Home Early - Chap 1

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Ryan pulled into his driveway and sat staring at the new home, he and his wife had bought earlier that year. Is this really what his life was becoming? He was in his mid-thirties, he had an attractive wife, a newborn, a beautiful home, a great job, but he knew something was amiss.

Just a few years earlier, he recalled football nights, bar-hopping with his buds, chasing tail and then having the freedom to do it all over again. He cared for his wife, but he also felt the pregnancy and rushed marriage was more for show than true feelings.

Ryan turned off his truck and sighed. Well at least his niece, Kayley, would be happy that he was arriving home early. Kayley had been babysitting for them for the last few weeks, and today was her payday.

Ryan entered the house and went straight to the kitchen. He needed a beer. He popped open his bottle and went to throw away the cap when he noticed a letter, written by his wife, laying on the counter:

Tell Ryan I took the baby to my parents and we’ll be home around eight tonight. There is a casserole in the fridge for you both. Ryan has your babysitter pay. You’re the best!

Ryan read the note and placed it back down. “Another fucking casserole, great.” He sighed and took a long chug of his beer and finished it. He grabbed another one and popped the cap. He wondered where his niece was. Both the living room and kitchen were empty.

Just then he thought he heard voices coming from one of the bedrooms. He went down the hall and approached his master suite. The door to the room was partially closed, with a crack big enough for him to peer through to see what was happening.

His eyes widened with surprise. His niece was on her knees blowing some jock, most likely someone she went to school with. He wasn’t bad looking, pretty muscular, his cock looked average, and his tall frame made her small body look absolutely tiny.

Ryan watched as the random guy reached down and pulled Kayley’s tit out and squeezed it. Ryan took another chug of his beer as he watched the blowjob unfold in his bedroom. He looked down and saw that his cock was hard from the excitement he was witnessing.

Ryan knew he needed to intervene, so he opened his bedroom door and spoke loudly, “So who are you dude and why is my niece on her knees?!” His booming voice definitely startled the teens. Kayley jumped up and tried covering her exposed body, but she wasn’t successful.

The guy took a few steps back and quickly pulled up his shorts. He stammered and knew he wasn’t making any sense. He looked at Kayley, apologized to Ryan and bolted.

Ryan looked over at his niece and saw the fear in her face. She was definitely panicking and scared. “So how are we going to tell your parents what just happened?” His voice was stern and very parental-like.

Kayley’s face shot him an angry look and she begged him to not say anything. She was definitely a fire-cracker just like her mom.

Ryan reached out and gently slid his finger along her shoulder. “I mean, we could keep this between us, but it will cost you.” Even he was shocked at the words leaving his lips. Was he really about to blackmail his niece?!

Kayley’s face kept switching between anger and a scared look. She knew she was doomed and she gave in. She placed her hand on his and slid his palm over her breast and made him squeeze.
Ryan laughed. “It’s going to cost more than a quick feel of your tit!” He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her close. The smell of beer was strong on his breath, and the lust in his eyes was very telling. He leaned down and placed his lips to hers and forced a kiss between them.

Kayley placed both her hands on his chest and started to push him off. Ryan pulled back and shook his head. “Alright have it your way, I’ll go call my brother and tell him what you just did.” He went to turn away when he felt her hand reach out to him.

Ryan reluctantly turned back to face her and watched as she went to her knees and was now tugging at the button to his jeans. She unsnapped it and pulled his jeans down, keeping his hard cock covered only by his briefs.

Her face was so close to his cock, he could feel her warm breath as she tongued the outline of his shaft. Her eyes gazed upward and stared into his soul as she teased him. Ryan let out a loud moan. “That’s more like it, show me more,” he begged.

He watched as her slim hands pulled his briefs down and freed his rock hard cock. Her eyes widened, she had never seen something so big. He smiled and placed his hand behind her head and pushed her closer. She opened her mouth and took the head in first, letting her tongue flick around, before she leaned forward and attempted to swallow more.

Ryan’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. He had enjoyed plenty of blowjobs before, but this was by far the best. Here he had his young niece blowing him in the bedroom he shared with his wife. He reached forward and placed his hand onto her firm breast, and squeezed. He heard Kayley let out a moan, even though her mouth was stuffed with his fat cock. He tweaked her nipple and pulled. Kayley jerked with pleasure, but kept her mouth sliding up and down his rock hard shaft.

