The Staff - Part 4 - The Maids and More

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Michael sat in the library with a copy of 'The Monk'. He thought that reading some of the saucier sections might give him some ideas for later. In reality his time with Cynthia had given him far more than this book ever could.

He realised he was rubbing himself through his trousers but he did not care. The house was virtually empty and his parents would not return until Wednesday. For tonight, tomorrow and Tuesday all he had to do was get through his lessons. On Wednesday he would have daytime company again. Cold company, but still.

As for nighttime company, he hoped that would continue. He was so glad that his mother chose not to have her ladies maid with her when she spent time away. Last Tuesday, it had allowed Cynthia to spend the night with him, and to take his virginity. Since then, she had visited him every night to have sex and teach him new things. Every night but last night, when the Philberts (Father's lawyer and his family) had come over for dinner.

Michael had a familiar feeling of nothing being real. When he thought of being in his room with Cynthia everything blurred. Dreams mixed in with memories. Visions and sensations, even smells, from other scenes intruded. Specifically, a dream of being in the woods where a fire burned and a dark figure watched him…

He shook himself out of his millais. He had to concentrate.

Michael had imagined that, on the second night he slept with Cynthia, he would strip her naked, throw her on the bed and fuck her again. She had other ideas. She was all about making him last, teasing him and using a sweet smelling oil on his erection. He thought it was a lubricant, but it soaked into his skin and when they had sex he lasted longer. He took her from behind, putting aside memories of watching Victor do the same to Amy last Sunday. She showed him all of the ways they could move together and he had shot cum over her lower back and bum crack.

The memory went hazy again. He knew they had done it again, but it blurred into the other nights they had spent together. He focused on the next night, when she had made him lie down while she worked on his cock, rubbing it, sucking it, and bouncing up and down on it. Afterwards she had taught him how to lick and tease her quim so she came. He found out she could come over and over, which was amazing, but it made her too sensitive for sex. Instead of having sex again she used her tits and mouth (and the special oil) on him.

That was better. If he remembered fewer details and focused on what was done to him it was easier to recall. On the fifth night, Friday, his parents had been out for the night and she had slept over again. She had been eager to have sex, and they stripped naked and fucked against the wall. When he was ready she knelt in front of him and let him shower her with cum. They washed together then lay in bed kissing and groping. When he recovered she showed him how to have sex in the spooning position. It was comfortable and lasted for a long time. The only problem was when he came they had to scramble out of the position to one where he would not ejaculate all over the bed sheet. The only other thing he remembered clearly was feeling he would be able to go a third time, but they forgot to set the alarm and instead of morning sex they had to scramble to get ready.

Something was in that oil he thought, it must… then the thought went, dissolving like mist. He was frustrated, but within half a minute he did not know what about and he had to let it go.

Last night there was a formal meal with their visitors, the Philberts, but no nocturnal visitor. It had been frustrating as he had spent most of the meal talking to the Philberts’ daughter, Eugenia. She was twenty-two and nearly out of college, some weird women-only Bible College in the South. They sat next to each other, but could not sit close to ensure they could not touch. They had to speak up to be heard, so there was no chance of a private conversation. Not that they had much to talk about. Michael just kept the smalltalk going so he could look at her pretty freckles and her sweet face framed by auburn locks.

Eugenia was interesting, and Michael wanted to get to know her better, but when their meal was over she went with the 'adults'. Michael, still technically at school, could just watch her as she walked out. She was tall, nearly as tall as him, and she moved with a dancer’s grace. Part of his brain could not help trying to peer through her clothes. He imagined an hourglass figure and nipples dark and pink like her lips. He obsessed over it on his lonely journey back to his room and all through his evening alone.

He had known he would be alone last night even before the meal. Cynthia had slipped him a note which just said 'Tomorrow'. This morning he had received another note with a picture of a clock set to nine. The clock face was not a full circle, but a capital 'C'.

