Enchantrix: On a New World 7-9

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*** Graphic Content Warning ***

Chapter 7 - Dark Enchanting

While on my way, I decided to go to a point farther upstream. This likely would tell the story of a girl wandering following a stream. I had 2 potential plans. I could either go in, gloves ready and hoping to wipe the floor with them, just like the first 2. Part of that plan could be getting captured by them. The other plan might get my slip enchanted without having to use my own power. The 2 men would have to force themselves on me. Who knows if they would trust a woman walking up for sex? If they don't force themselves on me, then a variation of the first plan would have to do.

I nod to myself. I would let them have me and pretend to resist weakly. Mind made up, I decided looking pristine wasn't appropriate, so I put my Panties of Cleaning, as they will henceforth be known, in my inventory. My gloves also went into my inventory... and the tennis shoes I have been wearing. they worked for my jeans and sweatshirt, but they didn't match the look I was going for.

10 Minutes later I ran into the stream and started following it toward where I was told the bandits would be. I decided a cold, wet, and shivering girl would look more pathetic than just walking downstream.

I came upon where the camp was not too long later and realized there was something I hadn't considered. The 2 remaining bandits were not human... not quite that, they were half-human. I didn't know that was a thing. Their skin was green-tinted and had very small tusks. They must be half-orcs. This couldn't change the plan, but they were ugly. I might be judging them too harshly. I needed to keep an open mind.

"OY, Look. It's a little girly walkin up. Looks all kinda wet." The half-orc bandit leered at me, "hey girly, wanna come over here? we got a fire."

I looked at them with hope in my eyes and stammered, "Yeeess. pppllleasse. Ittts colddd." I pretended not to notice the way they were looking at me. I knew exactly what they were thinking. I staggered up to their fire and sat down.

"Hey girly," The same orc prodded, "Your clothes are wet. Wanna take them off? It would also be like, payment for usin' our fire." He chuckled.

"I d-don't-t thi-i-ink that-t would b-be ap-ap-appropriate." I stammered, "Thanks f-for the off-ffer"

Skill gained - Acting at rank D

System Note: Wow, you are getting into it. It's time to keep a closer eye on you we didn't realize how fun you humans from Earth can be.

System notes? Are the admins now watching me? FUUUCK.

The other brute decided to chime in, "We insist. You needa help us too."

They were on either side of me now. I looked around confused. "What are you d..." I didn't get to finish my sentence. I knew how this was going to play out. It was now all in the details. I had made sure to sit in the perfect way to entice the men. I could feel their desire. They didn't want a helpless target. They wanted someone to resist, but not too strongly. Just enough to move around. I will be using their corrupted desire for much better purposes.

The second brute roughly grabbed my mouth, snarling, "Now girly, we are going take our pleasure, then tie ya up and sell yee to da orc chieftain. Dun worry, we ain't kill ya. You be worth a lotta money. an ye will also needa look good for 'im, so if ya don't want yur clothes ripped, gettem off." I started letting tears fall and whimpering as I unbuttoned my dress. I let it fall, and then also moved my shoulder straps, and let the skip fall too. My eyes were full of tears at this point. That was what they Fantasized about, so it's what they got.

"Now, That wah'nt so 'ard," Brute 1 Mocked. Brute 2 already had his pants down, and oh dear god. That snake was massive. Easily a foot. and so wide. I don't believe it would have fit before. It likely would have ripped something. I was staring at it wide-eyed when he picked His giant dick up and started stroking menacingly, "Like what ya see girly?"

"Um, that won't fit," I started pretending to panic, and tried bolting. Brute 2 grabbed an arm with an iron grip. "I started repeating NO NO NO, I don't want, I can't, no," Keeping that up and let tears decorate my face.

"That don't need to fit in yur girly bits. His do. Mine just gotta fit in ya yapper." My mouth would have just barely been big enough to take him in, but only the head and a little more. He grabbed my head again, and slowly forced me down, laughing as I tried turning my head away. I was trying to pull back, still stammering my protests. His weapon was throbbing cruel desire.

At about the same moment, Brute 1 decided to join in, and lifted my back end into the air, taking my feet off the ground. He pressed a tip that couldn't be much smaller than Brute 2. I could feel their excitement. They loved doing this, and it made them feel powerful. They were the worst kind of men and would have to pay. For now, I could get into the feelings. I was feeling waves of arousal, but not for them. Not at all. The idea of my slip getting its enchantment was exciting for me.

