Lucky Penny's Haunted House - Part 2

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Scene 3 - The Spare Room

Voiceover during the intermission:

"Okay, okay, before we continue, I know there's some shit going on with the vid. It's no big deal, it's just an old house in the sticks miles from a cell tower. I'm fine, my boob popped out, that's it. Nothing that hasn't happened a million times before. It's good to see so many of you at Emerald, enjoy the show guys and girls, you know what's coming!"

Creaking footsteps, a squeaky door. The intermission montage changes to a small bedroom scene with a 'Emerald' border. Penny enters from the right and sits at the end of the simple single bed. Her hair is in a bun and she is wearing a maid's hat. Her crumpled white blouse is buttoned up and her skirt is now black. She is still wearing her knee-socks and high heels.

"Oh, I don't know what to do… He doesn't see me, no matter what I do. I have tried everything, and this place is chilly with no panties! His wife had been gone for a year, surely he must need a woman by now. You want this, don't you?"

She stands and flashes her ass and pussy. She plays with her tits through the material of her blouse and licks her lips. She unclips her skirt and it falls to the floor. She laughs.

"Maybe that would be too far! Maybe not! He might get the hint or I'll get fired. At least I'll know. Imagine him grabbing my arse and bending me over the dining table! I wonder what he'd do with this?"

She turns and kneels on the bed. The camera goes to close-up and she tugs at her butt plug, stretching her asshole over and over. She puts her head on the bed, working her ass with one hand and her pussy with the other. There is a quiet slap and she bolts upright. The shot returns to the whole room. She kneels on the bed, frozen in place, then snaps back into character.

"You know, I have a special oil I use just for these occasions. Slippery enough for lube, light enough to make everything look so much sexier…"

There is no sign of a shadow in the room. Penny opens a draw and takes out a bottle of oil. She looks around before sitting on the edge of the bed and starts unfastening her blouse.

"This always works a treat. I'd rather he was doing it, let him inspect the girls while he warms me up. I'll have to do it myself tonight."

She opens her blouse and unfastens the clips at the front of her bra. She holds it together before pulling the cups up and letting her tits fall free. Keeping her shirt on she takes the bra off through the sleeves then plays with her tits. After adjusting them off she dribbles dinner of the oil over them and rubs it in. Cut to close up.

"Oooh, is cold, but it makes them look so good. It tastes good too. Did you think it wouldn't be edible? That's the best part, he can rub this anywhere and still lick me all over. When he's done I can rub it over his cock and it can slide up here…"

She takes a vibrator out of the drawer. It looks like a cross between a dildo and a rabbit. She pours oil into it, letting it dribble over her fingers and onto her thighs. Once it is coated she slides it between her tits. With one hand she holds them together while the other moves the sex toy up and down. She laughs and the camera cuts to the wide scene just as there is another light slapping sound. Penny looks around. It's as if she cannot see the shadow behind her. She smiles at the camera.

"First, I want his slick dick from behind while he plays with my little butt plug."

She goes on all fours and reaches between her legs to slide the vibrator inside herself. She squeals with delight every time the vibrating 'ears' make contact with the skull between her butt cheeks. She twists around to look at the camera but her eyes are half closed and her mouth is open. She is lost in pleasure, almost as if she had forgotten the camera is there. There are more light slapping sounds, but now she just moans with delight after each one.

Another shadow falls in the room near her face. It only covers her cheek and slowly moves to her mouth. She makes a choked sound as if something stopped her breathing. She turns over quickly and the vibrator slips out of her onto the bed.

"Wow, I lost track of time! I should finish this with old school slippery fucking. The really dirty stuff will happen in the next room!"

She lies on her back, propped up by some pillows and opens her legs. She drizzles oil all over herself from neck to groin, rubbing it in and coating the vibrator again. She makes sure it dribbles between her legs and into her ass crack. The oil smears all of the stage make-up leaving only her tattoos in place. It also makes her piercings shine in the bright camera lights. Once again the vibrator slides in easily but this time the ears hit her clitoris.

In a few moments her eyes roll back in her head and her breathing becomes fast. The shadows move closer. One falls over her cheek and she reacts as if something has touched her, but she does not stop. The other shadow falls over her leg. Four marks appear on the inside of her thigh and she moans, but she still does not react.

Again the tip of the shadow falls over her open mouth, while the other covers her nethers. She builds her climax, body rocking as she moans. As she cums something enters her mouth. At the same time her butt plug is pulled, stretching her ass. She jumps, as if shocked awake. The vibrator slides out of her and off the bed. The shadows leave, the camera suddenly cuts to a close-up of her twitching pussy. She breathes heavily and the shot cuts back to show her lying there as she recovers. She glistens as sweat and oil compete for space on her skin.

"I… hope everyone enjoyed that. I… erm, I know I did… but now for an 'anti-climax', haha. I am going to have a pre-midnight snack and a lot of coffee! I will see all of my Diamonds at midnight for a witching hour show you won't forget!"