Realising he was going to get nothing else from it, he closed his book and walked over to put it back on the shelf. It was nearly eight-thirty and he went as slowly as he could back to his room. Even so, it was just after eight-thirty-five when he walked in the door. He sat down and picked up the book he had left on his side table, but he did not look at it. He just waited, the erection he had worked up in the library still filling the front of his pants.

At nine o'clock precisely there was a knock at the door. Michael jumped up and answered it. The moment he did, Cynthia came in. Michael was about to close the door but Cynthia held it and Nora squeezed in after, smiling from ear to ear. Michael looked from one woman to the other, waiting for an explanation.

"I hope I'm not intruding," Nora said, breaking the awkward silence. Michael looked at Cynthia.

"She likes you," Cynthia said with a shrug, "But you'd rather she didn't stay…"

Michael looked back at Nora. She looked up at him with her wide eyes, her mouth turned down. Michael had no idea what he was letting himself in for, but he could not send her away.

"It's fine," he said, trying to form other words while he looked directly at Nora's dazzling smile. She stepped around him touching his arm as she went. He looked at Cynthia who had a cheeky grin on her face. She took his hand and guided him into the armchair. When he sat down she put his hands on his knees. Nora was already on the sofa and Cynthia got comfortable next to her.
"Keep your hands there," she said, "No touching anything else until we say so!"

Michael sat there, dutifully still, his erection unmanaged while the two maids played with each other. At first they looked directly at him, smiling, sticking their tongues out, and biting their lips as they felt each other over their clothes. Feeling became groping, and the women gasped playfully. Nora unfastened Cynthia's blouse and slid her hand in. Michael imagined Nora's small hand grasping Cynthia's firm tit as they ignored him and concentrated on each other.

First, Cynthia's blouse was removed and Nora kissed her all over her neck and chest, finally landing on a nipple which she sucked into her mouth. Meanwhile, Cynthia's hand slid up Nora's dress. Nora released Cynthia's tit with a wet sucking sound and squealed with pleasure. Michael could not see what had happened, but he imagined Cynthia's hand reaching Nora's quim and her fingers sliding inside.

Nora unfastened her belt, loosening her dress. She looked at Cynthia and they nodded. Cynthia took her hand out and Nora stood up. With a few quick movements her dress fell to the floor. Michael's eyes went wide when he saw Nora naked. She had rounded hips and well defined muscles which twitched as she turned towards him. Her breasts had been well hidden by the dress. Michael had imagined she was flat chested with a belly, but in fact her breasts were large, hanging down to her navel. At the very bottom of each was a large dark nipple, nearly black, surrounded by saucer-sized areolas.

Nora gave him an even wider smile and turned around showing her firm backside and toned back. Cynthia stood up and put her hand on Nora's ass, digging her fingers in a little. The contrast between Cynthia's pale fingers and Nora's dark brown behind made Michael take a deep breath in and blow it out in a long sigh. He struggled to keep his hands on his thighs and himself in the chair. 

Nora turned around to face Michael and Cynthia knelt down to kiss her belly and hips. Michael drank in her exotic looks, her short curly hair, her near black eyes and her full lips surrounding white teeth. She licked them with her pink tongue and Michael looked between her legs, impatient to see if the contrast was repeated elsewhere. He was denied the knowledge, first by Cynthia being in the way and then, when Cynthia stood to loosen her skirt, by a tight bush of dark hair.

Nora turned her attention to Cynthia's shirt and it fell to the floor as well, revealing that neither had been wearing any underwear. Cynthia showed off a little, but she knew Michael was well acquainted with her naked body. She turned and kissed Nora. The pair of them made out and groped each other, squeezed tits and asses until Michael was fighting to keep himself in his seat.

