Curtain Call Scramble

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An empty corridor on the sixth floor. The elevator chimed. The doors opened, but no one stepped out. After a few seconds a shiny head poked out and looked left and right. There was whispering, then three of the most unlikely figures burst forth and dashed down the corridor.

"My room is halfway down," said The Tin Man, voice muffled by the grill over their mouth, "Five-sixteen, evens are on the right."

The Cowardly Lion had longer legs and made it to the door first. They had to wait for The Tin Man to open it before they rushed inside. They held it open long enough for the wheezing and heavily padded Scarecrow to join them. Once all of them were inside they slammed it shut.

They froze and listened hard, alternating between holding their collective breath and panting. Confident they had not been followed they left the door and sat at the foot of the bed.

Tin Man threw the plastic key on the dresser, she took off her helmet and started to take out her hair. She gave up after a few pins and loosened her costume instead.

"I'm about to fucking die in here," the Cowardly Lion yelled, "Help?!?!"

Scarecrow pulled off her sack mask and tattered gloves and threw them on the bed.

"Calm down, Kelly," she said, "We've all been running, we're all hot."

"Fuck off!" Kelly roared, "I know, bitch, but this did Lion is all in one piece and it fastens at the back! Help!"

She turned around as Tin Man and Scarecrow undid the buttons and velcro that went from her neck to her tail. All three pulled the costume off of her, struggling against the adhesiveness of her sweaty skin.

"Shitballs, Kelly," said Tin Man, "Why are you naked?"

Kelly grabbed a towel and wrapped it round her small waist. She left her chest on show. Those babies had cost a bomb and she made sure she got her money's worth.

"Fucking Argyle," she said, "The moment he took over as director he said 'No underwear babe, costume's too tight, it'll ruin the image', and for once I couldn't tell him to stick it up his ass."

"Yeah, sounds like Argyle," said Tin Man, "Made himself director and producer so he can fire people two ways at once. Come on, help me out too."

Scarecrow held Tin Man's chest plate as she wriggled out of it. Kelly helped her out of the chunky boots and silver leggings.

"Sue," Kelly asked, "You minx, all you have in here is a thong."

"Damn right," Sue said, pulling up her thick top and doing an impressive tit-drop in the process, "This stuff is so thick I couldn't put anything underneath."

"Why?" asked Scarecrow, "It's ninety degrees!"

"That fucking chest plate is thin," Sure said, "But it's still metal. Without this I'd have been chaffed to hell."

Scarecrow stood and looked at her co-stars. One had on a tiny thong, the other just a towel, and they both had perfect pert boobs. She shrugged and said, "Come on then, help me out."

"Oh shit, Nic," Kelly said, "You lose a fight with Toto before you got dressed?"

"No!" Nic said, "It's this goddamn straw. Itches like crazy… That's why I'm in-"

"Spanx!" Kelly and Sue said in unison.

"Why girl?" Sue said, "You gonna need an ice bath to get that shit off!"

"Ha ha! Very funny," Nic said, "They wouldn't let the costume out so I had to improvise. Two of my dresses fit better too, so it's money well spent I reckon."

"OK, whatever," Sue said, "But we're not peeling you out of that just yet. I need a shower."

She sat down in the only chair, covering her nipples with one forearm. Nic sat on the bed and Kelly sat next to her.

For a moment they relaxed, but then they heard it.

"Someone's outside," Kelly said, standing up and going into the bathroom so she was out of sight. Sue joined her. There was a knock at the door. Followed by more in a familiar pattern.

"That was-" Nic started.

"Follow the Yellow Brick Road!" Sue and Kelly stage-whispered in unison.

"Go answer it," Sue said to Nic, "I bet it's-"

Pissed that she had to answer the door in her spanx, Nic ignored Sue and went to look through the peephole. She saw long black hair and a green face looking nervously down the corridor. She opened the door to the Wicked Witch of the West.

"Oh thank God," she said, "Things went fucking crazy. Where's Sue? Isn't this her room?"

"Hi Beth," Sue called from the bathroom, "We figured this was the safest place. How did you find us?"

"Blind luck," Beth said, pulling off her false nose and sitting on the bed to unbuckle her shoes, "I was backstage when the crowd decided to go all lusty-feral and I bolted out of a fire exit. I was totally lost for, like, twenty minutes then I recognised this hotel."