Before the one pushing up against my slit entered, my mouth got penetrated, and I was surprised. he didn't try to avoid my teeth. His skin was tough as leather. No wonder he didn't fear teeth. I felt a tip enter my wet folds from behind and started writhing. It was a feeling of fullness, but an intrusive one. I was kicking at his legs, acting like I was trying to make him let go. That was when my neck was shifted down, lining up my mouth and throat. The biggest thing I had ever had down my throat, was pushing in. He was the one who shuddered, and Now I'm only being supported in the air by his dick in my throat. I couldn't even hold myself up as my arms couldn't reach the ground, and he kept preventing my hands from holding my weight. every time my hands tried to push on his body, he would deflect them, not letting them have any purchase. I kept fighting, apparently desperately trying to breathe. He enjoyed that. Live it up asshole, you will regret it soon enough. I made sure to start trying harder to get him out of my mouth, acting frantic. That would build him up quickly. I also realized I didn't seem to have a gag reflex now. None at all? That is interesting.

I was able to start drawing on their power. The enchantment of the slip would be astounding. With thoughts of that, and holding my breath, which I could apparently do for days now, I started enchanting my slip. It was on the ground right next to us. Once I got the formation just right in my head, It clicked, and now would only require the smallest bits of attention. Now back to the Brutes trying to get their rocks off.

Mr. Deepthroat held himself in for 30 seconds, apparently making sure I couldn't breathe, then backed out of my throat, leaving himself in my mouth. "Breath Girly. You will need it," He chuckled. I took great deep breaths for theatrics. Rear Brute was just pounding away, no art, just a rapid in and out. He was simple. He just wanted the fuck, and release. His release would be easy to trigger. This front guy. He was a real piece of work. He stuck it back in before It appeared as though I fully caught my breath. I made sure to resist, pushing desperately to free my throat. He expected it, and it was making him much easier to draw from. This only continued for a few minutes. That last time, I let myself go limp after 2 full minutes of desperately trying to turn my head, push him out, and trying to bite down. and he spent himself moments after I stopped moving. He was in there long enough to cause brain damage, if not outright kill a normal girl if they survived penetration. I wonder how many he has killed.

I drew everything they could offer, as I made the rear brute spill his caustic load with a simple clinching as I went limp. That finished their despicable act within moments of each other. I had put on my gloves when I was being skull fucked. Both of them didn't notice, they were too busy. The enchantment was complete, and the men were so drained, they fell to the ground. The world rumbled, like an earthquake as soon as the brutes hit the ground.

System Note: Dear god, you really played into that. You know what. let us review your time so far. 

A moment later, a new message appeared.

System Note: Edging Pussyjob, Oral Ruined orgasm after edging, Nipple orgasm, Bound Prolonged Edging while enchanting, and Consensual Non-Consent oral asphyxia while being penetrated from behind held in the air. Rewards are being applied. We are watching now. 

Trait gained - Self-contained life form

Self-contained life form - Your body sustains itself on mana. You can either breathe air or let your muscles or brain be sustained by mana. Food can increase mana regeneration, but you will always have your base mana regen and it will sustain you anywhere indefinitely. (Breathing is no longer necessary, blood flow isn't required, and anything your body would normally need is now a choice. Acting will be useful. Keep it up, beautiful earthling)

"System, I am a Human from Earth. Earthling makes me sound like some kind of alien." I was fuming. I now have a kinked-out system watching me. I walked over to the Rear Brute and electrocuted his head. It killed him instantly, just like everyone else. Even their brains could be fried. I took a deep breath. "Focus," I breathed to myself. "Now is the time to take care of a real monster."

That front brute though. He needs a special touch. He needs to die in fear and despair, just like all his victims. I created a binding enchantment on a rock I could carry. I made the enchantment on the whole rock. It would hold firm touching it anywhere. I made it temporary, so it didn't cost me too much. I put it under his neck and put his hands on it. He was unconscious. I didn't hold back when I drained him. Now his head and hands were stuck. I brought out one of my papers and put his feet flat together. He was now good and stuck.

"You wouldn't happen to know where I can find a sharp knife system?" I called out into the air.

Skill Gained - Search at rank E

Search - The ability to find an object, person, or place.

I suddenly knew how to go about finding an item, and sure enough, a sharp steel dagger. Maybe the system isn't so bad. I like things, and my abilities are fun. "Thank you system." Time to get to work. I opened his mouth and placed a couple of perfectly shaped rocks in there to hold his mouth open, no matter what he wanted. I needed to make his member hard to do to him what he deserved.

