Perils Of the Road - Part 1 - The Distraction

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Captain Odogei put one foot in front of the other for the ten thousandth time. The morning had dragged like no march he had ever taken. Instead of fighting he was carrying this godforsaken message. He marched his way North when others would have run. He did not run because he needed to conserve his stamina. He told himself that over and over so he would not feel like a coward.

He had marched for six days to get to this war; now he was marching away from it as men, his men, fought and died to the south. All he had done in the last few days was avoid a spent ambush.

He was not a messenger. He was carrying a message because he was one of the few in his cohort who could ride. Fat lot of good that was doing him now, wearing out his boot leather and pushing unwanted thoughts out his mind with every step. Two thoughts would not leave him, both to do with the inn where he was supposed to have obtained a fresh horse…


"Yes, it's a shame," Hoff, the stablehand, said, "And your next horse is sixty miles away."

"I'm aware of that," Odogei snapped, "But I have an important message-"

"And the fellow before you had it too," Hoff interrupted, "And he was away with our last horse. Commandeered it he did, said his last horse was-"

"Yes, yes," Odogei interrupted in turn, "As I said I passed the poor beast, but you said he had a scratch on his arm where he had lost a shoulder guard. If it was from an arrow then he will die just as his horse did."

Hoff looked at Odogei from under his wide brimmed hat. He has no business being here, thought the captain. Hoff was pale skinned and blue eyed from a thousand miles to the North. He wore long sleeves and a neck scarf, as well as the ridiculous hat to avoid the sun. Odogei was not born here, but his parents were. To him the sun's rays were simply welcome warmth.

"It is your duty to find me a horse!" Odogei shouted, finally losing his temper. Hoff waited before replying, an insolent look on his face.

"It's my job to find you one of our horses," he said, "And we don't got none."

Odogei stared down the road at one of the three buildings on it. He held his tongue but the white skinned wretch was intent on angering him.

"Oh, the little man jumping is he?" Hoff jibed, "Well sorry, Captain, but there's no more girls than horses here. You got a lonely night and a lonely walk ahead of you."

Odogei drew his axe and held it loosely in his hand. Hoff's face fell when he realised the soldier could simply kill him and walk away.

"Of course, I'll pay you for your horse, sick or not," he stammered, "And you can sleep here."

Odogei nodded and gestured to the stables. He did not put his axe away until he left in the early morning.


That augment, especially losing his temper, had made him feel like a fool. Worse, the ghost of a man Hoff had been right about his need for a woman. No camp followers dared to go near the front lines and he had spent his last leave recovering from the same poison that had killed the other messenger's horse and was probably killing the other messenger right now. He had not been with a woman for far too long and not relieved himself for over a week.

Odogei focused on the land around him, desperate for distractions. The sandy soil of the uplands which led to the front line was being replaced by the dark muddy earth of the river lands. The winter rains had been heavy this year, but they had stopped early. On the southern slopes of every hill or rise the ground was lighter and cracked.

Around midday he saw the first dry stone wall and a flock of short-haired goats. Half a thought crossed his mind, but even if he could spare the time he was not horny enough for that. Not yet.

Odogei slowed his pace and looked around. He stopped and took a piss against a wall, trying to remember where the next farm house was. When they matched here in the Summer they had taken a larger road to the East and forded the river. As he was alone he was taking the more direct path and would cross at a small bridge he had seen on a map before he left. Less time on the road, but on an unfamiliar road…

He shook his cock and took a little while putting it away. It didn't fit so well when he did and he absentmindedly rubbed it through his pants. He cursed himself and set off walking again, fixing his eyes on a tree about two miles away and making that his goal for his midday break.

The tree was one of the local evergreens with oval leaves and thin branches. This one was obviously old and had been left because it was in no one's way. Its thick foliage provided ample shade, and it was fifty yards from the nearest wall, putting it in a small no-man's land between the road and pastures.