Nora looked at him first, then Cynthia. They reached out a hand each and he took them. He stood up and looked at them, blonde porcelain Cynthia came up to his chin and sweet ebony Nora stood just shorter than his shoulder. He imagined redhead Eugenia with them too, nearly looking him in the eye…

The women did not care what was happening in his head. They placed his hands on their hips, right on Nora's, left on Cynthia's, then kissed him in turn and unfastened his shirt. Once they were done he felt a hand gently cup his balls and another close around his stiff member. Nora moved his hand around to her firm butt cheek and she kissed his chest. Cynthia kissed him greedily and let his hand roam around until it found her breast.

He was in a land of pleasure. Two women kissing and caressing him while he explored their bodies. Lost in his senses,he did not realise that Nora had loosened his pants and tugged them down along with his underwear. She pulled off his shoes while he felt between Cynthia's legs to find her wet and excited.

"Me first," she whispered, as Michael freed himself from his clothes (apart from his open shirt and his socks).

Nora knelt in front of the armchair and Cynthia stood in front of her so her bush was in front of Nora's face. Leaning on the chair with one hand she reached around with the other and pulled her ass cheek. Michael saw what he was supposed to do and stood behind her, putting his stiff cock between her legs.

He almost forgot there were three of them until he felt Nora's soft lips and hot breath on the tip of his cock. She squirted the special oil onto his member and rubbed it in before guiding him into Cynthia's quim. As they fucked she licked them both.

Michael went slowly and Cynthia kept their rhythm steady. He wanted to last as long as he could. It seemed the maids had the same idea, because as soon as he started to struggle Cynthia said, "Bed," and they all stopped and moved.

"Don't sit down," Nora said, "We can do so many things together, but we want you to do this first. Then we play."

Nora lay on the bed, but barely. Her ass was at the very edge and she had to pull her legs up. Cynthia squatted over her face, her wet mound a few inches from Nora's lips, and helped the dark woman hold her legs up so she could reach between them and spread her lips. Michael was pleased to see the dark skin part to show a pink interior. Overwhelmed with lust and curiously he bent down to taste her and was rewarded with her sweetness.

When he stood he had to bend his legs to bring his penis in line with her. Nora gripped him firmly just below his swollen head and pulled him so he made contact with her opening. She was eager and kept pulling until he thrust into her.

"Oh, God!" Michaela said as he penetrated her. Nora squeaked in delight and Cynthia gave a little moan.

"Is that good for you?" Nora asked from between Cynthia’s legs.

"It's so tight," Michael gasped, edging in little by little. After a few thrusts he was mostly in, but he did not feel like he could go all of the way without hurting her.

"More?" Cynthia asked. He nodded and she moved onto all fours on the bed. He slowly withdrew from Nora and helped her move further into the bed, then got behind Cynthia and slid into her.

They changed positions several times, alternating between the maids, until Michael was on his back, Nora riding him and Cynthia's wet quim above his face, just close enough to taste. When he said he was ready they pulled him to his feet and knelt in front of him, holding their tits up to catch his cum. He hit both of them in the face, neck and cleavage then collapsed exhausted on the bed.

The maids were putting on a show of licking each other clean and once done they all rested so Michael could recover. He was suddenly aware of itches around his body. He looked down and saw fresh scratches on his stomach and thighs. Cynthia whispered in his ear some nonsense words and he forgot all about them.

After an hour of kissing and fondling he had recovered well. Cynthia mounted him, taking his whole length inside her in one go. Nora sat over his face, but her dark lips had barely made contact with his tongue when there was a knock at the door. Michael jumped, but Cynthia soothed him and Nora answered the door. To Michael's surprise, in walked Victor.

Only it was not the usual Victor, nor the Victor he had seen in the cook's room. This version of Victor was wearing something like a mixture of a housecoat and a sarong. He smiled as he came in, then said something to Nora who sat demurely on the bed. He said something else to Cynthia. She got off Michael and went to kneel on the floor near the wall. Michael sat up and Victor turned to him.

"Good evening, sir," he said, "This has all turned out rather well. I was hoping to extend your curriculum."

