Perils of the Road - Part 2 - The Toll

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Author's note: When I write a series I work on a 'write-write-edit-publish-write-edit...-write-edit-publish' pattern. This means. I always have the next part in draft and it helps me keep going to the end. Occasionally, it means delays, like now. I hope this is worth the wait, please let me know what you think!


Captain Odogei had walked all day. He had rested twice, and stopped for… lunch, which has turned out to be a lot more energetic than he had anticipated. At least he had not used any of his own rations other than a few bites for breakfast.

Now, footsore and with a head full of images he could not shake, he looked at his objective for the evening. It should be a covered bridge with a small room for travellers to shelter from the elements and stay safe from wandering predators or bandits. It was a covered bridge with a small room for travellers to shelter. What it was not, was safe.

Odogei had a nose for an ambush and this stank. There was a horse tied up outside the entrance, but no rider had passed him. It might be a rider heading South, but that was unlikely, given the circumstances and how the horse was secured. It was tied to the bridge post by a long rope rather than its reins and, judging by the groove it had worn out, it had spent its time as far away from the bridge as it could.

The house was bait.

He moved under cover to get a better look. Other than the horse and a lack of light from the shelter, nothing else was wrong. The wind was blowing down river, so it neither took his scent to the bridge, nor any scent from the bridge to him. There was less than an hour before sundown, but Odogei took a chance. He ran East, downriver, to catch the smell of the bridge and, if nothing else, approach it from downwind.

On the bank of the river he found what he needed to know. However, he did not look East to the bridge, but West to the ford. He seriously considered a detour of over a day on foot to avoid the bridge. A detour via a ford which, judging by the river next to him, might be a reading torrent instead of a crossing place. Perhaps the torrent would be better than the bridge. The smell and the shredded clothes on the bank next to him revealed what had set the ambush… a Matuan troll.

Odogei hefted his ax and headed back upstream. The sun was low and that was the only advantage he had. If this was a Matuan, it probably would not be enough. They were cross-breeds, part troll, part ogre, part human. The troll part made them large and strong, the human part gave them enough intelligence to be dangerous alone or in groups. The ogre part was just the glue; humans and trolls cannot directly… mix. Ogres are happy to mix with either, and they give these cross-breeds one thing: a taste for human flesh.

The captain reached the bridge. Nothing had jumped out on him yet. There was no smell of shit, like there had been from the river, just a musky smell, not unlike the horse. The house itself was well trained. It made no sound when it saw him. It nodded its head then, when he made an open handed signal, it stayed still and waited, watching him carefully.

There was another smell; vomit. Acrid vomit, undoubtedly from the troll. Hill trolls vomited in combat, dissolving flesh and armor alike. Matuans lacked that skill… so this one must be... ill?

Odogei heard a moan and froze. The troll certainly was not lying in ambush. Unfortunately, it was still alive. In the light of the setting sun he could see it on the floor, lying on its side with its back to the Captain. He approached it, ax raised. As he looked around he could see what had happened. The troll had eaten the first messenger and discarded the clothes into the river, keeping only the officer's weapons, shiny buttons and rank pins.

Unfortunately for the creature, but fortunately for Odogei, the messenger had been hit by the enemy's arrows. Thinking he had been lucky the man must have pressed on, the poison growing in his system until the troll ate him. That infection was now affecting the troll. Odogei did not know whether it would be fatal, all trolls were hard to kill with anything but fire, and even when sick a troll is fearsome opponent. He was about to finish the thing while it slept when he paused…

This bridge was useless to his own army, except for messengers like himself. However, the enemy could use it for their scouts and other spies. If the troll remained it could be an ally.

Odogei crept out and headed to the nearest wall. He used boot polish to put a mark on the wall and arranged the rocks into the symbol for ally. All he had to do now was save the troll from the poison and live to tell the tale. As an afterthought he drew the symbol for ‘troll' on one of the rocks before jogging back to the bridge.

The troll had not moved. The late evening sun was shining directly into the bridge. If the troll stood up it would be at a disadvantage. Odogei did not think that would be enough, but he executed his plan anyway. He took out his mess tin and mixed a largeportion of his dry rations with water. He added two portions of antidote to the poison and stirred it until he was sure. He put the tin down and approached the troll.

