Johns True Nature

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It’s always heartening seeing a bitch sliding her pussy down a nice thick piece of bareback dick.  And when it’s a slutty bitch’s cunt that’s engorging a Daddy’s over-sized fuck-stick, it’s even more enjoyable.  It just goes to show that there’s no amount of discomfort that will keep a truly hungry slut for fulfilling her basic need for dick.

Her buddies at the gym think that John’s a real stud, a dude who can pretty much have her pick of the cis-women who take her fancy.  But the dudes who know John best – the guys who patronize the local baths– know that it isn’t the ladies that interest John, it’s the dudes with big dicks who like pounding away in a subs snatch that get all of John’s attention.  It’s John’s own cunt that she’s hot on having filled with big Daddy dick and, as far as John is concerned, the bigger the better.

Sure, she squeals like a little girl when she’s taking a really big one up her pussy, but that’s really not surprising.  She's is more of a girl than most cis-girl's, after all, so what do you expect?  Just be thankful that she knows what she’s truly good for and is more than happy to fulfill her essential role in life – providing a convenient dumping ground for MEN.  If all the bitches were as assiduous in fulfilling their duties as John is, the world would be a far better place.

So if you’re ever at the baths and you see John cunt up in her room, do yourself a favor – and John, too – and give her a hard ride on your cuntbuster. She pretty much expects it.  She’s there to get you off – however you want.