The intermission montage resumes…

The chat...

Johnyluz01: {thought that plug was coming out. edging like f*ck}
Woopsy: {Tell me someone clipped that, defo some weird shit is going on.}
Vladeck931: {just efects probably a recording}
Johnyluz01: {I thought you nutted @Woopsy}
Woopsy: {Maybe I did. Still here!}
placide59XXX: {u just paid for that @Vladeck931, stop complain}
Vladeck931: {still hot as fuck, whatev}
CheekslapperPOV: {me two, you must have clipped the wrong bit}
RadioDude: {if it’s fake, it’s fake. If it’s not do we get a refund when she chickens out}
All_4_Tits: {@RadioDude just stop being a dick about it}
RadioDude: {fuck off Tits}
All_4_Tits: {haha, did you blow early? Diamonds have to hold it, you know that!}
In4mic888: {cant wait to see her fuckin}
Pacopassion: {@In4mic888 u think someone is there to fuck her?}
Johnyluz01: {In4mic888 thought you weren’t stayin?}
SnrSince14: {I clipped that last bit. Something fucking hit her ass guys, this is creepy}
RadioDude: {creeped out much? Leave then}
SnrSince14: {I’m serious. Not leaving}
Moderator: {Thanks for keeping it civil guys. Just in case I’m heading over there. If it’s technical issues I don’t think I can sort them out from here.}
Yadro210583: {The Rainbow Guard is on the way!}
Moderator: {@KayMarieBlue is a mod @Yadro210583, watch it.}
KayMarieBlue: {Sticky fingers are itchy trigger fingers @Yadro210583}
Yadro210583: {What the fuck does that mean?}
Username 12 Timeout 30 minutes
KayMarieBlue: {BOOM!}
CheekslapperPOV: {Mods are Gods… sometimes sticky Gods too… lol}
Username14: {what did I miss?}

The intermission vlog

"Okay, this shit is exhausting! I moved everything upstairs, positioned everything exactly as I planned, tested it… fucking everything took twice the normal fucking time. I've eaten fuck all, had five mugs of coffee and pissed twice that much. I'm clean, I'm oiled, I'm lubed up and fuck me I'm knackered. Yes, stupid fucking idea to do the last scene at midnight. Fuck!

"No, no, bullshit. People are paying, give them what they want. And if they want to see me getting molested by evil spirits, it looks like they might fucking get that too…"

Finalé - The Master Bedroom

The intermission montage fades to the final scene, a large bedroom with a king-sized bed. There are several cameras in the room and lights all around. Three mirrors have been set up at the head of the bed to give the viewers more angles to watch the action. There are sex toys on the bedside table, including the vibrator and ‘rabbit’ used earlier and a set of red anal beads. A bottle of oil and a bottle of lube sit just to one side.

Penny enters through the door just visible in the top left of the wide shot. She is wearing a see-through white dress. Where it touches her tits and hips it goes completely transparent, showing her skin has been oiled. She blows a kiss to the camera then walks over to another. The shot switches and she bends over, giving a view down her dress between her cleavage. It is clear she is just wearing the dress with her signature socks and high-heels, nothing else.

She sits on the bed and the shot switches again. She leans back, letting her nipples show through the thin material. Around her the room is well lit without a sign of a shadow.

“So glad you could all join me! It’s so late and so creepy here. I think I need to take my mind off all the silly spookiness. I’m going to go to town, fuck myself stupid until I pass out and sleep here tits out. You’ll be able to watch me all night. After all, I might wake up before dawn feeling wide awake and horny!”

She pulls up her dress to the top of her thighs and turns over, showing her ass to the camera. The skull is still there and she plays with it as she kneels on the bed with a pillow between her legs. She tugs on the skull as she rubs herself against the pillow. She bends over and her face and chest appear in one of the mirrors. The shot changes to a close up of her ass where the butt plug is teasing and stretching her opening. She moves so her ass is pointing directly at the camera.

“Here it comes! Just for you my Diamonds…”

She pulls the shiny metal plug free, showing her ass gaping and flexing. She dribbles some lube onto her asshole and slides a finger inside it.

“Finally, my arse is warmed up and ready for a good fucking. Shame I’m all alone… but of course I’m prepared! You can watch these bad boys slide inside me. Imagine it's your cock fucking my tight arsehole.”

She picks up the anal beads and starts threading them up her ass.

“One, two, three, four… oooh, just a few more… aaahhh, there we go. Just this little ring pull left… bet you can’t wait until I pull them out. Well, you’ll have to wait because I want to be cumming like a train before that happens!”

She reaches between her legs to play with her pussy for a while. She pulls her dress up and the shot changes so the audience can see her pull it up in the mirror, hold her tits for a moment before dropping them and throwing the dress away. She plays with her nipples and rubs herself against the pillow. After a little while she leans forward and reaches between her legs again. The shadow she casts on the bed gets darker, but the lighting has not changed.