Its bare ass was hairy, the hair reaching all the way up to its shoulder blades. Its feet were large and calloused with claw-like nails. As with all trolls its legs were short and its arms long, although this one had near human proportions compared to the Marsh and Hill trolls he had seen. Small for a troll, it was at least seven feet tall and likely weighed two of him.

Odogei hefted his ax again and grabbed the troll's shoulder. He braced himself, ax ready, and pulled. The troll flopped onto its back and lay there, arms limp and legs akimbo. Odogei just stood and stared, his ax raised but his guard down. The troll had tits. Eight tits in two rows starting below its... her pectoral muscles and ending at her navel. They were blue, like all of the skin of her chest and neck, and all completely different sizes and shapes, but they all had large purple nipples, so he was sure they were tits.

The naked troll (assuming troll was the word for both males and females) lay snoring. He took his chance and tipped the food into her open maw before retreating. She did not choke; she just chewed  and remained asleep. Odogei covered her eyes with one of his spare vests then lit the touches in the bridge with his flint. The light would draw attention, but without it against a troll he was as good as dead.

Under the vest the troll finished chewing and swallowed. Odogei lit the last torch and mixed some rations for himself. He had eaten a small amount this morning and he was left with about half a portion. If he could not secure the horse he would have two days' match on an empty stomach.

The smoke from the torches made the rations taste odd. Odogei took a drink and ate the last mouthful. That was when he realised it was not the smoke. Some joker had spiked the rations again. Adding some sephoma was a common practical joke which made men on the front line horny miles away from the nearest woman. However, it worked on both men and women… and Odogei had just given a massive portion to a naked female troll.

His dose hit him immediately. The same sudden semi-erection, the same ache in his stomach, the dry mouth which watered the moment he looked back at the troll's misshapen tits. He had to stop himself from taking a closer look. It was a good job too, the troll was waking up. He prayed its fast-healing metabolism processed the sephoma as quickly as it healed.

The Matuan growled and pulled the vest from her face. As soon as the light of the torches hit her eyes she shouted with rage and turned over, raising up into a squat. She squinted at Odogei and bared her teeth. He used his ax to reflect the last light of the Sun at her face.

"Ah was sick," she said, "Coulda killed meh, shoulda killed meh. Mistake slim. Big mistake."

However, she did not pounce. Odogei held his nerve and hid his surprise that the troll spoke more than a few words and its accent was far less heavy than any ogre he had encountered.

"I saved you from poison," he said, "Bad poison, kills slowly, but kills anything."

"Trolls don't do poison," she roared. Odogei pointed to the large patch of sweat on the floor and the vomit not far away.

"Maybe you were not so badly off," he said, "But you didn't know I was here. If I didn't need your help I could have…"

He made a chopping action with his blade and the troll grunted in disgust.

"Coward," she said, "Skinny shitty coward!"

"But I didn't, and like I said, I need your help."

"Not help you. Why help you?" she asked. Odogei realised this was a question, not a refusal.

"Men will come this way, men who don't know about trolls," he said, "Easy meals."

The troll did not grunt this time. She stayed in a squat, shifting uncomfortably from side to side.

"And I am headed to Kroyton," he continued, "Which is the only place troll-slayers will come from. I can tell them you are an ally."

"Laugh at slayers," she said, "Four cuts, ate them all."

She showed him four fresh scars on her left forearm, and Odogei assumed these were kill markings.

"They will not need to fight you," he replied, "They will burn the bridge at midday to kill you and deny it to the enemy."

The troll grimaced at him, hopefully thinking it over and not just confused by all of the information. While she did her left hand went between her legs and Odogei could hear scratching.

"Think you can live," she said, moving to her right as if to circle him, but also giving him the choice to cross the bridge.

"I am in a rush," he said, "And I would like the horse too."

The troll roared at him, spooking the horse, "NO! Horse is trap, and food if none comes. You try to take horse, you be food instead!"

"The men will come anyway-"

"Don't believe!"

"There are goats nearby."