His pecker was still large, even when limp. I needed blood flow down there, so I stuck him in with no art to it. I moved up and down rapidly, and he started to harden. I could feel it. He also was waking up. "Good morning sleepy," I purred seductively, "I have some news for you. You are trapped. Your friend is dead, but you needed a special touch. You thought you could choke me out with this thing between your legs. That's not so easy but let's find out how you handle it." I sounded so sickly sweet, I could kill with an overdose.

He started struggling and trying to talk. He was still getting harder as I squeezed his horn. I moved deliberately to make him as hard as I could. It's nice to have that control. He can't control his body's reaction but clearly wanted to stop. He was hard, but I wanted to get mine. After a moment of consideration, I decided now wasn't the time. I can't let him see me in such bliss. He doesn't deserve it. He was struggling this whole time.

I decided to monologue. He needed to know what was going to happen. "Now, Brute, I will be getting off of you, then ill be cutting off your pecker with this here knife. Since you stuck it in my mouth, I will be doing the same to you. I put the rock under your neck so your head would be able to be leaned back far enough for your own dick to fit down your throat." He was struggling mightily, but the enchantments held. "You will die the same way no doubt many other women have died. With your cock down your throat."

I got up, and the panic hit a crescendo. It didn't stop me. It couldn't stop me. This is the panic that he took so much enjoyment in, just reversed. I sliced off his genitalia and cum sacks in one clean motion and brought them quickly to his mouth. I don't know how long it will stay hard. On a hunch, I took my fire glove and cauterized both the sliced-off dick and the wound. "This might keep it hard" I muttered to myself. Bringing it back to his mouth, I positioned it again, pushing lightly. "This is your last chance to breath; I would do so now."

I didn't shove. I kept constant pressure, leaning his head back and gingerly pushing past his tonsils to his throat, where it was clinched to prevent me from pushing forward. It would go as soon as his throat mussels gave. He started coughing, and it gave a little, so I pushed just a little harder, and it slid in. I was staring into his eyes and saw the moment when he knew it was over. I saw every ounce of hope leave a monster. Does that make me a monster? Maybe, but that would make me a predator of predators. I am ok with that. I pushed it all the way down till his balls were in his mouth and removed the rocks holding it open. "You are a monster, but more than that, you were a torturer of innocent women. You die as you lived. Choking the weak with your cock." I held his mouth shut till he stopped struggling. I didn't look into his eyes as he died. That was much more stressful in the end than I thought it would be. Then, the system announced itself with another great rumble.

System note: Experience subsumed alongside performing a special action to gain a trait.

Trait Gained - Karmic Vengeance

Karmic Vengeance - All Actions taken to bring down sexual predators in the same way they treat their victims have a greatly increased chance of success. (Men like him are everywhere. Will you be the avenger? Magic can allow for wonders and terror. Every kind of predator is out there. Will you be a hero? Villain? Something in between? Gives us shivers just thinking about it.)

More of the system watching me. Ugg. oh well. Focus on the positive. Monsters will die by my hand easier. I smiled or tried to. Vengeance is hard. I lost my mood. Time to get dressed. Then I realized. I have a new enchanted slip. I used Analyze+.

Enchanted Silken Slip (Undergarment), Superior enchantment: This enchanted slip was intended to heal the wearer but has taken on additional effects. Now it will regenerate the wearer and the clothing worn. 

Will restore the wearer to complete health over time, regenerating even lost limbs. The more matter lost, the longer it will take.

Will restore any clothing worn to pristine condition upon command. Takes material from nearby to complete repairs. Repairs will take longer if materials are lost, or powerful enchantments are involved. Cannot repair anything more magically powerful than itself.

Overcharging destroys this item utterly. Upon death, be restored at the last safe place slept at. 

EC can be spent to increase the rate of regeneration by a factor of 10 for 1 hour per EC. 

That was a LOT more powerful than I intended. I decided to look at the matrix, only to discover something odd. This uses a 5-rune base rather than the 3 I was intending. How did that happen? The system? Must be. I examined my gloves in the same way. The shocking glove was as intended, but the fire glove had an extra rune. Is it my Enchantrix class? So many questions. "Care to tell me why some of my enchantments are more complex than intended," I Questioned the air around me. "No answers for me this time? Fine. I guess I'll muddle through. The stupid system not telling me secrets of this simulation." I muttered that last part under my breath.

