The Weekend

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Megan and Heather were headed to their favorite Los Angeles coffee shop, taking their time to start the day before getting to their jobs at the hospital. The ladies have been besties for the past three years but have worked together for four. Megan is a down to earth social butterfly that volunteers at the hospital where Heather works. She began to spread smiles all around the place every time the voluptuous tattooed blonde came in to read to the coma patients. There was a joint venture between her script writing husband and the Memorial Hospital. Her husband’s agent offered the hospital the opportunity to be the first to sponsor a reading program to those in need. To have the writer’s wife spear head the program was beyond incredible, to say the least. The day the two met solidified their friendship and provided Heather a much-needed friend so many miles away from Michigan.
It was about six months into the reading program and the hospital was at a new normal. Heather was stuck in surgery for a few hours and now that the patient was in recovery, her job as anesthesiologist would be complete.  She showered and checked her phone to find that her mother had been calling. It must have been important, there were 37 missed calls and she even left messages at the nurse’s station. Heather called her mother immediately. Her mom answered sobbing and she knew exactly what had happen.
She whispered, “I love you Mom, I’ll call you after I check on my patient.”
As Heather sauntered down the hospital halls trying to process the loss of her father, she heard a sweet voice attempting to sound like a big bad wolf. A smile broke through all her crying. Just a few doors down she found Megan, reading to an elderly man that had been in coma for years. Heather smiled through her tears and leaned against the door enjoying the rest of the story.
When Megan finished, she placed her hand on his and chimed, “See ya next week John Doe 715.” 
Megan turned to see Heather standing there crying with a broken smile on her face. She dropped the book and grabbed Heather in her arms.
She spoke softly, “I’ve got as much time as you need girl and he ain’t sayin’ shit.”

Heather snickered as she allowed her grief to run deep through her veins, falling apart in Megan’s arms. 
That was three and half years ago. Now, Heather has moved forward with her life and even made some new friends that all enjoy the upscale laid-back life, in a city that moves at the speed of light. Fourth of July weekend was around the corner and Heather didn’t want Megan to be alone. Megan’s husband was in London on business. Knowing that, Heather asked Megan to stay the holiday weekend with her at her mom’s house on Lake Michigan. 

Heather bragged, “You know my mom and I always have a blast, and we always catch something on fire. Besides, I know Mom would love to finally meet the person she thinks I’ve made up and to have another girl in the house to gossip with.”
Megan smiled. “Fine, you twisted my arm.”
They arrived Friday night and Heather’s mom met them at the door.  She hugged Heather immediately and then, smiled and extended her open arms to Megan, "You must be Megan; Heather says you’re a great friend and look out for her in the city."  

“Yes ma'am, I try." Megan replied with a smile.

"Please, call me Allison. Heather is the only one that has to call me ma’am.” she laughed.

Allison told Heather to give Megan the tour while she finished cooking dinner. After dinner, the ladies all piled on the couch and watched a movie. Megan asked if was okay if she took a bath before bed. Heather smirked, “You don't have to ask silly, fresh towels are above the sink.”
While her bath was filling, Megan called her husband to hear his voice and could not help but to have some fun with how incredibly horny she was after flirting with him on the phone.
Meanwhile, Heather had fallen asleep on the couch and instead of moving her Allison covered her, kissed her on the forehead then headed to bed. Walking towards her room, Allison noticed a slight whimpering coming from the guest bath. Thinking maybe Megan was upset she decided to gently peek in to check on her. She was far from crying, in fact she had three fingers buried deep in her sex and her other hand was squeezing her nipple as she squirmed standing in the tub against the shower wall.
Allison was shocked, but something in her would not look away. She knew this was wrong in so many ways, but she was aroused. Megan saw the door creep open and saw it was Heather's mom. She could feel herself getting wetter as shearched her body so Allison could see directly into the junction of her thighs. She laid her head back on the window box and began to cum over and over again, switching hands every time and sucking her cum covered fingers. She shifted slightly glancing in Allison’s direction. Seeing this display, Allison began to rub her beautiful breast only breaking her view to look down the hall and make sure Heather was still sleeping.

She thought, Oh my God, this girl is fucking hot; She’s got me wanting terribly wicked things.
Allison whimpered as she watched Megan cum one last time, locking her legs together and moaning with a smile. Then it happened! Megan stepped out of the tub, looked at the cracked door, smiled and put her glistening finger to her lips and whispered, "Shh. Our secret."

Allison ran into her room, her thoughts going crazy, Oh no, holy shit, that was hot.

That morning Heather woke to the smell of breakfast, and Megan sliding in her socks down the hall and diving on her. 
She declared, “Wake up sleepy head.” giggling the whole time.
“Mom can we have mimosas with breakfast," Heather shouted as she and Megan walked into the dining room?
Allison, with a worried grin said, “Well, I don't know…"

Heather cut her off saying, “Come on mom, I'm 30 years old for God’s sake.” She stood in front of Allison pouting. 

Megan squeezed between them, innocently laying her head on Allison’s chest and hugging her with a firm grip on her ass. 

She added, “Please Mom?" 