However, Odogei's hopes of a quiet rest while he ate were dashed and he approached the tree. He saw a hamper next to the tree and amongst the long grass he could see someone was doing exactly what he intended to do, sitting and eating on a large blanket in the shade. The figure was dressed in cream linen and the moment he saw their blonde hair and beardless face his crotch reacted and his heart skipped a beat.

Pull yourself together! he silently chided himself, No woman enjoying her meal has sex with a stranger just like that. I will join her to eat if she agrees and ask about the area. I will not stay long. That is sensible and that is all I will do!

The woman saw him and started. She got to her feet and he raised his hands to show her he was no threat. She stayed still and watched him, wringing her hands.

"Good afternoon," he said, trying not to shout, "I am Captain Angelo Odogei of the Eightieth Regiment, King's Light Infantry. I am carrying a message from my commander to the Duke Marson in Kroyton. I am on foot and would like to rest a while before I continue."

"Shouldn't you have a horse?" she asked, clearly not believing his story.

"Yes, you are quite right," he said, "My horse was sick and another messenger took the last replacement at Bar Crook Inn to the South."

He pointed the way he had come, as if that was not obvious. The woman looked South for a moment then looked back at him. She appeared unsure, but she seemed to believe he was who he said he was.

"I think I saw that man on that horse," she said, "Heading for the bridge. You won't catch him."

Odogei managed to nod rather than roll his eyes.

"That is true," he said, "I hope he gets there first and perhaps my message will not be needed."

The woman nodded and looked at him, then to the ground and back. When she spoke again she seemed more confident.

"Well, I'm Tisha," she said, "That's my farm up there. My man and boy won't be too far away, but for now you're welcome to eat here. I'll stay if you don't mind so when they get here they don't wonder where I am."

"That is all I ask," he replied. He put his pack down next to the tree but away from the hamper, and opened it to find his rations.

"You can share mine," Tisha burst out, "I mean, I have plenty and you are fighting for us. Please, you're welcome to a plate."

Odogei nodded and Tisha went to the hamper. He sat on the edge of the blanket while she filled a plate and set it down just within his reach. She retreated to the far side of the blanket and played with the food on her plate. He caught her staring and smiled at her, trying to conceal the fact he was doing the same.

Like all pale people here her clothes covered her from wrist to neck to ankle. She had a pretty freckled face and large blue eyes, and he knew she was much shorter than he was, but beyond that he could not tell anything else about her.

"I'm sorry if I'm looking too much," she said, "But I'm from the mountains and I've not seen people… You know…"

"Black people?" he offered. She seemed shocked at the word.

"I suppose," she said, looking at her food, "But you hear rumours."

"Really?" he asked, "What rumours?"

"That you're tall," she said.

"I suppose that is true," he said, "I am much taller than the foreigners I meet, but only average for my family."

"You're good fighters."

"Also true. My people fought wars for hundreds of years, not far from here in fact. We have made it part of our tradition so we join armies easily. It also helps to be tall."

She smiled and forced a small laugh, "And that you like to hunt."

"Maybe that's true, but not for me. Perhaps I wish it were so; I would have more to eat while I march!"

She smiled again and went back to playing with her food. Odogei ate the cheese and bread on his plate. There was something else that was spicy and reminded him of a tavern back home.

There was a long silence. Odogei had the feeling she wanted to ask something. Perhaps it was about the war and with it being so close she was afraid to know the answer. He decided to ask a question of his own.

"Are your family goat farmers here?"

"My man is, the boy is trying to take after him, but most of our family is to the East. They've not taken to farming, any sort of it, so they have shops there and the like."

Tisha looked at his plate and saw he was nearly finished. She went to the hamper and got an apple for him. When she stood over him and handed it to him he looked at her properly. The dress could not fully hide the shape of her body. Odogei's mouth watered, but not for the apple in his hand. She gave him a smile and sat down, closer to him this time.

