Fright Write Series: Book 2 - Nightly Roaming

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Disclaimer: I am writing a three part series for Halloween. Each story is different, and they only compliment each other with spooky and sexy themes. This story contains unconscious sex scenes!!


Diego awoke to the nightly sounds of city living. The thumping of music from his neighbors, babies crying in adjacent apartments and the chatter from various voices coming from every angle. He sighed and thought to himself, When did life become so distracting?

He looked over at the clock and saw that it was five minutes after nine o’clock in the evening. Time, he pondered. Time was just another reminder of how long he’d been roaming the paths of this earthly planet.

He propped himself up in bed as his eyes slowly adjusted to the surroundings in his room. He waited as his smart lights gradually increased to a relaxing dim hue, illuminating his minimalist bedroom. He pulled back the coverlet and let the brisk air envelope his nude body. His nipples hardened from the airs intrusion.

He stood in front of his floor length mirror. Not bad for 476 years old. 

His reflection had remained the same over the centuries, but his appetite for life was only getting greater. Diego stared at his reflection and examined what he saw; his dark hair with small curls, his deep passionate eyes that were still irresistible, and his pale olive complexion that enhanced his muscles and bodies definition.

Staring back at him was a young twenty eight year old male that hadn’t aged in over four centuries. His style may have changed, but he was still the same young man from Barcelona, Spain.

His accent was still heavy with old world charm, and his manners were still gentlemanly and smooth. Both women and men could easily fall under his gaze when they were in his company.


Diego stood in the shower as beads of water ran down his chiseled chest. He lathered the woodsy body wash and made circular motions as he cleansed himself. The water quickly ran off his body and he leaned against the tiled shower wall as he reminisced of years past.

A intimate memory entertained his mind of the Turkish bath houses he would frequent in the early 1600’s and he grinned as he closed his eyes.

His hand slowly stroked his cock as he remembered the young Turkish boys who would tend to him as he soaked in the beautiful Roman inspired tubs. The boys would pour honey, milk and fragrance into his bath water as another one would rub his body with delicate fabric cloths.

Diego would use his charm to entice the boys to do other things. They would stroke him, kiss on him and bring him to orgasm as he enjoyed his warm baths. Diego not only used the bath houses to cleanse, but he also used them for feeding.

Diego let out a slight moan as he continued stroking himself. How he missed those simpler days.

He would easily hypnotize the Turkish boys with his charm and then Diego would flirt and coax them into the tub where he’d then feed on them, stopping just before they drew their last breath. His intentions were to feed just enough and then leave the boys asleep until they regained their consciousness. He never harmed their innocent bodies, he took just what he needed.

He would then stand and look over their beautiful nude bodies, soft limp cocks, and smile. The only guilt he would feel, was knowing they didn’t get to orgasm like he had. 

Diego let out several loud grunts and felt his body tense up. He gripped his hard cock and gave it several short strokes as he climaxed and shot several ropes of hot cum onto the tiled floor. His watched as his chest slowed in rhythm and his breathing went back to a steady pace.


Diego pulled his wool coat close as he waited for his Uber driver. He loved and hated NYC this time of year. The icy wind cut across his face and the small drizzle of rain felt sharp against his skin. He looked up and stared at the full moon, its nightly illumination was radiant even amongst the bright city lights.

The black suv pulled up promptly and he climbed in. There was no small talk, so instead he sunk into the large leather seats as the driver navigated the busy streets of the city. Again lost in thought, Diego just stared out the window at the tall buildings, bright lights and cold uninviting weather that passed him by.

Diego was so lost in thought, he hadn’t realized the suv had been sitting idle for several minutes in front of his nightclub, The Saint. He quietly thanked the driver, took a deep breath, and briskly walked to the front entrance.

There was already a line winding around the building. The music inside easily carried outdoors with the steady thumping of beats. As he approached the ropes, a tall bodyguard nodded to him, stopped the entrance line and allowed him to enter through a VIP section.

“Good evening Mister Da Silva. We weren’t expecting you tonight.”

“It’s Halloween, everyone should have known I’d be here! Send Claire up, I’ll be in my office waiting.” He watched as the bodyguard gave him an apologetic nod and then quickly spoke into a small microphone. 

Diego was annoyed by the lack of awareness from his staff. He slipped off his jacket and handed it to the coat closet attendee and proceeded to his upstairs office. He relaxed as he entered the familiar setting, a dark minimalistic open room.

There was a large desk in the center of the room surrounded by two sitting chairs. There was also an oversized indigo velour couch placed in the middle of the room. The dim lighting made the space much more intimate. At the far end of the room was a floor to ceiling one-way window that overlooked the nightclub below.


He heard Claire ascending the stairs. Diego smiled when he also heard the ice clinking in the glasses she was most definitely carrying. There was a reason he had hired her to run his nightclub. She knew exactly how to please him.

Within seconds, she entered the room and strutted her shapely legs towards him as he sat at his desk waiting. She gave him a wry smile as she approached. “I hope you haven’t been waiting long.”