Allison could feel her essence tingling with arousal and broke Megan's hug. She stepped back quickly and replied, “Okay, okay, but not too much." 

Four bottles, and three hours later, the girls were all cuddled up on the couch listening to music and catching up on all of LA life. 

It was a short walk for the tipsy ladies to the lake side fireworks view and from there, new bottles seem to appear. By the time they got to the house Heather and Megan made their way to the bedroom and flopped on the bed talking as Heather drifted off to sleep.

Allison did a little straightening up and retired to her bedroom. She undressed and began to relive the bath scene from the night before. As she began to think of how wickedly naughty it was to fantasize about her daughter's friend, her head rest back on her pillow as she closed her eyes and spread her legs. She spread her soaked lips and slid a finger deep inside, moaning as she began to play. In the doorway, Megan stood naked, listening to Allison play with herself.

Once Allison was deep in her play, Megan walked across the dimly lit room. She bent her head over Allison’s midsection and with one motion removed her fingers then drove her tongue deep inside of her greedy soaked slit closing her mouth around her entire entrance. 

Allison gasped as Megan took her and cried out, "Please! She’s going to hear us."

Allison’s body betrayed her words; she wrapped her beautiful legs around Megan's shoulders and grabbed the young woman's hair. She pulled her securely onto her pounding mound.

Megan grabbed Allison’s thighs, looked up into her eyes and asked, “Can I please make you come??"

Allison simply shook her head yes and bit her lip.

With that, Megan sucked Allison’s clit into her mouth and within seconds Allison could feel an orgasm boiling through her body. She grabbed a pillow as she released moans of pleasure like nothing she had ever felt before. As the first orgasm began to pass, another was already brewing between her thighs. She felt the young lady swirling her tongue on her swollen clit, as her second orgasm marched in with a leg trembling roar. 

Megan moaned in ecstasy, causing vibrations to run off the tip of her eager tongue. Allison’s body went limp as Megan released her pink pearl; she slowly began kissing up Allison’s body until they made eye contact. Allison grabbed Megan's face and kissed her deeply. 

Allison proclaimed, “I can't feel my legs." 

Megan kissed her softly and giggled,

“It’s okay, I only need your pretty face and tongue for what's next. 

“Is this wrong, we shouldn’t...” Allison’s voice drifted off

Looking her straight in the eyes, Megan stated, “So, you don't want to taste me as I ride your face and cum into your beautiful mouth?"  

Allison smiled, closed her eyes, and Megan slid her body up Allison’s still trembling torso. 

Megan mounted her slowly lowering her dripping wet folds onto Allison’s face! As the first taste of Megan dripped onto Allison’s lips, she grabbed Megan’s hips in nervous anticipation and tried to pull her all the way in but Megan was too strong. 

Looking down at Allison, Megan declared, “Be patient my love.” 

Her words sent shock waves down Allison’s spine and triggered an excitement that sent her into climax.  As Megan allowed Allison full access to her throbbing pussy, she rode hard as Allison licked and groped her body all over until both women came in full orgasmic bliss. Megan re-positioned herself face to face with Allison and kissed her sensually. 

“Goodnight Ma’am.” Then winked as she walked back to her room.

Allison woke up to laughing girls jumping on to her bed, 

“Mom, its after 2pm we gotta hit the road. You really can’t hold your liquor anymore woman, but I love you anyway.” Heather laughed as she leaned into kiss Allison on the cheek. 

Allison still waking and collecting herself retorted, “I’ve earned a late day sleep or three in all my years don’t you think?” 
Allison paused to fix her hair and felt Megan’s fingers running along her beautiful ass under the covers. Heather giggled, “Well, put on something other than that ugly flannel and walk us out.” 

The girls exited the bedroom and Megan said, “I bet your mom sleeps naked.”

Heather laughed. “No chance, she is old flannel woman for life.”

The girls packed the car and Allison made her way to the front of the house. 

“Sorry to run Mom but planes don’t wait, love you. Megan is peeing I’m gonna get the car started.” Heather kissed her mom and walked to the car. 

Allison turned quickly as she heard Megan shuffling down the hall and took a deep embarrassing breathe to set things straight with the young lady. Megan gave her no chance, wrapping Allison in an embrace then sinking her delicious tongue into Allison’s mouth and pinning them against the hallway wall. Allison immediately grabbed two hands full of beautiful golden locks as Megan slid her hand down Allison’s shorts and spread her inner lips apart and forced three fingers, two knuckles deep into Allie’s now pulsating pussy. She came two times before Megan pulled her cum glistening fingers out of Allison’s spent body and slid them into her eager mouth.

As Allison sensually cleaned her mistresses’ fingers Megan whispered,” Thank you so much for a beautiful weekend Mrs. A, this will always be our dirty little secret.” She quickly removed her fingers and grabbed Allison by the mouth, 
“that way we can do it again!” She kissed her and walked to the car. Allison sat down in the hallway rubbing her excited creases as the girls drove away.

Megan laughed, “You suck man! Your mom confirmed flannels.” 

Heather Laughed. “See, I told you, my mom gave naked away with menopause.” 
The end…