Ms Rosh - The X(XX)mas Bonus

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My name is Sharon Rosh, and I love my job. I love it so much I come back to my desk every night after hitting the gym and showering. I do it so much I cannot remember the last time I used my shower at home. Well, at least not alone…

That night it turned out I wasn’t the last one in the office. David walked out of his office and came straight over to me. It was two weeks before Christmas; Bonus Week. I had heard the rumours and I was pretty sure I knew why he was here.

He gave me some spiel about moving up and getting that ‘extra special’ bonus that I didn’t really listen to. Then there were some veiled threats and decided to pay attention.

“So, look,” he said, “I want you to make a decision and then come to my office.”

He walked off and I took my time to think. Yes, I’m young, I like sex and I’m definitely not a ‘wait until the third date’ kind of girl. Hell, I’m not even a ‘wait until we get home’ kind of girl… but the boss? Who fucks the boss? I mean, sure, people fuck the boss, just not as much as the internet thinks they do, but is it really that much of a thing now? Or is this just an asshole making the most of everyone being back in the office and needing an extra few bucks?

Well, I did need a few extra bucks. Honestly, I needed a lot of extra bucks… and the word was there were promotions happening too. David did the interviews and, at least for me, he signed the checks. And he was alright, you know. He smelled nice, he had a nice smile… Sure, he was the ‘college football for 4 years then burgers for the next 20’ type, but it could be worse.

Fuck me. That was the moment I realised I was actually thinking about this. I was thinking, “Why not? Fuck him and take the spoils.” I wasn’t thinking “I can get through it, think of the future!”... I was thinking, “I’ve never fucked at work before… and I’ve never been fucked a two hundred and fifty pound guy.”

So, I finished my emails and went down the floor to his office, barefoot and in my post-gym sweatpants and baggy t-shirt. More fool him, I thought. He is about to see the best tits and ass in the office packaged in the least sexy set of bra and panties he has ever seen. Thinking about my stupid plain bra I walked back to my desk, unclasped it, pulled it out through my sleeve. As I tucked it into my gym bag, I told myself it would save time, but I know the real reason. If I was going to act like a slut, I wanted to feel like a slut.

I walked back to the office with my nipples rubbing up and down the inside of my shirt. They responded and I knew the first thing David was going to see was the tips of my tits pointing right at him. He had better notice these, I thought, I’m serving up my best feature to get through this as fast as possible.

I got to the door and I knocked. I fucking knocked!

"Come in," he said. He sounded casual, I'll give him that, but he looked like the cheesy fucker he was. He smirked, like he'd made some kind of original pun.

"Let's just get this over with," I said. I put my hands on my hips and stuck my chest out.
My confident persona was as fucking fake as his casual fucking attitude. I didn't want to get fucked by whatever pencil dick he had in his pants, but I knew that was what was exactly what going to happen.

He sat behind his desk, one hand playing with a pen, the other out of sight, no doubt playing with himself. He pointed at me.

"Just go over to that chair," he said, "Turn around and bend over."

I shook my head and nearly flashed him my tits, even though he hadn’t asked. Instead I pouted and did as I was told. The chair was a sturdy, high backed thing with short solid legs and bulky arms.

"Take off your sweats and panties," he said.

"What?" I asked. I thought he'd want me on my knees sucking his cock.

"You heard me," he said, "Bare ass, pointed at me. It’s not that hard."

I did as I was told, still pouting. I stood there in just my baggy top, ass out. Fuck, I was hoping to speed this up! Instead I felt his hands on my thighs, spreading them and putting one of my knees on the arm of the chair. I felt the breeze hit my pussy, followed a second later by the tip of his tongue.

I flinched and gripped the chair, but he didn't give me a fucking inch. He ate me from behind, making my body respond in spite of myself. For a moment it felt good. So good… then the shithead spread my ass cheeks and stuck his tongue on my asshole. Why? I mean, it felt good, but who licks an actual asshole? Oh, god, he wouldn't...

He stopped licking and suddenly there was nothing. I looked over my shoulder.

"Ah, ah, aaaah!" he chided, "Look that way. Look at the wall, princess."

I bit my tongue and did as I was told. I heard a condom wrapper tear and knew what was about to happen. He rubbed my slit and I felt something else. Hopefully lube, because I was not there yet. I thought for a moment he was going to put some in my ass, but thank god he didn’t.