Ryan pulled her up and then leaned in and started sucking on her firm tits as he felt her hands rubbing all over his back. He pulled away just quick enough to pull his shirt off, then leaned back in. Her tits were so firm and tight.

He reached behind her and squeezed her tight ass cheeks. Her little cut-off shorts made it all the more enjoyable. “Take your shorts off and get on the bed.” He commanded.

He watched as Kayley undid her button and teasingly dropped her shorts and then stepped out of them. She was wearing high waisted blue panties. She teased him more by adjusting the panty band before she turned and climbed the bed, wiggling her butt in the process.

Ryan bit his lower lip, there was no turning back now. He grabbed her by her ankles and flipped her over. She was now on her back and staring at him, waiting for him to do more. No words were spoken but the look in each of their eyes, said a thousand words.

Ryan took his fingers and traced them over her fat mounds slit and felt the heat radiating between her legs. He leaned in and kissed her inner thigh, which caused her to moan and squirm. He held her thighs open firmly as he explored her body from below. His nose sniffed her pussy through her panties and she gave off an amazing smell. It brought back so many memories of when he was with his first girl. Her smell was still very innocent, far from the mature scent most women gave off. He placed a small kiss on her pussy, which was still covered by the thin blue fabric.

He couldn’t take it anymore. He let his finger pull her panties to the side and was rewarded with a beautiful sight. Her pussy was symmetrical, like two peach halves with a small thin patch of blonde pubic hair at the top. He let his nose rub along her slit as he took in a deep breath and took in her innocent scent.

He could feel her body quivering as he teased her from below. Her hands were now rubbing the back of his head as slowly let his tongue trace her slit. He wanted this to last forever, so he went slow, causing the sexual tension to build further.

He took one finger and pulled her pussy open and saw a glisten of moisture. He lapped it up and his mouth was rewarded with the sweetest taste of her frustration. 

He knew younger guys were inexperienced and just knew how to piston fuck and get off. Ryan had years of experience and he was determined to show Kayley how an older guy could actually give pleasurable sex.

He let his mouth cover her entire mound as his tongue pushed in. He felt her body jerk as he probed further in. She was so tight, so sweet, so perfect. He let her grind his face as his tongue lapped up all that she had to give. He could feel her pushing hard against his face and he knew she was enjoying every bit as much as he was.

He pulled his face away and saw some disappointment on hers but he smiled and let his fingers pull her slit open before lowering his tongue to her little clit. He flicked it once and instantly she yelped with pleasure.

Kayley had never felt such intense feelings. She had never known this kind of pleasure. Most guys never spent so much time between her legs. Yet here her uncle was causing her to orgasm in ways she never dreamed possible.

Ryan again pulled his face away and looked up as his niece who was now panting, had her eyes closed, and continued to run her fingers along the back of his head. He didn’t want to stop, but it was getting late, he knew he had to finish soon.

He climbed up on the bed and had Kayley get into a sixty nine position with him. He had her on top and watched as she tried her best to take more of his cock down her throat. He leaned up and took her pussy back into his mouth, tasting her sweet wetness.

Ryan knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He could feel her speeding up the stroking gestures on his hard cock as she continued sucking and licking his shaft. He reached up and pulled her panties further to the side, giving him more access to her firm ass. He placed both hands on her ass cheeks and pulled her down onto his face. He wanted her to flood him with her juices.

He let his fingers trace the outline of her ass cheeks as he lapped her up. His index finger found her puckered hole and he pushed in. He felt her ass tighten from his intrusion but she didn’t stop him. He pushed further in, until his finger was knuckle deep.

He couldn’t take it anymore and started to grunt as he felt his cock swell and then he unleashed the biggest load of cum into his nieces mouth. He heard her gag, but he knew she was trying to swallow as much as she could.

His body jerked as she tried milking the last few drops of cum from his semi-erect cock. He pulled his finger from her and slowly lifted her off him and laid her on her back. She stared at him, smiling, as she rubbed her breasts, slowly letting her hands go lower until she was gently touching between her legs.

Ryan caught his breath as he stared at the most beautiful girl in his bed, his niece. He leaned forward and kissed her lips. She gently rubbed the back of his head and sighed. Ryan pulled back and admired her naked body once more.

“We should get dressed, your aunt will be here soon, and we should definitely keep this between us.” He watched as Kayley brought a finger to her lips and made a shush sound and smiled at him. He bite his lower lip again and knew this would be the start to an ongoing secret love affair with his young niece.