Fright Write Series: Book 1 - Scarecrow

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Christopher stood back and admired his handy work. Hopefully this will do the trick, he thought to himself. He had assembled an awkward and lanky looking scarecrow. Recently, the large black birds had been getting more aggressive with his crops, and he hoped his creation would stave them off until it was time for harvest.

Chris gave a small laugh at the wrangled scarecrow. He had dressed it in an old dark plaid shirt and tattered jeans. The dry golden hay straw was protruding out of the assembled outfit.

Even though no one was around, Chris found himself chatting to his new friend. “How about we name you… Hmmm… How about Steve. Yea that sounds fitting. I tell you what Steve, if you keep my crops safe from the birds, I’ll keep you around all year long and we can take good care of each other! That’s a fair pact!” Chris laughed as he walked away.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Chris tended the crops, fed the livestock, and dusk soon approached. Chris was walking to the old farmhouse when he stopped to tell Steve good night. “Tomorrow, we’ll work on getting you a better smile my friend. G’night Steve.”

Chris had inherited his grandfathers old farm and land about two years prior. It was located in the middle of no where Nebraska, and it was miles from the nearest town. He figured he’d give it a go and try growing crops. He liked the seclusion and openness, but most of all he loved the beautiful evening sunsets.

He had attended some college, but found school wasn’t really for him. So when his grandpa left him the farm, he gladly accepted the challenge. It came with some cons though. Chris missed flirting with the girls, and he missed using a real gym. The farm gave him a good workout, but it was nothing like a good set of weights.

Chris was a good ole’ country fed farm boy. He had an attractive farmers tan and thick muscles in his arms, legs and back. His dark brown eyes and brown hair were just an added bonus. 

He settled in at the old wooden table and ate his dinner in silence. As he ate, he thought about tasks he still needed to do. He knew he’d have to journey into town soon to get more supplies. He dreaded the 80 mile commute. He finished his supper, cleaned his plates and settled onto the comfy worn couch.

He must’ve dazed off soon after, because he was awoken when he heard the creak of the old screen door slam against the door frame. He could hear the wind howling outside. It must be another cold front pushing through, he thought to himself.

It was early October and he had grown accustomed to the odd sounds the house produced as harsh weather battered against the weathered sideboards. He knew the house needed a fresh coat of paint and the screens needed replacing. Just more tasks to keep him busy.

Chris stood and readied himself for bed. He took a luke warm shower, put on a fresh pair of underwear and climbed into bed. The house was just cool enough for him to sleep semi-nude and stay comfortable throughout the evening. He loved the feeling of the old flannel sheets against his skin. He quickly fell into a deep sleep.


Chris opened his eyes and waited for them to adjust to the darkness of his room. Something had awoken him. Maybe it was a branch breaking from the grim looking tree out front, or maybe it was a night bird fluttering in the wind. He laid there, as his imagination ran rampant.

Then he heard it. It sounded like footsteps on the front porch. His eyes darted over to the alarm clock and he saw it was 1 in the morning. Who would be at his home at this hour of the night?

Still he laid silent in the bed, hoping it was just his imagination playing tricks on him. Then he heard the light footsteps again, walking across the wooden boards. He knew the front door was locked, or was it. Panic set in and he couldn’t remember. He went to sit up in bed, but his body was paralyzed in fear. Was he even awake? Get up! Get up and do something! His body was dead weight and instead he remained fixed in place.

He listened as the wooden screen door creaked open and then he heard the front door open. He knew he had to do something. He had to protect himself, but still he remained paralyzed in bed. What is happening to me? Why won’t I do something!?

The footsteps began a slow ascent up the stairs, as each floor board creaked under the mystery persons weight. Chris remained silent, hoping the intruder would pass his room and then leave the house. The doorknob to his room slowly turned and then the door opened.

In the dim lighted room, Chris could make out the intruders features. He was a tall and slender individual, but his facial features were hard to make out. He couldn’t place the person, but there was something awfully familiar about him. His body was still unmoving with fear.

“It’s ok Chris, I won’t hurt you.” The deep voice filled the room as the individual sat in an old chair across from the bed. He switched on a small lamp and his features were very apparent. The intruder had dark messy blond hair, a boyish face, and he was wearing the same outfit that Chris had placed on the scarecrow outside.

“I know you’re terrified but let me explain. It’s me Steve. You created me out of affection and you made a pact with me. You promised to care for me if I kept the birds away. I did my part, so now I am here tonight to get my end of the bargain. You see, I have needs, deviant needs, and you’re going to fulfill them for me.” Steve spoke precisely and clearly as he sat in the chair.

Chris could hear his voice in his head screaming, but his body was still heavy as lead. This isn’t real. These things don’t happen! And what needs is he talking about! His eyes panicked when he saw the individual stand and approach the bed.

Steve slowly pulled back the thin blanket, exposing Chris’ body to the cool air. “You like to sleep on your back huh?” Steve ran his fingers along Chris’ bare chest, slowly tweaking his hard nipples from the airs assault.

