Writer's Block - Cassandra Rittenburg 607

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The alarm went off at 7:30, a man's arm reached out and turned it off.
"Cass time to get up"

"Nooo!" Cassandra from under the covers.

"I'll go turn the shower on."

"Thanks babe."

Cassandra Rittenburg watched as the perfectly formed Greek god walked out of the room. Cass stretched, revealing her beautiful naked body to the morning sun. She walked into the bathroom and met the man on his way out.

"Thanks James." Cass said before she placed her beautiful lips on his, and held them there until she needed to take a breath. She walked past as James slapped her on the rear.

Cass began to wash, moving her hands over her beautiful curves.  She allowed the water to run on her back and began to do her neck when she felt the sensual touch of James. She turned and kissed him, he moved her against the wall of the large shower, he separated his lips from hers and ran his tongue down her beautiful body. He circled around her areola, clockwise,  flicked with his tongue, and counter clockwise. Cass moaned with pleasure and pulled the back of his hair.

"Yes, do it, do it to me daddy." She moaned as he moved his tongue to her inner thigh. He stood up and turned her around, as he admired her firm sexy backside, and began to make love to her. He ran his hands over her breast, as she pushed back on him.

"Yes yes, there, that's the spot, oh yes fuck me." Cassandra moaned as she moved her hips in rhythm with his thrusts. She leaned back against him, he kissed her neck as he continued to fondle her breasts. Cassandra's moans began to intensify as the pleasure began to build up, crashing into her like waves on the beach.  "Do it James! Do it to me do it!" Cass shouted as the pleasure exploded and she trembled with pleasure as he grunted and released his pleasure.

Cass turned around and kissed him hard on the lips. "You are amazing" Cass said as she leaned her head on his chest.

"Thank you baby." James said with a smile.

"Sorry babe I have to get to work." Cass said with regret. She looked up at him smiled and asked, "Don't you have to get back to your wife?" 


Cass did her morning routine, including exercise, dressed in a smart black business skirt, black pantyhose and black heels. She removed her pink .25 beretta with silencer, placed it in her purse and drove to work.

Cass sat at her desk, in the 'bullpen' with the other assassins, and began to check her classified email when the caller ID flashed "Urgent". Cass picked up the telephone to hear Jessica Bends, Cassandra's best, and at times, only friend.

"Cassy he wants to see you!"

"Any clue?" Cass asked not wanting to walk into number one's office blind.

"None, now get up here 607!" Jessica said unable to hide the stress in her voice. Cass removed herself from her desk knowing Jessie was serious. Jessica only called her by her number in an event of national disaster.


Cass walked into number one's office, the firm face hidden in the smoke rising up from the ashtray which read "thank you for not smoking." The steel cold eyes looked at her.

"Sit down 607" Number one ordered. Cass sat on the other side of the large oak desk.

"607, as you know there have been several leaks of U.S, British and French classified information. We believe that the man behind the website "net leaks", a website that posts classified documents online, is trying to sell U.S secrets to the Soviet Union. Your mission is to meet up with the target, an American named Jason Snowden, who's staying at the Tuntless hotel, room 206. Find out who set up the deal and eliminate the target with extreme prejudice."

Cass walked to the 2nd floor of the Tuntless hotel, in Niagara Falls Canada, and could see room 206. She could see a KGB bodyguard outside of Snowden's room. She quickly ran behind the corner and removed her gerout thong, moved her leg around the corner, exposing her inner thigh to the Russian. The large man smiled and walked over. He turned the corner and saw a beautiful young woman rush at him and press her lips to his pushing him into an open broom closet. She tasted of sweet strawberries, placed his hands on her body and worked them down. Cass began to panic when he reached up her right leg and felt the pink .25 Beretta held firmly to her inner thigh. She removed her lips from his and head butt the man. She wrapped her thong around his neck, waited till it cut off his air flow then tied it securely.

The man thrashed as Cass struggled to defend herself until he died. "Ivan!" A second KGB agent shouted and Cass could hear the thundering steps coming closer. She grabbed Ivan by his manhood and pulled him to the floor with his feet to the door. She quickly removed her black skirt and straddled Ivan who was still trying to gasp for air and hit Cass off of him. She grabbed both his arms and securely held them under her knees. 

The second kgb agent turned the corner. "Yes yes yes, give it to me give it to me" Cass said as she worked her hands down her body pretending not to notice the other man. Ivan gave a painful grunt in an attempt for help, Cass began to moan and bounce harder.

"Yes that's the spot!" She said as she leaned over and pressed her lips to his.

