Lucky Penny's Haunted House - Part 1

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Anal, Fant, Hor, Mast, NC, Supernatural, Toy, VOY

"Welcome to The House," Penny said, "We'll talk in here."

She led the new girl into the parlour and sat down in one of the armchairs next to the fire. Two glasses of red wine awaited them.

"Lizzie, isn't it?" she asked. Lizzie sat in the other chair and nodded.

"That's right," Lizzie replied, her soft mid-western accent contrasting with Penny's public school British pronunciation, "This place is nice. It suits you."

"Thank you," Penny said, a forced smile on her lips, "Now, I know your stream and I think it will fill a gap in our schedule. This meeting is to get to know you. It is very important we all get along. In… here it is important we trust one another."

"I understand," Lizzie said, "I just want to know, well you know, how it works."

Penny sipped her wine and took her time swallowing it.

"I suppose we can kill two birds with one stone. If you keep an open mind, I'll tell you all about my little haunted house…"

Prologue - Setting up

A woman with shoulder length blonde hair appears on screen. She is filming herself with a handheld camera. She smiles and appears to check her make-up in the viewer. In the background is an old fashioned room lit by a ring light. She smiles and looks into the camera. When she speaks it is with a British accent.

"Right, here we go, every challenge has to have its little vlog at the start. I'm all dolled up, the van is outside and we are connected. My little rainbow tech monkey Gavin is on the other end doing the cuts and making sure the stream goes out without a hitch. I've got him in my ear now, but in the spirit of the challenge I'll ditch that in the van before I start.

"Okay, background and me showing I know what the score is. I am about ten or fifteen miles outside town and this is the famous Williamson House, also known as ‘The Braver Man House’. For the last twelve years the last Williamson has offered a cash prize to whoever can spend Hallowe'en night here, dusk til dawn. Nobody has done it yet, although one guy nearly fooled everyone. The prize still stands: twenty-six thousand dollars!

"I brought all of my equipment in before sunset, so the first three hours have flown by. I have a break between each scene because I just don't have enough cameras or lights for the whole place. It means I'm going to be doing some sexy costume changes too!"

She pans the camera down briefly to show her yoga pants and crop-top over a tight sports bra. Her white top, cleavage and yoga pants have been splashed with fake blood. She stands in the hall next to the ornate front door.

"Here we are. This little chap is fully charged, so if I run out of the house in the next four hours you'll get a good look at my cowardly arse! I reckon I'll be alright. I know all of the crazy things people have tried in the past, but none of them tried wanking in front of an audience. I think it'll get me through!"

She puts the camera down, facing the door as promised. After tying her hair into a tight ponytail she moves out of shot.

Scene 1 - The Parlour

The Live Stream begins. The image of a dusty old fashioned room is framed with the word 'FREE' over and over. In the corner is the 'Lucky Penny' logo in blue. A blonde in bloodstained workout gear enters the room and waves at the camera. She smiles and sits on the chaise longue in the centre of the shot.

"Happy Hallowe'en guys and girls! Don't worry, it's not my blood. Crazy night, huh? Good job I have a free night booked in this amazing house. I know, I know, it's 'haunted', but really? If it is, I think any ghosts and ghouls here are just going to sit back and watch my show. After all, they get to see it first hand and for nothing! Sorry you guys at home, but only this bit is free. The rest of the night is subscribers only! We go up a tier in every room. Ruby next door, Emerald and Diamond upstairs.

"Oooh, I thought hauntings and spirits were supposed to give you chills, but I'm really warm in here."

She takes off her crop-top and casually flicks it onto the back of the chaise longue. Her sports bra is several sizes too small. She adjusts it, increasing the amount of boob pushing up into her cleavage.

"That's better. Oh, Gav has some message for me! No, I'm sorry my darlings, nothing else is going to be on view for free. And no, nobody else is here. Trust me, the guy who runs this challenge makes sure it is as tight as a drum! Speaking of which…"

She leans into the camera giving her audience a tour of her body from squeezed cleavage to taught abs and tight yoga pants. After a brief wiggle of her ass she gets comfortable.

"Well, I might as well enjoy myself for your entertainment. There's nothing else to do…"

She works her hands down the front of her yoga pants, revealing the pink material of her panties. Her fingers hit the spot and she looks at the camera, licking her lips. After a while she closes her eyes and squeezes one of her boobs. A tantalising arc of areola appears, but no more. Her mouth opens, but no sound comes out. Her fingers move faster and she finally moans. Moments later she jerks and her fingers stop. She relaxes once more and spreads her legs to reveal a wet patch amongst the blood-splatter on her yoga pants.

"Oh my darlings, I think that'll do for starters. I'm going to see what I can find in the next room. Why don't you join me?"

She picks up her top and leaves. The scene fades to be replaced by her intermission montage and a link to her subscription page.

The chat…

TheOnly1: {come on, so fake}
RadioDude: {get over it @TheOnly1, that was free}
TheOnly1: [comment deleted - user TheOnly1 removed from the chat by the moderator]
Woopsy: {Who was in the hall? She said she was alone.}
Vladeck931: {her top moved. they weren't in the hal, they were hiding behind the sofa}
RadioDude: {come on guys, what you talking about?}
Vladeck931: {it moved when she close her eyes and stopped when she opened them}
Woopsy: {My bad. I clipped the bit with the guy in the doorway but he wasn't there.}
Vladeck931: {I was lokin at sumthing guys. sumthing hot as fuck}
Johnyluz01: {what? I saw them}
Vladeck931: {sumthing in her pants}
CheekslapperPOV: {me two, you must have clipped the wrong bit}
Johnyluz01: {f*ckin weird dudes. she is so hot tho}
Vladeck931: {fuck that guys, im payin up. wanna see if I'm right}

Intermission - The First Change

Penny appears next to the front door again. She has removed her yoga pants already. She pulls up her sports bra dropping her tits into view.

