Cunting the Bitch

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Oh shit! He’s really doing it. John is sticking his dick in my ass, he is raw dog fucking me . 
John and I grew up together, we became best friends in first grade. We did everything together. Last year we went off to separate colleges. Now that we are home for the summer, we got together to catch up. I immediately noticed a change in John, he was bigger and stronger (playing football in college was obviously good for him). However the biggest change in him was his attitude, he was more sure of himself. He seemed to look down at me now, as though he had moved on from our friendship and was better than me. We had a couple of beers and talked about college life. I told him about life in the dorms. He told me about training and being on a college football team. We talked for an hour or two before John stood up in front of me and put his hand on the back of my head. I was sitting below him with my face only a couple of inches from his crotch. I realized that his cock was getting hard as it pushed the front of his basketball shorts outward, tenting them closer and closer to my mouth. His voice seemed to deepen as he spoke to me.

John told me about how his teammates had taught him to spot a submissive boy, and how to use that submissive boy to satisfy certain urges. They would invite the submissive to the gym locker room and four or five of them would bend him over and take turns fucking him in the mouth and ass until he became nothing more than a pair of holes to be used as a dumping ground for jock jizz. They called this “cunting the bitch”. They had several locker room bitches that they used regularly. John stated that he had gotten used to being able to pound a load out in a warm pussy several times a day and was worried what would happen over the summer without a locker room bitch to use. 

Then he started thinking about me. How I was always the follower, doing whatever he suggested. He was the one who suggested we skip class to go biking, he got us our first beers, our first double date, our first everything and I always went along with him willingly. He spoke of realizing that his childhood best friend was actually a submissive bitch. This thought made him happy, because he knew that he would have pussy to fuck this summer after all. At this point his boner was rubbing against my lips with only the nylon of his shorts preventing flesh to flesh contact was he was free balling. I was unable to pull away because his hand was on the back of my head. He tilted my head back slightly, so I could look up into his eyes. I saw no signs of our lifelong friendship in those eyes, only lust for my ass. John was going to use me as a cum dump. I would be his pussy for the rest of the summer and likely the rest of our lives.

Over the next few hours John dumped five loads of cum in me, two in my mouth and three in my ass, or my cunt as he called it now. As he was fucking my pussy, he kept telling me how good it felt, and that I was a natural bitch-boi. He stated that I would be taking cock from now on, that I was a perfect cum dump. John was giving me suggestions on how and when to squeeze down on his cock to make it feel better for him. It was clear that this was not about mutual pleasure, I was there to make him feel good, nothing more. He stretched out my new pussy and fucked with my mind. Prior to that afternoon, I had never thought about how I could better serve another man, how I could be there to help satisfy a mans needs. Each time John shot his load of cum inside me, I felt a little surge of satisfaction of a job well done.

As I lay in the middle of his bed, exhausted and leaking John’s cum from my cunt, he looked at me as though he had fucked the manhood out of me and was ready to start training me for my life ahead as a pussy. He told me that some of our friends, from our high school football team, were coming over later to hang out. I was to offer my pussy to these men and let them fuck me. John told me that by the end of the summer I would be his fully trained boi-wife.