I take a deep breath... SCREAM... Another breath. Everything is ok... I'm just upset. Can you withhold sex from an all-controlling system AI or Admin just because they won't tell you something? No, probably not. I need to let it go. Time to think ahead. To the orc camp. Those were just half-orcs. Should I go in alone again? Will the town want to send people in? One step at a time. I go and put all the loot the bandits collected in my inventory and get ready to move on.

Chapter 8 - Travel

The idea of strolling into an orc camp without any care in the world is probably a dumb one for most people. 2 days ago, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. Now? Now I have no idea. I'm quite sure I CAN do it, but Should I. Am I being pushed into situations by the system, or did I just happen upon a sick half-orc that likes suffocating women by sticking his dick down your throat? Thinking back to that bastard, I shuddered. If I didn't have expanded lung capacity, that might have gone differently.

Before I decide, let's see if any of the goods are worth keeping. Place every crate and bauble I could find in my inventory, then start looking through the listings. Most of it is basic supplies. Looks like for the farms. Some are clothing that was damaged or worn. a notebook. It looks like it was detailing the sales to the orcs. The most recent entries... a Caged Fairy? Found wandering the wilderness lost just 2 days ago. That's when I arrived. Could they have come from another world too? Whelp... This settles it. Off to the orcs. Damnit.

I set off down the river before I can change my mind. How to approach them? Do I pretend to be selling goods? I could go and try to sell my services. I don't want to give away too much, so enchanting is probably out. Direct confrontation without the element of Suprise sounds like suicide.

Starting to talk out loud "Scout around till I get captured, and hopefully, get taken to their leader. I think in order for me to win this, Subjugating the Chieftan will be required. OHHH. I have it. This will be devious. Only a plan an Enchantrix could pull off. Now I'm getting excited," the bubbliest giggle comes out of my lips as I'm saying, " My magical amazing created by me slip will protect me from anything they can do." I get a serious face, "but that doesn't mean I should try to get killed. just because I can come back from death, doesn't mean Surviving isn't important." At this point, I notice I'm talking to myself, but I simply let it continue happening as I'm walking downstream.

It's a day's journey. Did they mean by boat? I should have asked more questions. it's only been an hour, and I'm bored. On the trip out to where I encountered the bandits at least had jet to talk to. Someone to talk to is important for passing the time. I decide to hum for a while before I remember my phone. I have music. I can listen to music.

One moment, I'm minding my own business, the next moment, I'm being mauled by a large cat of some kind. "HOLY FUCK!" I shout as I try to figure out which way is which. I need to get my gloves on it before it rips me apart. I activate my flame glove when I think it's in front of me, and it only gets a slightly scorched side. It does filch back, giving me room to get my bearings.

The cat roars at me from 3 inches from my face. This is my chance to get my hand in the way, and potentially shock the bastard. I am just quick enough. The Very large moves to bite my face, and I touch its face with a shocking burst. Way too close. It's stunned. I have to finish it before it recovers. I put my right hand in its mouth and shoot a powerful jet of flame burning out its insides. The beast dies instantly. I try to add the body to my inventory before I get the feeling that it won't work. No message, just failure and a sense that it's too large to fit. "Damnit, now I can't even take its pelt. I have no idea how to skin a cat!" I know there must be many ways to do it. I chuckle. I might just be a little crazy.

My clothes are hanging in tatters, and some of my insides have become outsides. It hurts, but like a bee sting hurts. One of my traits must be protecting me somehow. Adaptive body? Probably. I can see my skin knitting itself together. It's disturbing. I decided to focus on the clothing that has shreds hanging from it. No materials seem to have been lost, so I activate the repair function of my Slip. I see it seamlessly brought the fabrics back together. The Fabric separated a bit, reached out, and pulled its ripped section back into place, then melding. My skin felt like it was almost back together. The crawling sensation was giving me goosebumps, and not the good kind. my headphones pulled themselves together too. I didn't even notice that they were damaged.

I'm several hours after my encounter with grumpy cat, jamming out with only one earbud in. That's when a boat appears. It appears significantly closer than it should have. Was I paying attention? probably not. That was a good song. It's moving slowly against the current. I squint at it before I realize it moving to shore, and tusked green men are yelling at each other. I quickly store my phone and headphones.

