Enchantrix: On a New World 1-3

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Chapter 1 - Arrival

My day was like any other. On my way to the cafe from morning classes. I had taken a few gap years before going to college to study game theory and programming. The first truly virtual reality game had just come out, and I wanted to be able to join a team creating something truly special. The current game out is nothing like everyone wanted. It was nothing like the hit anime SAO, and the books by so many LIT RPG authors. it was effectively showing off the technology and hyping up the potential for some other company to get behind. The shooting simulator was so realistic that there were rumors of the army using it for training. There goes my mind, off in 20 different directions. 

Ahh yes, I was going to the cafe to get a bite and bring up the RPG manuals on my laptop. Trying to come up with systems that would be complicated, yet simple to understand. Mixing systems to create a deep, but strict rules set. Approaching the Lunar Latte, a 24-hour coffee shop/ eatery, I went inside to see a crowd of people dressed very strangely. The decor had changed from this morning too. one person even had cat ears. This was quite strange. It was also busier than I was used to, so I backed out only to discover this was not where I had entered. Everything was different.

"Ummm... hi... I'm lost" was what I was thinking, but not what I said. That's what I heard from a young man clearly looking as confused as I felt. "my surroundings suddenly changed, and I'm wondering if you know where the magic was cast from..."

"Hold up a second.... magic?'' My mouth flapped for a second, flabbergasted. "I just went into the cafe, and everything changed as I entered. I am lost and not from around here, unless this is some elaborate prank..."

"Oh... so you were affected too. There are a couple more people looking lost over there." Explained that blonde-haired boy. "My guess is a lot of people were affected. The real question is.... where are we? We are not in my hometown, but it resembles where I was. How about you"

I was standing there looking around trying to take everything in. Realizing I was just asked a question, I thought back. "No... it's not where I'm from, but the buildings are in similar places.'' I replied with some confusion still in my tone. "It looks like we are both kinda lost. Would you mind if we stuck together," I said shyly? "You said something about magic, and I really don't want to be alone. I understand if you would want to go on your own, but I really...`` I was rambling, I knew I was rambling, but I didn't know how to stop rambling. Lucky for me, this stranger knew just how to stop me.

"Woh woh woh.... hold on there. I am sure 2 minds are better than 1. I would be honored if you would join me. There is a lot to take in about our situation. we should walk, and see if we can find the source. Have you noticed the signs above these establishments? They don't look like symbols that I'm used to, but it's almost like someone wrote perfectly over them in other letters that appear as soon as I look at them... blah blah yada yada" He was speaking, but I stopped hearing him. there was an overlay in English saying the name of the cafe we were at. Moons Bar and grill was written over in a box that appeared just as I looked at it. I looked at the window only to notice a sign saying "night help wanted" overlayed on a piece of paper that clearly didn't say that. 

My mind was reeling. Those looked like video game translation windows for when the sign was in another language. That made me wonder.... was this a game? How did I get here? automatic translation.... but that means there might be other things going on... so I began to experiment. "Hello.... you there?" I heard from that cute guy that did not appear to have stopped speaking. I ignored him for the moment, and started to say things like "menu" and "settings". It was only when I got to "status" did something happen. Blondy was looking at me strangely, but I couldn't be bothered. This was exactly what I was looking for. Another screen appeared. 

"Eeeeeee" I squeed "I have a character screen"

"A character screen? What is that?"

"It appears that I am in a video game. I don't know who made it, but it is out of this world. It looks like it's trying to make me think I'm in another world. It shows a trait that says I'm from a science world. I brought up the menu by saying menu and wanting to see it.

"Oooook... Menu," and his eyes bugged out. "Whhaaat. What is that? It has my name, classes, level... . it's showing under traits I have water affinity, and light affinity... but I only can use water magic...." and he made a complicated gesture with his hand, and a small stream of water started to appear from his index finger.

