Cirque du Soleil

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Daaaaamn! You weren’t joking Sean when you said your bitch was flexible. That’s some cirque du soleil shit right there.”

I could feel my cheeks flushing with embarrassment as my Daddy’s friend was gawking at my “performance.”  Mr. Matt had just flown in, and Daddy told me I’d be serving the both of them during his stay for the week. Beyond making him feel welcomed in our little apartment, I was too also be his on call pussy and servant whenever he needed. 

“Not only is he flexible, but he’s big too. I always thought you tops liked smaller, weaker, little guys Sean.”

“It is weaker Matt! No real macho man strips on command, and parades his ass off for another to fuck like some whore. It didn’t have muscles until I taught it, and forced it to make gains. You should have seen it before when it came crawling to me begging for me to take it in. Shit, let me tell you what, there is nothing like seeing some big beefy muscle cunt wrecking itself on your dick while it’s junk is locked away in steel never to be touched again. Aint that right baby girl?” SMACK!* SMACK!* SMACK!*

“YES Daddy!” Now all my checks were flushing red as I continued to bounce up and down on the couch thrusting my ass out. I could feel Mr. Matts hands begin to rub my heated ass.

“Fuck Sean, I don’t know. It’s just so weird. When you told me he’d be at my disposal whenever I needed to bust a nut, I just figured he’d be more feminine. Not some Schwarzenegger sized bitch. You know i’m not into this shit like you are.”

“Get a grip Matt.” I turned my head slightly to see Sir chuckling as he rolled his eyes as the gears were turning in Mr. Matts head. “First of all, just look at it as a warm sex toy and not a man. It’s no different than that damn pocket pussy you hid in our dorm room back in college. This one just comes with some extra features.” SMACK!* 


“Like voice automation when you use it. You can turn it off with a gag if you don’t like it. Now stick your fingers in her cunt”

I braced myself to keep balance while arching my back more to show off my body and hole as I had been trained. There’s nothing more humiliating…yet as sexy…as the rough hands of a man as he grips your twat, and slowly shoves his middle finger up inside of you after giving you a few calloused strokes over your cunt. 

“Feels like any other pussy you’ve fingered,…right?” I could just imagine the smirk probably forming across Daddy’s face as he egged Mr. Matt on.

“Well yeah I guess…”

“Bet it’s tighter too, right?” I could feel as Mr. Matt inserted a second digit into me, and began to prob inside my pussy.

“Heh, well yeah I guess it is pretty tight Sean. Compared to most the cis-girls I pick up from the bars”

“See there’s no problem then. You’ve got a tight 24/7 pussy to use as you see fit while I’m at work, and It’ll do whatever you want. Want food, she’ll fetch it. Need a beer, she’ll fetch it. Want her to stay out of your way, put her away in her cage in the closet. Need to bust a nut? Snap your fingers and point down for a blow job. OR snap and point with a twirl of your finger so it knows you want to slip into her pussy. She won’t say no, and be as rough with her as you want. it’s pretty durable. Just don’t damage my property.”

Mr. Matt couldn’t stop giggling at Daddy’s offer like a little school boy after hearing a fart joke. “You’re one fucked up guy Sean. I can’t imagine anyone putting up with you like this. I can’t lie though, all this is making my dick kinda hard. But it still feels so gay man.”

“Nothing gay about a man spilling his seed like nature intended us to do. Shit, you know I fuck women too, but they are hard to get into bed sometimes, and don’t even give good head usually. Least girls like these never say no, and know how to please a man. Go ahead and give her a whirl, while I go shower and get ready for our night out on the town. When you’re done, just tell her to go put herself away for the night. I’ll check to make sure she is secured before we head out.”

With all that said, I listened as Daddy began to walk away as Mr. Matt began to unzip his jeans with his free hand. He leaned in and whispered in a low gruff voice, “Better get that puss of yours ready. Between me and him, I’m the bigger guy…and I haven’t had any action in weeks…bitches kept saying it was too big and left me high and dry.” 

It was all I could do to keep myself quiet as he began thrusting into me with nothing but a lob of spit to coat his cock.