came calling from the hall entrance. Before he knew it, he had a beautiful female hugging his waist. Her eyes beamed with happiness as she held him.

“Careful now Megan! Let Uncle Andrew put his bags down before you push him over!” Rachel was all smiles as she watched her daughter latch onto her favorite uncle. “Sorry ‘Drew, she has a lot of energy.” Both Andrew and Rachel laughed.


“Hey there baby girl!” Andrew was almost toppled over as his favorite admirer grasped onto him.

“I’m not a baby anymore!” The voice retorted. In fact she had grown since he had last seen her. She was developing into a beautiful woman.

“So how old would that be... Hmmm...” Andrew gave her a small wink as they walked together into the front room. He placed his duffle and the gift box on the floor and lifted up his admirer; all the while she was laughing and squealing. 

“Well I did miss your birthday, but I didn’t forget your gift.” He picked up the small rectangular box and handed it to his excited niece.

Megan was about 5’4”, a lanky 120 pounds and had the most beautiful brown hair, that she always wore disheveled. However, today she was put together in a cute summer dress and open toed shoes.

Her eyes widened as she took the box from her uncle. She quickly removed the ribbon and lid and was rewarded with the cutest fluffy brown bear and a silky blue nightgown.  

“It’s beautiful!” Megan exclaimed. “But I am not a little girl anymore Uncle ‘Drew!” She held the bear in a playful manner.

“I know, I know. But you’ll always be my baby girl! And besides, it’s a special bear. I got to sew a little heart in it for you.” Drew smiled as he gave her a small kiss on the forehead.

“Well the gifts are beautiful and I love them!” She smiled as she hugged her bear.



“It’s almost dinner time guys! Let your uncle get settled into his room so we can all eat. Go put your gifts in your room and wash up.” Rachel gave Megan a small pat on the butt and watched as she went off with her box.

“Go get cleaned up brother. When you come down I’ll pour your favorite, a neat whiskey.” Rachel gave her brother another hug and watched as he picked up his bag and headed for the guest room.

Dinner came and went, and both Rachel and Andrew spent all evening talking. They both probably had one too many drinks, but it was good seeing each other and catching up.

“Looks like there is a storm approaching.” Rachel motioned towards the big window. Andrew looked out and saw bursts of lightning in the distance.

“Well I am off to bed brother, make yourself at home and have another drink.” She kissed the top of his head and retreated to the back of the house, to her master bedroom.


It was nearing 1 am and he was beat. He got up, downed his sixth whiskey and started turning off the lights.

Andrew stumbled into his dimly lit room, which was occasionally lit by a flash of lightning and accented with a low rumble of thunder.

He stripped down to his underwear and climbed into bed. Within minutes, he was out cold and falling into a deep sleep.

Andrew awoke to a loud thunder and a huge flash of lightning. Judging by the sounds, the storm was nearly upon the house. He reached over and grasped for his phone, but didn’t find it. He must have forgotten it out in the dining room. The clock on the night stand was flashing 12:00.

He heard the bedroom door creak open and heard a nervous voice, “Uncle ‘Drew, can I come sleep in here, I’m scared.”

Andrew flipped back the covers and called his niece over, “Come on baby girl, you’ll be safe with me.”

Megan quietly closed the bedroom door and quickly ran and jumped into the bed. Just in time too, more loud thunder scared her into her uncles chest.

“I’m so scared, she playfully sobbed.” Andrew quickly engulfed her into his strong arms and held her tight.

He quietly laughed at her, “Aren’t you a little too big to be scared of thunderstorms.” Her heard her gently sigh, but he kept his arms wrapped around her in comfort.

Within a few minutes, he heard her softly sighing and found her asleep cuddled against him. He rolled her over onto her side and pulled more blanket over them both. His hand gently caressed her side, as she let out more soft sighs. Andrew realized she was wearing the new nightgown he had bought her.

The fabric was very thin and soft, and he knew she was very comfortable. It was a good choice and he was enjoying the bond they had.

As Andrew laid there, softly touching his niece, he felt something stir in him. He felt his dick slowly start to harden. In his mind, he thought, there’s no way I am turned on! This isn’t right, she’s my niece! As his mind was racing, his hand slowly started exploring the body next to him.