"There is, erm, something else they say about… um… about black men…"

"Please, ask."

"They say you are big…"


"All over."

Odogei smiled broadly. She looked at him, no doubt seeing his white teeth for the first time. However, she was waiting for an answer. He took a moment to think about what to say. He slept with only a few white women, but whenever he did it was always after a conversation about his manhood. He tried to ignore the thing itself as it pressed against the inside of his trousers.

"I do not know if I can answer that for all black men, but for me, I think it is true."

Why did I say that? he thought, this is a stranger in a field… A stranger who might be lying to him. A stranger who was smiling at him. A stranger with a very beautiful smile…

"I, er, don't suppose there are many women at the front. No one who could tell me if you're telling the truth."

"No… there are none."

"Well, there's one here, and she's curious…"

Tisha pulled up her dress to show her legs. Her feet were dirty, but her legs were pale and untouched by the field. Her blonde leg hairs and a sheen of sweat made them glow in the light filtering through the leaves above.

"Maybe," she said, "if I show you mine, you'll show me yours…?"

"But, your husband…"

"Oh, I think," she said, unfastening a knot at the back of her neck, "He's far enough from us. Not like we're going to take all day about it…"

She shook herself and her dress loosened. Kneeling in front of him she leaned forwards, exposing her neck and collar bones, but no more.

Odogei thought for a moment. He tried to shake the lust from his eyes, but it stayed firmly in place. She is not as young as she first appeared, her skin not as smooth as he had imagined. He noticed imperfections in her teeth and a blemish on her cheek… but he did not care.

Sweat glistened on her skin and she licked her lips. Odogei's trousers were now too tight for him to bear it. He reached out and tugged gently at her dress.

"I accept," he said, staring at her chest, "Show me yours…"

Tisha giggled and struggled her dress off of her shoulders. Impetuously, Odogei took the opportunity to grab her breast. He kneaded the soft flesh and pinched the nipple as its owner unfastened his trousers. He helped her pull them down and free his manhood. It had been constrained, but it responded as soon as she touched it.

"Oooh," she gasped, "It's just as I imagined. So long…"

Odogei looked down at her pale fingers stroking his black cock, then at his fingers like a shadow over her tit. He wanted to pull her dress down and fix his lips around the brown nipple poking between his fingers, but Tisha had other ideas. She pushed his hand away and dropped to her knees.

He wanted to look around, look for Tisha's husband running toward them, but he could not look anywhere but down. He watched her mouth stretch around the head of his cock. He felt the pressure of teeth against it and felt like he would climax there and then. Somehow, he did not, but this is not what he wanted. He pushed her back and knelt down.

"Come on," Tisha said, "That's too big for my mouth. I've never had anything that big in my quim either."

"You were the curious one," he replied, "Surely you want to find out."

"You go slow, alright?"

"I will."

"And don't finish in me! I don't care about none of this, squirt anywhere else but in my quim."

"I promise."

"Good," she said. She spat on his cock then pulled up her dress. "Help me out!"

He pulled off her dress. She was naked underneath. Her tits and belly bounced as they were freed from the dress. Odogei touched her hips and thighs and looked straight at the unkempt golden bush between her legs. He pulled her down towards his cock. She resisted and looked towards the fields.

"No," she said, "I'm not ending up on my back on this ground."

She spat on his cock again then turned around and went into all fours. Odogei put his hand between her legs, fingers hungrily searching her bush. He found her entrance and rubbed around it, feeling her juices already flowing.

"That's it, don't be shy," Tisha said, "But don't get any ideas, don't you dare prod my arsehole."

He had no intention of doing that. He slid a finger inside her and finally heard her moan rather than talk. He took it out, spat on it and rubbed his cock before lining it up with her quim.

"I have found your treasure," he said, "In your golden box."

