Daddy Carl's Orders

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Matthew could only wonder how, how he’d ended up dressed like he was, in purple lace panties and a purple sports bra, headed to a party where all his Alpha friends – his former Alpha friends, since none of those friendships were likely to survive the scene his arrival was sure to make – would be partying all night.  Matthew was going to be making quite a spectacle of himself.  That’s what Daddy Carl said anyway, though Matthew didn’t doubt for a second that Daddy Carl would be playing a major role in the show that Matthew would be putting on for his former running buddies.

It was still hard for Matthew to accept the fact that he was now Daddy Carl’s little muscle-bitch.  He’d seen himself as a dominant top for so many years that it was hard to wrap his head around the idea that henceforth he was doomed to be looking up at the MEN who were fucking his cunt.  Still, despite all those years when Matthew had prided himself on what he deemed his unquestioned masculinity, it was hard to argue with his present reality.

Matthew couldn’t even estimate the number of loads of steamy cum he’d taken up his pussy in just the last two months since Daddy Carl had taken him in hand and pierced not only Matthew’s then virgin fuck-hole but all his pretensions to any claim to manhood.  Daddy Carl had given Matthew a class in how a MAN treats a girl.  As much as he hated to admit it, Matthew now realized that not only was he now a muscle-bitch he had always been, in the depths of his soul, a muscle-bitch.

By now, Daddy Carl had introduced his new muscle-bitch to all of his friends, allowing them the pleasure of using Matthew’s body however they wanted.  Tonight, though, it was Matthew’s friends who would be afforded the enjoyment of using Matthew.  Which explains why Matthew is outfitted in his lace panties and sports bra.
Daddy Carl is a firm believer that any time a pseudo-alpha is exposed, he deserves to be publicly sissified as a form of atonement for passing himself off as a MAN.  And he’s let Matthew know that every time he appears in a bar – which will be every weekend from now on – he will be wearing panties and a sports bra so that no one will ever make the mistake of taking him for a Man.

Matthew remembers all too well how he used to participate in the public shaming of other gurls who’d been forced by their Daddy's to appear in public dressed like he now is.  Matthew can only imagine the cheers and shouts that are sure to erupt when Daddy Carl pushes the strap of Matthew’s panties aside and removes the big butt-plug that he’s stuck up Matthew’s pussy, the butt-plug that’s holding in the massive seven loads of Daddy Carl’s cum that he’s pumped up Matthew’s cunt earlier today.

And when Daddy Carl invites all of Matthew’s friends to make themselves comfortable inside Matthew’s already leaking twat, Matthew doesn’t doubt that every one of them – every one of them – will do so with  glee, reveling in the opportunity to show another exposed pseudo-Alpha exactly what they think.  And, simply visualizing the scene that is certain to transpire, it’s all Matthew can do to keep from smile like the little muscle-bitch he so clearly now is.