I see the orcs disembarking, and decide theatrics are the order of the day. I give a little scream of fear and begin to run blindly away. I make sure to remove my Gloves and Panties. I don't want them to think I have magic, and the gloves are easily taken, and not easily recovered. The orcs probably saw me and decided I was worth capturing. My bright clothing, cleanliness, and pretty face must have made up their mind. They chase me down and roughly drag me back to their boat. I try talking my way out of it without actually trying. Stuff like "Please let me go" and "Why are you doing this?". Nothing that will actually stop them. I was surprised when one of them answer my first question with "Ok". My genius follow-up was a disbelieving "Really?" got the predictable response of "NO" Followed by laughter and throwing me in a cage. They were making fun of me. I sat down and pouted. They made me feel stupid, and I didn't even want to be let go.

The journey upriver continues through the night. In the morning, they give me food, and tell me, "you belong to the Charging Rino clan now". You are pretty, so Chieftan will want you. You lucky. Most girls get shared by all, but you will be Chieftan's plaything, and I will get great reward for bringing you unhurt. Now you will sit and wait. Be back at Camp in 2 days. Then you meet Rino". I made sure to eat.

Accessing my inventory didn't work, so I started examining my surroundings, I discover the cage had a unique kind of enchantment. It blocked the use of an inventory. I tried to take a closer look, but there was a bit of a haze about it. Like it was obscured. I didn't know you could do that. I need to learn that one. I had nothing else to do, so I passed the time thinking about which enchantment I would add to my dress. I have 2 powerful offensive options with my gloves. I have Cleanliness, healing, and repair with my undergarments. My overgarments should have many more variations. Obscuring magic would be good. Some kind of camo might work, but my midi dress is too flashy. It would be funny, but flashy is probably what I should play into.

I keep thinking about the kinds of enchantments I should get all throughout the day. I eventually decide to push things away. A wave of force would have been useful against that cougar. I will want to make it a little more compilated, and have it push away anyone that isn't a friend or ally in my eyes. I have an intent in mind and a few runes that should work. This will be a 4-rune enchantment. More complex than I have attempted, but what I have in mind for Rino will be at least 5 runes, so I had better be comfortable with this. The orcs seemed agitated at the end of this day. They didn't question me about it, so they probably didn't suspect a thing.

About an hour after silence descended on the boat, I was able to begin enchanting. I had thought it would be noticeably harder than the 3 rune base, but this one was not difficult at all. once finished, I examined my work.

Enchanted Midi Dress, Dense enchantment: This Dress was made with care by Jinni, and enchanted with a force defense enchantment. 3 uses per day.

May push anything and everything within 10 ft, back out to 10 ft, knocking most creatures prone. Causes moderate damage if stopped abruptly. 

May push only Enemies out to 10 ft. knocking them prone. Causes moderate damage if stopped abruptly. 

During a surprise attack where at least some damage is done to the dress, automatically activates option 2.

Overcharging burns out the enchantment and item. either of the first 2 options can be increased by an order of magnitude.

Defiantly a solid enchantment. Pretty much exactly what I wanted. It seems as though when I enchant while living out a Sexual fantasy, the items come out stronger than intended. That's what the evidence seems to indicate. UG. Guesswork is so tedious. I have 1 example of a moderate increase, and 1 example of a substantial increase. Not enough to build a complete understanding, but more partners equal more power? WAIT. My Entantrix class said something about this. I totally forgot. With intent, I thought Enchantrix.

Enchantrix: This Class is capable of using any kind of matrix magic. Enchantments or rune formations created by you last longer and hold denser mana. This can be amplified by sharing the burden with others. This sharing for an enchantress can be invoked by beings entirely focused on you. That focus can take many forms, as long as it is caused by you.

That is it, now I understand. I love understanding. Why is this turning me on? Glairing down between my legs, I whispered harshly, "Calm down you whore". That showed her. She was calming down, so I giggled to myself thinking "What a pussy". I know I'm not funny, I'm delirious. Must be the more complex enchanting. Tired now. laying down.

I slept all the way till breakfast was brought. It was still disgusting, but I ate it. I knew something changed. Maybe we moved from the river to a lake. That seems likely. I knew we were getting close when one of the orcs came up with an iron collar and told me to put it on. "What is it?" I inquired meekly.

"It's yur new necklace, now put it on" The orc growled. I hurried to comply as if he scared me just then. It had the same kind of magic as the cage. I guess I still wouldn't get my inventory. It's a good thing I can do things most people have never heard of or prepared for. Now, onto the orc camp. Coming in without my inventory, and only a slip and dress seems like a recipe for disaster... if you weren't me.