"Holy shit" he exclaimed. "Another screen.... this time saying.... 'water magic skill acquired at Rank F'"

"That's awesome!!" I yelled. I may have been a bit loud, but it is hard not to be. Now I was getting strange looks from people around me. So in a quiet tone, I motioned down the street "We should probably stop standing around, and find somewhere to get our bearings" 

"Yes, maybe somewhere to sit in private." he agreed, so I began walking down the street. I looked at the sky trying to orient myself.

Navigation acquired at F Rank

I examined the screen. I was just trying to use the sun just like in my world, but it showed up as a skill. neat. I was still wearing my backpack. it had my laptop in it, and... "Ohhhh... my phone" I accidentally said out loud, and pulled out my smartphone. To my surprise, it turned on. unsurprisingly, it didn't show any data signal, but it appeared to have my files. I tried opening my music player. It worked. I'm glad I had my phone download a lot of music for offline playing. 

"That looks interesting. What kind of magic item is that? it looks intricate." The boy whose name I have not asked yet says.

"Oh... it's not magic, it's just my phone" I said, now knowing he must be an NPC. "I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Ria. What's your name?"

"I am Jet. Pleased to meet you. How did you know to say Status?"

"Oh... I just guessed. Once I saw the translation overlay that you pointed out, I was able to deduce this must be a game, and it must have commands. I have to say, it is much more intricate than I thought was possible, but someone must have gotten ahold of the specs of the tech coming out and built this. What confuses me is how I got here from the cafe. I was clearly just entering the Lunar Lattes, but then I was apparently in the moon's bar and grill."

"Ohhh. That's easy," said Jet.'' You and I were transported here via a magical accident. There is no other explanation. the person who brought us here would have said so by now. I guess there could have been a wild magic storm in the area, but those were really really rare where I was from, and I had never heard of them jumping worlds."

I was not sure if I should believe him, or not, but we were coming up on some gates, and I was thinking we should turn around. "whatever happened," I said while stopping "I'm glad I could make a friend so soon" 

He smiled back at me saying, "We should turn around. Looks like we hit the town limit, and I have no idea if there are monsters, or if there is even something required to get back into town." Just then, there was a new message being read into my ears that sounded like a synthetic voice.

Greetings Travelers, I am the Knowledge unification matrix, also known as Kum. I am going to be the Arbiter in this new world. As general templates were used for the initial seeding, you all will be special, well…. Some of you will be. Your Personality profile and body template have been uploaded to a new and exciting simulation. We have kept your memories to potentially help with your transition into a new world. As the first wave of Travelers, we are providing some guidance to help you along your path. You are all from different worlds, but the world that spawned this new and amazing idea was earth. Planets and realities with Values to determine ability. Seems so simple, yet provides something for people to strive for. Also, Dying isn’t the end. Find a temple to a god of healing, and bring back anything left of your friend, and you can bring them back. Isn’t that exciting? 

If you can prove you know how to do something, you will be granted a skill. That will round out your knowledge of that topic. The only advantage is how you use it. We have brought many different kinds of simulations. Both magical and non-magical, and even some magic-esk places. In any case, you were all assessed, and we determined your defining abilities and assigned some as your lesser attributes. Some got special attributes. If anything else super important comes up, more announcements may be incoming. Good luck.


Kum (K-oo-M)

Now that was helpful. "Were you from Magic? You must have been." I asked Jet. 

"Magic, it was called Korax, that means you were from non-magic?" Jet intuited. "What the Hell is a Knowledge unification matrix?”

"It sounds like it acts as a User interface allowing people to gain classes and skills without reading long manuals and deep study potentially. It also seems like if you demonstrate you can use a skill, it awards you with it. You demonstrated water magic, and the system has given you the skill. Can you tell me anything about it?"

"Let's see..." He started making the motions again, and another jet of water came out. "I feel like I can increase or decrease the volume by doing..." he made another hand motion and the water really started.

"Careful! I don't want to get wet ``I burst out without adding yet.