“Fuck, this feels so fucking good… It’s like the bed wants to fuck me!”

She takes her hand away and humps the pillow. The shot changes to a side view which shows the shadow below her darkening and growing, flowing slowly over the pillow she is humping and around her pussy. She begins to raise off the bed and in the mirror it is clear her eyes are rolling back in her head once more. She moans and cries out, pausing and pushing herself up slightly. The shadow below her is not hers. It covers her tits and well. She moves again, this time up and down rather than back and forth.

“Oh, fuck… I’m fucking the bed… how the fuuuuu_”

She keeps going, riding the shadow. Her breasts are getting kneaded by the darkness. There is a slapping sound, but this time she does not react, she just gasps and keeps going. Another shadow appears behind her and there is another slap. Slowly the shadow below her fades and she relaxes, her eyes focusing for a moment. The shot changes to behind her once more, blocked slightly by a shadow. She breathes deeply and starts to speak, but the shadow behind her changes. She suddenly rolls onto her back, eyes wide and mouth open. She wants to say something but no sound comes out of her mouth. Part of the shadow is darker, more clearly formed and it pushes against her pussy, slowly entering her. Once again her eyes start to roll back into her head but they clear again.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck... what? … Am I dreaming?”

Abruptly the shadow between her legs fades. She is alone. She relaxes, curling up on her side. A moment later she is pushed onto her back. The shadow falls over her pussy and she moans, entranced once again. Something tugs at the end of the anal beads and she reaches down. Before she can get near her ass her hands shoot above her head and stay there. Shadows fall over her tits and the shadow over her pussy moves and changes. For a moment Penny comes round and looks down.

“Oh, shit. Shit shit shit. It’s not the bed… it's not the bed…”

Her eyes roll back once more. All of the invisible attention she has been receiving is making her pant and gasp, close to the brink of cumming. Again everything stops, the shadows are gone and Penny is free to move. She takes a deep breath and starts to get up but the shadows have other ideas. She is flipped violently over onto her front and held in place. She cries out as the anal beads, which she intended to come out when she orgasms are yanked out. As she moans in shock and pleasure a shadow from below enters her pussy and from behind another enters her ass. The close up camera can see through both of them, showing her holes gaping and stuffed at the same time.

“I- I- Fuuuuuuck! Wha- I’m cumming… Oh god! Oh fucking GOD!”

Something gushes out of her ass as she spasms and cries out. The shadows withdraw and she is flipped over yet again, this time the shadows congregate between her legs and over her face. They do not have to jostle for room, they merge together and fuck the nearest hole as if each of them the only one. Her mouth is filled, shadowy cocks rub against her cheeks and chest. Something clear and sticky comes out of the shadows into the real world, covering her face and tits. The shadow cocks between her legs spray the same colourless substance on her abs over and over again. She jerks and cums again, rolling to the side either asleep or unconscious.

The live stream continues. Penny moves occasionally. Periodically a shadow spoons her and gropes her breasts and ass. The mic picks up distant shouts from time to time. Penny moans and moves a little, but other than that she sleeps until dawn. As the light shines into the room the shadows’ ectoplasmic cum has vanished. Penny is alone. She wakes up cold and confused. The stream ends.

The chat:

KayMarieBlue: {Look, everything is fine. Weird that you guys watched her sleep tho}
Woopsy: {We had to know.}
CheekslapperPOV: {yeah, she’s just fucking sleeping after all that. I’d have fucking run.}
Vladeck931: {nothing on the clips fuckers. Fake. I still nutted tho}
KayMarieBlue: {Fuck, dude, I will ban you.}
Moderator: {I’m back. I connected to the van. Penny is fine, it’s all fine. The owner is here, she won guys! Thanks for the subs and the watchtime and everything. Thanks @KayMarieBlue. Goodnight/goodmorning!}
RadioDude: {Do we get an explanation or something? What the fuck?}
Chat ended by Moderator.


“You won the house?” Lizzie asked.

“Not quite,” Penny replied, “I won the money, but I traded it to lease the place. I work with the owner, but frankly I think they are just glad it’s someone else’s problem.”

Lizzie shivered and looked into the fire.

"So, are you still interested in joining us?" Penny asked.

Lizzie shifted in the armchair. Despite the open fire and the wine she was still cold.

"I’m still not sure I can believe it,” Lizzie said, “I mean, I know what happened but-”

“Ghosts?” Penny interrupted, and pointed at Lizzie’s chest. A shadow crossed it… and something pulled Lizzie’s hair.

“I suppose I’ll believe it when I see it,” Lizzie said, putting her hair back into place.

“Yes you will,” Penny said, “And more.”

“More?” Lizzie asked.

“Oh yes, much more,” Penny replied, “Goblins in the garden, dark things in the loft, and…”

She knocked on the floor with her heel. Something knocked back.

“And?” Lizzie whispered.

“And a big guy in the basement…” Penny whispered back.

Lizzie looked at the floor, her eyes wide.

“How big…?”