Halloween Cat

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I came out late in life. Hell, my only son was a freshman in college when I did it that spring. He surprised my husband and I that Christmas by coming out as gay as well. But this story isn't about that, neither of our coming out stories are that vastly different from hundreds you read about every other day of the week.

This story is the following year Halloween; Ashton was now a sophomore, involved in the gay student union as their president and my husband and I were getting ready to have our first wedding anniversary when we decided to visit Fairfield University, a Jesusit Catholic college in Connecticut. Ashton had just transferred from NYCU and the move shocked us. A religious institute and our gay kid, with his gay father and step-dad and we my husband was Jewish and I converted----oy! We arrived a few days earlier and stayed with Ashton as he was renting a house from my ex-wife's sister, Jenny. A lovely New England four bedroom for next to nothing away from campus on five lovely acres. He lived by himself and the place was spotless.

Halloween morning Frank and I woke to the smell of coffee, bacon, an apple pie we felt for sure was in the oven, and walking to the kitchen in our Andrew Christian's heard potatoes frying. Standing at the stove in fake black cat ears, and just a bowtie was my son scrambling eggs. He was stark naked & locked in a pale pink chastity cage.

"Trick or treat, Dad and Frank." 

Franked eyed Ashton with a raised eyebrow before he spoke, "Um, Ash, what are you suppose to be besides being naked?"

"Oh that's easy, silly. I'm the Halloween pussy."

Before I could say a word Frank said, "I'll say and some pussy too, I say. Just like his Dad's I bet."

"FRANK!" I bellowed, "He doesn't need to know I'm your pussy."

"Well, he does now," Frank giggled.

"Oh, I knew. Believe me I knew before now. Mama told me when you had come out that she walked in on the two of you and Frank was as she put it, 'cunting you stupid."

I rolled my eyes. "Oh christ." 

Frank was laughing as he took off his underwear, his erection springing in front of him.

"And EXACTLY what are you doing Mr. Man," I said matter of factly to my husband.

"Getting comfortable," he answered as he walked over to me and ripped my underwear off of me.

"FRANK! They were brand new!"

He grabbed me by my arm, turned me over his knee and proceeded to spank me in front of my own son.

"Why don't you shut up for once you whiny lil bitch. Set a good example for your son, on what a good boi-wife is supposed to be. Be a good lil girl and Daddy just might fuck your pussy later after breakfast."

I laid over his knee with my mouth agape in shock. Just then Ashton spoke up.

"You know pop, your a lucky cunt-boi. Frank loves you. Hell he adores you. Look at him, he's gorgeous, all muscly and a big ole dick on him and you are his girl. I'd be beyond thrilled to be a girl like you with a guy like Frank on my arm."

"You would?" Frank blushed.

"Sure would. Why else do you think I'm standing here naked with cat ears on being as I said Halloween pussy?"

"Trying to steal your own father's husband. I see how it is you lil slut. Well not on my watch."

"OH do shut up already. The kid isn't trying to steal me away. He just wants laid."

"That's it exactly, pop. I don't want to steal Frank away. I'm just tired of being a virgin."

"Do me a favor you stupid slut and eat your son's pussy out for me. As they say in certain circles 'prep his pussy for Daddy. Do it and I'll eat you out as you eat him out."