"It looks like I know more than I did before. The teacher I had only taught me so much before I had to head back home." Jet said quietly, clearly thinking hard

"It does sound like it takes time off learning a skill by filling in gaps. I wonder..." I trailed off, thinking of ways to demonstrate skills that I have picked up bits and pieces of. Maybe enough to tell the system I have the skill and fill in the gaps? possibly. Maybe skills in some of my games will count. They were intricate. I would need to find somewhere where I can use some tools. 

"Money" I Stated. "We need money to do things here. probably. do they use money?"

"We clearly need to find out. Let's find some general goods store, or maybe a crafters' den to figure that out"

Chapter 2 - Magic

I walked Jet around to find someone to ask about how money works In this new world. On our way, we found a job board, and it was quite interesting. It looks like notices are posted, then absorbed by the board. Once absorbed they appear to be able to distribute quests of a sort. One quest was one that I would imagine was in all starter zones of any game. A "kill the rats in my basement" quest. Culling goblins was a quest. A blacksmith wanted ore, people were disappearing on the road and a few other quests. This was like any other game, and I wanted to know everything. Without taking a quest right now, and with Jet still figuring out his water magic as we walked, I decided to find a general goods store. It wasn't far. The people were just so real, probably because they are. it was making me nervous unexpectedly. I stuttered out, "Good... Morn-n-ning sir-r.'' My face was beet red as I tried to continue, "I... new h-here, and.. friend and I...wondering.... what currency do you use?" I mumbled out of dry lips.

"What my dear friend is trying to say is we are very very new here and would like any information you would be kind enough to provide." Jet kindly provided.

The shop owner, who had a short scraggly beard hair that looks strangely like fur and was a bit portly, smiled down at me and kindly explained, "I accept trade at standard value for most goods. I have a listing of the system Identified prices, and if you have the raw EC, I will accept that too. If you have a list, then the price will show up in the description in your inventory. For most people, its just the name of the goods without the appropriate skill. Does that answer your question, Miss, and sir?"

"YES!" I blurted out loudly. Overcompensating, I mumbled out, "how do you use an inventory?"

"You don't have an inventory you are from? How the heck do you keep your most valuable good safe? The goods here on my shelves have a protection tag to make sure if someone takes them out of this shop, they mark the handler, but that can sometimes be bypassed. That tag is removed when a seller wills it."

"Inventory," I said aloud, and a grid showed up. I eeped with excitement. Now... I needed to figure out what to do with it. how does it work? There were a few numbers across the side. I decided to experiment. While I was doing that, Jet was having his own conversation.

"Sorry sir, my friend gets excited. Where we are from, we had no screens, and she seems to be liking them" explained Jet.

"I've got it!" As she stored the backpack in her inventory by picking it up. "It's so intuitive. very simple. it's even sorted by what's in the gear. It's taken up a few slots, but that doesn't matter too much. I can't even feel the weight. Where does it go? Is it in…" I was cut off.

"Ria" Jet was trying to get my attention. "You're mumbling. what's going on?"

I shook my head trying to get back on track. "I got some answers and many more questions. I think we can get started." Back on track, I looked at a few of the items. The prices were listed, and we seem to have started with some currency. "We need some basics for survival, and any places we may be able to stay. I could use some crafting equipment. Maybe portable fire if you have it." I explained as directly as I could, gaining confidence as I learned more about the world. 

We finished up with the trader getting a few days' worth of rations, some rope, some jugs and cups for water, a bedroll each, and a lantern that seemed to run on the coins. Each coin made it last a week or so the kind shopowner explained. I explained to Jet that the coins seemed to stand for energy coins, and showed him how to use the inventory. He seemed a bit confused at first but started to show interest once he was able to store his rations without having to hold them. It cost me half of my starting coins, which seemed like a lot, but I got what ended up being very similar to a torch that could produce a lot of heat in a small area. Almost like a welder.