“Long enough! How do you intend to make up for your tardiness?” He scowled.

“Don’t be such an ass! I brought you your favorite.”

He watched as she placed the glasses on the desk, that were filled with whiskey and single spheres of ice. His straight face hinted at a slight smile as he picked a glass up and held it to his nose. He took a deep inhale and then spoke, “This is why I fucking love you.”

She smiled, picked up her glass, leaned closer to him and seductively replied, “You know I’d do anything for you.” They clinked their glasses and both took a sip.

Diego placed his glass down and stared at his protégé. Claire was dressed in a tight black lace corset that caused her breasts to look stunning. Her shapely legs looked enticing in her tight mini blue jean skirt. And of course she wore her signature high heels with red bottoms that pulled the entire ensemble together.

Diego coyly asked, “And what are you supposed to be dressed up as?” He watched as she took another swig of her whiskey before replying.

“Fuck childish costumes! I always go for sexy! I’ll find some dumb drunk frat guy to blow his money and spoil me all night.” She gave him a wink.

“Well I am starving and horny, so let’s go find this guy you speak of!” He stood up and reached out for hers.

“I thought you’d never ask!” She accepted his hand and he lead her towards the thumping music and loud voices of patrons who were drunk and enjoying the festivities below.


It didn’t take Claire long to find an unsuspected patron whom she flirted with freely. She had the bartender serve him top shelf tequila shots and soon he was putty in her hand. Her delicate hands made his body relax as she rubbed his muscular shoulders and whispered into his ear.

She looked over at Diego, who had been watching from across the bar. He loved seeing her in action. She was truly a black widow. Seductively luring innocent prey into her web. Diego took a swig from his whiskey and made his way over to Claire. She gave him a seductive smile as he neared.

“Jack, this is Diego, my boss. He owns this place and Im sure he wouldn’t mind showing us the VIP section upstairs.” Claire ran her finger tips along the guys arm as he turned and smiled at Diego.

“Bro, you have an awesome place! I would love to see the VIP area!” His voice was slurred and it was clear he had been served more than enough to drink that evening.

“Follow this beautiful lady then, and let us take the party upstairs.” Diego flashed a devilish grin as Claire led the way.

Diego watched as the guy kept his eyes glued to Claire’s ass, as she ascended the staircase. It was obvious she added a little more movement to her hips, enticing Jack along further.

As they approached the office door, Diego took the queue and spoke into Jack’s ear, “Her legs look great, but wait until she clenches her thighs and grinds herself against you.” Diego kept a straight face as Jack’s eyes widened with surprise.


Diego watched as Claire lead the drunk brute to the couch. She sat him down and then she slowly loosened her corset, allowing her cleavage to fall out. Jack went to say something, but Claire was quick to bring her index finger to his lips.

“Shhh, just enjoy the moment. I promise you, you’ll love every minute of what you’re about to experience.”

Diego went to the desk and pulled a bottle of whiskey out, and poured it into the glasses that were still sitting on the dark wood. He brought the drinks over to the couch and sat on the far end, watching Claire as she strip teased the muscular stud who unknowingly would be their play toy and his dinner.

Clair moved her body to the music below, allowing her hands to rub between her thighs, as her breasts easily fell out of her corset. Diego looked over and saw Jack was sporting a large erection. It was obvious he was turned on by Claire’s erotic and teasingly dance.

Claire moved closer and allowed Jack to place his hands on her hips. He pulled up her skirt, exposing her black thong against her tanned skin. She leaned in and nibbled on his ear as his hands ran all over her taut body. Claire took her hands and squeezed her breasts as she let out small whimpers of pleasure.

Diego took his hand and adjusted his cock in his pants as he watched the two touching each other. He reached over and gave Claire a hard slap on her ass, leaving a red and stinging hand imprint. Claire turned and looked over at him, motioning him to join.

“Diego is going to join us, ok.” She spoke more of a command rather than asking.

Jack shook his head yes. He then leaned in and began sucking her hardened nipples. Claire ran her hands through his short blond hair, pulling his face further into her chest.

Diego approached Claire from behind, he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it to the floor. He reached up and started to loosen the straps to Claire’s corset, which allowed her large breasts to fall out freely. Diego leant in and gave her small nibbles to her neck, which made her moan passionately.

Claire reached behind her and ran her hand along her boss’s hard cock, griping the thickness, and teasing him as his muscle longed to be freed.

Claire stepped onto the couch and hovered her panty-clad pussy above Jack’s face. Her scent was intoxicating and he begged her to lower herself onto him. She looked behind at Diego and motioned him to come closer. She pulled her black thong to the side and teasingly lowered herself to Jack’s face. Diego brought his face closer and began tonguing her ass as Jack lapped at her pussy from below.

Claire moaned in delight as the two guys passionately licked and sucked at her most sensitive body parts. She let her hands rub all over the men as their mouths remained busy tasting her. 