"Quick change time! Can't have the freebies seeing my good outfits."

As she says this she puts on a pink lacy bra which matches her panties. In seconds she has pulled up a tartan pleated skirt and a white shirt tied at the front. She scoops her ponytail into a beret. Then moves out of shot. She comes back, not rushing this time, applies some lipstick, winks at the camera then walks off.

Scene 2 - The Kitchen

The music changes from Penny's regular dance music to a quiet but cheerful classical tune and the intermission montage fades. A black screen with 'Ruby' in the border appears and a new scene fades in: a dark table in an old fashioned oak kitchen. There is a door at the back of the room in the right half of the shot. Several chairs are placed neatly under the table but the one nearest has been pulled out with its back to the camera. Penny enters from the left. Her shirt is open enough to see her bra and she is wearing knee socks and high heels with her short tartan skirt.

"Hello again guys and girls, all of my lovely subscribers! I promise you I am alone here; if you see anyone else they must be a ghost!"

She laughs and looks around the room, giving her audience a good look at her outfit as she does.

"Now, I think I am a bit overdressed…"

She looks at the camera and reaches under her skirt, slowly pulling down her panties. She turns around and bends over, her skirt revealing all of her toned thighs, but no more. Stretching the panties out she turned them towards the camera.

"Oooh, look how wet I got in the last room. I'm just going to toss these away… unless someone wants them? Click the link in the description to get your bids in."

She throws the panties so they land on the corner of the table then sits backward on the nearest chair, facing the camera. She rocks back and forth, licking her lips. She leans back, holding the back of the chair and gasps.

"Looks like you've been busy in the chat. I think a few of you have guessed what I've got going on down there. Not long, not long darlings. And I am alone, I swear. I think we've got some tech ghosts, not the real thing. I'm sure Gav will sort it all out if you behave yourselves! Stop chatting and start wanking…"

She stands up and turns herself and the chair around. She dances a little, pulling at her skirt to show her thighs and glimpses of butt cheek. She does a three-sixty turn to make her skirt spin out then kneels on the chair, ass level with the middle of the shot. The camera changes to a close-up and she bends forward slowly lifting her skirt to reveal a skull between her ass cheeks just above her clean shaven pussy.

"I know how much you love my butt plug collection. I bought this one specially for tonight. I bet you can't wait for it to pop out; I'll be all stretched out for you."

She plays with the skull for a moment before covering it over. The shot changes back to the whole kitchen. The door at the back is open.

"I think I need to get my motor running properly, don't you? Let's get rid of this chair, give you a better view. I hope you new boss and girls are ready, my cunt is not for the faint hearted, especially not tonight…"

She sits on the table, making sure her skirt is around her, not under her. She leans back and cuts to the close-up again. When her skirt is pulled up it reveals her shaved pussy, complete with piercings and tattoos. Scars and pentagrams have been added with stage make-up. A cotton cobweb, complete with plastic spider stretches between her labia rings. She pulls it away.

"Cheeky fucking spider, my cunt sees more action than that. You can see that can't you. You're not here for pretty never-been-fucked pussy, are you?"

She puts on a show, fingering herself and spreading her lips. The shot changes again and she unfastens the knot in her blouse to show off her bra and cleavage. The door has closed a little and for a moment a shadow falls over Penny's chest. She doesn't notice and produces a small vibrator which she rubs around her clit, laughing as it clicks against her piercings. She speaks breathlessly.

"We're here for a good time, not a long time. You're going to see me cum, but… if you want to see me tug that plug out of my arse you had better… be Diamond. Sor- sorry Emeralds! No freebies… no trials! Ahhh… You can upgrade instantly…"

The shot stays showing the whole room as Penny closes her eyes. Behind her the panties have moved from the table to the back of a chair. She works the tip of the vibrator around her clit as she moans and licks her lips. She leans back on one elbow and the shadow returns. It becomes darker over one breast.

 "God, that feels good… wait… wh-? Aahh!"

She orgasms, and at the same time something squeezes her breast so hard her nipple pops out of the cup. Penny cries out and sits up, dropping the vibrator. It buzzes on the floor. The door is closed.

"Well, I bet you don't know how I did that! Emeralds and Diamonds, stay tuned for my first time upstairs. Haha, maybe the ghost will get to third base in the bedroom. Emeralds and above guys, I'm going to get my Dr Freakenstein on!"

The scene fades to the intermission. Penny says, "Fuck" several times quietly before the audio cuts.

The chat…

RadioDude: {Guys, it’s fake. Get over it and enjoy the ass}
Vladeck931: {gettin what I paid 4 @RadioDude, jus fucking enjoy it}
All_4_Tits: {did @Woopsy clip it? he knows his shit}
Johnyluz01: {@Woopsy blew his load}
All_4_Tits: {haha}
CheekslapperPOV: {Fucking weird. You said that @Johnyluz01. I don’t think she knows.}
In4mic888: {her pussy is hot but that was too short}
Johnyluz01: {not stayin @In4mic888}
Johnyluz01: {@CheekslapperPOV yea, whatever, think she’s just put in weird shit}
SnrSince14: {hahaha, glad I don’t have a load to blow. She made me cum. I’m getting my rabbit for the next scene}
RadioDude: {@SnrSince14 I could help???}
SnrSince14: {Fuck off Ray}
RadioDude: {Hey, fuck you doxer!}
Moderator: {Cool it the both of you}
RadioDude: Timeout 5 mins
SnrSince14 Timeout 5 mins
Moderator: {Appeal all you want guys, take your personal crap elsewhere}
CheekslapperPOV: {Mods are Gods}
In4mic888: {whatev. why we waitin? fucking ghosts or what?}