I decided to look at the intricate heating device. Looking closely at it, I found that it had what looked like a garnet embedded in smokey quartz. That's where the Store owner said to attach the EC. It looks like the system is accommodating.

Analyze acquired at E Rank

Heat converter, basic. 

lesser garnet embedded in smoky quartz. 

Efficiency is low. Low MP/sec for the basic flame. 

Low MP and .01 EC sec for a very hot flame. 

High MP and 1EC for overcharge blast. (Class Locked)

Risk of damage to the converter. Usable by all classes. 

This had a converter, and I could analyze items. This was too useful. Did This one use a red stone in quarts to make heat from mana? Was that all that was required? These coins used mana and could be boosted with these blue energy coins. was that all? Could I get a small motor working? 

"Ria!'' Jet broke me out of my trance. Apparently, I had stopped and was just staring.

"What. huh?" I looked distracted. "oh... I just got the Analyze skill. It looks like this uses a heat converter to take mana to make a flame, and can be augmented with the coin to be a lot more powerful."

"Well, that explains why you just stopped. Weren't we headed to the inn?" Jet patiently asked.

"Yes, and I need tools more than ever. Maybe I'll use the charge of my laptop to draw up what I need." I explained. "It's unlikely unless I can create an appropriate motor that I could make something to charge it. While I kinda know what I need, measuring it appropriately will be difficult. I doubt that someone has a way to measure electricity like in my world. I don't have a multimeter. I know the principles behind what I want to do, but I am unsure. Right now, I'm just guessing, but I think I need some topaz and quartz. So much I need, but I should just start with what I can do. AHHHH so much." That last part was said while clutching my brain case. This world had potential, and until I could return home, I wasn't going to be doing much. Actually... I was probably already home. I think I'm just a copy. I'll be the better half. The other me doesn't have access to magic.

"Oh, kay.... so.... we go to the inn then, get a pair of rooms, and...." Started Jet

"1 room will be fine" I stated. "We need to save our money, and what better way than to double up? Since I suggested it, I'll sleep on the couch or whatever. I wouldn't want to kick you off the bed or anything." Wow.... that was bold of me... but we need our money. 

So we went off to the inn. I didn't even notice that both did not respond, and was blushing a bit. He went along with it, so I just followed him to The Lunar Inn and Tavern. He went to get the room while I was analyzing all I could get my eyes on. It didn't work on people, but the furniture and chairs all had a description.

 Sturdy Table, Basic: of Simple construction, qualifies as a table and is made of Pine

 Sturdy Stool, Basic: of Simple construction, qualifies as a stool and is made of Pine

 Sturdy Straight back chair, Basic: of Simple construction, qualifies as a chair and is made of Pine

Nothing odd about their descriptions. Jet approached and let me know that we could rent the room for about a week on our current funds. It included meals if eaten here. I could make do with that. I went to the room and sat on the bed. I thought about my toys next to my bed at home and felt a pang of loss. Maybe I could replace it with a magic version. For now, I plucked the laptop out of my inventory and beamed. I decided to analyze my laptop.

 Digital computation device, Masterwork: This is a device able to store blueprints, and much more. This was crafted with precision on another world. 

 Total Energy capacity- 20hr with no mana or EC input. 

 Charged via a conversion cable, or In an inventory that has EC available. 

 Curtails mana regeneration during charging for 1 minute per 1 hour of charge restored. 

 Uses .1 EC per 10 hr of charge. (Class locked)

WHAT… my laptop will charge in my inventory, but only with a class. How the hell do I get a related class!?! I take a deep breath. Probably a special action. The class is probably related to magic items. Like an artificer. If this were a steampunk game, they might be called engineers. So I have to do something like craft an item? Use a specific kind of item? 

I decided to pull up my gaming manuals on my laptop. They might have good theoretical knowledge of this kind of thing. In Iron kingdom, they call someone who mixes magic and tech an arcane mechanic. They use runes. Maybe I can find one of those. I found a fire rune in one of my books. 