Chapter 9 - Rescue

I was now exactly where I wanted to be, but without my inventory or half my magic items. I am on my own in my task. The orcs lead me to the same place all the captives are. The state of the slaves was not pretty, but not living with the dead either. There was a sick lady. This camp had hundreds of Orcs. there were at least 50 slaves, most women. The men were in bad shape. I couldn't do anything for them... Yet. My plan had to work first.

For now, I was in the slave pen with the other slaves. There were a couple of guards at the entrance, but none on the inside. I decided to walk around the pen and find out what I could about the situation here. It was grim, but not quite as bad as it could have been. they were being fed at least twice a day. Had water to drink when they needed it and were allowed to keep a cooking fire twice a day for a few hours. They all had clothing, and there were blankets around. Everything was dirty. They had limited access to the washing water. The thing I wanted to know came from someone who looked like they could be my grandma. Wrinkled aged skin, frown lines, and a constant look of apathy.

The old one, who wanted to be called Gram for some reason, didn't want to speak to me at first. I sat by her for a few minutes, probing. She only responded after I told her, "I am to be given to Rino. My captures said I was lucky since I wouldn't be shared."

"Whoever told you that lied to you lass," Croaked Gram. "You will be taken by Rino, and no woman here survives that for long. You may be taken by him, but you will not be safe."

I bent down to whisper, "What if I told you I came here on purpose? What if I told you I could bend Rino to my will?"

"I would say that you would give a lot of people hope, and not much can kill more than hope dear. I hope now, but I'm old. I'll get over it if you fail. The others won't. If you were going to ask for help, then I would say you are all out of luck." Gram laid it all out, making sure I kept her people.... if not safe, then not worse off than when I got here.

"My respect for you had doubled Gram. Please know that I do not ask for, nor need the help of other captives," I reassured her. "Since my plan doesn't need you, I am sorry to say, it also won't be known to you. Secrecy is my best friend. If I succeed, then I will bring you all back with me to Pinely. I do have a question for you though."

"And what question is that dear?" inquired Gram.

"There was a fairy, or miniature human, sold to these orcs. Do you have any information about the fairy?"

"I have heard that they tormented her last night. She adorns the chieftain's hut during the day. something pretty for him to look at. It's disgusting. These orcs are animals." A surprising virement reply from Gram.

"Thank you. That should make this easier. I wonder when they will bring me to him. Have a good day, Gram. Again, Thank you for the information." I can plan for the fairy to be in the room. Maybe they will have their attention on me as well. It could help.

A few hours later, the camp was buzzing. I couldn't hear about what, but one of the burlier orcs came and dragged me across the camp. I would have walked, but he wouldn't hear of it. I try to walk, and I just end up stumbling. I guess I'll be dragged. So undignified. oh well. Who needs dignity when you have magic? There was a lot of stairs thrown my way. I made sure to draw as much attention as possible, activating Seductive Way. It made my being dragged an arousing experience for all the orcs.

At Rino's massive, and cruelly decorated tent, The burly orc, and 2 others entered. They were chatting and laughing about the sport they would have with the new buxom burnet and the wingless fairy. The whole camp was buzzing, and it felt like a lot of them were listening in.

Inside the tent, I could see a massive bed laid out, and one of the biggest creatures I had ever seen. It looked like an ogre but had the green skin and tusks of an orc. That must be Rino. He had the fairy in one hand and was making her dance. I now know the fairy is a she, and the wings had been torn off. The orcs were making her dance naked for their pleasure. Just then, Rino laid back, set the fairy on his pelvis, and Commanded. "Lick." Before looking at me and grinning widely. "Well, if it isn't the new beauty for me to break. Tell me, will you submit quickly, or will I have to break your piece by piece like so many others?" His Diction was surprisingly eloquent. That took me aback. His words may have been sweet, but his meaning was clear. He would break me. His fantasies weren't clear. or was it all the other fantasies going on? So many orcs had their attention here. That attention was building power only I could feel.

I answered his question. He wanted a strong personality to break. "You will not break me. You may take me. You may kill me, but you will not break me."

His Grin was too wide. "That's what I like to hear. Strap her down boys, while I explain how lovely it is to have her. You sound like a noble. I've only ever met one. They were the ones who taught me the importance of speaking clearly. They were my first love, and ultimately, my first victim. You see..." He was monologing, "she was a powerful woman. She showed me pleasure I have never known since..." He spoke of betrayal, and how he murdered both of them because of the lie that his life was. We all know the villain's sappy story, but I wasn't reading the story, so I couldn't SKIP THE DAMN DIALOGUE. I focused on the fairy. She had tears drying on her face. She had been terrified but was looking at me strangely. For an instant, it was just the 2 of us, and I gave her the briefest of smiles, telling her I was here on purpose. I think she was confused. A little resolve entered the set of her cheeks. She had stopped licking.