"What happened to the crowd and everyone else?" Kelly asked.

"I have no idea," Beth replied, throwing her shoes to one side, "What's happening here?"

She looked at all of the exposed flesh and waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"Well," Sue said, "Kelly and I were about to take a shower and then we were going to peel Nic out of that... thing. Somehow."

"Oh, thanks," Nic said, "So I have to wait? For how long?"

Sue and Kelly laughed.

"It might be a while," Kelly said.

"A while?" Beth hissed, "I'm covered in green paint. Can't I shower while you guys help Nic?"

"Nope," Kelly said, backing into the bathroom, "Hardly any of you is green, those big green boobs are fake."

"You help Nic," Sue said as the door closed, "But get your green ass off my bed and keep it off!"

"Fuck off!" Beth yelled at the door as she stood up.

Nic looked at Beth who shot her a wicked look. Realising she was not mad at Nic she raised her hands in apology.

"Come on then," she said, "Let's get you out of whatever the hell that is and into a robe or something."

"It's okay," Nic said, "You first, that shit looks uncomfortable."

Beth sighed and nodded. She took off her long black wig revealing a shock of ginger hair. She turned around to let Nic unfasten the back of her dress. Nic did so in reverend silence. She had had a crush on Beth from the moment they met and she knew from the dressing room that underneath this massive dress and stupid green make-up was the kind of body she loved.

Beth let the dress fall to the floor and stepped out of it. Underneath she was wearing plain boyshort underwear and a ridiculous set of green silicon and latex boobs. When she turned to face Nic she smiled, white teeth framed with green lipstick.

"There's that look," she said, "I was hoping I hadn't imagined it."

Nic blushed and her embarrassed smile flickered on and off.

"I, er," she stammered, "I didn't think you knew."

"It wasn't easy," Beth replied, "Next time treat the dressing room like highschool. Tell someone you have a crush and your crush will find out."

"Am I just having a silly crush then?" Nic asked, a little crestfallen.

Beth stepped forward, fake boobs meeting Nic's heavily contained real ones. She touched Nic's face and her smile widened.

"Not at all," Beth said, her green lips suddenly making contact with Nic's, "Now let's get this shit sorted out."

Without another word Beth stepped back and removed her boyshorts, revealing the toned muscles at the top of her thighs. She turned around and Nic gasped and gave a little giggle and she saw two green handprints on Beth's tight ass. Beth turned around to show more green paint on her crotch. Nic covered her mouth and Beth shrugged.

"I thought it would be funny," she said, "But I realised how hard it would be to flash people in a floor length dress I gave up on the idea. Here you go."

Beth gave Nic a sexy little twirl then reached out towards her shoulders.

"Come on," she said, "This needs to go."

Beth tugged the spanx down over Nic's shoulders and Nic wriggled her arms free. Without pausing, Beth pulled the spanx to get them over Nic's boobs. Nic quickly hooked her thumbs under the seam on her ribs and pulled down.

Beth gave a sigh of approval as Nic's tits bounced free. Nic could not help recoiling a little.

"Don't you dare," Beth said, "You're just my type."

"Really?" Nic said, "My tits just hang down like udders-"

Her breath caught as Beth kissed her nipple then flicked it with her tongue. She licked Nic's boob from bottom to top, the pink tongue sticking out of her green face making her look like a lusty reptile.

"Pendulous, darlin', not 'udders'," Beth said, giving Nic's tits a gentle squeeze, "You might not be your own type, but never think you're no one's type. I love tits like this. How big are they?"

"Thirty-six 'F'," Nic answered, "But they change, ah!"

Beth sucked Nic's nipple and released it with a pop.

"Come on," she said, "I want to see what's behind door number two."

They both tugged and stretched the spanx over Nic's hips inch by inch. As they went Beth kissed Nic's exposed flesh until their efforts revealed a neat triangle of blonde pubes. Nic was held fast by the spanx around her thighs and Beth's hands on her hips.

"I'd keep you there all helpless," Beth said, her face right next to Nic's crotch, "But then I'd never get between your legs."

With one final effort the spanx slid down to Nic's ankles and she stepped out of them as if freed from chains. She stretched her arms over her head and took in a deep breath. Beth stood looking at her.