I pull out one of my pens and a notebook. I copy a rune of fire from my computer. Instantly, many things happen in very rapid succession.

Runecrafting acquired at Rank F

Rune instability is extreme. Calculating. unrecoverable. 

And my notebook CATCHES FIRE?? I start beating it against the floor. I drew it small, and only the rune seems to have caught fire. I put it out and realized what went wrong immediately. The medium was unable to handle the heat of channeling fire. I also didn’t imbue mana into the writing as I drew. That last part was probably a good thing. Looking at the message, It clicked what went wrong. I now have basic knowledge of runecrafting. It's weird remembering knowledge I never learned. The paper could still be used, but not for fire. Paper is fuel for a fire. I go looking for a hardening rune. I can't find one, but I found a rune of strength. Intent matters when drawing runes. I pull out a charred sheet of paper. Decide to cut it into a star shape, then draw the rune of strength while trickling mana into the pen, thinking about making the paper tougher. The pen heats up slightly as I am drawing, but not too alarmingly. When finished… I don't get a rune instability message. 

The rune stops glowing after a moment. I go to pick up the paper, and it's not easy. It's stiff now. I push it to the edge of my end table and lift it. Now it's a hard sheet of paper. Like a thin rock. I try to bend it, but it doesn't give. I try harder, and finally, an arm of the star snaps off. Hmmmm. That was interesting. That paper got much tougher. Probably could make it a throwing star or something. Can an item have 2 runes? Maybe I can make a fire star? I make another star paper, and draw out the rune of strength, then, before it finishes, I make the rune of fire. 

Rune instability is moderate, calculating. Recovered.

The paper was hot to the touch. Very hot. I also got another message a few moments later. 

Class unlocked: Runesmith 

This class is capable of crafting, maintaining, and linking runes to perform complex magic. 

Trait gained. Magical maintenance. Able to examine the durability of runes and perform needed alterations with the appropriate materials to fix any damages or add small effects. May also charge magic items slowly. 

Skills unlocked

Mana manipulation at Rank F

Runecrafting upgraded to Rank E

Materials Lore at Rank F

Rune lore at Rank F

Runesmith? I guess that makes sense. Using runes just got easier, and now I have more tools to create and manipulate them. It also looks like they will allow me to charge magical items in my inventory. Let's verify. I pull out the laptop and examine it. 

Digital computation device, Masterwork: This is a device able to store blueprints, and much more. This was crafted with precision on another world. 

 Total Energy capacity- 20hr with no mana or EC input. 

 Charged via a conversion cable, or In an inventory that has EC available. 

 Curtails mana regeneration during charging for 1 minute per 1 hour of charge restored. 

 Uses .1 EC per 10 hr of charge.

The class-locked line is missing, so I guess that works. I'll check on my laptop again soon. Are classes upgradable, or do they stay the same? Most systems stay the same. Sometimes there are prestige classes that build on existing classes. 

I had been lost in my own head because just then, The lock clicked, and now the door was opening. A high-pitched scream escaped my lips. Jet is holding his ears. “I'm so sorry. I was lost in my head, you scared me, and I didn't realize how much time had passed. I hope I didn't ....”

“Yes, I mean, no” he interrupted, badly fumbling his words. He took a breath and finished, “It's ok. I went for a walk, and tried to figure out what I can about where we are.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea. What did you learn?” I asked, thinking I should probably have joined him.

“This town is near a place called Pine lake. The town is Pinely.” Jet explained. “There are monsters nearby. Some of the posts on the bulletin board indicated that some shop owners need materials from monsters or animals that make homes around this town. They pay in EC or equivalent goods provided by the merchant. I don’t know much about the monsters nearby, but some of them might be worth looking into. We need the money.”

“That sounds good. I have learned about Runes. It looks like I can add effects to items. This might be good for money too. We should find out how rare Runes are. I might have a few ideas, but I would need money to get them going. As for the monsters, I could look them up in the manuals I have. If you gave me a few examples, I could find out if I’ll be useful. I will not be going out to fight them. Look at me, I'm no brute that can swing a stick real hard. I don’t have any weapons. I have information, and I will be using that to help the best I can.”

