I"m the Only One Who Hasn't

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Geoff, my brother, could always talk me into anything. We were on vacation, sharing a room and a bed because of a hotel mistake. They had porn on the tv, and Geoff found a gay film. Turning it on, one guy was getting fucked by two guys up the ass at the same time while a third was down the bottom's throat, Geoff turned to me and said he had a secret fantasy of fucking a guy. Not just any guy though. He had a long time fantasy of dicking me. "Come on," he taunted. "I'll go easy on you. Besides all of my buddies have already fucked and bred you. I'm the only one who hasn't."
"Not with that big dick of yours," I said. "I've heard the stories of cis-girls squealing when you fuck them. How they walk funny for a week."

"Come on. They're just cis-girls. Can't take a good cunting. But I know you could take it. I've heard overheard sime of the guys at the gym talk about what a prime piece of pussy you are."

We were already naked, slightly drunk and already boned. And, as he knew I would, I gave in. "Just don't cum in me, man. That changes a guy forever when his own brother breeds him; having another guy dump their load deep inside them. That shit can turn a guy into a cum dump."

"Rumor at the gym is you already are one. Present your pussy to Daddy, baby girl." I got up on all fours, my ass high in the air, legs spread real wide, chest and head on the bed and wiggled my butt. My hairless balls were swinging beneath me.

I was a bit suspicious when he found a bottle of lube and poppers in his luggage. Like he'd planned this well in advance. Before he fucked me, he put his cock in my face and told me to just suck the head.

He knew I would..... I did. And, it wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be. I liked how his cock stretched my lips and filled my mouth. I tongued him, tasting his precum, thinking that tasted great.

Then, when he turned me over he poured some lube on my hole and fingered some inside me before lining his cock tip up to my pucker. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," I chanted as I felt the pressure of his cock push into me, then the head pop past my sphincter and his fat shaft start to worm down into my guts. I hit the poppers hard. He went slow, letting me get used to his length and girth. But, it was a lot of dick. Then, I felt his pubes on my upturned ass. 

"I'm all the way inside your pussy," Geoff's gruff voice said into my ear as his body lay on top of mine. Then he started slow fucking, then faster, then faster. Soon enough I was grunting with each hard thrust as he rutted my twat for all he was worth, his big cock now touching, then jabbing my prostate rentlessly, making my toes curl and making me moan. "Fuck yeah," I grunted. "Fuck me, Geoff. Fuck my cunt."

"You like this, huh? Meant to be MY pussy, huh, cuntboi!"

"It feels so fucking good."

Geoff pounded me for a good hour, solid, slowing down when he got close, then going at it again, til I was an incoherent sweaty gaping, sloppy mess. Then he started his full rut to the finish line. And, what a ride it was, til with a bellow and a violent thrust deep into me, Geoff bred my hole, christening it as pussy, turning me gay. That vacation I spend more time naked, and my cock sucking skills got better and my pussy was always full of cum. Geoff actually found a couple jocks at the bar and brought them back and they all used my mouth and cunt all night long. 

Now, back home, Geoff suggested I move into his bedroom, so my pussy is available for him whenever he wants. He's started to whore me out, taking the money against rent. It's become more and more frequent, and I know he's making way more than I was paying in rent. But now I quit my job, and he keeps me naked all the time...