It has to be the whiskey. I need to stop. His mind was aware, but his hands felt otherwise. His hand gently reached over as he caressed her small breast. It couldn’t be more than an A cup at best. His fingers slowly tweaked her nipple, as her mouth let out another long sigh.

“Uncle ‘Drew, what are you doing?” Megan’s voice stopped him dead in his tracks.

“I am so sorry baby, Uncle ‘Drew was just admiring your new nightgown. I’ll stop, I shouldn’t be doing that.” He slowly started to pull his hand back, when he felt her delicate hand stop him.

“I like it Uncle ‘Drew. I’m scared and your affection makes me feel better. It makes me feel safe.” She sighed as she held his hand on her chest.

Andrew laid there pondering. He had an idea, but he knew it was risky.

“Do you want Uncle ‘Drew to make you feel good?” He couldn’t believe his mouth. Surely he wasn’t actually saying this.

“Mmmhmm” she replied.

“If we do this, you have to promise to keep it a secret between us. If your mom finds out, she will be really mad at you and me, and we might not see each other ever again. And if we do this, you have to make Uncle ‘Drew feel good too. Do you understand?” He laid there, waiting for her response.

“I promise Uncle ‘Drew, I wont tell anyone.” She turned over and was now facing him.

“Are you sure you’re a big girl? What we’re about to do is really special and intimate.” Andrew gently pushed her hair back as he kissed her forehead.

“I promise Uncle ‘Drew.” Just then another loud thunder cracked and Megan buried her face into his muscular chest. “Please, please,” she playfully sobbed.

Andrew gently pushed the comforter to the floor and found his niece only covered in her thin nightgown.  “We need to take this off.” He gently pulled her nightgown over her head and dropped it to the floor.

In the dim light he could see her chest more clearly now. Her skin was creamy white, and her chest was small but had budding nipples, just the perfect size for a mouthful.

Her lanky legs were slim and smooth, and her small mound was covered by cute pink cotton panties.

“Lay in the center of the bed on your back.” He placed a pillow under her head. “I need you to be very quiet. I am going to do things that will make you feel really good, but you have to be as quiet as possible. Do you understand?” He waited for her reply.

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Shhh.” He held a finger to his lips as he quieted her.

“You have to do everything I tell you to do too. If we do this, you have to follow my rules, ok?” He gently kissed her lips as she again nodded yes.

Andrew was now ready. He slowly admired her body as she laid on the bed. He gently kissed her neck and felt her body shudder.  His hands gently caressed and held her small hips as his mouth lowered to her chest.

Andrew was definitely a breast guy. He loved all sizes. He had plenty of experience and knew even though hers were small, he’d love playing with them. He wanted to pleasure her body.

His mouth gently took the right nipple in and he let his tongue flick around the perfect mound. He could fit his whole mouth on her small budding breast.  He sucked on it, causing it to puff up before he moved to the left one.

As he concentrated on the left nipple, his fingers took the right nipple and he started a small twisting motion on it. He would gently pull at it and let it plop between his fingers. His spit was the perfect lubricant which allowed for easier twisting motions.

He heard her moan. He stopped his attention on her tits and again hushed her for silence.

He leaned back down and continued sucking at each breast until he had them a perfect swollen size and he knew they were tender to the touch.

He lowered himself some more and found his lips at her small belly button.  He gently kissed around her navel causing her to squirm.

He looked up and admired her puffy tits from a different angle and saw the smile on her face while her eyes were closed tight.

He now found himself at her last guarded secret, her covered pussy. It was only protected by her pink cotton panties.  He slowly pulled the waist band down and started kissing her slim waist.  She moaned, as her hand caressed through his hair.

His hands were so large against her small body. He pulled her panties further down, now exposing the most beautiful slit he had ever seen.

It was symmetrical, fat and plump.  He placed his nose against her mound and took a deep inhale.  She smelled, so innocent. He pulled back and took his index finger and slowly pulled her opening apart. It was pink and already moist. The smell was mixed with soap, musk, and a sweet scent.

Andrew pressed his tongue to her slit and slowly started lapping at it, enjoying the taste and sweetness.  She was super tight, so his tongue didn’t make it far, but he was pleased with just the tease.