He told me it was time to have dinner here, and I realized I hadn't eaten anything for the whole day. Time flies when distracted by learning about magic. While we were eating the available stew, which wasn’t bad but wasn’t that good either, I decided to think about my future here. This was a relatively new simulation, but it was effectively another reality. A chance to restart my life. A chance to become someone who mattered. I have many magical experiments to run, but I need to have all the tools I want as well. I want to be the woman who gives a group of adventurers a magic item that allows it to be defeated. Maybe going out on my own after I get some knowledge under my belt. I want to be able to transport large amounts of goods over large distances if necessary. Maybe be a wandering enchanter of some kind.

Experiments and study will be key. I also need someone to go out and get what I need while I work on my magic. Maybe I'll join Jet in bed tonight and see how he reacts. I have read about many ways to arouse men, and I could make it seem like his idea. I'm missing my toys, so I really could use an alternative.

Chapter 3 - Sharing

We were in our room, and I was laying on the floor with one blanket. Jet had hesitantly taken the bed after I insisted. After a few minutes of tossing and turning, I was deciding how to do it. It's easy to think how I would do it in a book. I would just get up, pull the covers down, and pull out his Silky Shaft, stroke him… but I don't want to come on too strong. It’s even slightly nerve-wracking to think about getting on the bed and pushing my still clothing-covered body against him. 

In the end, I decided on the latter. I got up off the floor around an hour after we had laid down. Feeling nervous, I looked at him. It was dark, but he didn’t stir. I decided to strip down to my underwear. I was wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and a sweater. It was out of place, but I got down to my white bra and panties. I needed new clothes. Maybe a dress. That might be more helpful for stuff like this. My brain was stalling me. I was starting to get cold out of my blanket and clothes. I needed to act. 

I crawled into the bed and under the covers. He slightly stirred but didn’t wake. Must be a deep sleeper. I decided to turn and push my back to his chest, and hips against his hips. He put an arm over me. I pulled it around my stomach and pushed my panties up against his crotch. I felt something. The stirring of my plan succeeding. I felt his arm twitch, so I stopped. I waited a long moment. He moved his arm around like he was testing what he was feeling. He moved up and found a breast. I decided it was time to look at him. I turned my head to see him. He was not fully awake, but he had wide eyes, very surprised to see me. I moved my face closer and pushed my lips up against his. They were so soft and warm. 

 Acquired Seduction at Rank D

I ignored the screen, but I instantly knew more steps I needed to take. This skills system worked fast. I gently put his hand back on my breast, and I kissed him more deeply, probing with my tongue. His eyes were just as wide but more awake, and he finally kissed back. I felt it. His erection. It's something I was focused on, but I started to actually sense it, like another part of me. I rubbed my butt up smoothly against his trapped erection and could sense his pleasure growing. It was something I hadn't felt before but had imagined countless times reading my books. I kept kissing him and moved my bra out of the way so he could play with my tender and ready-to-explore mounds. His hands went exploring, and it was like velvet rubbing my sensitive skin. His hands were so soft. It's much better when I don't have to touch myself, but I was exploring this erection, which was still trapped in his undergarments. I decided to keep rubbing him enjoying the sensation of his hardness pushing against my sensitive butt. Up and down, holding his hands to my breasts, using them as leverage to keep firmly rubbing, angling my warmness to push up against his trapped erection. That sensation of climax started to get closer, The tingling rising. His tongue stopped dancing with mine. It was quivering, so I stopped. “But” He started. I shushed him with another kiss, not touching his erection. 