"One last thing," Beth said, pulling at her fake boobs. She didn't really need Nic's help, but Nic helped anyway. As soon as her head was out Beth quickly freed her arms and threw the green tits away. A second later she grabbed Nic and kissed her passionately.

Nic forgot herself completely. She grabbed Beth's ass with one hand and wrapped her other arm around her ribs. Beth held Nic's head with one arm and her shoulders with the other, keeping them tight together as they kissed. Beth thrust her tongue into Nic's mouth and Nic returned the favour. After a while they broke apart to get some air.

"Ever done it standing up?" Beth asked.

"Is that chair and some kneeling off limits?" Nic asked in reply.

"Nope," Beth said, and walked backwards, pulling Nic with her.

As soon as they stopped Nic bent over to kiss Beth's palm sized tits. There was more to them than met the eye and Nic took a large pink nipple into her mouth. She sucked it in, getting a mouthful of boob with it. Without thinking her free hand went south and Beth guided it between her legs. At first Nic rubbed without thinking, her attention on the firm nipple she was working with her teeth, but Beth had other ideas. She pushed gently on the top of Nic's head until she took her mouth off the tit and started working her way downwards.

Nic was not sure how she could eat pussy while Beth was standing, but Beth had obviously done this before. She put her foot on the chair and spread her lips with her fingers. Nic knelt down to get a good view of those pink lips smeared with green paint. Beth only had a patch of pubes above her clit, which were also covered in body paint, at least for now; her juices had started flowing and they were mixing with the paint to produce green mess.

None of this put Nic off. She began with long licks and the occasional flick of Beth's button with the tip of her tongue. Within half a minute she had her face buried in Beth's pussy, paint and juices smeared over her face and dripping down her chin. She reached up just to feel some boob, but Beth took hold of it. She held the palm in place on her chest, mashing it into her hard nipple. Beth's other hand held tight into the back of Nic's head. So long as Beth held her there Nic kept eating.

Beth had been quiet for most of it, but she was loud when she came. It was so intense she had to hold on to the dresser to stay herself. Beth looked up at her, fingers caressing lightly where her tongue had been rampant.

Beth put her foot on the floor and pulled Nic to her feet. She licked her juices from Nic's chin then kissed her as they both savoured the taste (while ignoring the paint). Nic expected some talking, which happened with all of the women she had been with, but Beth was eager to return the favour. She worked her hand between them and her quick fingers found Nic's pussy already slick. Their foreheads pressed together as they stopped kissing and pushed with excitement. Beth worked the fingers of her free hand into Nic's hair.

"I'm not holding back darlin'," she said, taking hold of Nic's hair, "So if you want to stop you better say so."

Nic nodded, but Beth was holding her hair so tight she could barely move her head. Moments later her head was pulled sharply back. All at once Beth was showing her neck with kisses and working her fingers into Nic's gash. Nic moaned like she had never moaned before.

Oh God she's good, Nic thought, those fingers can do what they like to me, I'm all fucking in.

Nic held tightly to Beth so she could lift her leg and give Beth's magic fingers room to roam. She was in heaven, from the pressure of their bodies against one another to the long skilled fingers inside her. She could feel Beth's thumb applying pressure to her clit just as the tips of her fingers reached her g-spot. She felt the first spasms of orgasm and Beth must have noticed, because she pulled nice hair hard and bit the skin over her collar bone. When she came for real it seemed to last forever.

When Beth finally released her, Nic sat down heavily on the chair. Beth licked her fingers clean then squatted down to admire Nic's tits.

"You have the most delicious pussy," Beth said, "And your tits are so fine. Makes me wish I had a dick so I could fuck ever bit of you with it."

"You can fuck every bit of with whatever you've got," Nic said, still struggling to catch her breath.

"That's lovely," Kelly said, making them jump, "But maybe we shower all of that green shit off first?"

Nic jumped at the sound of Kelly's voice, then looked at the green smears all over herself and Beth. She nearly covered her tits over with her hands, but both Kelly and Sue only had towels around their waists and Beth was standing unabashed next to her. She shrugged and stood up.

"How much did you see?" she asked.

"Not much," Sue said, "But we heard enough to know you'll want to see what's in my carry-on bag… After you shower."

Beth took Nic's hand and led her into the bathroom.

"Come on darlin'," she said, "Let's get clean so we can get properly dirty."

Nic had a skip in her step as she followed…