Her panties were now at her knees. With one swoop, he took them off and placed them on his nightstand.  He then opened her legs wider apart and dove back between her legs.  He felt her hands on his head, gently trying to pull him away, as her legs squirmed from excitement. 

“Uncle ‘Drew, please stop.” She begged as she panted.

He pulled his face from her pussy, and he knew it was covered in her wetness.

He pulled himself up towards her. “I told you, you’d have to do everything I asked. I told you, this is what big girls do. Did you lie to me?” His voice was low, but you could hear the displeasure in his voice as he stared at her.

He took his index finger and gently traced her slit as he continued staring at her, “I’d be very disappointed if you lied to me Megan.”

He watched as her eyes welled up. “I didn’t lie, I promise I didn’t. I just... I just...” her voice trailed off.

“It’s ok. We can stop.” He climbed off the bed and picked up her nightgown and handed it back to her. “You need to get dressed and go back to your room though.”

“No!” Megan was now sitting on the bed, arms crossed in defiance. “I promised. I promised I’d make you feel good too.”

Andrew stood there, rubbing the outline of his cock through his underwear. He motioned her to approach the end of the bed. “Then make me feel good, baby girl.”

He watched as she moved closer towards him. As he stood next to the bed, he leaned down and kissed her passionately on the mouth. It was an awkward kiss, like she had never given one before. He pulled his cock free and brought the thick shaft to her face and instructed her, “Open your mouth.”

She did as she was told and he started to slowly face fuck her.  It was a beautiful sight seeing his niece try and take his cock. She gagged numerous times, so he had to go slow.

When she’d try and pull away, he’d grab her swollen tit and pull her back towards him.  Her chest was now turning deep red from his constant twisting of her nipples.  She gagged one last time and he pushed her back onto the bed; he was ready for more.

“Get in the center of the bed.” He pointed, as he placed pillows under her flat tummy. Her bottom was now arched at the perfect angle for him to view her from behind.

He lowered his face and started lapping at her slit from behind. Megan let out a low moan, and again he silenced her with a “Shhh.”

His finger slowly found her small button hole and he slicked it up with spit and slowly pushed one finger in. He didn’t push too far in, just enough to feel her push back from his intrusion.

Soon again his face was covered in her wetness and he knew she was ready for his cock.

Andrew was not small by any means.  In fact his girth was above average. Even grown women had a hard time taking his shaft. He was a hefty nine inches with thick girth.

The rain was now coming down hard on the house. The pelts and loud thunder were seconds apart. The storm must be directly over them.

Andrew lined himself behind his innocent lover and slowly pushed his cock at her entrance. He pushed the head in and heard her gasp.  He quickly placed his hand over her mouth and pushed in further.

His cock head was completely submerged, leaving his shaft still inches from feeling her internal tightness. He could feel her grip stopping him from further entry. He waited, letting her adjust, just then a bright flash of lightning, and as soon as heard heard thunder, he pushed further in, pushing past her innocence.

He could feel her body shaking but her voice was masked by his hand and the loud thunder.  He looked down and saw that he was now submerged in her tight cunt. He held his position in her, as her body adjusted. 

He pulled his cock completely out and watched as her small hole quickly retreated back to its closed slit.  He spat a wad of spit on her pussy from behind and inserted his cock again. Her muscles clenched and fought as he pushed back in, but her bodies effort was fruitless.

He now found himself in a steady fucking motion as he slid in and out watching his cock disappear and then reappear in his nieces cunt.

He stopped and let his entire shaft enjoy her warmth as her body tried and tried to push him out. Her breathing was heavy, but she took everything he had to give.

The room was quickly filled with skin slapping, sucking sounds and noise from the storm.  Andrew was in a steady fuck stance when he decided to switch it up. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and watched as fluids slipped out.  This time he was quick to get a finger in before her slit closed. He was knuckles deep in her tight cunt, massing her from the inside.

“Uncle ‘Drew is going to swap places with you. I’ll lie on the bed and I want you to climb on top of me, facing me. Do you understand?” Megan nodded. Her face was red, sweaty and her hair was disheveled, but she smiled.