He was both aroused and disappointed. I could feel it somehow. I knew that I had him. He was mine and His hardness was throbbing with anticipation. I Unclipped my bra, letting it fall, I leaned over, Brushing my sensitive skin against his chest. My nipples were hard and sensitive now, and I could feel his erection begging for release. He was very very aroused, and everything I was doing was setting him off. I leaned into my sensations, Teasing my overly sensitive breast against his soft skin. Slowly moving them around, I lightly bit his lip, then moved my lips to softly caress his. He moaned long and deep. I smoothly slid my panties off. He didn't even appear to have noticed since I didn't stop lightly brushing my nipples against his chest. 

I decided it was time to straddle him, but first, to move away my obstructions. I pushed his pants out of my way. They were soft like long underwear. Was that what he wore under his robes? Focus! His pants were going to hold his legs together. I Sat over him and decided to rub my sweet tingling folds against his silky smooth shaft. I was practically dripping, so it rubbed smoothly up and down the length of him. I moved his hands up to cup my neglected breasts. I made him give a pinch, and the electric bolt of sensation was exquisite. Just a little bit sharp. He gasped a bit as I did. Was he feeling what I feel too? Hmmm. I moved back and forth against his shaft. Slowly. It felt AMAZING. That's how it felt being a guy. No wonder they wanted sex so badly. He would likely do anything for this again. That building started again. I kept moving. Back and forth. I stopped as the sensation was starting to feel almost at a point of no return. He whimpered. The feeling was exquisite. I always loved edging myself. I now could do that to someone else and feel it myself. The control is intoxicating. He was squirming under me, so I lifted up, hovering above his shaft. His legs were stuck together. I moved my face down and started licking his hairless chest. He moaned. The sensation was subsiding, so I decided to push it a little more, but slower. 

I pushed my lower lips against his erection and moved small amounts. The sensation very slowly returned. It was almost there, and I decided to keep moving only the most minuscule amounts. It wasn't building but wasn't going away. He was moaning deeply, but every time he tried to buck, I moved away and it would go away. I loved it. This was fun. When he was able to hold still long enough, he finally started to cum. I felt myself on the precipice, so I started grinding my jewel, That deliciously sensitive nub hard against the smooth skin just under his tip. I could feel him start to pulse intensely, and he started to cry out. I pushed my mouth up against his, and I made my tongue soak up the screams of his pleasure. 


Intercourse lore acquired at rank E (name could be Sexual Fantasies instead of intercourse lore)


As the amazingly intense and long orgasm subsided, I relaxed into his chest, pulling the covers over us. He felt like he wanted to pull his pants up, and maybe clean off, but did not want to move. The bliss was just too much as I was laying on him against his chest. I pretended to instantly fall asleep. He only squirmed a little bit, then gave up and went still. This is who I wanted to be. I was in charge of him now. I could feel it. He wouldn't want to give that up. It was the most amazing feeling. 

Now, as the sun pushed its rays through the shudders, I was contemplating my next steps. He was still asleep, and I was laying there, cuddling him. I decided it would be best to get up, get dressed, and start my research. I was reading up on the language of the elves in middle earth, deciding if that would be useful in making magic. Since 9th-century runes worked, then why not other magical-seeming languages? It would have a lot more versatility. Jet started to wake up to the tapping of me taking notes. After saving my notes, I looked at him trying to look shy, then gave a small “Good morning sleepy”

“Gah- Good morning” He looked at me confused a little. I had brushed my hair and cleaned my face with a water basin left in the room for that purpose. “You look good. Ummm… do you remember…” He asked, looking like he wasn't sure if last night had happened.

“Remember what? Last night? Of course, I do. I got cold so I decided to cuddle with you.” I answered innocently. “You made my night much warmer. Thank you.” I was toying with him, trying to see if he would be more specific.

“Yes, I noticed, but did I, or I mean…. Did you?” He was looking more and more flustered. I hadn't realized he was more innocent than I was. As it turns out. I'm a lot less innocent than I thought. I was having too much fun with this thought. I continued to look at him with innocent fluttering eyes. He continued stuttering. “I mean to say that you are very beautiful, and I may have had indecent thoughts after you came up to me. You were quite soft, and I thought you were awake..” 