Diego felt Claire’s body start to quiver and he knew she had her first of many orgasms. He pulled his tongue from her puckered hole and unbuttoned his pants. He soon stood nude behind the couple as Claire pulled her pussy off Jack’s mouth. Diego could see her chest rise and fall quickly as she caught her breath. He could also hear both their hearts pounding from their adrenaline rush.

Claire climbed off the couch and went to her knees, motioning both men to stand around her. Diego gave his cock a few strokes before presenting it to her lips were she eagerly took him into her warm mouth. His deep moans showed his pleasure as she looked up at him. 

Jack hastily stripped and brought his hard cock to her hand. She pulled her mouth off Diego, quickly spitting onto Jack’s hard cock and she began stroking him with a twisting motion that made his eyes roll back from her talented experience.

Diego reached over and placed his hand on the Jack's shoulders. He gave Jack a strong but gentle massage before both guys intertwined arms as Claire took turns sucking them both off below. Diego could now smell the guys pheromones and it turned him on greatly. Diego turned his head and leaned into the Jack’s neck, and gently sucked on him, tasting his salty skin.

“Oh fuck, you guys are wild!” Jack moaned.

Claire pulled her mouth off his cock and gave a small laugh, “You haven’t even experienced the best part. Climb onto the couch and we’ll show you more.”

Diego watched as Jack sat on the couch and Claire climbed on top of him, slowly lowering her pussy to his erect piece. She turned and looked back at Diego and gave him a coy smile as she lowered herself onto the drunk stud.

Jack let out several loud grunts as his massive dick disappeared into Claire’s tight crevice. He rested his hands on her hips as she worked herself up and down, causing them to both moan in unison.

Diego went behind the couch and placed his hands on Jacks shoulders, again giving him a gentle but firm massage. Jack grunted as he fucked Claire and felt Diego touching his body. Jack turned his head up and looked at Diego, his begging eyes said it all.

Diego smiled, leaned down and started a gentle nibble on Jack’s lobes and tender neck. Jack was in pure bliss as his cock sank deeper into Claire. He had never been with a guy before and he was loving his taboo experience.

As Jack continued hammering Claire from below, he reached behind her and gave her exposed ass cheek the hardest slap he could muster. Claire let out a whimper as the sting from his hand only excited her more.

“I am so close, your pussy is amazing.” Jack’s eyes rolled back as Claire kissed him passionately. She broke her kiss and looked at Diego. 

Diego knew that look and knew it was time. Unbeknownst to Jack, Diego opened his mouth, his dangerous fangs protruded and he sank them into Jack’s thick neck and began feeding.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m cumming.” Jack began to unleash his built up climax and he exploded hot cum deep into Claire’s velvet pussy. Claire dug her nails into his chest as she felt her internal hole filled with his hot cum. She collapsed onto Jack as he lost consciousness.

Diego retracted his fangs and pulled his mouth off Jack’s bloody neck. His tongue licked his lips, erasing any trace of blood from his victim. He looked at Claire who was still impaled on Jack’s erect cock.

Diego laughed, “Is he still hard?”

“Actually, he is, and his cock feels amazing!” Claire exclaimed. Her pussy may have been used, but she still hadn’t climaxed. “Come around and let me suck you off, while I ride his hard cock.” Her eyes and demand were greedy with lust.

Diego flashed an evil smile, “You horny little slut! Sounds naughty, let’s use him!”

He repositioned himself next to Claire’s mouth. She quickly took him into her warm opening. Claire knew she was an amazing cock sucker and she wasn’t about to disappoint her boss. As she sucked Diego, she slowly started grinding her hips against a passed out Jack. His cock was still very hard and thick, and she was going to use it to get off.

Diego watched as the little vixen rode her passed out lover while still servicing him. The sight was too much and he knew he wouldn’t last long. Between grunts and moaning, he managed to muster, “Where do you want me to cum?”

Claire pulled his cock out for mere seconds, “Down my throat!” She quickly went back to work servicing him who was now struggling to hold back.

“Ugh, fuck, here I cum!” His body jerked as he shots two large ropes of cum down Claire’s welcoming throat. She swallowed him like an expert without missing a drop. He watched as she pulled her mouth off his semi-erect cock. She then placed her fingers on her clit as she continued riding Jack.

Diego watched as her fingers continued circling her clit and her panting increased. He knew she was close. “Fuck his cock is thick!” She whimpered, then her body started shuddering as she hit her climax. Her entire hand clutched her mound as her elated cries of pleasure filled the room.

Claire collapsed her entire self onto the passed out stud as her body reeled from an intense high. Her breathing slowed and she climbed off the spent cock. She looked over at Diego who was devilishly grinning.

“Are you done?!” He laughingly asked.

“Baby, we’re just getting started. I’ll call security. They can redress this tool, call him an Uber and clean up this office.” She confidently replied as she redressed. “He was just the appetizer!”

Diego took Claire into his arms and they passionately kissed. It was going to be another great Halloween night.