Figuring It All Out

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It was his group of friends that decided to have scary movie night every week. After the second week, Jerry asked me to come with him. He said he knew I liked horror movies. But I figured out the real reason why he wanted me there. We had been to the movies a few weeks before, and he grabbed my arm when he was scared. A moment later he let go of me. I whispered that he shouldn't be embarrassed, and he should grab my arm whenever he was scared if it made him feel better.
The thing was, grabbing my arm did make him feel better. It made him feel a lot better, and safer. It was strange. He wasn't a weak or fearful person. If anything, he thought, he was straight and I am openly gay. He should be the one protecting me. But holding me made him feel like nothing bad could ever happen to him.

I went along with him to scary movie night, and sitting next to me, holding my arm, he wasn't as scared. We did that for a few weeks. Then last week, when a very scary movie was on I had him sit between my legs. He was a bit nervous at first that it would look odd, but as he settled down leaning against me, he relaxed. As the lights went off I whispered in his ear. "Can you feel my hard dick? That's for you."

Ordinarily he would have jumped up and denied he was gay, fighting any feelings he might have to the contrary. But with my arms holding him tight, he knew everything was going to be OK. In fact, his own little dick was now rock hard.

Jerry was trying to watch the movie, but all he could think about was my dick pressing into him. Mine felt enormous on his back. Could it really be that big? He wondered if I was circumsized. He wondered if I had ever managed to get it inside another dude. He wondered if I could get it in his virgin hole. He wondered what it tasted like.

No, he had to stop thinking about that. He was straight. He had a girlfriend. Why didn't his girlfriend ever make him feel this good, this safe, or this protected. She made him feel like he was always doing something wrong, but she never told him what he should be doing. That was never a problem with me. He always knew exactly what I wanted because I told him. And he knew when he did something I liked. Just last week I had ruffled my hand through his hair and told him I was proud of him when he showed me he had gotten an A on his college algebra test. He couldn't remember feeling so good in a long time.

This week, it had been Jerry's turn to host. I picked the movie, and arrived early to help Jerry clean up and get ready. Jerry was wearing only a tee shirt, and shorts. I could tell Jerry was freeballing. Jerry was a bit disappointed that I had him sit beside me. Jerry had hoped to feel my strong, hard cock against him again. He was happy to at least have my arm around his shoulder, keeping him safe.

A few minutes into the movie Jerry did get startled, and I slipped my arm down his back. I leaned over and whispered in his ear to relax. Jerry felt my hand slip inside his shorts, and he leaned forward a bit to let me get my hand under him. Jerry knew what I was going to do. Jerry had fingered girls before. Jerry grabbed my leg with is hand, but it was not out of fear. Jerry didn't know why, but he was giving me permission. During the rest of the movie I teased and toyed with his ass. He paid no attention to what everyone else was watching, focused only on what I was doing to him.

I stayed behind when everyone else left, then I pulled my own shorts and underwear down while I sat back on his couch. He seemed mesmerized watching my cock as I lubed it, but when I told him to sit on my lap and ride my dick, he did as he was instructed. I told him that my cock was much bigger and less flexible than my finger, but that if he relaxed his budding pussy it would hurt less. It felt wrong to Jerry to be doing this, but he knew I would protect him.

It took Jerry a while, but eventually he got me all the way in his new cunt. It hurt. In fact, he couldn't remember ever being in so much pain. But he didn't want to let my cock out of him. For the first time I knew Jerry felt like he knew who he was and what he was supposed to be doing. As Jerry relaxed, the level of pain went down and he started squirming in my lap, feeling my cock rooting around in his insides.

With him more comfortable with my cock in his pussy, I repositioned us so Jerry was on his knees facing the back of the couch so I could really fuck him the way I wanted. I knew all thoughts went out of Jerry's mind as he listened to my instructions to clamp down on me as I pulled out and relax as I pushed back in him. Jerry was disappointed when he felt my body tense and my cum breeding him. It had not gone on nearly as long as he would have liked.

Jerry couldn't help but smile with pride when I told him he had done a good job, and that I hadbred him as a reward. Now he would carry a bit of me around with him forever. I would always be a part of him. Even though he hadn't cum, it was the best sex he ever had. He didn't understand. Even gay dudes had did. Jerry showed me out while still naked. I told him I'd pick him up next week because the next movie was at a house on the edge of town. He wanted to ask me to stay, but he said he couldn't.

Sitting alone on his couch Jerry lit a cigarette, but he only took one puff. He thought about my cum in his throbbing pussy. He couldn't understand why he had let me fuck him, or why it felt so right. He didn't understand why his new pussy felt so empty. He felt my cum spreading through his own body, helping him relax. He didn't think he could last a whole week before getting me fucking him again. He tried to figure out if it would sound weird if he asked me to come over before next week. He wished I would just come back and fuck him again, so he would not have to figure all this out.