Nearing the end of his speech, I realized he was monologuing from his back. Somehow, I found that comical, and giggled. He abruptly got up, making the little fairy fall to the bed, came over, and smacked me so hard I saw stars. "You will remain respectful, or I will have to teach you manners." I burst out laughing this time. It was so cliche. He was just soooo, proper, and was trying to be the prim and proper villain. This time, he really hit me. I saw stars and blacked out for a second. Fuck that hurt. Now was the time to start acting.

I looked at him with fear in my eyes now. I knew that was supposed to be the reaction after the kind of pain that should have been caused. "Boys, I need ideas. We need to show the lady a good time. She is having so much fun already. We need something to start the party."

"She's already trussed up. ye could git some of them canes you like so much, and make the whole body turn red. We can make 'er nipples swell the old fashioned way. by beatin' them with a rod". Lieutenant 1 suggested

"Then ya fuck the shit out of her." Lieutenant 2 dumbly added.

"You could give her teeth marks all over, make them bleed. She won't like her chest and lady bits bleeding. " suggested a well-spoken lieutenant. "rip that dress off and see if she is as delicious as she smells."

"Yes," Rino started to give orders, "I'll see how she tastes, then we can make any part of her that's not bleeding the most delicious shade of cherry red."

"Make that fairy draw first blood from the girl. She should be able to bite into a nipple. Could be a fun site." The articulate Lieutenant added.

They started by ripping off my clothes, then dropping the fairy on me, and trying to make her bite the nipple. She walked on my stomach with feet that felt like silk across my skin. She jumped a little to catch my nipple, Which instantly harder when the smooth skin of her hands grabbed it, and pulled her up, sliding her front all along my sensitive skin. I panted a bit. Holy fuck that was hot. Instead of showing trying to cause pain, she was clearly trying to make me more aroused. The tiny nibbles and bites were so hot, I began grinding the air uncontrollably. Rino had the dumb brutes to beat her black and blue, swinging their dicks like clubs, for giving me pleasure instead of pain.

Rino and Rex, as the articulate one was called, started biting deeply into stimulated flesh. This was enough for me to start the magic. I screamed for them, as they intended. a symphony of pain, sung by me, played on my skin. This song was building far beyond what they intended though. The screams attracted the attention of every orc in the camp. The fairy joined in. She felt the magic in the air and felt it from when she first saw me. A haunting song started too high for the brutes to hear, but I felt it ripple. That ripple was stealing my magic. That ripple was from the victim who I was trying to save. I didn't fight it.

From the perspective of the slaves in the camp, all the orcs were facing one direction, breathing hard, in unison. This was different from the normal night's entertainment. There was magic in the air and they could all see it.

They continued to think they were playing a song of pain on me, whereas I was singing a song of magic on my own. The words may have been screams, but the tension building was quite different. The Duo of Rino and Rex got to the main course, sealing the magic with sex. As Rino pumped, and Rex made red welts across my breasts, the other 2 orcs had stopped, and the fairy walked up to my head, voice growing in depth and volume.

System note: Karmic Vengence active

This was the power of a legendary class. Capable of impossible things under the correct conditions. With the magic building, I knew their fate was sealed. I felt the tension in my groin, which started with the fairy playing with a nipple, building fast. There were hundreds of beings with their sexual attention on me, and an unprovoked fairy song in the air. The magic was gripping reality. This was grander than I could control. I was fighting climax, trying not to orgasm yet. It wasn't time for that. The fairy song dragged ritual words out of a mouth, "By the magic of the Unseelie, our judgment is unending. The Feywilds shall bind you for a hundred lifetimes." Rino's eyes went wide, but he wasn't stopping. His fate was no longer his to control, and his body wouldn't respond to his mind. He was pounding me and I was trying not to convulse around his doomed cock. The curse continued, "Our judgment is final. Name the curse fey spirit."

The fairy knew what to say. "The big shall be little! no more shall you torment the small!" She looked at me sharply. "Quickly, seal the magic!"