Michael did not know what to say. He thought Victor was being sarcastic. He sat on the edge of the bed and was about to chastise Victor when the older man simply touched one of the scratches on his shoulder and said a single word. As soon as that happened Michael relaxed and just waited for Victor to speak.

"This is serious, sir," Victor said, untying his belt, "There are a few things here I should show you, that only I can show you. We can follow up with some theory in the morning. For now…"

He took off the strange garment and threw it to Cynthia, who folded it and put it on the floor next to her. He pulled Michael to his feet and gestured to Nora who came over and knelt next to them. Michael felt Nora take hold of his cock. When he looked down he saw her using her hand and mouth to bring Victor's flaccid penis to erection.

Victor pulled on Michael's chin so they were eye to eye.

"I have a special task for you," he said, Michael just nodded, "But I'd like to know what your capabilities are. You will need a certain tolerance, as well as skill with this."

Victor knocked Nora's hand away and took hold of Michael's cock. Michael gasped, but the hold was gentle. Nora went back to the bed and Victor went down on one knee.

"You see," he said, "Something like this should not concern you."

Victor took Michael's cock in his mouth. Michael just let him, while the back of his mind tried to work out if this was OK.

Victor pulled back and looked up at Michael. Seemingly satisfied, he took Michael's cock to the back of his mouth then beyond into his throat. Michael moaned with pleasure and Victor released him once more.

That was fine, thought Michael, weird that it was him, but fine. Victor stood up then glanced downwards. Michael took the hint and knelt down. Victor's cock was about the same size as his, but pointier. Michael took it into his mouth as he had done with someone else in the showers months ago. Victor was bigger, but he managed without his teeth hitting the older man's cock too many times. He tried to take it into his throat as Victor had done, but he could not. He felt Victor's hands on his head and heard more strange words. Victor thrust forwards and for a moment Michael swallowed his cock. Victor pulled it out straight away and Michael sucked in air.

"Good," Victor said, “Stand, sir.”

Michael got to his feet and wiped the saliva from his chin. Victor gestured to the maids. Nora got on all fours on the bed, her backside sticking out, and Cynthia brought over a small bottle from Victor's sarong. The bottle looked like the one that contained special oil, but when Victor opened it and poured it onto Nora's asshole it was clearly thicker. He put some on his erection then stoppered the bottle and placed it on the bed.

"There are more ways to pleasure a woman," Victor said, "And yourself, than you imagine."

He worked the thick oil around Nora's back entrance with a finger which suddenly disappeared inside her. She cried out, a little in pain, but as he worked his finger around and added another her cries were more pleasure. While Victor worked Cynthia perched on the bed and stroked Michael's erection, adding more of her sweet smelling oil.

When Victor withdrew his fingers Nora rested her head on the bed and stuck her backside out. Michael watched carefully as Victor pushed his cock slowly yet unceremoniously into Nora's anus. Despite the lubricant Nora moaned into the covers and bunched up her fists. Victor gripped her hips, digging his fingers into her and moving her back and forth as he thrust. Michael watched transfixed, ignoring Cynthia completely.

Victor stopped suddenly and withdrew. Michael caught a glimpse of Nora's gaping hole, a flash of pink within her pulsing sphincter. Victor stood back and Cynthia pushed Michael behind Nora. She got to her knees in front of Victor just out of Michael’s sight and he heard sucking sounds. He did not dwell on what had been where…

Nora raised her ass to him and just like Victor he pushed the tip of his cock against her puckered hole. He slid inside, but it was tight, a different tight to her quim. The entrance held him, but inside it was different in a way his fogged mind could not interpret. When he closed his eyes to concentrate on it he saw a dark forest and dark grey skies. He preferred to look at Nora's toned back and not think at all.

Behind him he heard a gagging sound and grunts which he recognised as Victor orgasming. There was some whispering and he felt Victor standing at his shoulder.

"Here, let me help you," Victor said, and Michael felt a finger touching his asshole. A moment later that finger slid inside and touched something that made him want to come immediately.