Andrew watched as his lover did as he requested. He lined his cock straight up and pushed back into her as she came down on his lap. She tried to pull back up from his intrusion, but he firmly pulled her down by gripping onto her small hips.

He leant up and took her nipple into his mouth as he continued fucking her. Her breasts were very sore and she let out a small yelp. This only turned him on more.

He found himself quickly thrusting upward and thrusting deep. He was turned on by the sight of his niece riding him and the smile on her face conveyed her pleasure. He continued his aggressive thrusts into her tight pussy.

“Wrap your arms around my neck and hold your body close to mine.” He watched as she opened her eyes and did as he requested.

“Tell me you love me and tell me to fuck you harder!” He was so close to climax.

Her voice whispered, “I love... I love you Uncle ‘Drew.”

“Say the rest! Say it now!” He started to grunt as he felt his balls tighten.

“I love you Uncle ‘Drew. Fuck... Fuck me harder.” Her voice trailed off as she buried her face into his chest. Her voice muffled as she moaned from pleasure.

Andrew let out a loud grunt as he felt his balls empty into her tight pussy. He flooded her small cavern with all the hot cum he had. He felt it push out and start to run down his leg and inner thigh.

His panting was heavy and he continued to hold her as his climax came down. He pulled her off his cock and laid her on her side. He climbed off the bed and picked up the blanket on the floor and recovered them both.

His arm around his new lover, they both quickly fell asleep.


The Next Morning:

Andrew was awoken the next morning as the sun entered his room. Everything was a daze from the night before. Then he felt her.

His beautiful niece was still next to him, completely naked, only hidden by the blanket that covered them both.

Everything came back and Andrew realized what he had done. As the memories flooded back, his cock started to swell again with lust.

“Fuck it” he was horny and he had the perfect fuck toy laying next to him.

He slowly pulled back the covers exposing the milky white lanky legs. Megan was fast sleep, as he gently pulled her legs apart and exposed her beautiful slit to him once again.

Andrew found his nose against her pussy as he took in a deep inhale of her scent. Her pussy was clearly spent, as he could see his dried cum around her entrance. But he didn’t care, he lowered his mouth and quickly let his tongue open her as he pushed in.

Megan was awoken as she felt something between her legs. Her hands went down and started to push the intruder away as her eyes adjusted to the bright morning sun.

Andrew pulled his mouth off her mons and looked up at his niece. He placed a finger to his lips and shushed her, “Shhhh, just enjoy it.”

Megan rubbed the sleep away from her eyes and she smiled.

Andrew went back down and started lapping up her sweetness again as his tongue explored her swollen cunt. His cock had did a number on her, but she had taken it like a champ.

He reached up and found her still swollen breasts. His fingers started his twisting motion, causing Megan’s body to squirm and small moans to escape her mouth.

Just as he found a good motion, he heard a bedroom door open down the hall and heard his twin nephews running down the stairs. He knew he’d have to be quick, so he pulled his mouth off her pussy and pulled himself on top of her.

Andrew again tried kissing his secret lover, only to see that he’d have to train her on that later.  He lined up his cock and pushed in. His large body engulfed her small frame, but his thick cock felt right at home in its new vice.

Andrew found a nice steady fucking rhythm and plowed her missionary style. “Wrap your arms around me and hold me, while I fuck you.” He moaned and she complied.

He felt himself getting close to climax. Maybe it was the chance at getting caught that turned him on. His balls tightened and he looked down at his niece.

“I love you Uncle ‘Drew, please fuck me harder” Megan’s voice sent him over the edge.

He let out a loud grunt and started pumping fresh cum into her tight pussy. He collapsed on her, his cock still half submerged in her.  He felt her hands gently caressing his back.

“Why did you say that baby?” He was still surprised at her last comment.

“Because I know you like it, and I want to make you happy Uncle ‘Drew.” She was looking into his eyes as she said this.  He leaned towards her and they kissed, this time, their embrace was more intimate.

He pulled himself off the bed and found her nightgown. “Let me help you get dressed.” 

He dressed her, kissed her and quietly sent her back to her room. He laid there on the bed, as gratifying thoughts ran through his head. He reached over and grabbed her fragrant panties off the nightstand and held them to his nose and inhaled. Andrew’s niece was now his secret and passionate lover.