In Experience - Dear Reader (4a)

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Dear Reader,

"In Experience" was the first six part series currently on and my first successful foray into erotica. For this I owe Kayla Lords a great deal of thanks and appreciation.

I would like this series to reach a wider audience and unfortunately the Shag Story website is having some issues. As I was paid for the first four parts of the story I don't wish to post them on here, so before I post parts five and six I will give you a 'story so far’.

Tony is eighteen and lives with his mother and her boyfriend. He goes for Sunday dinner every week with his dad at the house of his dad's girlfriend, Simone. Until one fateful Sunday Tony had not looked at Simone too closely. She dressed in baggy clothes, wore little make up and left her hair loose in a curly blonde bob. On that day Tony arrived early, feeling embarrassed and sorry for himself. Simone sees an opportunity to have some fun and they have rushed illicit sex before anyone else arrives.

Over the next few weeks Simone satisfies herself by teaching Tony what she knows and exploring new territory together. Martin's job means he is away during the week, giving them one night a week of unrestricted access to the house, and each other.

We begin with one of those nights, a quick new story to get you in the mood (following ‘Intense’), and the last two in the series, edited to feel fresh.


Tony was hungry. He was not hungry for the thing he thought he would be hungry for. Hours after he got to Simone’s house he was still sitting in the living room watching TV while Simone and her friend Sarah drank tea and talked in the kitchen. Finally it sounded like Sarah was leaving, but Tony was sure the night had been ruined. No doubt all Sarah would want to do would be eat and go to bed. He would have to ride it out and hope for some morning sex.

The door closed and Simone stomped into the living room. For someone who had been talking and laughing with her friend for nearly two hours she looked pissed. Tony looked up at her from the sofa. She wasn't that tall in her bare feet and her curly blonde hair was a mess. She played with it when she was impatient and it looked like it had been an impatient couple of hours for her.

"Come on," she said, "We've waited over a week for this."

Tony watched her unfastening her blouse.

"You can watch me and take your pants off," she said, unclipping her bra and pulling it out through her sleeve, blouse still half-fastened.

Tony’s brain changed gear and he knew that he had to get used to this. Last week they had fucked in the kitchen as soon as she got home. Come to think of it, she had been given a lift by Sarah that evening too. Seemed she liked to fuck when she was stressed.

He took his pants off. Simone took her panties off, leaving skirt and stockings in place. Tony took off his boxer shorts without being asked and Simone looked at him, his cock slowly raising the hem of his t-shirt. She licked her lips.

"You remember the first time I showed you these, don't you," she said, cupping her tits through her blouse, "It was right here."

Tony nodded. Simone squeezed her tits, forcing them through own blouse so far that her areolae peeked out.

"I remember," Tony replied, "I remember thinking they were the best tits I'd ever see."

Simone smiled. She came closer and looked up at Tony, her fingertips caressing his stiffening cock. He liked that smile. It showed the wrinkles around her eyes and the shape of her mouth. It reminded him he was with an experienced older woman who knew what she wanted.

"And what happened next?" she asked, tugging at him gently.

"You came back in," he said, moving her blouse aside to reveal her boob, "Wearing nothing but your panties."

She walked backwards and pulled him by the cock.

"I bent over this chair," she said, turning around and sticking her ass out.

"And you told me to give you a cuddle," he said.

Simone hitched up her skirt.

"I want more than a cuddle this time," she said.

"Are you sure?" he asked, his dick already between her legs.

"I'm sure," she said over her shoulder "I want a fuck and a cuddle."

"Alright," he said, his voice full of nervous excitement. He moved his cock back and forth over her pussy lips, the hem of her skirt and the bottom of his t-shirt rubbing the tip of his shaft.

"Do you need to, you know, warm up?" he asked.

She crashed her neck around to kiss him.

"That's sweet, darling," she said between smooches, "But I've been trying and failing to not think about your cock inside me for two hours. I am wet and I want you now."

Tony did not know what to say. There was something incredibly horny about an older woman talking dirty and from what she had taught him over the last few weeks he knew he had to go with it.

"Better hold on to that chair," he said, "Because you’re going to get fucked."

She laughed but he thought his attempt at dirty talk was lame, so he stopped and focused on being between her legs. There would always be other times for dirty talk. She hitched her skirt up some more as he moved his dick around to find her entrance. He could feel her fingers moving on her clit. He paused.

"I’m still not sure I can hold it…" he began.

"Without protection," she finished, "I know, and I don’t care. You can be quick. Right now I feel raw and I want you raw inside me."

He found his mark and pushed the tip of his dick into her. There was more resistance than usual, a combination of the lack of a condom and their lack of foreplay. When he pushed further inside her they both moaned.

"It's fucking good, isn't it," Simone cried, "Last as long as you can, darling, then fill me up."

Tony started slowly, hiss hands on her hips, but it did not last. He pumped his cock into her again and again. She got slicker by the moment but the initial friction had already started his balls churning.

"Ah, fuck, yes!" Simone cried, "Keep going! Keep going and pull my fucking hair!"

She screamed as he grabbed a handful of her curly blonde hair and yanked her head back, but she did not complain. She rubbed her clit harder and pushed her ass against him.

"Oh, God," Tony moaned, "I'm nearly there."

"Don't stop," she moaned, "Don’t pull out! Keep going! Tell me what you're going to do!"

"I'm going to fuck you some more then I’m going to fucking cum," he said, "I'm going to fucking cum inside you."

"Yes!" she cried, "Fucking do it. Fill my fucking pussy, you big fucker!"

Tony let go of her hair and grabbed her hips. His orgasm happened a moment later like a dam bursting. All he could do was stand there pulling her onto him until he felt the flood end. Simone jerked a little as she finished with the help of her fingers. He held himself inside her, looking down at her plump behind. Older women had a lot more to them than big tits and round asses but god those parts of them were fantastic.

He reached around her waist, feeling the shape of her belly and stoking her underboob before leaning over to cup her tits. She held his hands on them and pushed her ass back, but as she moved forward again he slipped out. Without looking he could tell they had made a mess. Simone pulled off her blouse and put it between her legs as she turned around.

"We can find out where your cum has gone later," she said, "Let's go upstairs and do it some more."

“You’re normally really worried about the mess,” Tony said without thinking.

“I know,” she replied, “But right now? Fuck it.”

Simone took him by the hand and led him out of the room. He glanced back at the mess of clothes on the livingroom floor and shrugged. He wondered if they were ever going to eat. Seconds later, watching Simone's curvy ass jiggle under her hitched up skirt as she went up the stairs, he decided he did not care.

"Before I forget," she said, dropping her skirt on the floor with her cum-stained blouse, "We can’t do it on Sunday morning, so you can hang out with your friends. But to make up for it I'm planning a special surprise for you as your Christmas treat."

"Really? What?" he asked, looking at her standing there in just her stocking and garterbelt.

"It’s a surprise!" she said, "Is all the blood going back to your dick now?"

"Er, yes ma'am," he said.

"Okay," she said, sitting on the bed, "Bring it here and let's get ready for round two..."


I hope you enjoyed that. I will post the next two stories straight after!

“In Deep” is next.