Sam's Training

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"Oh my God, this feels so good," Sam said as he looked over his shoulder at Ty and fucked himself onto the  man's big cock. "I used to think that I was straight, then I thought I was bi like you but now I know I'm gay."

"I ain't bi," Ty growled. "Bi guys fuck other men. I just fuck little baby girls. They don't qualify as men. But your pussy definitely feels good wrapped around my dick. I'm gettin' close."

"Good," Sam said, smiling. "Because the only thing that feels better than getting fucked is getting bred."

Ty gripped Sam's hips and began to fuck him harder and faster. Sam took his hard lil dinky in his hand and began to stroke. His father had removed the hot pink chastity cage just this morning. Sam had worn it all summer.

"Get your hand off that lil clitty, boy. If you cum, you're gonna cum from a pussygasm and not because you pumped that lil dinkie," Ty growled again.

Sam complied, of course. He hadn't been able to jack off for months but he'd cum from getting fucked on a regular basis. He'd been sucking dick and getting fucked, in between working out, by Ty and the other men at the gay gym all summer and he nearly always got his hands free nut with a big dick pounding his pussy.

Minutes passed then Sam tensed up and shot his cum onto his sheets. Tyrone shot his load into the boy's womb a minute later.

"Damn, that's some good pussy," Ty sighed as he pulled his cock out of Sam's ass.

Sam got off the bed and stood in front of Ty as the man dressed. "Uhhhh... I just wanted to say 'thanks' for letting me work out with you guys this summer. I've definitely made progress. And thanks for... you know... introducing me to the guys and... ummmm... all the sex."

Ty finished dressing and said, "C'mere." He put his hand behind Sam's neck and pulled him close. The man leaned in to kiss him. Sam opened his mouth to eagerly accept the man's tongue. After swapping spit for a very long, very erotic moment, Ty broke the kiss. "See you when you get back home for Christmas break, princess. "

Tyrone left and Sam showered quickly. His mom was waiting to drive him back to college.


Marcus had arranged for Sam to move into his room for the upcoming school year so, after they arrived on campus. Sam had texted his buddy, now roommate, about a half hour before his arrival. Marcus answered the door. 

"Get your clothes off, roomie. My dick ain't gonna suck itself," Marcus ordered.

Sam stripped off his shirt and unzipped his shorts. "I can't wait to show you something that I learned over the summer, Marcus." Sam knelt at Marcus' feet then pulled out his own little dinky and began stroking it. Sam hungrily licked and sucked all of the fluids off of Marcus' still rigid cock. "Now watch this!" Sam grinned up at Marcus.

Without any further ado, Sam slid Marcus' cock down his throat with practiced ease. He swallowed his roommate all the way down to the balls, accepted a few strokes from his thrusting hips then slid the big dick out of his throat, leaving just the head in his mouth. Sam then lovingly suckled Marcus' cockhead for a bit.

"God dayum, I didn't know you could deep throat," Marcus said. "You're gonna be suckin' my cock every day."

"I couldn't before summer vacation but Ty and the guys gave me a lot of practice... and I mean A LOT! One day I just swallowed one of the guys' cocks like I'd been doing it my whole life. Once I stumbled onto the technique, it was easy," Sam explained. "And don't worry, I'll give you the best head I can any time you want," Sam said with a smile.

"How about right now. Suck my dick until I cum," Marcus ordered.

"Yes sir. Just don't cum down my throat. I want your spunk in my mouth," Sam said.

"We'll see how it goes, bitch. Now gimme some head," Marcus ordered a second time.

Sam made oral love to Marcus' delicious dick for almost 15 minutes until Marcus was ready to cum. At that point, Sam slid the massive dick out of this throat, held just the head in his mouth and furiously pumped the fat shaft with both hands.

"AWWWW FUUUUCK!" Marcus groaned as he filled Sam's mouth with delicious, gooey cum. Sam kept pace with Marcus' spasming balls and swallowed every drop.

After Marcus caught his breath, he said, "You're full-on gay now, aren't you?"

"Absolutely. I know now that MEN like you are superior. They deserve  pussy. I know that I can never please any woman the way you guys do all the time. But I can get fucked and I can suck dick. I am a full-on pussyboi and I wouldn't change for anything," Sam said, sincerely.

"Well, I been givin' this a lot of thought. I saw how much you love cick when I spent that couple of weeks at your mom's place so I'm gonna turn you out. A lot of the brothers at the frat, really like blow jobs and butt fucking baby girls like you and they'll pay me to fuck you. I'll let you keep 20%. Whadda ya say?" Marcus proposed.

"If you can keep my throat and ass full of dick, I'll do it for free, Marcus," Sam said, his brain just barely beginning to comprehend the concept that he was going to be a whore and Marcus was going to be his pimp.

And the more he thought about it, the more excited he became.

He quickly realized that there wasn't anything better for a baby girli, like him, than a non-stop supply of big dick.

He just hoped that he would have time to do his homework.