"Hold still," he said, and I felt it. He rubbed his cock around my lips until he hit my pussy. I braced myself and bit my tongue so I didn't moan as he entered me.

He slid in and out in a hurry, a typical man. As he thrust he shuffled in, deeper with every stroke, no doubt thinking he was being considerate to the woman he was extorting for sex. I held on to the chair and braced myself. I had to, the asshole didn't bother to hold my hips. He just touched them, so I had to provide all the resistance to his thrusts.

And that's where this stupid 'let the boss fuck me' scenario got interesting. It took a while for his bit by bit method to get all of him in. His dick was thin but damn it was long. The briefest touch of his pubes told me he was all the way in just as my cunt was at its limit.

He didn't stop there, the thrusts kept coming using every inch of his dick every time, over and over. I could feel him nearly slide out before he thrust all the way in, his balls hitting my inner thighs each time as he gasped and strained. My own gym-tired muscles burned with the effort of just keeping still. The bastard ran just his hand over my thighs and ass and back as he carried on trying to bang me off the chair. Worse, my tits were free to swing about inside my sweatshirt, tips rubbing with every back and forth. My nipples were getting sore and the bastard wasn’t even paying attention to my tits. And if I haven’t already said, I have fantastic tits. 

That was when a new problem started. As boring as just fucking me from behind should have been, he was doing it way too well and with something half as long again as it had any right to be. He was making me cum and I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. I just wanted him to get it over with. However, My body has other ideas. I clung to the chair, my stomach twitching as my arms burned and legs started to cramp.

"Aaaahhh!" I cried through gritted teeth, "You fucker!"

I heard him chuckle. For the first time since he started he paused all the way in for a few seconds before he continued his relentless fucking rhythm. At least he started to hold my waist as he did it. I hoped he was close because I felt another one building. I tried to hide it but my moan came out as a while through gritted teeth and my limbs started to give out.

As I came I clenched around his cock, and finally, he was there. He grabbed hold of me and held me still as he pummelled in half a dozen thrusts. I felt him twitch but he didn't stop when came. Most men buried themselves deep, but he still slid back and forth then pulled out without a word. Still not even a quick grope of my tits.

Once he was out I straightened up, my legs still cramped. I twisted around and slumped in the chair. By the time I looked at him he was already sitting behind his desk, only his unbuttoned shirt showing this wasn't a regular day at work. Then I saw it. The fucker was wearing a Santa hat. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had been tinsel around his dick tickling my ass rather than pubes.

"You're going to have to clean this chair," I said, rubbing my ass on it. He just scoffed.

"I think we're done here, Ms Rosh," he said, "You'll find out what I decide on Friday."

"Friday?" I scoffed back, "You're such an ass."

"You've quite an ass yourself, Ms Rosh," he replied, smirking and gesturing at the door.

I looked him in the eye and stood up slowly. Without breaking my gaze I dried my pussy and thighs with my big post-gym panties, wiped my ass crack for good measure, then dumped them in his wastebasket. I pulled on my sweats and walked out, flipping him off as I went. I didn't care if that undid all of the benefits of fucking him; I was still buzzing after two orgasms and I was fucking pissed they were because of that guy's dick.

That was that. Once I was back at my desk I did what any reasonable person would do. I put on my coat and shoes, got my stuff, moisturised my nipples and left. On the bus home I ordered a long suction cup dildo for next day delivery. 


Friday came, and at eleven o'clock on the dot the bonus envelopes appeared. Stacey brought mine over. Before she handed it to me she gave it a squeeze, like a college applicant's mom hoping for good news.

"Someone's been good!" she said.

I gave her one of those stupid ‘I don't know what you're talking about' expressions, and she responded with a wide-eyed 'yeah, you do' look. When I didn't open the envelope straight away she walked off to hand out the others before they got impatient and mobbed her..

I'm glad I waited. My bonus wasn't more than I thought. I was a few times what anyone on my floor should get. Fuck me, I thought, I'm a whore. What the hell, I was an expensive whore. There was a note in the envelope, printed on thick, expensive paper. It just said "Look out for new opportunities. D."

"Oh, fuck me," I said out loud. I didn't care who heard.