"Then farmers come. Fire-"

"Men will kill farmers soon, before they come here."

"No! Want horse!"

"Will you accept another trade?" Odogei offered, "I traded saving your life for safe passage. Can I trade for the horse?"

The troll sniffed her fingers and grinned a nasty grin. She craned forward and sniffed at him too.

"You have a bone in there?" she asked, "You a proper man-man?"

Odogei froze. What the hell did that mean?

"I am a man," he replied.

"I see that!" she yelled, spooking the horse again, "Wonder if you proper, if you have bone enough for Glissinda."

She, Glissinda, stood at her full height, over a foot taller than Odogei, and he was a very tall man. She pointed at the thick bush of black hair between her legs then at his groin.

"Glissinda wants a man-man," she said, a smile splitting her face from ear to ear, "Is fine small. Glissinda fuck ogres most times. Ogres all rocks, small bones."

He knew what she meant but he held his breath until he had fully taken it in. The troll wanted sex; the sephoma had worked. Also, he had a full erection which he desperately wanted to adjust so it was comfortable. If he did this would she give him the horse, or just wait until his ax was down and kill him? If he tried to fuck her would that kill him anyway?

"Glissinda," he began, feeling odd calling a troll by name, "Are you saying if I fuck you like an ogre you will let me take the horse?"

"No, not like ogre," she said, "Ogre just bend me and fuck. I fuck you. Glissinda enjoy it, -"

She gestured at him. He realised she was asking his name.

"Odogei," he said.

"Odo get horse and go."

"Do we have a deal on that?"

What am I asking? he thought.

"Deal if Glissinda enjoy. If not, won't kill you, just throw in river."

Odogei took a deep breath in through his nose and snorted it back out. Without the horse his mission would fail. Being carried downriver, probably naked, would be the least of his worries.

"Deal," he said. Glissinda whooped. The sound made Odogei's heart lurch and the horse outside whinny in fear.

"All off," she said, gesturing at his clothes, "Silly skins off, leave them with horse. Come back and fuck!"

Odogei went to the entrance, feeling like he was having an out of body experience, watching himself undress and fold his clothes next to the bridle post. He snapped to reality when he found himself stroking his erection. He needed to use it, he needed the horse… if only what he had to do did not fill him with dread. With a belly full of butterflies and rocks, he walked back inside.

The only light was from the torches, but he could see Glissinda well enough. She was squatting again, one hand between her legs, the other on the ground as if ready to pull herself towards him. Her many tits hung down and jiggled about as she played with herself. She grinned again when she saw his erection.

"Man has a bone!" she exclaimed, "And enough bone. Glissinda thought big troll cunt might make you shrink and run."

"I made a deal," Odogei lied, "And I made my bone to keep it."

He was within four paces when she jumped. He saw it, but he was not fast enough to get out of the way. She bowled him over and straddled him. Winded, he tried to resist, but he could only fight for breath as she pinned him down.

"Cunt is crying for a bone," she said, reaching behind herself with her long arm and pointing his cock at her hole. He felt her claws and her slick warmth before she put her other hand on his chest. The smell of her juices on her fingers was overpowering, like vinegar and vanilla and sour milk. He got his breath back and regretted it immediately. He drew in a lung full of odours before moaning as she lowered herself over him in one motion.

The feeling was like nothing he had ever experienced. She was so muscular around his shaft it felt like a series of small hands around his cock. Every time she moved her walls rippled sending waves of pleasure through his body. Glissinda was enjoying it too, riding him vigorously and grunting as she did.

When Glissinda leaned forwards he was smothered by her tits. As she rode him her tits rubbed along his body with the top two settling around his head. Unable to move in any other way he grabbed them so he could breathe. Without thinking he shoved a nipple in his mouth. The troll's cunt tightened around him and when she spoke she sounded on the brink of climax.

"Good! Good," she moaned, "Bite! Bite with teeth! Hard!"

Odogei did as he was told. Instead of sucking and licking he bit her nipple. She cried out so he took as much into his mouth as he could and chewed on it. It was tough and it had a sweet musky taste. Glissinda pressed her tit into his face and gave growl-like moans.

