Daddy, I Invited A Friend Over

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 - Hi daddy! Welcome home. I hope you don't mind that I invited a friend over. I told him all about the kind of relationship we have, and about how fantastic you make me feel when you fuck and breed my pussy. He just wanted to experience the same so badly! And I knew I couldn't give him the pussy he so desperately wants. I'm just a Daddy's good lil girl, and not a Daddy.
- That's sweet, boy, wanting to share your daddy with your slutty friend. He's pretty just like you are, princess. Tell you what: I'll fuck your friend so good, he'll want to move in right away and be my second girl and cum dump. 

- That's so great, daddy! I'd love to have a sister to share my chores with. 

- You realize of course, that that also means you'll have to share me and my dick with him. 

- I ... but... 

- No buts, baby girl. What did you think would happen when you bring over such a pretty, eager friend with a hungry lil pink pussy? 

- But... I'm your girl. 

- Don't be selfish, boy. There's plenty of daddy's dick and cum to go around. 

- Yes, daddy. By the way, Daddy, I ate him out real good for you, so hopefully his pussy is real loose for you

- Now, since your friend is a fresh new girl who will be getting her pussy I'll be playing just with his pussy tonight, boy. So, you can go do your chores... 

*stunned silence* 

- Unless you want to stay and watch Daddy dick ur friend down? 

- Yes, daddy, please let me stay and watch as you fuck my friend like you usually do to me after a long day. 

- OK. But, no touching yourself. 

- I'll be good, daddy.