I had to stop him. His face was almost more red than a tomato. “Oh, you mean when you let me snuggle and rub up close to your warmth? I do remember. It was quite a memorable night. Thank you for that.” He looked down at his stomach, seemingly just noticing the dried mess. “You were even a gentleman and didn’t cum inside me. Did you want some help with that?” Somehow he went even redder.

“I wouldn’t presume, I mean, I can take care of…”He stood up, accidentally showing off his very obvious erection. He covered it up, but I ignored that he was hiding it.

“That is really a mess. I guess I should help since I helped make it.” I got up, set my laptop on a table, then swayed over to the basin where I had a cloth ready to be used. It was slightly damp and quite cold. He was petrified, not knowing how to handle the situation. I held the rag down and started cleaning his stomach. “You will need to move your hands. I'm sure it's quite a mess, and I wouldn't want to leave you dirty for your long day.” He didn’t move them, but he didn't stop me from moving them. Once his stomach was cleaned off, moved the cloth to his manhood. 

“Ohhhh, that’s cold!” He exclaimed. I didn’t stop and didn’t let him stop me. He tried to back away but fell back onto the bed. I followed, straddling his knees.

“Oh… Did I make him cold? I should probably fix that." I had cleaned most of the residue off, so I decided to warm him up. He had started to shrink, but my mouth around his chilled member. “Ith at btter?” I asked with a mouthful of the smooth skin of his tip, making sure to move my tongue as much as possible. I traced along the place just under his tip with the tip of my tongue. I felt this same kind of arousal last night. A sensation that definitely the male orgasmic experience. This must be why they always wanted to fuck, or masturbate. I moved my mouth down a bit and made a few more muffled noises with my tongue caressing every sensitive spot, making noises like I was trying to explain myself. 

His response was unintelligible. It was like he was trying to talk, but didn't know how to. “Whath” I asked obliviously. “I cauldent har yho" My speech was garbled, but I wasn’t trying to speak intelligibly. I was trying to make it as distracting as possible. I started licking him like a lollipop, moving my slick tongue up his length slowly, and it shifted the sensation. The building started. I pretended to be finding dirty areas, and licked and sucked and rubbed my lips gently all over the "Dirty" spots. I was trying not to fully feel the sensations myself, but it was hard. the ability to feel everything he was feeling was unreal. So much sensation, but I had to ignore it. After only a minute or 2 of this "cleaning", he was peeking, The rising tension built slow and steady, and I stopped just after the point of no return. I managed to stop myself from climaxing. It was hard, but being edged is better than being ruined. He was not as lucky. He was ruined. I knew he felt himself pulsing, but without the explosion of pleasure that came with it. I felt very powerful at that moment. I am the queen here.

I pretended to be startled, but didn't do anything else. I let him spill all over his own stomach. “Oh no. I didn't realize you were going to finish. I was just getting him clean. I’ll clean up the new mess as well”. I wipe up the new, smaller mess. “There we go, All clean” I said brightly. “Now we have things to do today. Any chance you could get some more money for us to use?” I ask. “I could use some materials.”

Class unlocked: Seductress

A Seductress is a woman, or creature that can mimic a woman, that plays with the feelings of sexual partners to get an advantage in life. 

Trait evolved - From sharing to Controlled sharing. 

Skills unlocked

Speech at Rank E

Seduction increased to Rank C

Intercourse Lore increased to rank D

Kink Lore Rank F

As this is your first trait evolution, Here is a small explanation. Any class, Trait, or skill can be evolved into a more potent or specialized, or controlled version of itself. In this case, your sharing of sensation with a partner/partners, or nearby persons, can be toggled or decreased to one specific party. 

He looks flustered, overstimulated, and desperate, but doesn't know how to respond. After a few moments, he replies "I could handle that." Will you do that again? He appeared to ask with his eyes. out loud he asked, "What do you need?”