It all happened at once. His teeth in her areola were enough to push the troll over the edge and she came around his cock. It felt like he was being sucked inside her and he came an instant later. It felt like it was from nowhere, the aphrodisiac working on him without warning.

Glissinda rolled off him and gave a series of grunts which might have been words in her language.

"Something in that food slim," she said, giving him a heavy backhand slap to his chest, "You wanted troll cunt!"

She laughed and slapped him again. He could not find the wind to reply.

"Glissinda liked that!" she bellowed, "Want to do more! Odo's bone just right."

She grabbed his cock and rubbed it. It was slick with her juices but he could feel her the callouses on her palms. Regardless of the feeling the sephoma in his system kept his cock hard. He started to get up but she pushed him down roughly.

"What do you want?" he asked, struggling to make the words.

"Show you," she said, facing his feet and squatting over him. She directed his cock between her ass cheeks. He tried to interfere, but he could not stop her. She pushed down onto him and his cock, still slick with her juices, snapped past her ring and into her back entrance. She gave a satisfied grunt and lowered herself all the way down.

Odogei strained as she put her full weight on him. Although her ring was tight the rest of her rectum was nothing like her cunt. He just had to lie there with his cock inside her while, out of his view, she pleasured herself. She grunted and moaned and her asshole flexed around him a few times, but other than that she ignored him.

"Good," she said, breathing hard, "Slim bone just right."

She wiggled her ass on him in an uncharacteristically feminine way, then raised up and released his cock. Odogei recoiled at the smell but Glissinda had other ideas. Without a pause she took his cock in her enormous mouth and sucked it clean. Somehow he came for the third time today and the troll gobbled it down.

Odogei sat up and this time Glissinda didn't stop him. He took a moment to catch his breath, making sure to breathe through his mouth. The troll looked tired, but she still had a grin on her face, sitting with her legs apart, tits piled in her lap.

"Have we settled... our deal?" he managed, looking at her curious mound of nipples and boob flesh, "The horse…?

"Done deal," she said, "But think one more thing."

Odogei sighed. He looked at Glissinda as she lay back and opened her legs to show her wiry bush which glistened in the torchlight.

"I cannot do it again..." he began.

"Not again," she said, sitting up quickly, grabbing his arm and dragging him forwards, "See how far it goes in, chew on mams too?"

Odogei did not have the strength to resist. He just wanted this to be over so he could ride away and sleep in the saddle. This one more thing, then he could leave.

His hand vanished amongst wiry hairs, pushed against her folds of wet flesh by the troll's rough hand. Keen to get it over with he worked his fingers inside her, first two, then four, then his whole hand. Considering how it had felt when they had fucked, it stretched out easily. He could feel the muscles inside clenching around his hand and he pushed it further inside. Before he could think about it, Glissinda grabbed his head and pushed his face into her nest of tits.

"Bite!" she laughed, "Bite with your little teeth!"

Odogei did his best. With one hand he squeezed a tit so he could get his mouth around it and bite the tough nipple and areola. The other hand was deep inside her, nearly to the elbow, and he did his best to pump it back and forth. Glissinda kept shoving him from tit to tit, obviously enjoying his humiliation as much if not more than what he was doing to her cunt. As he reached the last pair of tits she released his arm and kicked him away. Odogei's heart leapt into his mouth.

"All done!" she bellowed, "Clean you up."

She took his hand, still slick with her juices, and licked it clean down to the elbow. Once she was done she sat back and pointed at the entrance.

"Stairs to water," she said, "Wash or horse will kick your face."

"Thank you," he said, feeling stupid for saying anything, never mind showing gratitude for what had just happened. He grabbed the hard soap and oil from his bag. The river below the bridge was cold, but it cleared his mind as he scrubbed himself. He put on the oil to make it easier to dress then climbed back up to find his clothes. He started when he heard a splash. Glissinda had jumped into the water.

"Bye-bye Odo! Bye-bye Odo Little Bone!"

Odogei ignored her and checked his pack for the message. The horse was skittish, but allowed itself to be mounted. He rode across the bridge and put everything South of the river out of his mind