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She watched the home video Daddy made just for her viewing pleasure. It was Daddy using another boy that she had never seen before and the film footage looked older. Daddy explained that, in the movie, this was the moment that she was conceived. 

In the video Daddy bred his own baby girl, making his new princess, that years later was now watching her own conception, lying on the floor ass up looking as sweet as could be. Where had the eighteen years since that video? Oh, well the time had come...hadn't it? A new princess was to be made.

Daddy explained that the two of them would do exactly the same thing together, just like in the video and if princess wanted she could watch the video again as they did. As he watched that perky butt quiver in those tight panties he started the camera, just like each time before.

Daddy pulled down her panties to reveal that sweet shaved, pink lil pussy. Grabbing the Vaseline Daddy greased up his dick and was now ready to mount his baby girl.