"I want you in it too," she gasped, "Quickly, but not too-"

She stopped talking as he pushed inside her. Odogei moaned as he felt her walls tight around him. His balls throbbed and he had to resist the urge to slam himself inside her. Instead he held back and moved back and forth.

"Oh God, it's so big," Tisha gasped, "I want it all! I need to be fucked!"

Odogei tried to ignore her and focus on the sweat beading on her back. He looked at the folds around her waist and took hold of them to keep her still. He looked at the pimples and blemishes on her pale skin. He studied her broad dimpled ass and looked down to see his cock halfway inside her.

Tisha twisted around, leaning on one arm and stretching the other back to reveal her tit. Odogei grabbed it just because he could. Tisha pushed her ass into him.

"Less of that, more aaaah!"

He let go of her tit and pushed into her. She cried out with every thrust, her cheek pressed against the ground.

"No more talking," he said, "You may call out for your God and that is all!"

Tisha slowly collapsed forwards until Odogei was lying on her, his jacket uncomfortably pressed between them. Tisha said a few words over and over, all of them lost to the blanket. She tensed around his shaft and he felt himself pass the point of no return. He pushed himself up and pulled out, causing Tisha to cry out.

He pushed her over and the first jet of cum hit her cheek. Most of the rest made long trails across her chest and neck, but some hit the blanket. Tisha giggled and gasped as Odogei moaned with each pulse of his cock. When it finally subsided she sat up and took the tip in her mouth. He flinched as she licked the last drops from his sensitive glans.

She looked up at him as she let his cock drop from her lips. It was still hard enough to stand straight out and she stroked the shaft gently with her finger tips. She was about to say something when she looked past Odogei and screamed. On reflex he spun around and pulled up his trousers, going for a hand ax which was actually on his pack.

"GET AWAY FROM MY FUCKING WIFE YOU BASTARD!" shouted a round squat man. In his large hands he carried a crossbow. Tisha screamed again and tried to get between the two men.


Odogei tried to push the naked woman away from danger but she turned on him.

"Run, Captain!" she pleaded, "Please, please run. Deliver your message! You can't if he kills you!"

"MOVE WOMAN!" the man with the crossbow shouted, "MOVE YOU SLUT SO I CAN KILL HIM!"

Odogei got his trousers up and grabbed his pack. He was a soldier, not an idiot. He could kill this man with his bare hands, but not with a bolt through him.



Odogei heard them arguing as he ran. He ran for as long as he could hear their voices, then for as long as he could bear his tender balls and sensitive cock being stuffed into his underwear. He rearranged his genitals and rested by a wall, eyes looking the way he came until he had his breath back. Satisfied the man had not decided to give chase he set off walking North once more.


"You took your time," Tisha said, still naked and streaked with cum. She glared at her husband, hands on her hips, "The boy had the soldiers' cash the moment I was on my hands and knees, you must have seen!"

Pat shrugged and looked at the ground. A boy dropped from the tree behind him, averting his eyes and waving a pouch.

"See, you lazy git," Tisha chided, "You could've jumped in! Left all of this… this sticky shit in his balls!"

"Mum, can I go now?" the boy asked, "I done my bit."

"Go on son," Pat said, "Leave the money. ALL of the money."

The boy whined and dropped the pouch and a few coins then ran towards the fields. Pat looked at Tisha and shook his head.

"I had a tug watching you, okay," he said, "I jizzed on the wall, then I came over."

Tisha slapped his arm and shook her head. She made sure the boy was gone then scooped some cum from her tit and put it in her mouth. Pat looked at her and made a face.

"Fucking hell, woman," he said, shaking his head and putting down the crossbow.

"Well, this is what happens," she said, between fingerfuls, "Next time I'll say they can fill my quim with it. You'll have to step in, won't you!"

Pat watched her then grabbed her elbow and took her to the tree. He unfastened his belt.

"At least he won't tell anyone," he said as he made his cock hard again.

"No," Tisha said, sticking her ass out, "He won't get past the bridge."