“I watched you from the field all day, as you sweated and worked diligently in the sun. Your tanned skin glistened from the suns rays and your hard body teased me all day. It’s only fitting I come to you at night and get my reward.” Steve said this as his fingers slid lower, resting gently on the waistband of Chris’ underwear.

There was nothing Chris could do, so he laid there frightened as Steve slowly pulled his underwear off and tossed them to the floor.

“Wow, you’re a very handsome guy. I am so lucky that you created me.” Steve ran his hands all over Chris’ naked body, slowly cupping his balls. He watched as his shaft hardened from his intimate touch. “Your legs are beautiful. They are so muscular and tanned. Maybe I should kiss them.”

Chris closed his eyes as he felt the warm mouth of his intruder press against his body. He finally mustered a small grunt as he felt small intimate kisses along his muscular calfs and then up to his thighs. He felt his cock stiffen at the strangers touch.

He let out more grunts, this time louder as he felt the warm mouth envelope his cock. Was he really enjoying this deviant sexual act?! Another guy was sucking his cock and he actually enjoyed it!

Chris opened his eyes and looked downward as Steve slowly went up and down on his hardened shaft. Bobbing his head in a steady rhythm as he brought him closer to a climax.

“Not so fast there buddy.” Steve laughed as he pulled his mouth off the throbbing veiny cock. He wiped the excess spit from his lips as he moved up the bed and rested his body on his intended. He lowered his mouth and slowly teased Chris’ hard nipples, flicking his tongue over them.

Chris let out a deep moan, as his body reacted to the intimate act.

“I don’t know why you are so terrified. I can feel your heart beating through your chest. Let’s see if I can relax you a little more.” Steve climbed off the bed and stripped himself nude. His legs were covered in golden blonde hair and his hard abs had a sexy happy trail in the same colored hair.

Steve took a wad of spit in his fingers and placed it to his tight opening. He pushed the spit in with two fingers, “Ughh, that feels nice. I can’t wait to feel you inside me.” He smiled as he climbed back onto the bed, straddling himself on top of his terrified lover.

Chris could feel as Steve lowered himself onto his rigid cock. He felt his cock head push in, and he moaned with pleasure at how nice it felt. No, no. I am not to supposed to like this! He felt his eyes roll back as Steve pushed himself lower, allowing more cock to slip into his tight hole.

“Oh yea, that feel’s nice.” Steve moaned as he slid further down the thick shaft. “It feels like you’re enjoying this too. You’re really hard.” Steve motioned his hips up and down as he rode his creator and lover.

Steve brought his face closer to Chris, leant in and started sucking on his neck. Chris couldn’t hold his emotions in any longer and bursted out in loud moans. Suddenly he felt his muscles jerk, he reached up, and firmly placed them on Steves hips as he helped him grind their bodies together.

“Ughh, ughh, oh my gosh, you feel amazing.” Chris moaned. His body was now in control and he let all his inhibitions go. He leant up and brought his lips to his scarecrow and started a deep passionate kiss with him. As he regained more control of his body movements, he let his hands run all over Steve’s body. Steve was lean and muscular, and this was something new to Chris.

Chris thrusted upwards until his entire cock was submerged in Steve’s tight hole. Steve continued sucking and nibbling at Chris’ neck, causing him to elicit deeper passionate moans. Both guys were soon in a steady rhythm as they fucked on the old bed.

Chris felt himself close to orgasm and tried holding it off as long as he could. He had never fucked anyone as passionate as Steve. This new sensation was pure bliss and he didn’t want the feeling to end. Steve placed his hands on Chris’ face and whispered into his ear, “I want you to cum in me, when you’re ready. I want all of you in me.”

Chris couldn’t hold back any longer, he felt his abs tighten, he gave one hard thrust into his lover and felt his body explode with the strongest orgasm he had ever experienced. Both guys let out more loud moans as their bodies climaxed together. Steve collapsed onto his lover as he felt Chris’ chest rise and fall from his passionate love making.

Chris laid there, with his lover still impaled on his cock, listening to their breathing as it slowed and found a calm rhythm. He was still semi hard when Steve pulled himself off. No words were spoken as Steve slowly redressed into the old tattered clothes.

Chris watched as Steve walked over to the lamp and switched it off. Just before he left the room, his deep voice was now more a soft whisper, “I’ll see you tomorrow night. Sleep tight my friend.” Chris was spent and exhausted from the long day and unexpected amazing sex. He quickly fell into a deep sleep and didn’t wake until late the next morning.


That was an unsettling and ridiculous dream, he thought to himself. He pulled back the covers and realized he had fallen asleep nude. He also noticed some dried cum stains on the coverlet. Wow, talk about an intense wet dream, that was wild.

As he climbed out of bed, he gave himself a good stretch, then he made his way towards his bedroom window. He peered out and his face went pale. His scarecrow was now facing his bedroom window and it appeared to be smiling.