Cass noticed the other man leave and shut the door, she kept her lips to his and kept moaning until Ivan stopped moving. She put her head on his chest and heard no breath or heart beat. She left the broom closet, removed her weapon from its holster and followed the other man. He stopped at a drinking fountain. Cass quietly walked up and pointed the gun to the back of his head. He spun around and knocked the gun to the floor leaving a bullet hole in the wall. He picked Cass up by the throat and slammed her against the wall causing pictures to fall. Cass kneed the man in the groin and scrambled to regain her weapon. 

The large man bear hugged Cass, who managed to hold on to the gun, and went crashing into the restroom. Cass hit the floor with the man still holding on to her naked body. She elbowed him in the face and stood to her feet. She fired the weapon as the man turned the corner of the rest room. Cass quickly reloaded as he turned the corner and fired his small Ak 47 causing the light to burst and hit a urinal sending it crashing to the floor  Water sprayed into the air as the light sent sparks down onto Cass. Cass slipped in water and fell to the ground. She looked up in time to see the man send the urinal crashing down toward her. She rolled out of the way as it smashed to the floor. 

The man was about to lift it again when he was tripped by Cassandra's beautiful legs. Cass jumped on top of him placing his head between her legs. She pointed the gun at his forehead but before she could pull the trigger he stood to his feet with Cass still holding on to him. He sent the two of them crashing into a stall. Cass dropped her gun but managed to get her legs in a figure four position. She began to squeeze. The man stood up again and Cass squeezed harder.

"I'm going to fucking kill you!" she screamed! She felt his neck crack as he fell to one knee. His blue face in extreme pain. She squeezed harder and jerked her hips from left to right the man fell limp to the ground. Cass let the man go and picked up her gun that had fallen on the floor in the stall, she placed the man's head into the toilet and pulled the trigger causing the still breathing man's head to explode.

Cass looked at the destroyed bathroom, picked up her pink .25 Beretta with silencer and ran naked to room 206. Kicked the door in and heard the moans of two women. She turned the corner and saw Jason Snowden in bed with two whores. The three naked people were stunned by a forth naked person, who, had several cuts bruises and was covered in an alluring combination of sweat and black gunpowder. The two women stood to their feet and began screaming. "Shut the fuck up" Cass shouted as she pistol whipped the blond whore.

"What are you doing here? Where the hell are those Russian assholes" Snowden asked.

"Ones dead in the closet, the others in the bathroom shitting his brains out and well frankly I'm here to get information and Ki.." Cass was cut off by the cell phone ringing. Cass looked at it and recognized the Soviet number.
"Answer it!" Cass shouted as she pulled the hammer back on her gun. Snowden did as he was told. Cass waited a minute then grabbed the phone hanging it up. "Like I was saying I'm here to get information, which I now have, and kill you!"  This caused the blond woman to begin to scream again. Cass looked over enraged and sent a hot silent ball of led through the temple of the woman, causing her to fall in a heap on the floor. The brunette woman began sobbing.

Cass looked at Snowden and demanded that he get on his hands and knees in the doorway of the bathroom. He did so facing out. Cass stood over him, with his head between her legs.

"What are you going to do?" Snowden asked.  

"Kill you." Cass replied as she placed his head between her legs and squeezed. She crossed her feet at her ankles and placed both hands on the doorframe for balance. The brunette whore was still sobbing as she watched. She could hear the cracks and pops from the other room and looked in horror as Cass repositioned Snowden's head between her legs for a better squeeze. Snowden began to groan with pain. His tongue sticking out. Cass began to smile as he turned blue and with one thrust and turn with her deadly body Jason Snowden was dead.

Cass walked out of the bathroom exhausted from the evening's work. She instantly heard the begging and sobbing of the brunette whore. The woman ran up to Cass and fell to her knees.
"Please don't kill me, please don't." The woman pleaded. Cass went down on her knees and gently kissed the beautiful woman. "Shhh shhh shh" Cass said giving a reassuring look.

"It won't hurt."

"Wha..." The brunette was cut off by the soft deadly pop of the beretta, Cass snuck in one last kiss before she fell dead to the floor. Five dead and Cass was exhausted. The cell phone rang again.

"Hello...hello this is Fleming publishing and we need to talk." 

"I'm sorry." Cass asked. 

"We need to talk about his new book that's now 3 weeks overdue."

"Oh that's right, I'm Mr. Snowden's private secretary and he can't come to the phone now, he's just dead.” Cass replied.

"When is he going to finish that book?" 

Cass looked around at the two dead hookers on the floor, the blood coming from Snowden's mouth and her own torn up body. "It won't be for a while, he's got a pretty bad case of writer's block."