I knew what she meant, and I did as instructed. I burned with passion, and every painful swing of the rod against my breast took me closer to orgasm. Every thrust pushed me to the edge. By the time the Fairy asked me to bind the magic, A torrent was ready, demanding release. I clenched around Rino's shaft and use one of the first traits I was given by the system. I share the great intensity of my cosmic orgasm with all those who are being bound. Every orc being affected by this magic start to orgasm forcefully, and they began shrinking as they orgasm harder than any man can handle. They are being made small by the curse of the Unseelie, and the amplifying magic of an Enchantrix. This was no ordinary enchanting. The fairy song stole my magic as it was built, and focused it into a curse upon the orcish race.

This magic wasn't of this world. The fairy trapped here, unable to return home, called out for aid. That music broke through to her home by commandeering my magic and harnessing fate. My plan was originally flawed, as I was going to attempt to enchant The leader, and his men directly. While it would have done that, It may not have guaranteed escape with all the slaves. The fairy intervention made the revenge perfect. The fairy made it Karmic Vengence.

Trait acquired: Fates Bond

Enchantrix has reached level 5

Class ability acquired: Easy enchanting

The orcs were passed out, and no more than a foot tall. The fairy came over and somehow untied my bonds. I wanted to fall asleep. I started to close my eyes. "Stay awake," Instructed the fairy as she slapped me. "We need to get out of here. You are weakened and we need protection. Do you know where to go?"

"Ya," I slur, "To the prisoners. I said we would go to Pinely together." My eyes start to shut again.


"ok ok. Don't get your panties in a twist. I'm up." I start to stand up and notice my ripped clothes. "Oh... can't forget these. They are migicle" I slur some more. I try to put on the slip. It falls off of me. "Oh, yea. Activate it first. duh"

"We don't have time for this..." the fairy starts to say as the garments repair themselves. "Oh, they have useful magic. ok.... hurry up though."

My head starts to clear immediately upon putting on the slip. I realize what the fairy was hinting at, and hurry to put on the midi dress. "Ok, we can rush now. Do I have permission to pick you up?"

"Yes yes, now hurry uhhh-p" The fairy starts to demand as I pick her up and deposit her on my shoulder.

We make it to the pens, and the slaves appear to all be in shock. I search through a pile of clothes on the ground, finding something fleshy, which I ignore, and YES, the keys. I unlock the doors and rush over to Gram. "Get your people moving, we need to go." Gram is looking at me with astonishment written all over her face.

Gram starts standing up, and quavers "You did it. I can't believe it. You, deary, are a miracle sent by the gods." She stood up straight. "I will take care of the rest of the people here. You rest, you look tired"

I put a hand on her shoulder, and inform her, "The orcs' punishment has been granted. Doing more could break the magic gripping their people. Don't let anyone try to take their own vengeance. Their punishment isn't death. It is to be small for a hundred lifetimes."

Her eyes were wide. "I am respected, and if anyone can stop the men from trying to take their own vengeance, I can. Also, you have the keys, get that thing off your neck. " There was steel in her words, and she marched off like a woman 10 years younger. She was right about the collar though. I got it off in a couple of tries.

I sat down and looked to my left, to the fairy sitting on my shoulder, gripping my dress to stay up. "We haven't been properly introduced. I am Ria. What is your name?"

"I," She started with an air of pompousness touching her voice, "am Lady Trixy of the Unseelie court." Her voice softens for the next part, "and I am in your debt."

"There is no need for debt between us. I felt your magic take hold. You made this possible as much as I did." I stared down at her naked body. "Do you have any clothes? I might be able to help some. I have fabrics in my inventory, and a knife to cut them into shape. I am no seamstress though.

She laughed, "No Ria, they were destroyed. You are a kind sort with a devious mind and a sense of justice. You are someone who I can truly get along with. Let us make a sash to stop people from staring at me." She sounded happy. There was an edge and a sweetness to her voice. I took out a Chartreuse bolt of cloth and started to cut out a portion to make a dress. Trixy indicated a few cuts that would need to be made for it to drape right.

"You look much more Regal now Trixy. I like it. we will need to get you a proper dress. I know a girl in town, but for now. I have an idea." I started to weave an enchantment into the tiny strip of cloth. It was a weak enchantment, but capable of a strong effect over time. A few minutes later, I was finished. I was feeling lightheaded, but explained anyway, "That magic should slowly repair your body back to optimal shape. The wings should be restored in time." Trixy was wide-eyed and started to speak, as I was sitting down, leaning my head against something hard, and falling asleep. It has been a long day.

The story will continue on Royalroad as it is written. If I feel its appropriate, I will add more sections here.