"Now!" he said, unable to think of another word. Nora slid from his cock and turned around to present her face and tits to him. Victor grabbed his cock and pressed inside his rectum causing Michael to squirt cum all over Nora. She caught some of it on her tongue and cheek, but most went on her tits, pooling in her cleavage. Michael was stunned; how had he come so much the second time? Victor just released him, withdrew his finger and stood back.

Michael could not move. He breathed hard and looked down at Nora, still waiting patiently just in case. Now that Victor's finger was gone he felt as though he had been scratched inside. When he tried to think about it he shivered instead.

"They have gone to the shower," Nora said, realising her breasts and letting his cum drip down her, "Sit down, we will go in once they are done."

Michael sat on the bed and Nora straddled him, pressing her sticky torso against his chest. She kissed him and he tasted a little off his cum on her lips, but he was more concerned that his penis was pressing into her pubes.

"I'm… we're… dirty," he said between kisses.

"We'll be clean soon," Nora said, "And we will have some more fun getting clean."

Michael shifted a little, the stinging in his ass made worse by her weight on his. Nora just rubbed against him and made little contented moans.

"I have these scratches," he began, "I can't explain-"

"Never mind," she said into his ear, which she nibbled, " It happens, you will be fine."

They kissed for a while and Victor emerged from the ensuite. He was mostly dry and put his sarong on straight away. Cynthia came out looking the same, except exhausted. She remained naked and walked around the bed to the other side, where she lay down and closed her eyes. Victor paid her no notice and spoke to Michael.

"You should shower," he said, "And sleep. Our lessons will change, but I expect you to be on time."

With that he left and, on impulse, Michael stood up with Nora still clinging to him. She giggled and wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him. He walked to the ensuite.

"The door," Nora said, "Lock the door!"

Michael changed course and Nora giggled more as he fumbled to reach the key and lock the door. They finally ended up in the shower and Nora set it running. Once he put her down she was straight to business, soaping up his crotch and cleaning him thoroughly before moving to his chest. She washed the rest of him quickly, including between his ass cheeks.

"My turn," she said, facing away from him, "Make sure my bum is all clean."

Michael did his best to soap her up and rinse her off. She turned around and let him wash her chest. She did not mind him taking his time on each breast and she washed her face while he rinsed her off. He bent down to lick her nipple and she giggled and pushed him away.

"There's somewhere else to wash," she said, guiding his hand downwards. He worked a lather into her pubes and rubbed her quim as a bonus. Once she was rinsed off she kissed him and pushed his hand away.

"All done," she said, turning off the shower and opening the door of the cubicle to reach for a towel. Michael was disappointed, but looking down he realised nothing much else could happen. His cock still needed time to recover. As he dried himself he found scratches everywhere on his torso and legs, made red by the hot water. As soon as he started to ask Nora to look at them his mind fogged over once more.

Dry, but still naked, they went to bed. Michael had to pick Cynthia up while Nora pulled back the blankets so they could all get in. As soon as Michael lay down Cynthia snuggled into him. Nora did the same on the other side. Soon they were both fast asleep.

Michael nodded off only to be shaken awake by his very first dream. A single light was still on in the room meaning the far corner was in shadow. From that shadow something looked at him and grinned. Pinned in place by two sleeping women, Michael could only look at that shadow and pray it did not move…

"Hang the rest," Amy spat, "We need his blood!"

Victor stood naked in her room. Shaking, he held up an apologetic hand.

"I had the chance to place a rune inside him," he pleaded, "I can draw blood-"

"I don't care," she snarled, "And He will not care! The boy's blood is not some ingredient for a fetish or a trophy for vanity's sake! It is the only thing that will protect us when He comes."

Amy picked up the riding crop on her bed and brought it down hard on the back of his hand.

"Thank you, Armuke," he said.

"Tell me everything about the night," she said, waving the crop in his face, "Everything! Then summon the Pesas to tell me everything else. If I am not pleased then the strikes will not be the kind for which you thank me…"